Give Your Respiratory System a Boost! with Cisca Saltpipe®

"The Authentic Original Patented Hungarian Saltpipe Lasts upto 5 years"


Using the saltpipe regularly for 15-20 minutes daily, you may help

- You to Breathe easier
- Alleviate sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath
- Feel revitalized
- and improve general well-being.

The salt therapy is a natural method of therapy. It does not involve any risk, does not produce any side effects and is finally adapted to the living space. However, this is NOT a substitute for medical treatment and should only be used as an adjuvant helping to improve the quality of people’ life. It may help to reduce the antibiotics and corticoids and steroids intake.


  • How does it work

    Mechanism of Salt in Salt Therapy

    According to the study of Halotherapy (Salt therapy), the mechanism of salt toward the natural cures can be described in Scintiapress. Inhaling salt in to respiratory system, salt particles dehydrates microbial cells and impairs their albuminous structure. Small particles of salt adhere to microbial bodies, under go hygroscopic growth, and precipitate. Via these and perhaps other mechanisms, HT kills pathogenic microorganisms throughout the respiratory tract (Chervinskaya and Zilber, 1995). American researchers had found that H.influenzae and S. Pneumoniae—two of the main pathogens present in the respiratory tracts of chronic bronchitis patients—are very sensitive to hypertonic salt (Rein and Mandell, 1973).

  • The Particle Parameter in Halotherapy

    The research on Halotherapy founds that inhaling microparticles of salt crystal larger than 10 microns in diameter are caught in the upper airways and transported up and out of the respiratory tract by the mucociliary system. In the range of 5-10 microns, they penetrate into the trachea and central bronchial area, but not farther. Only below 5 micron do the microparticles penetrate deep into the lungs, though the larger microparticels have useful effects in the upper respiratory tract. In the range of 0.1-2.5 microns—the same size as the most damaging microparticles from auto and industrial pollution, and invisible human eye—the microparticles of salt penetrate into every corner of the bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli and deposit upon the surface.

    see for references

    Salt Inhaling for respiratory illness

  • The treatment of salt is not new for people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. Halotherapy (Halo =salt in Greek) and Speleotheraphy (Speleos = cave) are well known in Europe. It belongs to the categories of physical therapy-non drug treatments of diseases. Wormer (1999) reviews salt in history of medicine which is shown that using salt to treat repiratory disease. Salt inhalation was recommended by Hippocrates by using the age-old method to heat a salt solution to obtain steam and inhale it to the body. The main effects of salt on bronchial system are summarized as follow:

    1. stimulate secretion
    2. loosen and help eliminate viscous secretions
    3. inhibit inflammation
    4. reduce irritation causing cough
    5. clean the mucous membrane of the kinocilium
    6. contract (bronchoconstriction) or extend (dilation) the respiratory duct

    The use of salt treatment in respiratory illness such as asthma, allergy, and bronchitis is not well known in UK. First of all the people are sorried about using the salt which mainly considering only table salt. Salt has been known that it is not good for people for high blood pressure, and generate other side effects. Consuming salt by eating food which has salt ingredient may affect on that notion but inhaling salty air into the lung generates the opposite effect. We are less likely to see the people go to seaside and inhale the salt air from the sea have higher blood pressure but we usually hear from the people to go to the seaside that they can take breath much easier. There are dozens of research and clinical trials are mainly reported in Russian. Those studies have official known as the research on Halotherapy and Speleotherapy treatments for asthma and chronic bronchitis

  • Benefit of saltpipe to maintain health condition for normal people who have no problem with respiratory illness

    Due to the pollution and dirty air around us, we take all this pollution into our body all the time through our breathing. Our bodies are contaminated all the time, in every single breathing we inhaling so many of invisible substances in the air to the lung. The harmful effect of polluted air is collected in our lung, which is not surprise how many people have suffered from respiratory illness. As mentioned by the inventors of this saltpipe, he said we have cleaned our body such as air, skin, and teeth but how we can clean the lung which is the most important part to take oxygen to the body. We have not pay attention enough because we cannot see and feel the problem if there is some symptom starts such as coughing, allergy, tiredness.

    There are several sources of heatlhy products helping detox the toxic from the body. The saltpipe is like “ detox device” help cleaning our respiratory system by using inhaling salt crystal particle to clean and help to regenerate the whole system and provide better function of the lung to intake the oxygen to the body.

    Not only does the saltpipe can help to relief for people with respiratory problems, it also benefits to people like us as the way to maintain the our health condition through the efficiency of breathing. Mainly, the people believe that the saltpipe is only for the people having problem but it is not true. As we know, Oxygen is the most essential for human living. All cells in the body need oxygen. Sufficient oxygen obtain, the people have better condition physically and mentally. If this way is blocked by breathing problem, etc that means the body condition is getting worse and the immune system declines resulting in tired, depress, fatique and several sickness.

    By inhaling through the saltpipe, the direct benefit is it will help to taking breath easier by the mechanism of cleaning process. At the same time, this will allow the body to get more oxygen from taking breath because the lung is clean and can absorb more oxygen from taking breath. This means the body can obtain more oxygen which can convey the oxygen through the blood to our brain and every part of body and make us feel more fresh and not feel fatigue. Also, it will result in reducing stress and become calm because the brain get more oxygen than it used to. As the testimonial of Hungarian Modern Penthalon Association, it reports that the modern Penthalists can increase the better performance because the capacity of lungs has increased after using Saltpipe


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