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by Steve Gamble




From Part 3...What other implications does the memory of water hold? As we have discussed in previous parts, the Earth's consciousness has become the dumping ground for our emotional fears. Tapping into this outer consciousness by externalising our search for spirituality and truth, by giving our power away to false prophets and false masters, by using methods and modalities derived from the vibration of nine which involve invoking false gods and false angels, by using unbalanced symbols and building outrageous energy bodies such as the merkaba (see Part Two), will only serve to bring in this outside fear-driven, unbalanced consciousness into our energy fields. And, over time, will feed us more emotional imbalances and create a semi-permanent connection into our energy fields that can ultimately block our natural flow of spiritual energy and even reverse this flow all together.

This process is evidenced very clearly when we consider the issue of our Assemblage Point (A.P.).

Not a lot of information has been written about the Assemblage Point and that which has been written to date infers that it is an outside connection to our source. 

This is simply not true. Our A.P., when balanced and aligned, lies in the centre of the heart chakra.  It is comprised of millions and millions of filaments of light and is an internal connection with source, not an external one. It is our third dimensional connection with spirit, it is the fire within, the ether, which animates matter, the source of all life and it flows from within outwardly, complementing the flow of creation.

It is the energy, which allows us to reach and to exist in the physical reality and the energy, which allows us to perceive the third-dimensional physical frequency in which we live. This Sun/fire/spirit energy (from the A.P.) is the energy that purifies our human consciousness (water) in third-dimensional reality. It is the only energy that can maintain balance in third-dimensional consciousness, whilst it is separated from spirit in this physical world.

Our Spiritual energy, the inner fire, the inner sun, flows via the Assemblage Point (A.P.). It creates a two-way flow, out of the body from the heart centre front and back, around the body and back in to the heart centre. Three dimensionally, this flow of energy creates a kind of squashed double hourglass shape around the whole body. (This pattern forms a figure of eight, the infinity symbol when represented two-dimensionally. See figure below.)

However, do not take this symbolic representation too literally. These energies need to be appreciated in their multi- dimensional form, which in some way resembles a dandelion clock - the seed-head of a dandelion. This is also similar to how the Earth creates its own atmosphere (energy field), which creates and sustains her life-forms.

Although it is only one aspect of how our many energy fields are formed, it is the most important. The A.P.’s source energy (spirit/fire) feeds the chakras and the energy fields of the body, allowing the physical body to form within this protective layer. Nature strives to find balance - purity of consciousness - through a process science defines as implosion. Our chakras (fed by our A.P.) are vortices of energy which spin both ways at the same time, as well as in and out, and work in a similar way to Nature, by constantly trying to maintain equilibrium in our energy fields through implosion and explosion. Because our energy fields are constantly resonating with the outer unbalanced consciousness, over time, our chakras can become partially blocked - over saturated - with negative energies and this cleansing, purifying process can become impaired. The balance between implosion and explosion is altered. See Part Five for more information on this aspect. 

We cannot animate a car if we do not put petrol (energy) into the petrol tank. The Assemblage Point is analogous to the fuel we put into the petrol tank. The chakras are like the pistons and drive shaft, which enable us to utilise this fire/spirit fuel energy to turn the wheels, i.e. animate matter, the physical body. When everything is flowing from within us, our energy fields are working naturally; we are 'going with the flow'. However, when we keep looking externally for the answers we start to block this natural flow of energy.

I see the A.P. in the heart chakra looking like the figure to the left (below) with a clear centre.

For those externalising their search for answers and those who use symbols similar to Reiki and Tera Mai™ symbols, which attract and connect with outside energies, their A.P. may look like the figure on the right (above). The centre of the A.P. varies from being totally black to different shades of grey in people with external connections, to clear in unaffected people. By connecting with and encouraging this outer consciousness to bring its energies in to us, we are blocking the natural flow of spiritual energy - the purifying aspect - and consequently move further away from the centre of our being by taking on board and storing unbalanced and chaotic energies in our internal watery environment.

It is no coincidence that the Assemblage Point resembles the symbol for the Sun/Spirit/Ten - ?  - because that is exactly what the Assemblage Point is. Our eyes too, are symbolic: resembling the ? - the sun/fire/spirit/A.P. connection, and have been referred to in some ancient texts and indigenous teachings as being the 'window to the Soul'. This is true, symbolically, because they are all 'eyes' which allow us to 'see' through illusion and connect with truth.

The process of looking externally for answers acts to gradually plug the centre of the A.P. (see figure below), restricting its natural flow of energy and can eventually stop and even reverse the flow altogether. This then allows our consciousness to become fed, conditioned and controlled by the emotionally-driven negative outer ego/intellect consciousness - the disease - and this is when the centre of the Assemblage Point starts to discolour and it can move out of its natural alignment.

A damper on a fire acts in a similar way: if the damper is closed down and the flow of air blocked, the flames of the fire will die down and eventually go out. If the damper is opened and air allowed to flow, the flames will come to life and the fire will roar in appreciation.

It is vital to appreciate and understand the importance of our Assemblage Point and its correct alignment and balance within the heart chakra. The A.P. is our only connection with source - our inner sun, fire, spirit - and the heart chakra is the only chakra deserving the label solar (sun). This brings us to another complete inversion of truth or misinterpretation existing in the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts. We are informed in some modern teachings and writings that the solar (sun) chakra relates to the area around the navel and is called the solar plexus chakra. This is simply not true. In other areas of philosophy, we are informed that the solar plexus chakra lies between the heart and the navel. Again this is not true. The heart chakra is the only chakra that should have 'Solar' attached to it, because it houses our spiritual (sun/fire) energy. Where could this misconception have originated? In some Ancient Indian and Hindu yogic traditions, the chakras were referred to as Tattwas.  The navel chakra was referred to as the fiery tattwa or fiery centre. ' Fire is the nearest (my italics) translation available for the tejas tattwa' - the navel chakra. 'By tejas or 'fire' is meant the quality of energetic expansion and activity, giving rise to exertion and movement. In outward expression it can be experienced as calorific in nature and hot, heat being directly related to the rate of molecular or atomic movement. Thus we find that the tejas governs the kitchen and the larder of our body, where food is digested and stored, being made available for later use as required.' 16

From this description, the navel chakra is clearly related to the physical-fire of digestion and of calorific energy - nutritional metabolism - and NOT the spiritual fire! Also, the description - fiery - to me, is more akin to the emotional body than the spiritual body. I do not believe the current misnomer that the 'sun' or solar centre resides in our navel area, is, in any way a result of this 'translation' or teaching. The very same teachings make it absolutely clear that the heart centre (Vayu) or Anahata, is firmly attributed to housing the Creative Sun Energy - vital force - Spirit.

Not surprisingly, we only need to examine aspects of the Cabbala and Initiatic science to determine where this inversion of truth originates, for it is in these beliefs and teachings where we find the direct association between the navel chakra and the Sun or Solar Energy. Hence the Solar chakra is now taught in many healing modalities to be in the area of the navel.

In fact, the navel chakra is the water chakra and it is related to the physical, to our emotions (as in fiery above), and is governed by the moon - not the sun. The two principles of life are reflected and represented in our physical body because of the separation in third-dimensional reality: fire and spirit (the inner sun) reside in the heart chakra and water and consciousness (the physical element, our emotional centre, affected by the moon), reside in the navel chakra.

Another important chakra lies between the heart (solar) and the navel (moon) chakra: this is the Earth chakra - the medium that allows fire and water to exist in separation and co-operation in the third-dimension and create physical life as we know it. A number of books on healing claim that the Earth chakra lies just below the feet. Is this because the feet are closest to the Earth, just like we are led to believe that because the head is closest to the heavens our most spiritual chakra resides on the top of our head (in our intellect)? (See Part Two). Is this yet again, the 'as above so below' - 'as in Heaven so on Earth' precept, derived from the 'inverting-the-truth' mentality which prevails today? I shall examine the importance of these three chakras and the others in a future article.

The point is, that by externalising our focus and attention, we stop feeding our inner fire and our spirit. Also, buying into modalities which ply their respective inversions of truth in the Illusionary Shopping Mall, we are allowing an external attachment to build up and connect with our A.P., blocking the natural passage of energy. The A.P. then begins to discolour and our chakras become over saturated with negative energies. This is when the individuals energy fields can start to darken and draw closer to the body as the light within becomes clouded over by the darkness (imbalance) drawn into our energy fields. We may at this stage recognise that the 'spark of life' has disappeared from behind the eyes of some people as it appears there is little or no energy visible within the window to the Soul. Again, is this the 'darkness' Jesus was referring to? This 'outer' illusionary and imbalanced reality? Remember that the A.P. is our only connection with our inner source, with spirit, and it is, therefore, the only energy capable of purifying our consciousness in our physical reality. Just as spirit (fire) purifies our consciousness (water) when we leave the physical and astral domains...


From Part 7 - The Assemblage Point, Discarnate Spirits, Lost Souls and How The Illusion Manifests In The Afterlife


There is not a lot written about the Assemblage Point and we seem to have little understanding today of its important role in our physical and spiritual life and wellbeing. Unfortunately, much of what has been written to date, is incomplete and inaccurate and appears to be based on misunderstandings and miscomprehensions of its true function in our past and present physical and spiritual existence.

The Assemblage Point is a very important energy connection, as we discovered in Part Three, which, when aligned correctly in the centre of the heart chakra, and when functioning and flowing naturally from in to out, helps to purify our energy fields and protect us from all forms of external negative and, therefore, potentially harmful energies. The Assemblage Point (A.P.) represents our internal connection with Source, and NOT an external connection, as many are encouraged to believe today. The A.P. is the purifying and balancing energy inherent in all living things.  It is our protective shield in this physical reality; it is the energy of unconditional love, the purity and the spiritual light that we are. The energy, or filaments of light that make up the Assemblage Point, originate from within us and expand outwards, front and back, encompassing the whole body in a kind of protective cocoon of energy – or so it should. The figure below shows how the flow of energy from the A.P. should be naturally.

In Part Three, we discovered that we were blocking this important and natural flow of spiritual energy from the front of the Assemblage Point, and as a consequence, we were moving further away from the centre of our being and further away from the light that we are.

However, we never discussed the Assemblage Point’s exit route at the rear of the body, what had become of this over time and the implications this has had upon our spiritual and physical wellbeing over the last few thousand years or so. We will now look at what has happened to the exit route of our Spiritual and Purifying energy at the rear of our body.



Over time, due to the increasing and constant externalisation of truth and spirituality in many ancient and developing cultures, along with our openness - and the incessant pressure from officialdom - to give our power away to other people and certain belief systems, coupled with that human weakness - the desire for more power, money and control - the Assemblage Point’s natural exit route at the rear of the body – the back of the heart chakra - has become locked, or blocked, at the juncture of the spine. And it has been like this for thousands of years! See image below left.




So, for thousands of years, we humans have suffered, and are continuing to suffer from the loss of this purifying energy, which is, and has been, unable to flow freely and naturally from the rear of our body. As a result, we are unable to adequately protect and purify the rear of our energy fields.







This has left, and still leaves, our energy field and the chakras at the back of the body vulnerable to attack from negative energies, which are fed from the outside unbalanced ego-consciousness. These energies have the potential to lodge in our energy fields and attach to the rear of our heart centre and other chakras, where they can cause problems that can affect the balance and purity of our consciousness and health. See image to the left.

These attachments can and do cloud our spiritual judgement, creating a veil or barrier between our inner and reflected light, surrounding us with darkness and imbalance in order that wherever we seem to look, all we seem to see – and therefore believe – is the ILLUSION we have created. This can have the following affect on our spiritual direction:



When we have attachments at the rear of our energy fields, their consciousness can also interfere with the inner journey as it sits between our conscious mind and our light, our higher inner self, thus blocking this communication and radiating its own imbalance instead.




Because of these ‘attachments’, we fail to realise the truth comes from within us and because we have been conditioned over the years into believing the physical and external reality is the only reality there is, we tend to look only ‘externally’ these days for the answers to many things. As we identify more with the external unbalanced consciousness we have created, we begin to block the flow of our inner light, our spiritual light. Then, when we do attempt to look within, nothing much seems to happen and if we are unable to look deep enough within, all we find is the same ego-illusory consciousness feeding us ‘external unbalanced information’. And because we believe so strongly in the external reality, we believe that what we see ‘out there’ must be a true indication of what IS. It is, therefore, only natural that people with the ability to ‘see’ external energies, will see an external connection to the front of the Assemblage Point in some people, because this is exactly what has happened over time to many ‘external’ travellers. 

Others may well see that this energy appears to be ‘locked’ into the spine and does not appear to exist at all at the rear of the body and incorrectly accept that this is how it should be. In fact there are some healers/gurus who deliberately ‘lock’ the Assemblage Point into the spine at the rear of the body, because this is how they believe it to be, either from what they can ‘see’ externally, or through the way they have allowed themselves to become conditioned by the beliefs and actions of other external seekers of truth.

However, we have come to realise throughout this series of articles, that the external reality is merely a reflection; a reflection of our thoughts, actions and, therefore, predominantly, a reflection of our mistakes. What we see represented outside of us is what ‘reality has become’ over time. This is not as reality should be! We are merely witnessing the result of the decline in balance of our collective consciousness as we continue our descent into the darkness and imbalance of the false light of the illusion we have created.

It is only when we begin to look within for the answers with determination and patience that we gradually begin to see how things are truly meant to be. Through the inner journey we can see exactly how the Assemblage Point works in all its glory, from in to out, both front and back. So then when we look externally and view how things are now, we can readily identify the mistakes we have made over time, and most importantly, we can understand just what is required to correct them.

This is why I believe it is essential that the energy flow from both the front and rear of the Assemblage Point is released, and this energy is allowed to flow naturally from within us to without, if we are to re-establish a healthy physical and spiritual mind/body and restore a ‘health-before-profit’ mentality into human consciousness. When the flow of energy is released from the A.P. at the back of the heart chakra, an unparalleled level of purifying light energy is liberated. This restores the natural balance between the front and back of the body, providing our energy fields with a level of protection and harmony that has been unprecedented in humans for many, many years.

This procedure helps to keep the rear of our energy fields as clear as possible from unhealthy and unwelcome ‘attachments’ and helps us to disconnect any external attachments which may be feeding us negative energy through the rear (and front) of our energy fields. This process allows us to grow spiritually and evolve physically in a natural way, with less hindrance from unhealthy guests.

In the Gnostic Gospel Of Philip (see references to the Nag Hammadi later) it says, ‘Jesus pulled out the root of the whole place, while others did it only partially. As for ourselves, let each one of us dig down after the root of evil which is within one, and let one pluck it out of one’s heart from the root. It will be plucked out if we recognise it. But if we are ignorant of it, it takes root in us and produces its fruit in our heart. It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive, to make us do what we do not want; and what we do want we do not do. It is powerful because we have not recognised it. While it exists it is active. Ignorance is the mother of all evil.’1

We can see that Jesus was advocating the importance of keeping the heart clear by plucking out the root of evil from within the heart, lest it shared its unbalanced consciousness with us, and thus control us. The unbalanced external ego-consciousness is the root of evil that attaches to our heart centre via the Assemblage Point when we shop externally for the truth.

When this energy is released from the rear of the Assemblage Point, and the flow corrected at the front, we naturally improve our inner and outer connections with our higher dimensional selves:


This process helps us to reintegrate the natural communication with our higher dimensional selves, the light that we are, and improve our intuitive processes, our inner communication and our tuition from within. It allows the light within to shine brighter and allows our reflected light to move closer to and integrate with the physical body, thus helping to bring more balance and expand more inner light into our physical body and our external surroundings – the consciousness of the Earth.

There are numerous ancient texts and esoteric writings going back thousands of years which depict these ‘attachments’ to the rear of our energy fields, but not to the front. This shows this ‘blockage’ has been inherent in humans for a considerable time. The figure shown below is merely one example of this:


This is a wood engraving of demons riding on the back of a beggar and a miser. From the West front of Saint-Pierre, Mossac. 14th century, after Witkowski. The explanation that accompanies this drawing is as follows: ‘…these people are not in hell: they are portrayals of Etheric and Astral forms. They reveal people as they would be seen by someone with developed clairvoyant vision…They are symbolic forms of the Etheric and Astral bodies…The person gifted with clairvoyant vision will see the beggar approaching the miser on the Astral plane. He will see the demons directing this transaction: the demons are, so to speak, bypassing the Ego of the men. This is no human transaction, but a demonic one… to show that they [the demons] are gripping onto their Egos.’2





This brings to mind many sayings: such as, ‘mind your back’, ‘keep looking over your shoulder’, or ‘I’ve been stabbed in the back’, ‘I’ve got a monkey on my back’, ‘get off my back’, ‘people are always on my back’ or ‘I feel as though I have the weight of the whole world on my shoulders’…  So on some subliminal level we DO have a recollection of sorts of what is going on in our energy fields.

It is obvious that these ‘unbalanced’ energies attach to us because we have little protection at the rear of our energy fields, and it is also obvious that when attached they can affect and influence our mind, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness and actions through ‘gripping onto our Egos’ and directing our will.

In a recent terrestrial T.V. program on organ transplants, it was shown that the recipient of the donor organ, in many cases, had undergone a change in personality. One young girl was describing how she kept seeing and feeling the death of this young child, being able to describe quite graphically how the child had been bludgeoned to death. When these unusual circumstances were checked out, the young girl’s experience described exactly how the ‘donor child’ had died.

Another ‘organ donor recipient’ at a gathering, went up to a lady and said ‘Hi mom, it’s good to see you.’ The lady turned out to be the mother of the ‘organ donor’ and the ‘recipient’ had immediately recognised her as the ‘donor’s’ mother. Another was where the personality of a middle-aged man completely changed. A man who used to suffer from stress and become angry when stressed, now found he carried out housework when he was stressed, something he never did before he received the heart of a female donor. And there are so many similar cases of this type of occurrence. This happens simply because the ‘consciousness’ of the donor is retained in the donor organ and its memory, or identity, has been placed within the body of the recipient and, therefore, his or her consciousness, and it is able to express itself by sharing its ‘consciousness’ with that of the recipient – even after the death of the ‘donor’.

Research recently published in the Journal Of Near-Death Studies, conducted by Professor Gary Shwartz, Professor Paul Pearsall and Dr Linda Russek, of the universities of Arizona and Hawaii, confirmed that people who have organ transplants could inherit the habits of their donors. Their findings are very similar to those experiences detailed above. One male who received a woman’s heart had a new passion for the colour pink, a colour he had previously hated. He also had a newly acquired taste for women’s perfume. Similarly, a woman who received a heart and lung transplant developed cravings for chicken nuggets, a food she never ate. Uneaten chicken nuggets were found in the jacket of the young male donor when he was killed. It goes on and on in the same vein, with alterations in people’s sense of smell, food preferences and emotions, to changes in tastes of music. The scientists involved in this study are embarking on a second, bigger study; involving more than 300 transplant patients.3 Will they be allowed to complete it?

It begs the question: what chance has human consciousness to evolve into a more enlightened state, now that we have genetically modified pigs, specifically created to act as ‘organ donors’ for humans?

Maybe as recipients of these organs we can all look forward to the time when we have ‘flashbacks’ of happy family get-togethers, many of us mingling together with our noses deep in swill?

It is the same with these attachments we find in our energy fields. Just as the consciousness, memory and personality of the ‘donor’ can influence the ‘recipient’, the consciousness, emotion and personality of the ‘attachment’ can likewise affect the ‘host’s’ consciousness and personality. This leads to us ‘behaving totally out of character’ and provoking comments such as ‘that is just not you’, ‘why are you behaving like that’, as we can at times begin to behave in the ‘likeness’ of the consciousness of the energy body ‘attached’ to our energy fields.

Similarly, like the ‘recipient’ of the donor organ can experience images and memories of the dead donor’s life, depending on the type of energy attached to the rear of our energy field, we can also experience the emotion and past life events of this entity as it shares its consciousness and memory with us. Awareness of these entities emotions and past life events is enhanced through regressive hypnotherapy as this process allows more of the unbalanced thought forms ‘memory’ or consciousness to come through into our own consciousness. This is, of course, not a wise thing to do because the entity’s imbalance can then have a greater effect within our own consciousness as we take this on board on a conscious level, and we can begin to think, experience and behave more in the likeness of the ‘thought form consciousness’ than in the likeness of our true selves.

As we know from these articles, Part Five in particular, through the properties of water (consciousness), the outside ego-consciousness holds the memory of everything that has ever happened and if we willingly open up our energy fields and bring in these outside energies, as we are encouraged to do in many healing modalities, angel workshops/meditations et al, these unbalanced energies too can share their memory or ‘past life’ events and emotions with us.   

However, to what level our consciousness/actions and beliefs are affected, depends on the imbalance present in the ‘consciousness’ of the energy or thought-form that is attached, or brought into our energy fields. We will examine this in more detail later.

Where do unbalanced ‘thought forms’ originate? For the answer to this question we need to look at the symbolic tale of Sophia... 


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