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Masaru Emoto's wonderful work - Some amazing photographs of the crystalline structure of water and how our prayers, thoughts and various types of music can and does affect the 'memory' and structure of water in a positive or negative way.

More of Masaru Emoto's work

SCENAR THERAPY - 'Space-Age Therapy for your Health! "Russian invention to keep astronauts in peak condition could be the latest and most revolutionary weapon of the alternative health industry."' Taken from the British Magazine "Spinal Injuries Association" August 2002. To find out more about Scenar Therapy and the products available try the following links:

Energetic Medicine

Scenar Training Centre

Dr Nadia Alexandrina

Dr Mark Atkinson - 'Showcasing the world’s most innovative health treatments and cutting-edge insights into all matters relating to health, healing and disease management.'

Organic Nutrition - 'Leading independent health magazines "What Doctors Don't Tell You & Proof!" have awarded Organic Nutrition their prestigious 5 STAR rating in their recent editions.'

Green People - Create an Organic Lifestyle.Various organic products available.

Dr Hans Nieper - I have covered the wonderful work of Dr Nieper is some of my articles. Here is a web site dedicated to his work.

Oxygen HQ - Everything Oxygen, from About Oxygen to Who Discovered Oxygen.


Microwave News - One of the best sources of news on EMFs.

Powerwatch - For 'Screening Materials' that help to block out potentially dangerous EMFs and Microwave Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts and other sources from entering your home.

For the UK only:

SITEFINDER - is there a mobile phone mast 'hidden' near you? Check out the possibility on this site. However, this site is not always kept bang up to date, so please remember this.

Action against Mobile Phone Mast Planning Applications - and a whole lot more information too.

Advanced Water Filters and More: Reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, kitchen faucets and more available at