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 In this section we offer a précis on why it may be important to protect ourselves from Phone Mast Radiation. Then we offer some practical, yet, simple methods we can employ to protect our home, ourselves and our children, including using the latest Screening Materials (please scroll down the page for more details on Screening Materials available)


There are a number of ways in which we can help to reduce the debilitating affects Microwave Radiation can have upon the body (emitted from Phone Masts and other sources). We can move home, which is not ideal or always possible, or we can sit tight and use certain materials available today to help to block or reduce the radiation entering our home/bedroom and/or workplace.

Firstly, before we come to what we CAN do to help, it may be prudent to offer a brief précis of why it is important to protect ourselves from this type of radiation.

The New Generation (G3/3G) and Tetra Masts pulse(phase)-modulate their signals. It is this modulation, or 'burst repetition rate' that seems to have the most damaging effect upon the body because the frequencies generated are very close to the body's natural range of frequencies - which range from below 10 to over 1015 Hertz. "If we consider that the body transfers biological information ranging from 1 Hz right through to well above light frequencies, we can see how this type of pollution, which can be classed as more harmful than exposure to pollutant substances, is certainly a major reason why acute disorders are relatively rare nowadays… This is clearly supported by the increase in chronic disorders in recent years.”

In disease, which is a disturbance or interference in the ‘energy field’, the body “…is forced to produce the mirror-image counter oscillations of the interference field at the same time, by neutralising them… It succeeds in doing this with the corresponding expenditure of energy. We also refer to ‘holding work’, which it must perform, because it has to constantly expend energy in order to neutralise these constantly recurring oscillations from the interference field. If the organism is weakened…it can no longer perform the holding work and is no longer able to neutralise the pathological oscillation.” This is the onset of illness and disease as we know it biologically.

It has been established that there is a constant equilibrium between photons and the growth of a cell association, and if the EM field of the cell is disturbed its coherence (balance) is affected too and if this coherence is disturbed, all the functions, including immune defence, are blocked; but above all – and this is the most important thing – the repair capacity of the cell, the ability to restore order to genetic damage is blocked. From this point of view the concept of disease should be reconsidered: disease, before it is manifested in physical symptoms, is manifested as a disturbance in or to the electromagnetic field.

The first steps to the body healing itself are to “… restore the rhythms of the organism and synchronise and re-adapt to a normal, undisturbed control programme.” In other words, deal with and eliminate the frequencies responsible for causing imbalance. This of course cannot be achieved when one lives in close proximity to a static and immovable mobile phone mast that is constantly emitting the very chaotic frequencies or incoherent oscillations (information) which create a disturbance in Human EM fields in the first place, and which we now know can lead to illness in the human organism.

Additionally, it is worth noting that it is at nighttime that the body carries out most of its ‘healing work’ as it constantly works to restore homeostasis. As these phone Masts are fixed structures, it is, therefore, impossible for an individual to avoid these man-made chaotic energies from interfering with their energy fields and the body’s natural ability to restore homeostasis. Therefore, people are being denied their unquestionable right to have and to hold onto good health.

Thus, we can see clearly that the ability of the body and its biophysical and biological systems to communicate correctly, and in harmony, can be seriously compromised in a number of ways by this type of radiation, leading to ill health along with many symptoms of feeling unwell.

On an equally serious note, what I find particularly disturbing is that according to a number of scientists the low frequencies that characterise certain aspects of GSM/TETRA pulse-modulation are close to those frequencies that are known to influence human mood and behaviour in a number of ways. This can range from depression, docility, even to rage, depending on the kind of modulation used. It is even possible to induce sounds and even words intercranially by appropriate modulation of these microwave signals. Maybe Microwave Mind Control (MMC) is more than just a conspiracy theory. After all, it has been alleged by many that this MMC forms part of the military's (secret?) Psychotronic Warfare.

Dr Rauscher-Bise (USA) is an enthusiast: "Give me the money and three months", she boasts, "and I'll be able to affect the behaviour of 80 per cent of the people of this town without their knowing it. Make them happy - or at least they'll think they're happy. Or aggressive."!

So it becomes apparent that we should do whatever we can to protect ourselves from this type of insidious radiation, and as sinister as the Mind Control issue is, my own feelings, endorsed by many people, including some leading scientists, is that these microwave emissions from phone masts may be the biggest singular cause of human suffering (and possible premature death) in the years to come. And for why? MONEY and EGO. What a legacy to leave our children and grandchildren!

However, microwave radiation poisoning is not restricted to Phone Masts, it is also emitted by Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT) even when the phone is not in use! Plus certain wireless burglar alarms, wireless networked computers, wireless baby alarms and so forth. To read about the dangers of Microwave Radiation emissions in more detail please Click Here.

Secondly, we need to know just how bad this radiation in our home or workplace really is. If we are not sensitive to this type of radiation and we are therefore not aware of its presence, then we may need a monitor to measure and detect these fields, where they are and whether they pose a threat to our health and the health of our children. See Detection Equipment.


What is currently available today to help protect us from this type of radiation?

+SCREENING MATERIALS: A variety of 'Screening Materials' are now available. From Woven netting material for net curtains, bed canopies etc; shielded net knit material to Protective Wallpaper for lining walls. Equilibra has negotiated a discount for it's customers on a number of these items. Click on the above link for more details.

Nutritional Products There are a few products which can help the body to recover from the oftentimes debilitating effects of electrostress. Frequensea with Marine Phytoplankton is one. Produced naturally by mother nature, this product provides all the nutrients, trace minerals, essential fats, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants etc., that a cell requires for repair and healthy regeneration. Likewise, as Nitric Oxide depletion and interference in it's biochemical reactions due to exposure to EMFs and microwave radiation has been cited in some scientific studies, then taking L-arginine, which the body uses to manufacture Nitric Oxide, may also be of great benefit too. Plus, L-arginine dilates the blood vessels too, thus increasing circulation and, therefore, delivery of vital nutrients, and importantly oxygen used for energy and detoxification, to the cells. See Products for more details.

+DEMAND SWITCHES: Demand Switches are an excellent product for protection against EMFs and for reducing the levels of microwave radiation we are exposed to, both during the day and at nighttime. People who have microwave detection equipment have been surprised by the high level of microwave radiation eminating from lamps, wall and ceiling lights and so forth. This is because this type of radiation is picked up by many household products through the electrical wiring system in the house. Demand Switches cut off the electricity at the fuse box when there is no demand on the circuit, so there is no electricity flowing through the wiring, thus preventing this from happening. So, for example, during the day when there are no lights on, there is no current flowing throughout the lighting circuits. Likewise, on a nighttime (when the body carries out it's repair work) when the last light is switched off the alternating electrical current is removed from the lighting circuit, thus preventing microwave radiation from reaching us in this way. Additionally, Demand Switches stop electrical radiation eminating from the household wiring too, which is also a good thing to do at night, thus helping the body to utilise it's energy stores where they are most needed - restoring and maintaining homeostasis - and preventing the body from wasting it's valuable energy stores dealing with EMF radiation. Switch a light on, for example, and electricity is immediately restored to that circuit, so there is no inconvenience to us in anyway - just peace of mind! You can also protect other electrical circuits in the home too, sockets and so forth, therefore, practically eliminating all electrical (and induced microwave) radiation from the bedroom/s etc.

+THE ELANRA MKII - THERAPEUTIC IONISER WITH VARIABLE FREQUENCY SETTINGS: Can the Elanra MKII help to counteract the dangers to health posed by microwave radiation emitted from mobile phone masts?

Having a Phone Mast around 200 metres away from our house - previously G2 until recently upgraded - and having experimented with the Elanra MKII over the last few months, I personally do believe that the Elanra MKII can help in some way. From my own experience, I felt that by carefully choosing the right frequency setting on the machine, the Elanra MKII helped to diffuse, and reduce, the adverse effects this type of radiation had upon my body. As I am very sensitive to energies I was able to 'feel' a marked difference in the effects this radiation had upon me when using the Elanra MKII.

As the Elanra MKII has 8 different frequency settings (4Hz, 7.83Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 16Hz, 25Hz, 32Hz and 40Hz) and 9 Intensity settings, it is my opinion, that by choosing the right frequency, such as 7.83Hz (The Earth's Schumann Resonance, which corresponds precisely with the frequency of the hippocampus in the brain of all mammals and is responsible for our memory and survival among other factors) and setting the Intensity based upon the number of Masts nearby, proximity, levels of radiation etc, that it is possible to alleviate some of the debilitating and adverse effects these Phone Mast emissions can have upon the body. Especially at nighttime when the body carries out most of its repair work.

Additionally, as well as purifying the air around us, the Elanra provides the body with ions of oxygen that can be inhaled to enter the bloodstream and produce biologically beneficial effects. As oxygen is the body's main fuel for energy and removal of toxins, this can only be a good thing for us.

The Elanra MKII may be well worth considering in conjunction with other protective, and/or beneficial, measures available.

For Prices and Purchase, please Click Here



Because WATER has the ability to store and share information from all sources  and our body contains over three gallons of (salt) water, then our internal watery environment can also store the information/energy contained in these EMF/Microwave signals. (See Articles Section for more on the 'memory' and importance of water)

This stored information, being alien to the body (in fact alien to all living things), can then begin to distort and interfere with the natural coherent information/energy emitted from our DNA as well as distort and interfere with all the other communication systems of the body too. This leads to incorrect information/energy being shared throughout the body affecting cell reproduction, cell health and many other biological processes important to restoring and maintaining homeostasis.

The Universal Harmonisers are capable of transmuting this stored EMR information/energy (as well as other forms of imbalanced information/energy), and can thus help to bring our internal watery environment back into a more balanced state of being. This in effect reduces the amount of 'alien' and/or distorted information being transmitted inside of the body, aiding the body to improve  it's own natural communication leading to an improvement in biophysical health. See Universal Harmonisers page for more information on how they can improve the crystalline structure of, and increase the photon (light/energy) in, water.


This web site offers various types of microwave jamming equipment. This equipment may be illegal to use in certain countries, and as such, we only offer this information for consideration by Hospitals, medical centers, theaters, cinemas, museums, art galleries, business meetings, libraries, schools, restaurants and places that should be free of mobile phone communication. None of this equipment has been evaluated or measured for EMR emissions by Equilibra, and so it should be noted that the equipment itself may, or may not produce it's own levels of EMR radiation.

May the truth eventually permeate the very fabric of our society.


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