Advanced Earthing Product – Superconductive Deep Sleep Mat UK

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The Earthing Sleep Mat Double should be used underneath any fitted sheet for sleeping. It measures 54 x 72 inches. Ideal for double beds up to King Size (Five Feet Wide).

Sleep Mat made with Hole Punch Black PU Lookalike Leather (Not real leather) which helps it to breathe. VEGAN-FRIENDLY!

  1. Place the mat on your mattress under a fitted sheet with the snap nub facing down, Earthing Label facing up, the straps will fit around the mattress to hold the mat in place .
  2. Attach snap end of Earthing cord to snap nub on mat.
  3. Attach other end of Cord to Ground Plug and insert into nearest grounded electrical outlet on wall, or into Earthing ground rod cord if you use a ground rod connection. The mat is conductive on the one side only.

Versatile uses: Sitting or laying in a chair or sofa, sleeping upon, wrapping around areas of discomfort from the neck, chest and upper back, to tummy and lower back area, to thighs and lower legs. Use intuitively.

Complete with UK Connections

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