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Part Two by Steve Gamble

There are many ways we keep giving our power away through religion, conventional medicine etc., but others we find in the New Age forum are through various forms of divination, numerology/symbolism and healing modalities such as Reiki, Tera Mai and so forth. We will start with divination and how divination fits into the illusionary world we live in. 

DIVINATION practice of attempting to acquire hidden knowledge and insight into events – past, present and future – through the direct or indirect contact of human intelligence with the supernatural. The practise was closely related with religion among Hebrew, pagan and early Christian people.1

The reliance on the use of divination derives from the very fear of Man himself. Through ego and the need for power and control, which derive from fear, in past times rulers such as kings, queens and emperors needed to know when it would be beneficial to attack, invade, counter-attack and most importantly of all, what the outcome of their action would be. Though it was not only for the purpose of warfare that man sought advice from the supernatural, but on issues of love, money and health and so on. Mankind is fearful because he has kept his search for the truth external and has repeatedly connected with and drawn in energies external to himself and has, therefore, been constantly fed by the ego/intellect fear based energy, which surrounds us. Our collective fears have resulted in an external search for power and the supernatural means by which we can predetermine the outcome of our intended conquests. From this very fear of Man himself, dependence upon seers, soothsayers, priests, augurs and so forth gradually increased. At one time, no Roman would embark upon a major undertaking unless the augurs (people who practised divination) decided the auspices (omens) were favourable. Augurs or priests performed their divination in complicated ceremonies, called auguries, by reading omens or auspices. These augurs exercised enormous power and were members of a college that existed in Rome from its conception until the late 4th century AD. In the Shang dynasty (China), shoulder blades of oxen and the bottom of shells of tortoises were inscribed and heated. A message was derived from the pattern of cracks formed across the inscription after heat was applied. The founder of the Zhou dynasty is said to have established the traditional patterns of lines and added the judgements of their significance. His son is said to have composed the commentaries. The collective judgements are known as Teuan and the commentaries as Tao. This bizarre search for answers eventually resulted in the I Ching and Taoism, the foundation of modern day Chinese philosophy.

This is the same old story of looking outside ourselves again; believing almost everything else holds the answers but us. Can we really believe the shoulder blades of an ox and the shell of a tortoise can reveal our past and predict our future destiny? It would appear some of us do believe this is so.

Today, some of us continue to give our power away to a new hybrid of prophetic modalities we find in the New Age movement. Cartomancy has led to tarot cards and other special cards for predicting the future; necromancy has led to mediums and psychics who communicate with the spirits of the dead. We now find adepts of astrology, tarot, psychic readings, runes, and palmistry, fortune telling, mediums and the I Ching plying their trade in an illusionary shopping mall derived from our fear, fuelling our openness to give our power away. If the augurs held so much power in Rome (and this is only one example of what went on world-wide), can we not see that our fears and our external search for answers have seeded, watered and then been constantly fed throughout time by the very consciousness from which we are now trying to free ourselves? If we lived without fear we would realise that conflict was purposeless. If we listened to our intuition we would have no need to consult seers, prophets, psychics, tarot cards and the like because we would already know the answers. We would already know we and we alone, were responsible for our own futures and that our future did not lie in the hands of tortoise shells or any other form of divination.

This does not mean we cannot use these methods. If we do not take them too seriously we can use them as a means to help develop our intuition. It is only when we place our belief in somebody else’s interpretation of events that we are guilty of giving our power away and this is something we must learn and take on board. We should stop giving our power away to such outside influences, which block our natural flow of energy.

Recently, the attention of many people has been upon the numerous false prophecies of doom, of Y2K take-over plots, extraterrestrial manipulation and imminent catastrophic earth changes given by so-called seers and prophets. Unfortunately, by allowing others to think for us we are in danger of actually shifting our focus from the creative potential we all have for positive change, towards fear-based scenarios which can profoundly affect the psyche. It is possible that scare-stories are deliberately manufactured at periods of great spiritual alignment - such as during the May astrological alignment - in order to throw people out of balance, making it harder to gain the true benefits available from synchronising internally and spiritually with the natural order of the universal energies. The result will then be that more fear and chaos is created by these external influences during what should be a re-harmonising and uplifting experience. Time and again, experience tells us to listen to the inner voice and go with the natural flow of energy as and when it occurs, with love, rather than to prepare in fear for what may never happen, and what is in danger of actually manifesting if enough people focus their fears upon it. We create in our own image and we create by thought - thought being energy. Whatever we experience inwardly we project outwardly through the process of thought and it is manifested.

Throughout the years we have had to keep hidden the secrets of this inner journey, this inner knowledge and wisdom of how Nature and the Cosmos worked, for fear of being found out and subsequently burned, stoned, drowned or literally murdered. And why? For doing no more than working with Nature and Her energies, to assist us spiritually and physically, helping others and Mother Earth too. This process of the religious authorities wiping out the ‘truth’ and those who deemed to hold it, or practise it, led to this ‘knowledge’ being driven underground. This caused such knowledge to be confined to Secret Societies which passed on this information through initiation and used symbolism to teach initiates. Their understanding of the secrets and the way of communicating it was kept alive by transferring and identifying this understanding in the form of paintings, buildings, monuments, occult inscriptions on grave stones and so forth. These people used trigonometry and mathematics to represent a symbolic and secret portrayal of this understanding, which was hidden in these designs. This would indicate to others that a person held the deeper knowledge and understanding of how Nature and things in general truly worked.

We seem to have made the mistake of identifying with and misinterpreting these initiatic symbols by assuming they are magical or hold other divine powers, when all they have ever been and remain is a form of symbolic representation of something more profound. They are meant to represent one’s understanding of the deeper workings of Nature and are used as a signature, a sign, a form of identification and communication between people who know of these deeper workings, without the fear of being discovered. This identification process is still evident today with the so-called secret handshake of the Masonic Lodge.

Could this be where we have been going wrong and could our fascination with these ‘secret symbols’, mathematics and geometry be partially responsible for locking us into this physical reality - the 0.0001% of who and what we are: the inert part, matter? Is this because their true meaning has never been openly revealed, or has been overlooked; possibly even misinterpreted, misunderstood or manipulated intentionally or unintentionally and therefore their true integrity and meaning essentially lost?

Man has been fascinated with numbers and geometry for millennia, no more so than he is now. What is this fascination and where does it originate from? How has Man become so obsessed? We now need to look at Numerology/symbolism.

NUMEROLOGY/SYMBOLISM - the study of the occult significance of numbers/the use of symbols to express things.

Numbers are vibrational energy. We can use numerology to determine our ‘number’ or our vibration by appointing numbers to the letters of our name, totalling them up until they become a single digit. We can do the same with our birth dates, such as 01/01/59, which could be totalled as 1 + 1 + 5 +9 = 16 and 1 + 6 = 7. Here, we would be a seven vibration. We could then find out how this might be significant in relation to our personality, character and so forth.

We appear to be fascinated by the number nine in particular because everywhere we look we find it is presented or represented somewhere in the physical aspect of creation. A very interesting point about the number nine is it always becomes itself. It cannot be anything else. Multiply nine by anything and add up the digits and they will always come back to nine. E.g. 9 x 9 = 81. 8 + 1 = nine. Or take, 9 x 219 = 1971. 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 18 and 1 + 8 = nine; and so on. The number nine will always come back to itself. Just like a circle. What is even more interesting about numbers, is when we add together one through eight, we get 36. 3 + 6 = 9, nine again. We then add one through nine (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9) together and we get 45. 4 + 5 = 9, yet again nine. So it would appear that nine is the culmination of all the other numbers one through eight.

In ancient times, the cycle of the Earth around the Sun was a perfect 360 days. They therefore calculated the year as 360 days  - 12 months of 30 days [and/or 36 weeks of 10 days]. Until the seventh and eighth centuries BC, calendars from around the globe recorded the 360 day cycle but suddenly, we find in this period, that calendars began adding days to both the length of the year and to the months to try and re-synchronise the calendar with the solar and lunar cycles (detailed in the fascinating book Worlds In Collision by I Velikovsky). It has been postulated that the misalignment may have been due to one or more cataclysmic events such as the Earth passing through the tail of a comet which caused the path curve of the earth and/or its velocity to alter. This could be the reason why the number nine in numerology has also been associated with natural disasters such as floods.

However, we do retain this ancient order in geometry because we still divide a circle (the ancient symbol for the Sun) into 360 segments called degrees. 360° numerologically is 3 + 6 + 0 = 9. Therefore, this is a nine number.

If we, therefore, apply this method of numerology to other geometric shapes we get interesting results. The diamond is four lots of 90°, which equals 360°; nine again. The square is the same, nine. The equilateral triangle is 60° + 60° + 60°,  = 180°: 1 + 8 + 0 = 9, another nine. If we look at the pentagram, five lots of 36°: = 180°; another nine. The hexagram (Star of David) = 360°: the same story, a nine. We could go on and on.

The hexagram is particularly interesting in relation to the circle, the sun and the nine. In ancient times, the hexagram within the circle was used as a symbol of the zodiac cycle. The sun was seen as the centre of the circle which, due to the six-pointed star pattern, is surrounded by 12 divisions - the 12 houses of the zodiac. In Sumerian times, the zodiac was based on the Earth’s precessional cycle of 25,920 years - again a nine. The precessional cycle is the length of time the Earth takes to ‘wobble’ around its axis. Just like a spinning top which is tilted to one side, the Earth’s central axis is tilted towards or away from the sun and takes that length of time for one revolution of this tilt to return to its former position. During which time, the constellations of the heavens will slowly move backward across the sky to new positions according to the view from the Earth.

The Sumerians divided the precessional period into 12 equal parts of 2,160 (360-day) years, which is of course a nine number. The Sumerians used a base-sixty form of measurement rather than base-ten - the decimal - to calculate time as it works perfectly with the 360-day calendar. It is from the Sumerian influence that we divide our clocks into 60 minutes and 60 seconds, which gives a very harmonious interplay between minutes, hours, the circle of 360, the solar and lunar cycles and the larger zodiac cycles.

We are more familiar, today, with the annual cycle of the zodiac which arises from the 12 divisions - the months - of the year which are used to calculate the horoscope, based upon the position of the rapidly shifting constellations which move across the sky when viewed from the Earth.

1080 is the average number of human breaths drawn per hour, another nine. 1080 is also linked with the energy of The Mother, in her various forms as Diana etc., and the lunar energy. Interestingly the radius of the Moon is 1080 miles. Amazingly, the Moon has always been associated with the colour of Silver, whose atomic weight is 108 - nine yet again!  If we look at the number 666 - the sum of the numbers 1-36 (nine) - to some people it represents the Devil, the Mark of the Beast. The Book of Revelation relates this number to the Apocalypse, which is again linked to natural disasters. Could this be what is encoded in the Book of Revelation? Some numerological memory of the instability of the Earth and its vulnerability to outside forces, such as may have altered the ancient 360 day cycle in the pre-Judaic times? To other people, however, this number represents the energy of the Father, the Solar Energy. If we add 1080 and 666 together they equal 1746, which to some represents the Grail, the Seed and the Vessel, the totality of creation. A nine number. 1746 is also deemed by some as being related to the Earth’s Electromagnetic Grid.

Another notable nine number - 72 - is the average number of heartbeats per minute, the number of stones of the pyramid of the Freemasonic Great Seal of the American Dollar. Cabbalists have various ways of writing the name of God, Yod Heh Vav Heh. One of them consists of a triangle in which the name is written in blazing letters. The numerical value of Yod is ten, that of Heh five and that of Vav six.  The sum of the numerical value of the letters in the triangle is seventy-two (72) and seventy-two is the number of the Shem hamephorash (translated as the 'explicit name'), the seventy-two angels that govern the universe. [ Mikhael Aivanhov - Cosmic Balance, published by Prosveta S.A. - B.P.12 - 83601 Frejus CEDEX (France)]. 72, therefore, is the Cabbalistic number for the Names or Powers of God and is said in Cabbalistic tradition, for that very reason, to be the number represented by the Star of David (hexagram), which we have already seen is fundamentally connected to the geometry and numerology of the cosmic cycles that are based upon nine.

186,282 is the maximum speed of light in miles per second, which represents the fastest speed achievable in the physical universe. There are 4,320,000 years in the Mahayuga, the Hindu cosmic time cycle. Both nine numbers. We have a gestation period of nine months for a human birth, surely a clear indication of nine being symbolically representative of the physical aspect of creation Moreover, within our solar system there are nine physical planets in orbit around their spiritual centre - the sun.

Taking the concept of geometry into three dimensions, there are only five regular solids - known as the ‘Platonic solids’ - which are the only five regular three-dimensional geometric forms which can be fitted inside a sphere. These are:

Cube                                       Total faces                            6

                                                Angles per face                    90x4 = 360

                                                Total angles of all faces      2160 (24x90) = nine

Icosahedron                          Total faces                            20

                                                Angles per face                    60x3 = 180

                                                Total angles of all faces      3600 (60x60) = nine

Octahedron                           Total faces                            8

                                                Angles per face                    60x3 = 180

                                                Total angles of all faces      1440 (24x60) = nine

Tetrahedron                          Total faces                            4

                                                Angles per face                    60x3 = 180

                                                Total angles of all faces      720 (12x60) = nine

Dodecahedron                      Total faces                            12

                                                Angles per face                    108x5 = 540

                                                Total angles of all faces      6480 (60x108) = nine

Can we now begin to understand Man’s intellectual fascination with geometric shapes and the number nine in particular? This obsession is represented in many of the ways Man has attempted to explain existence itself and the way he has attempted to and succeeded in controlling people. We also have the 144,000 Children of Israel on Mt. Zion mentioned in the Bible, which again adds up to nine and the 144,000, the ‘chosen’ few who will be ‘saved’. In the New Age movement we see the number nine appears in the form of symbols, the merkaba (star tetrahedron) and allegedly superior forms of beings, such as the Council of Nine and other channelled beings.

Bruce Cathie2 speculated that all the mathematical evidence so far indicates that the maximum number of elements (matter) to be found in the universe will be 144, nine.

Nine has always been the focus of Man himself and the ego consciousness, which drives him, because most people only choose to see physically and understand intellectually. After all are we not taught from a very early age in most societies to be intellectual rather than spiritual? Therefore, what we observe intellectually all about us becomes ‘all that is’ to our ego, and all around us is based upon the numbers of 1-9 - the end result of creation, matter, the physical aspect.

Let us go back to Egyptian times. This was the time when Man decided through his ego, which of all the ‘Gods’ were to be the greatest. Thus Man created the Ennead, which represented a group of nine of the most important Egyptian deities. Ennead is from the Greek word for nine and Enneads are also envisaged as being a judgement council, both in mythology and historical inscriptions. This is the derivation of the so-called Council of Nine as documented in the best-selling book ‘The Only Planet of Choice’. Is this not the old Illusion again, but wearing a different hat? Control and manipulation of the truth again? Is it no more than religion repeating itself?

Nine is made up of and contains all the other numbers or all the other vibrations and would appear to be represented in many geometrical shapes. As mentioned in part one, on an energy level of creation, the level of the Ahnu (ether/spirit), Nature does not work in angles. Only in the physical world where the ether/energy/spirit animates matter, do we see these geometric shapes form. Geometric shapes are what Man sees and perceives with his intellect as being the source of creation, when they merely represent the end result. Can we assume for simplicity that all the numbers one to nine are different vibrations, as numerology would have us believe? Can we further assume that all the numbers, or vibrations, which make up the nine, are, therefore, all the various vibrations of the universe in a physical sense? That is the inert part – matter - the 0.0001% of who and what everything is, as Bruce Cathie speculated?

Accepting this, we can also accept that the physical and the intellect can go no further because once it becomes nine we know it will only keep on repeating itself. The vibration of nine is the limit of physical creation; just as the speed of light - a nine - is the limit of speed in the physical universe. Could this be therefore, the number of Man in a physical and intellectual sense? This is what the Book of Revelation tells us - that 666 (nine) is the number of (a) man. Therefore the number of the Beast is the number of Man; that is, Man is confined by the number to being a beast - i.e. to expressing the baser aspects of the self. Nine is the limit of the ego, the limit of the intellect. Nine is a vibrational prison, as it can be no other than what it is, a vibration which keeps repeating itself and like the speed of light cannot be physically or intellectually transcended.

Is this why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Because we have become locked into our intellect and we are becoming more like machines than the integrated, loving and totally interconnected consciousness we truly are? Similar to the goldfish in a bowl swimming around in continuous circles? Can we understand how Man has become so fascinated by and locked into the number nine, and therefore mathematics and geometric shapes? Man continues to use mathematics and geometry to express his understanding of the deeper workings of Nature and the Cosmos and forgets, or is not allowed to remember they are merely a symbolic representation of hidden truths.


So what feeds the nine (matter)? We know from open-minded physicists that ether (spirit) animates matter. If nine (including the numbers 9 down to 1) is representative of the whole of the physical aspect of creation, something has to be responsible for creating and animating it. For the answer to this we need to go back to the circle and it is here we can discover Man’s ‘missing link’. We know the circle is a nine number and that nine can only ever be itself, so nine must be represented somewhere within the circle. This leaves us with two possibilities for looking at how the circle is made up. We can divide the circle by eight, which would give us eight segments of 45° degrees, preserving the nine. However, eight is a lower vibration than nine, so I believe we need to divide the circle by the number greater than nine - TEN - to give ten segments of 36°, 3+6=9. We now have ten aspects of nine making up the circle, which is also nine. So the aspect of nine repeating itself is preserved. 10 x 9 = 90, 9 + 0 = 9.

See symbolic representation above. This introduces us to another number, the number ten. If we now add one through nine and finally add Ten, we have 45 + 10 = 55, 5 + 5 = 10! It appears that nine cannot exist without Ten. Because we know that ether feeds matter, then ether feeds nine from within, from beyond nine. Numerically speaking, here we see that 10 comes from 'above' nine and would seem to be the transcendent number of 9. (Could this be where the axiom 'As Above So Below' originates from? Is this why we have had this simple inversion of truth expressed upon us because once again we have taken this symbolic representation too literally?). From this example we need ten for the nine and all it is composed of to exist in the first place. It would appear ten creates and animates all of the other vibrations, one to nine, the physical aspect of creation. Without ten we cannot have nine or anything below it.

Symbolically, ten has been represented by the symbol ;. Interestingly the symbolic representation for the Sun – fire/spirit - is also ;. If we ask the question ‘what feeds the nine?’ in relation to our solar system, we see that the Sun feeds the nine planets with energy. The Sun is the 10th body at the centre of our solar system. The 10 feeds the 9. In some ancient cultures, 10 was held as the sacred number which should not be written down. It was therefore often written as two lots of 5. This indicates that far back in antiquity, our ancestors had a profound understanding of the nature of the interconnected order of the Universe and the role numbers play in that cosmic order.

Due to our tendency towards the externalisation of perception, we have intellectualised over the years that the symbol ; must therefore refer to the physical Sun, which we see with our physical eyes, and so we have continued to look outside into this physical reality for the answers to our spirituality. We know this is an error because we know that spirit resides within. Also, because as physicists will tell us, everything comes from within not from without. The natural flow of Creation works from in to out and it is the ether/spirit/fire, which animates matter - from within. The symbol ;, the ten, the sun/fire/spirit is the 99.999% of who and what we are.  This symbol ; has, therefore, always been a symbolic representation of the inner Sun, our inner Sun, our fire within, the inner flame, the Spirit, the energy source, which supports all life.

It is no coincidence that both the ten and the sun/fire/spirit are symbolically represented as being one and the same. Numerologically speaking, the vibration of the inner Ten which creates everything is the Spirit, Ether, the inner sun and the inner fire, which creates life and animates matter and animates all the other numbers (vibrations of matter), so we can experience the physical reality we have created.

Ten, being the Source of all there IS, the Oneness of Everything must, therefore, be represented in the physical aspect of creation in order for it to experience itself. After all, what exists outside of us is merely a reflection of what lies within. Ten/spirit must be represented somewhere within physical reality, otherwise there would be no physical reality at all. And it is. Symbolically, the male energy is a linear energy, a ‘flatliner’ as I call it, and works in straight lines like this: or like this: l, and when viewed from its end this energy becomes a dot ·, whereas the female energy is circular O, or three dimensionally a globe or perfectly round ball. On an energy level, balance between the male and female aspect results in the perfect vortex of energy; energy spinning both ways and exploding and imploding all at the same time. The female energy – the ‘globe or ball’ – is ‘pulled’ in towards its horizontal center by the male linear energy, forming what we would recognise today as the ‘infinity symbol’ or the figure of eight: 8. Hence, as we have discovered, we have the ancient symbol for Spirit, the Light we are ť and also the symbol for the vibration of TEN: which can also be shown as l 0.

This is the perfect balance we exist in as the creative Light Beings we are in the true spirit world, and this creative energy is also reflected in our physical reality of separation. Symbolically, we have the male linear energy represented by the erect penis, penetrating the circular female vaginal cavity to create physical life ť, just as we create life in an energy form as the light beings we are.

All we need to do is to stop looking up and out into the stars and the heavens for a moment and look down. Look down at our hands and what do we see? Ten fingers. If we look further down we see ten toes. Realise we are the TEN, we are the ;. We have always been the ;  SPIRIT/TEN. We have just forgotten that’s all.

For example, if we were to design a web site we could then log onto the Internet and view our finished work. We would then be able to experience what we had created and if we were not happy with any aspect of it we could return to what created it in the first place to make the required alterations. After all, we can make all the changes we want in our mind’s eye, but we still need to put them into effect physically.  We could only do this if we remembered who and what had originally created the web site. It is the same process with life, with the physical aspect of creation. We have created physical life; it is the end result of creation, only we have forgotten. That’s all. Each and every time we come back into this physical reality to make the necessary adjustments required to improve the Earth’s consciousness and environment (the very mess we are all responsible for creating in the first place), we bring with us a physical reminder that we actually created it in the first place!  Ten fingers and ten toes. Yet the irony is we keep on forgetting. We are the physical representation of the Source of Oneness, the physical representation of what created everything in the first place - Spirit.

But the mind/ego/intellect combination has locked us firmly into the vibration of nine (and all the vibrations, which make up nine) and so we forget. Or are we not allowed to remember?

It is interesting to note that in the Cabalistic system, the above principle of 10 representing the non-physical is totally reversed. Ten is given as Malkuth (Malkout) - the number of the Earth plane, matter - and One is given as the Kether or God State. The Sun, our spiritual centre is attributed the number six. The possibility therefore exists that systems of philosophy and magic which derive from the Cabbalistic system will also lock one’s consciousness into the material/intellect/ego, whilst apparently giving one access to the spiritual secrets. There is no doubt a great wealth of profound knowledge is to be found within the Cabbala, but one must not use a system of knowledge without understanding the pitfalls. A great many of the New Age forms of philosophy are founded in the Cabbala, even though many followers don’t always realise the aetiology of their beliefs, and therefore just what they are locking their consciousness into. Certain aspects of occultism were deliberately altered and inverted by the ‘teachers’ of the ages, and the initiate must be ever wary of this in their journey, or risk being duped and used by others with less than positive intent for them. Many high level occultists using the Cabbalistic system, who having begun their path with the intent of finding spiritual enlightenment, have gone on to then use that knowledge for manipulation and control of people and material things. Such high level initiates then became the ‘teachers’ of others. And through this inversion of truth the cycle of locking into materialism and the consciousness of control has been perpetuated down through the ages.

Through externalisation and constant reference to our nine/matter aspect, to the exclusion of our transcending ten/spirit aspect, we are in danger of becoming totally controlled by the very consciousness we created in the first place. A consciousness which has over time become exceedingly unbalanced. (More in Part Three).

And so we focus 99.999% of our attention on the 0.0001% of who and what we are, the physical part, the nine of Man, the geometrical and mathematical part.

Why? Because we have always looked outside ourselves for the answers and allowed this external consciousness to block the natural flow of creation. We only need to find the ten/spirit within to know and become the ten. Then we can make changes to everything in our physical reality, our health and well being, our futures, our environment and ultimately the environment of Mother Earth.  WE are the driving force behind the physical not the other way around.

I quote Deepak Chopra M.D. from his book Quantum Healing:

“ Science used to hold the belief we were physical machines that have somehow learned to think. Now it dawns that we are thoughts that have learned to create a physical machine.”  

Just as the ten/fire/spirit ; is represented in the physical within the circle, it is fed from the ten ; (fire/spirit) within so to speak.

If we add the inner ten ; to our symbolic representation of creation, it would appear as is does above. Does this symbolic representation remind you of anything in particular? It resembles the Ahnu, the source of all life. This is because TEN (symbolically speaking) is the vibration of all life, the inner Sun, the inner flame, the source, which resides in the space within, which feeds and creates all life itself. This is the Light, Spirit and energy we are, it is not the physical aspect of ourselves, but the energy aspect.

It is from this energy structure that ALL geometric shapes evolve. For example: if we were to place a dot in the centre of all the outer circles, or where the outer circles join the main circle, and join selective dots together, it is possible to create almost any geometric shape we desire.

Ten, therefore is recognised as transcending the nine in mystical circles. It is also representative of One. Not the one of the series 1-9, but the number of spiritual transcendence of the 1-9, i.e. unity with the Creator.

The more one studies such occult philosophies and esoterica, as well as the art of propaganda, the more one sees the great power of direct inversion upon the psyche of Man. We see it in the Cabbala and Initiatic Science and it is equally obvious, if not more so when we look at Nature. If we look at a rainbow we see light refracted into the seven colours. The top colour is red, then orange and so forth down to the bottom of the rainbow where we find the spiritual colours or vibrations. If we have been fortunate to observe a rainbow from an aeroplane we would see the rainbow forms a circle and the spiritual colours are in the centre. This complements how Nature works, from within to without, with the higher vibrations closer to source and the lower vibrations forming the further from source they are. The lower physical vibrations red, orange etc. are on the outside, not on the bottom or the inside. The vibrational source of spirituality (and therefore truth) always lies in the centre. The eye of a storm shows us the same simple principle of how Nature works - balance, equilibrium, lies in the centre - chaos, destruction and imbalance on the outside. Now, what are we taught about our chakras and their colour sequence in the New Age movement and the healing arts in particular? We are taught the spiritual colours lie at the top of our heads, our crown chakra (the very opposite of a rainbow and how Nature works), away from the centre of our being. And what are we doing by placing our spiritual consciousness into the outer part of ourselves, the top of our head? We are placing our spirituality in the control of our intellect. We are pointing and focusing our spirituality up and out into the physical lower vibrational reality. We are taking it away from its source, its centre and are merely excommunicating it to a life in the wilderness, a life in the ego/intellect physical consciousness of reality - the chaotic part, the 0.0001%. This current belief promoted throughout the New Age movement and the healing arts is another example of the inversion and reversal of truth we are being subjected to. In the Olden days when this inversion of truth took place, we did not have the advantage of Air travel, therefore when Man saw the rainbow he only saw it from the ground, with the seven colours forming an arc. All that happened with the natural colour sequence of the rainbow, with red at the top and purple and violet at the bottom, was that this sequence was totally reversed and this reversal of truth became the 'accepted way' thereafter. Thanks to Air Travel we now know the full significance of the colours of the rainbow. (More inversions of truth in part three). Nature does not lie. Nature just IS. Only Man is capable of telling lies.

The Talmud and Zohar (a treatise on the Cabbala) are also replete with references to the relationship between nine and its transcendent ten. At times they seem in accordance with the concept that 10 is the transcendent state of the nine, and at others it seems the opposite is implied; at times Yahweh would appear to be the Source Creator and at others, the very opposite: purely the Lord of the material and the intellectual realms. This is also indicated by the designation of both seventy-two and nine as being the number of the divine Name. Could this basic confusion of contradictions and opposing dualities, inherent within the origin of so many Cabbala-derived religious, occult and New Age concepts, be one reason for the maintenance of the illusion which surrounds us all? Is this a case of the Cabbalistic system attempting to superimpose and overemphasise the material and intellectual 1-9 system onto the true spiritual order of things?

Interestingly, the Council of Nine, a Spiritual Hierarchy will only transmit information through one person. How convenient for that person. “… We only come through Our Being (Phyllis). I am the only spokesman for the Nine and I do not speak through any other”. (Taken from The Only Planet of Choice - Transceiver: Phyllis V. Schlemmer, Edited by: Mary Bennett, Published by Gateway Books). Does this not sound as though it is coming straight from the ego/intellect consciousness? Surely only ego can assume information is for the privilege of the chosen few, reinforcing what we have been told for many years through religions: that we are weak, we are not worthy, only the chosen few are worthy and we must give our power away to these people in order we may be saved? Is this not the way it has been for thousands of years? Is this the same scenario repeating itself within the New Age movement with the plethora of so-called ‘channelled’ information coming through allegedly ‘higher evolved’ beings who are here to help save us from our mistakes? Beings, which are the ‘supposed’ saviours of humanity: such as the Council of Nine? We are encouraged to believe this information will transform us and redeem us; information which in fact is remarkably and disturbingly similar in style and content to those beliefs and controls promulgated throughout religion over the last few thousand years or so.

It is also remarkable that the entity who has authority amongst the Council of Nine is a male entity who calls himself Tom. In fact, Tom is actually a pseudonym for the entity Atum - the Creator-god of ancient Egypt. Atum is also supposed to be the head of the Ennead. The nine Gods of the Ennead historically, came from the Primordial Waters; the God Nun and the Goddess Naunet (Nanet), the male and female aspect denoting balance. Although generally, only the male God Nun is referred to. These two deities were part of the Ogdoad, eight deities, four Gods and four Goddesses, again representing balance of the male and female energies. The male Gods were depicted as having the head of a frog and the female Goddesses the head of a snake. Is this why certain religions have demonised the snake, the serpent as being evil and therefore capable of tempting us into 'devilish' ways? Purely because the snake/serpent represented the female energy, an integral part of our very existence? Is this why so much reference to the female influence in the importance of the history of life has been washed over and left out of many religious texts? Because in the main they have been written by men under the auspices and direction of the rulers of the time?

Is this another example of the Cabbalistic inversion of making the material and intellectual plane superimpose itself upon the archetypal symbol of the transcendent spiritual One Source (Ten) and therefore causing the followers of the Nine to lock into the material and intellectual plane (imbalance), rather than the true divine spirit (balance)? Another interesting aspect of the Council of Nine is that they all are male, or at least no female goddess such as Isis or Nut have been ‘channelled’ by the ‘receivers’. This also gives an indication of the quasi-religious derivation of the Council, as many religions have, since their inception, demonised or entirely removed the feminine from the state of Godhead, as was natural in the early ‘pagan’ religious philosophies understood in ancient Egypt. In many religions the early priests took Egyptian and Mesopotamian religious ideas based upon their mother/father/son/daughter god polytheism and wove them into a purely patriarchal (monotheistic) religion based upon fear, with which the priesthood controlled their nations (populous) as the spokespeople for their God. After all, the female energy would be an obstacle for the male ego energy to obtaining only that which the male energy knows and perceives as being the answer - that is dominance and control over all that it sees. The male energy without the balance of the female energy is imbalanced and inflexible, it is the intellect, the ego, the will and the desire to continue to drive forward without reason to the destruction and death of all else - the chaotic part of the storm.

This is why balance is important and I believe the references to the importance of the female/Goddess energy has been intentionally obliterated by the ego driven consciousness of men. This is so prevalent in many religions, the Occult, the Cabbala, Masonic Science and has now found its way and seeded this very same ego/physical/male consciousness into the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts. After all, many of the books you pick up these days on healing, transformation, channelling etc., contain within them enough evidence of Cabalistic, Masonic and other quasi-religious undertones and influences which hide an underlying control and manipulation programme to invert truth and gain control of our spirituality. Is this the same thing happening via the Council of Nine? A new religion spun from ancient mythology, placing power over others into the hands of those who would claim to be ‘God’s’ mouthpieces and therefore humanity’s saviour-guides? God's ET's (ego transceivers perhaps?).

Let us go back to the Council of Nine and examine some more of the 'alleged ' transmissions. Tom (Atum) explains the 'Council of Nine are identified (in the Hebraic tradition) as the Elohim'. There are many explanations of who and what the Elohim were, depending upon what you read. That Elohim and Adam are coded symbolic words created by the Elohim through the sacred language of the Qabala, is one. Elohim is a general term used occasionally in the Old Testament for any divine being, but more frequently in reference to the God of the Israelites. Plural of the Hebrew Eloah (“God”), it has been explained as signifying greatness and majesty. The Elohim are also 'known' as the angelic hierarchy and the creators of Adam and Gaia and so much more to boot. Tom goes on to say ' Nine is complete. Everything is nine. Nine is a complete number, it is whole. When you go over nine it cancels…'

After what we have just been discussing about numbers and their respective vibrations, is this statement not indicative of deliberately attempting to lock us further into the physical reality, the nine of Man, the ego/intellect consciousness?

Tom goes on '… and the principle of the Nine is infinite intelligence and what we are trying to bring to this planet is this type of intelligence.'  Nine again. When Tom was asked about whether we could have avoided the Gulf War the Council of Nine and not forgetting the alleged 'twenty-four Galactic civilisations' too, told us after great debate and consideration, 'this was not possible for it to be a choice on a human level'. Apparently the 'as above so below' (another inversion of the truth as it should be 'as within so without') prevailed 'for those in the spheres are in battlement' [the Gods at war again?] and those of the 'spirit, working for the evolution of planet Earth, have taken them [the butchered casualties of a futile war] into their bosom and have taken them away in forwardness, so there is not to be a recycling of those who have undergone transitions'. Do you find this statement somewhat disturbing? Where is free will here? What are they doing to human souls and why do they not want them to be 'recycled'? Surely we have a choice in this matter? Do they need the emotion of fear caused by war to achieve whatever it is they are trying to achieve? I am reminded of Christ's words when He spoke of the Archons. He spoke of them as being 'the thievers of souls' - 'they who sit there as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they also take away souls by theft' (Nag Hammadi 'First Apocalypse of James' V, 3:32-33). And further - 'the Archons have garments that are given to them for a time, which do not abide. As for you however, since you are the sons of truth it is not with these temporary garments that you will clothe yourself ' (taken from - Dialogue of the Saviour - Nag Hammadi). How apt could His words now be? Are the 'Nine' merely capturing human souls so they cannot come back and upset their plans? Tom's message sounds so clinical in its portrayal that this disturbing question could indeed hold some symbolic form of truth.

We are relieved of our sins and given absolution yet again for our atrocities because the Council of Nine or some spiritual hierarchy decrees it has to be this way to save man and illuminate the souls of all those people needlessly butchered and killed in an unnecessary war. Are we to accept this UN-loving and unbalanced act of killing human beings as the will and direction of the Gods? Does this scenario sound familiar to you? They (the Nine) will be telling us next that they (the butchered ones that is), actually chose this to happen to them so they could become enlightened and enlighten the rest of the human race! However, if these 'Souls' cannot be 'recycled' after 'transition' and are not allowed to return, how can we possibly ever know?

What else does Tom, this extraterrestrial God have to say? Tom talks about the Hoovids and this spiritual hierarchy of Gods (The Council of Nine) has a warning for us all. 'We would have one warning to people who are working in higher consciousness, to be very cautious about your attitudes towards the Hoovids'. Does this sound like a threat? Remember there are only two emotions, love which is balanced and fear which is not. Threats fit into the fear category. What and who are the Hoovids? Back to Tom. 'The Hoovids come from another planet, the planet Hoova, a warrior-like planet'. And who are the Hoovids according to Tom? 'They are the Israelites'. Tom goes on to say ' We ask you why should not the Hoovids have their way?' This message sounds so like Man, so like the bully who wants his way, not a god of love and balance who supposedly created everything. Then I am forgetting, Man himself created these gods to wipe out references to the importance of the female energy found in many early historical texts and writings. Man went on to re-write 'history' in parts in order he (the ego/intellect/male consciousness) could control the masses through fear and retribution with the promise of redemption and salvation for those who carried out his wishes. And in so doing he inflated and fed his own self-opinionated importance, his ego, through their fears by dominating and controlling them. Is this what we are witnessing in the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts, the same seed being sown? It looks like the Council of Nine and their 'spiritual message', however they may perceive themselves, have actually derived from the intellect/ego consciousness of Man himself.

Nobody is here to save us - the Church, the Council of Nine or otherwise. We can, however, save ourselves! We do not need any help from the figment of the ego consciousness and those who choose to promote it. If we are all from the one source and we contain all the information of the universe within us, how can any information ‘belong’ to one individual? It cannot and it does not. Information is available to us all and is for sharing, openly and lovingly. We just need to remember how to access it and we will then be able to break through and beyond the restrictions posed by this ego/intellectually-compromised consciousness we have created over time. We will then realise that each and every one of us is our own saviour.

Despite appearances to the contrary, and the wealth of purposeful and enlightening knowledge and energy contained within it, can we see much of that which resides in the New Age movement and the healing arts is based on this ego/intellect consciousness? After all, most of it is externalised and intellectualised and based on the physical vibration of nine, the Cabbala, geometric shapes such as the merkaba and the use of unbalanced symbols, which appear to form the very foundation and attunement methods we find in modalities such as Reiki, Tera Mai etc. (see below).

Reiki’s Cho Ku Rei Symbol and Tera Mai™ Zonar Symbol

We looked at the single Cho Ku Rei in Part One. However, some Reiki Practitioners use both hands to ‘draw’ this symbol, but opposite ways at the same time, thus creating what they believe to be a balanced symbol. By carrying out this procedure we would only succeed in creating an unbalanced energy in one hand and an unbalanced energy in the other hand. As we are taught to keep our hands separate when working on the body we are only intensifying the imbalance and further limiting the energies we could be working with. The only way to circumvent this happening would be to hold one hand over the other, so both symbols overlaid one another, which would then create the ‘double’ Reiki symbol.

On the left is a double Cho Ku Rei using this very same process. On the right is the same double symbol without the angular lines. The symbol on the right tells its own story. Three dimensionally it looks like a bowl, within a bowl, within a bowl. If this is not immediately apparent take your time. It is like looking at three-dimensional drawings in a way. This symbol is an ancient symbolic representation of the Outerworld reflected within. With the lines, or antennae (aerial), which are designed to attract (just like an aerial) outside (outer) man-made astral type energies into our own energy fields (i.e. within), can we understand why only one half of this symbol has been passed down to Reiki initiates; As Creation works from within to without and not the other way around, this will only help to disrupt and ultimately weaken our energy fields, making it more difficult to determine what is the truth and what is not. Not to mention the impact this reverse flow of energy and its attachments could have upon our health and well being, especially our Assemblage Point (more in part three). I’ll leave it up to your intuition to feel or sense the difference between the Reiki symbol/s and the Ahnu (below) and the effect they may have upon your energy fields, good or bad. That way you can come to your own conclusions and it will be your own truth.

If we now look at the Zonar symbol which is used in Tera Mai™ and in some forms of 'advanced' Reiki, we can see the same picture forming.


                The figure to the left is the Zonar symbol. The figure to the right is where this symbol comes from. In initiatic science, the Qabala, Z is the number 2. This is where 2 comes from. Two is the number of initiation, the most profound and the most dangerous. Everything pertaining to two is difficult. To the initiate it represents order, harmony and construction. To the unwise it is the number of opposition and destruction. The Z (or 2) is merely symbolic and one has to understand its full meaning in order to use it for order, harmony and construction. The Z is only part of the answer. The Z is a symbolic representation of the principles of balance. In this case Fire and Water the source of all existence, the elements of creation. The Z is a symbolic representation of this principle of balance between Fire and Water thus: See below left.

The two triangles represent vortices of energy coming together in balance to create life. So we can see that the Zonar symbol is incomplete and therefore unbalanced in its representation. See figure above to the right which shows (dotted line) what has been omitted from this symbol. Placing an infinity symbol on this incomplete and unbalanced symbol means literally infinite imbalance - infinite opposition and destruction. Using this symbol will only serve to bring imbalance into ones energy fields, similar to the Reiki symbol. Remember these are only symbolic representations of hidden knowledge. The 2 or Z also represents the Second Tarot card, the High Priestess in front of the two pillars, between which is a veil which conceals the entrance and forbids access to the temple. The High Priestess is holding an open book and two keys. This symbology means we have to study and learn in order to obtain the keys that will enable us to lift the veil and have access to the mysteries. The book is symbolic of two and so are the two keys which represents the two (2) aspects needed to create the balance required to obtain knowledge. 2 or Z also represents the entrance to the sanctuary and to enter we need balance (the two principles), which is represented by the symbol above left. The Z is imbalanced and purely symbolic therefore of the need for balance in order to gain access to the mysteries of life. It does not represent balance itself; it represents opposition and destruction because in itself it is unbalanced. To the initiate, however, who knows the hidden meaning of the 2 and the Z i.e. balance and what it entails, then it represents order, harmony and construction.

This does not mean we should refrain from using symbols at all, only when we are channelling energy for healing. Providing a symbol is balanced and receives its energy from within itself and does not attract energy from the pea soup of the astral realms, then symbols can be useful in certain circumstances.

Many Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters are now working without symbols and are finding profound improvements, as they are accessing their own connection to the Source rather than bringing in external energies of a lower vibration which are often imbalanced.

In the healing arts there are a multitude of modalities and guru’s locked into the physical vibration of ego consciousness that would have us believe the only way forward is to use symbols and modalities corresponding to these lower vibrations (1-9). Shapes such as the Platonic Solids or the Merkaba are a good example of this duplicity.

Over the years when Man has read or discovered something he feels is important to humanity or to his own ego, he has written about it. However, he will also embellish the information slightly, because he will want to put a little of his own stamp upon it. Thus the information alters slightly depending on the individual interpretation of it and the message the person wants to put across. This goes on over many years with the next person adding a little of his or her own interpretation and before long we have the Chinese Whisper Syndrome. I remember this from school. One person at the front of the class would be given a short transcript and they would then have to whisper it to the next person and that person would then whisper it to the next person and so on until the last person heard the story. We would then compare the original story with the story given by the last person to hear it. Invariably the stories were always slightly different and in some cases were very different. This is what has happened to a lot of the information flooding the New Age movement at the moment. A merkaba is a prime example of this.

Allow me to put forward a typical description of what we are supposed to believe the Merkaba actually is: ‘Merkaba is the spiritualised auric field merging with the higher self bringing the ability to dematerialise or teleport the physical body. This process is used by advanced beings, Ascended Masters etc., and can only be activated by a fully open chakra’.

Merkaba comes from merkava which is mentioned in the Cabbala - the Jewish version - meaning God’s throne, the chariot (merkava) beheld by Ezekiel. A Merkaba (merkava) was a physical machine used for transportation, no more and no less. Something upon which we used to carry the 'Gods' (our Kings and Queens, Pharaohs, Emperors etc.) around in Olden Days. Something, which was originally a physical machine, has now been transformed into meaning a star tetrahedral spiritualised part of our energy fields, enabling us to dematerialise or teleport and travel like the Ascended Masters, amongst other fantastic claims. The Cabbala (and occult sciences) would also appear to form the foundation of modern Freemasonry - Masonic science. Interestingly, the Council of Nine, allegedly, can also be traced back to the highest echelons of Freemasonry and occult sciences, a clear indication of the Cabbala and its predilection towards the inversion of truth infiltrating and seeding its embryo in the New Age movement and the Healing Arts! Is it purely a coincidence that Israel has developed a new space-age military tank called a merkava?

Maybe this false truth about the merkaba currently being promoted and encouraged throughout the New Age Movement can be more clearly identified as such when we look at the recent 'prophecies' regarding the May 2000 Planetary Alignment. We have been led to believe by many prophets, seers, guru's and the like, that during the three-day period, 3rd to 5th May inclusive (the height of the planetary alignment) that the Earth's magnetic and biophysical fields would disappear. Therefore, in order that we avoid the consequence of 'losing' our biophysical and magnetic fields too, along with the memory of who and what we are - and the possibly of being sucked out into space somewhere - we have been encouraged by these 'prophets of doom' to 'build' the Merkaba - an energy body based upon the star tetrahedron - around our physical body to protect us. 

By visually building a Star Tetrahedron (merkaba) and focusing upon something that is firmly rooted in the vibration of nine, the physical, this unbalanced ego/intellect consciousness, we are not allowing this important shift in consciousness to resonate within us. By building something from intellect and something which does not exist anywhere within or around our natural energy fields - therefore something alien to us in energy form - we are merely blocking out this higher consciousness. As such, are we merely culpable of allowing our spirituality to become hi-jacked by the perpetrators of these fear-based prophecies? Is this similar in some ways to the way the Council of Nine are justifying War and Murder, by hi-jacking our spirituality, our consciousness, into believing these acts of attrition are necessary for us to become 'enlightened' and therefore 'saved from our 'sins'? Is this any different to Christ's reference to the Archons as being thievers of souls? Is this what He was meaning; that there are people not of the truth who will strip us of our souls, our spirituality, our love and compassion towards all living things by locking us into the physical reality, the intellect, machine, clone, droid, zombie, the 666, the number of Man - the Beast? Trapping our spirituality in an intellectual prison and condemning it to die there?

Let us remind ourselves that basic geometric shapes belong in the physical reality, they are merely the physical representation, the 0.0001% of who and what we are - matter, the inert part. They are of the vibration of one to nine and using these geometric shapes, such as the star tetrahedron/merkaba, amongst others, will only serve to keep us locked into this physical reality, this illusionary concept of creation. This will stop us from realising we are spirit - the number ten - and stop us from experiencing the 99.999% of who and what we truly are and therefore realising the mistakes we are continually making. Man has continually made the mistake of believing these symbolic representations, once used to teach initiates of more profound truths, are actually a higher reality than he is. He has concentrated on what has been going on outside himself for so long now that he is suffering from amnesia. Locked into this physical aspect of creation, the illusion, by focusing upon it and believing it holds all the answers, when really, it is only the end result of creation, the physical machine created by thought.

Man has always used mathematics and geometry to express his understanding of Nature and the Cosmos. In ancient Tibet, Tibetan Architects concealed their understanding of science in the form of ancient structures called stupas. A square represented the Earth, a circle water, the triangle (pyramid) fire, and so forth. These were and still are merely symbolic representations, in which respect they hold no other significance whatsoever, magical or esoteric. Are they even a correct representation? As long as man sees with his physical eyes only, all he will see is the physical aspect of creation. He will never see beyond it and he will never see what is feeding it. This is why Man is obsessed with geometric shapes, the physical representation of existence is all he perceives and assumes through his intellect this is all there is to see. Hence Man has locked himself into the vibration of nine, the physical/intellectual and now chemically toxic and genetically modified aspect of reality.

Most of what exists in the New Age movement and the healing arts is subtly designed to keep us confined to the physical reality and the physical body, whilst at the same time appearing to provide spiritual instruction. Just as birds and ducks are grateful and greedy for the scraps of food we throw them to feed on, we too are greedy and grateful to feed on the scraps of knowledge that have been conveniently thrown our way. But just as the birds and ducks will eat even the poisoned food we throw them, so too at times do we willingly feed upon poisoned knowledge. Some of us have become so conditioned by this illusionary ego/intellect consciousness over time, we will digest any so-called mystical or magical information thrown our way if it promises to feed us knowledge and attune us and enlighten us into a greater and higher consciousness.

Is the foundation of the Cabbala and the New Age Movement with their respective inversions of truth no more than attempted abduction of our free will, our spirituality and, therefore, of the ability we all have of determining who and what we truly are? Are we merely looking at a protocol here, which is to create a problem, produce a reaction and then offer a solution? A problem created by prophecies of doom, such as the apocalypse is nigh - the Earth's Magnetic Field will disappear - or the Polar regions are about to move - or the Earth's crust is about to be displaced, with whole continents shifting and Siberia ending up in the Bahamas? Or even by inferring we are not worthy and therefore unable to join the 'chosen few' who will be saved, or even several-metre-high waves which are going to hit our coastal resorts, causing widespread flooding covering much of the globe? Or even that we must be ready to move into the 4th Dimension with Mother Earth or be left behind in what is portrayed as being a torrid 3rd dimensional world? And so much more of the same too. In other words, a protocol to create a fear-based consciousness which will then create a fear-based reaction from people? Self-perpetuating too. The created problem is aimed at addressing our fears and so we react to the problem through our own fears. We are then offered a solution promising 'enlightenment' and a greater spiritual awareness enabling us to become more worthy and therefore, more likely to survive these Earth Changes and become one of the chosen few, moving into the 4th dimension with Mother Earth. Is it a case of merely keeping up with the Jones's, i.e. the emotional fear-based energy that says we will not be left behind? But what we are in fact being offered is a false truth and a false path towards spirituality and enlightenment with solutions based upon the vibration of nine; the unbalanced fear based consciousness created by the 'influenced' emotion of the Human ego/intellect. And so we move full circle once again, just like the nine keeps on repeating itself because the energy consciousness of nine, the physical reality which holds this ego consciousness, can only be what it is, and that is nine - unless it is transcended by the ten - spirit, truth, balance - a higher consciousness. And by inverting the truth it becomes increasingly more difficult for us all to find the ten/spirit within and therefore, become able to transcend the nine. Remember, according to Christ, we are the sons of truth - therefore we are the ten and therefore, very able and capable of transcending this negative consciousness we have surrounded ourselves with. All we need to do is remember spirituality and truth lie within us, not outside of us.

For Priest, Seer, Soothsayer, Prophet, Augur, Bishop - should we now read Melchizedek, Lord Sananda, Council of Nine, We The Nibirians, The Wingmakers, The Sirians and so forth. Same face, same message, different hat and new hairdo. That's all.

It is time for us to take hold of the steering wheel, put our foot on the throttle and take control of the bus. If we sit back, put our feet up and allow somebody else to do the driving, we will always end up where somebody else wants to take us. It is up to each and every one of us to decide where we want to go. If we continue shopping in an illusionary shopping mall we will keep focusing and feeding on the vibrations one to nine and go nowhere. We will go around in circles just like the goldfish. We will remain where we are, locked into the physical reality, just as the nine will always be nine. However, if we decide to go shopping for the ten, spirit, in our own Shopping Mall, then our journey will truly begin. We will at last begin to see beyond the confinement and restrictions of the physical plane and all it represents. We can then enjoy exploring this fantastic world of freedom, which exists within each and every one of us. We are then able to make the changes we came here to make in the first place. Here’s to our journey. No need to pack bags - we’re going to leave our excess baggage behind. See you at the bus station.

In Part Three: What is this unbalanced consciousness we have created and where does it exist? And how can it feed its imbalanced energies into our own energy fields creating an external connection directly into our Assemblage Point - our spiritual connection with source - even reversing this natural flow of energy? The truth about Ascension, moving into the 4th Dimension etc., and why this current belief being promoted is merely another inversion of the truth to keep us locked into the physical reality. We will be exploring these questions and more.

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With thanks to Ivan Fraser for additional material and his unsolicited editing which has helped to expand the consciousness of this article.

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