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Part Five by Steve Gamble

In this article we return to examine consciousness in far greater detail and look at the 'inner journey' from the perspective of the Indigenous Shamans of today, and of our Ancient past. We will also be taking a look at what science has to offer in the form of corroborative evidence of a 'collective consciousness' and the 'inner' shamanic path to truth.

We also look at the greatest ever lie of man - the ultimate illusion of all - which has encouraged most of us - at times even through people with honest intent - to focus our attention and consciousness in completely the wrong direction in our search for truth and spirituality. And so we continue to lock ourselves once again into a spiritual prison of our own making.

Some may say we have come full circle throughout these articles, and to an extent this would be correct. However, we have actually travelled the journey of the 'infinity symbol' - the figure of eight. We have journeyed exactly in keeping with the way Nature operates. This is through the process of implosion and explosion, which is how natural energies work to preserve and maintain equilibrium - balance. We will look at this concept in more detail later.

Throughout these articles we have looked at many facets of the illusion and the shops it uses to ply its trade of inverted truths and sometimes quite blatant lies. We have been examining the consciousness 'behind' the illusion. It has not been our intention to criticise individual participants who may be religious or Reiki Masters or any of the other millions of wonderful people who work genuinely through their heart centre for the love of all living things. We have been looking at the framework behind the illusion which has managed to direct all these wonderful people into the illusion and all it entails. This is why in this article we are going to expose the greatest illusion of all, which has ensured that the focus and attention of decent and honest intentioned people have been, for thousands of years, and are continuing to be, directed and manipulated away from the light, the path to truth and the path to spirituality and into the very darkness of the illusion itself.

(Note: Quotations, allegedly from a character called Jesus, are attributed purely to the relevant authors' beliefs. These 'sayings' are included here to demonstrate that some people thousands of years ago were aware of this 'illusion' we live in and were sharing good information).


Throughout these articles we have looked at consciousness from many different angles. We will now examine more of what science has been able to offer from its understanding of consciousness over the last century.

Man, said Raoul France, merely thinks plants motionless and feelingless because he will not take the time to watch them.

In the book The Secret Life of Plants, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird chart some very interesting scientific developments relating to the consciousness of plants and the energy interaction and influence between all living things. It is an exciting discovery of how energies interplay with each other and which can directly or indirectly influence other living systems; discoveries which were so profound by their nature, they naturally aroused the interest of the intelligence agencies and the military in the 1950's and 60's in what may well have been the springboard for their respective present-day non-lethal weaponry - a unique way of influencing and controlling populations of people through radio and microwave radiation without causing a fuss or drawing untoward attention to their actions. This weaponry was reportedly first used in the UK against the protestors at the Greenham Common Cruise Missile Base.

Tompkins and Bird start by looking at the work of Clee Backster, one of America's foremost lie detector examiners. Backster soon discovered by playing with his galvanometer and attaching electrodes to the leaves of plants, he could witness a response in plants to his own thoughts. Galvanised and excited by his findings, Backster started an intensive programme of research into the extraordinary perception of plants. He discovered that plants reacted not only to threats from humans, but also from other animals.1 Backster's investigations continued to establish if a plant had memory. He set up an experiment where six of his students, blindfolded, drew lots from a hat. On one piece of paper only were the instructions to actually damage the plant. Two plants were used; one was duly damaged by the student acting on the instructions on the piece of paper and the other plant acted as a witness to the event. Backster showed that the surviving plant gave no reaction to five of the six students, but whenever the actual culprit approached it, it reacted and caused the meter to go wild.2 Backster had effectively demonstrated that plants have memory.

Backster went on to extend his field of investigation into mould cultures, scrapings from the human mouth, blood cells, and even sperm. The results were just as interesting as those he discovered with plants, and sperm cells were quite uncanny in the way they seemed capable of identifying their own donor.3 After further experiments his findings were published in 1968 in the International Journal of Parapsychology.4 Backster's work was providing a foundation of belief that there was some form of cellular consciousness common to all living things.

Other scientists followed up on Backster's work with their own experiments and one, Sauvin found he could control his model train set or even start his car engine by transferring his thoughts to a plant while the plant was connected to the device in question.5 Sauvin went on to show that this phenomenon could be repeated by controlling the flight of model aeroplanes. By transmitting thoughts to a plant Sauvin could start, stop or alter the speed of a model plane in flight.6

As more and more of these scientific experiments and their startling results were written up in journals all over the world, more scientists became involved in similar research programmes. Vogel was one and reasoned that there was a 'psychic energy' at play and that this energy was storable.7 Vogel noticed that leaves with a large electrical resistance were especially difficult to work with, though fleshy leaves with high water content were best.8 He concluded that man can and does communicate with plant life and that plants are living objects, sensitive and rooted in space. They radiate energy, which one can feel as they feed this energy into our own force field which in turn feeds back energy to the plant.9 Vogel went on to use subjects who could project their consciousness into a plant.

In other parts of the world similar experiments were being undertaken which led to developing the use of radio frequencies to stimulate the growth of plants. In 1970, L. George Lawrence read that in the Ukraine, radio frequencies and ultrasonic vibrations had been used to stimulate cereal grain seeds to produce higher yields as far back as the 1930's.10 In 1970, Pravda published an article by professor Ivan Issidorovitch Gunar, head of the Academy's Department of Plant Physiology, which confirmed the presence of electrical impulses in plants, similar to nerve impulses in humans. This report concluded similar findings, which proved there was communication between plants and humans, and a plant's reaction to human intent - be it love or hate - through calmness or fear.11

Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose showed that plants became intoxicated when given shots of whiskey or Gin and behaved similar to the way humans react, swaying and even passing out.12 Bose's ideas and findings that plants have nerves similar to humans were received with veiled hostility amongst botanists.13

There have to date, been numerous experiments and tests which demonstrate clearly how plants and vegetables do react to pain, emotion and love. Experiments continued in many areas of the world on the effects of not only thought/emotion upon the consciousness of plants, but the effect of other vibrations and sounds such as music and ultrasonics.

Tompkins and Bird go on to describe an eight week experiment carried out on summer squashes by broadcasting music to them in their respective chambers from two Denver radio stations. One station specialised in heavy rock and the other in classical music. Those squashes exposed to Hayden et al, grew towards the transistor radio, one of them twisting itself lovingly around it. The other squashes, subjected to the rock music all grew away from the radio and even tried to climb the walls of their glass cage. Similar tests were carried out on other plants and vegetables with the same results. Rock music proved to be detrimental to the well being of living matter, whilst classical music proved to be beneficial.14

Other tests, report Tompkins and Bird, show that for example, Mimosa pudica, which naturally fold their leaves as darkness falls, showed that even if kept in a darkened room the leaves would still 'close' as the sun was setting. Which, Jean-Jacques Dertous de Mairan concluded, meant plants must be able to sense the energy of the sun without being able to see it.15

This knowledge of the interaction of energies between plants, vegetables, humans, sound and vibration led to further experiments whereby the yield of crops, vegetable or fruit, could be greatly enhanced when stimulated with energy frequencies of the right nature. Joseph Molitovisz invented an 'electrical flower pot' which could keep flowers much longer than is normally possible.16 Over time this knowledge led to the use of radio broadcasting for removing pests from agricultural land - a totally pesticide and chemically free form of eradication.

A company was set up called U.K.A.C.O. Inc. to relieve farmers of unwanted pests and to increase their crop yields. This process was so successful that when insecticide salesmen visited the farms under treatment, they were informed their products were no longer required. This upset the American insecticide industry to the extent they ridiculed U.K.A.C.O. Inc. by calling them fraudsters and charlatans.17 In the early 1950's pressure was put on the government to stamp out this new method of pest control as it severely threatened the profits and therefore the position of the insecticide industry as a whole. Sounds like a familiar story. All the resulting pressure and smear campaigns from government and industrial big shots finally forced U.K.A.C.O. Inc. to close its doors.18 Ego and fear (greed) had won the day once again. Also in the 1950's the De La Warrs were achieving remarkably similar results in improving crop yields with their 'black boxes'23, and similar episodes were occurring on both sides of the Atlantic throughout the l960's and 70's.

Of course, the approach of the intelligence agencies was quite different to the fear approach of the insecticide industry. Realising that if insects could be affected or even killed by 'radiating' poison at them, then it followed that the same technique could be used by the military against concentrations of troops or even whole populations of towns and cities. The US Army took an interest in developing ways of measuring emotional responses in people via plants. Funds were provided for research into this field and even the US Navy showed an interest. The operation centre, at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in Silver Springs, Maryland, were repeating Backster's experiments.19 And it was not long before we had the development of non-lethal weapons which today we recognise as microwave and radio frequency mind control machines.

All this work and research eventually led to the first 'energy machines' being developed. Georges Lakhovsky developed his multi-wave oscillator to successfully treat arthritis, chronic bronchitis, and other ailments in the 1940's. Lakhovsky had laid the foundation for what was to become known as radiobiology. However effective this multi-wave oscillator proved to be, the medical profession refused to pursue Lakhovsky's findings and the use of the multi-wave oscillator for medical treatment became officially illegal throughout US Health Authorities.20 Nothing appears to have changed today.

Dr Abrams developed what he called his 'oscilloclast'. The oscilloclast or wave breaker could emit specific waves capable of curing human afflictions by apparently altering or cancelling out radiations emitted by various diseases. Abram's 'box' represented a threat to the egos and profits of the medical profession and Abrams was vilified even well after his death in 1924.21 Dr Ruth Drown made refinements to Abram's machine and although she received a British patent for her design and apparatus, her claims were rejected by the F.D.A. authorities to the realm of science fiction and her equipment was confiscated in the early 1940's. She, like many before her, was branded a charlatan and a cheat and allegedly died of grief, a broken-woman.22

Another protagonist in this field of research is a name we are familiar with Dr Andrija Puharich - a neurologist and medical electronics expert23 - who we encountered in Part Four as the man behind the setting up of the so-called extra-terrestrial spiritual hierarchy 'The Council of Nine'. With his obvious links with the CIA we are left in no doubts about his ethics or motives behind the use of this technology to 'influence' his subjects.

These advances in energy machines eventually led to the development of Radionic and Radiesthesia 'boxes' to treat humans and in the 1960's we witnessed the development of Kirlian photography in Russia - the ability to capture energy fields of plants and humans on photographic plates.

Fortunately, the fear-mindedness of the ego-consciousness in its desire to stop these beneficial developments helping humanity - and what may otherwise seriously deprive its multi-nationals of profits - has merely delayed the evolvement of these energy machines. The ego-consciousness may have berated and condemned many people whose only intention was to benefit humanity, and may have willingly and intentionally destroyed them and their inventions in the process, using them instead for their own manipulative purposes. But thanks to these wonderful people, their determination through good intent, and the dedication of others who have followed up on their work, truth and balanced light consciousness have managed to survive. These remarkable advances in medical treatments may have been delayed, but fortunately for us all, we are now seeing in Germany and Russia, energy machines that can identify illness and disease before it becomes apparent in physical form. There are four stages to illness and disease. Stage four is the physical manifestation of disease, a condition whereby medicine can determine abnormal changes in the physical and biochemical structure of tissues. In Germany, for example, due to the science of biophysics, machines can now detect illness and disease in stage two, while it is still in an energy form and before it has manifested into a physical problem such as a growth. This naturally makes the 'treatment' far simpler and far more effective and less demanding on the individual.

Due to the research into bio-resonance therapy by German and other physicists we can now witness and experience machines which can take energy from the human body, split it into its endogenous (occurring naturally of the body) and its pathogenic (disease causing) forms. These machines can then amplify the endogenous fields, which strengthens the immune system and then 'invert' the pathogenic frequencies to effectively cancel them out. These energies are then fed back into the body. One can also identify hormonal deficiencies, mineral deficiencies and so much more. Science now has the frequencies for almost all disease causing agents so these too can be identified and treated accordingly. Conversely, and perhaps more worryingly, so do the military and intelligence agencies. Compare this treatment with what is available in America and Britain today - the insecticide and pharmaceutically produced chemical and toxic equivalent. Then we are forgetting, Germany is also the place where one can go for Ozone treatment and B17 treatment outlawed by the F.D.A. in America. (See Part Four).

What becomes clear from the science presented by Tompkins and Bird is that all living things are constantly interacting with each other and sharing information on an open basis. From my own research into the science of biophysics I found that the Earth's Schumman waves resonate at the same frequency as our hippocampus(found in the brain), and that the hippocampus of every mammal resonates at this same frequency too. Interestingly, the hippocampus is part of the limbic system, which functions in the emotional aspects of behaviour related to survival. The hippocampus being further related to functions in memory. Here we have a direct link with nature and our interaction with it, related to survival and memory. That any interference with Nature and our interaction with it is important to our well-being, is evidenced by the fact NASA built Schumman wave generators into their space craft - in space the astronauts are away from the earth's magnetic fields, i.e. Schumman waves - to keep their astronauts physically and psychologically sound and to stop them becoming ill.24

This is how energies work and every living thing, be it plant, vegetable, animal or human, is composed of the very same energy - Spirit, God, Oneness, Source or whatever label we would like to attach to it - and it is only the way this energy animates the biochemical aspect of this existence that makes living entities different in appearance. We are all one with nature and nature is all one with us. However, due to the Fall of Man, both in consciousness and awareness, we no longer have that conception of the overall we, the belonging to and being a part of the collective WE. We now look at life from the singular aspect of the ego, the ego of I, and we view life as being composed of individual and separate entities, ourselves included, and so we do not see or feel the plant or animal as an extension of ourselves, or as being one with us. Instead through ego, we now see all life outside of us as being separate, and therefore alien to us. All consciousness is one, we are everything and everything is one. Consciousness just IS. All we see outside of us is a reflection of our own consciousness so we can experience ourselves and become more aware, in this physical reality, of our own being and the disease we have created in the Earth's consciousness. This new level of awareness allows us to ascend our consciousness in this moment of now to a higher level of understanding of our true potential and how, therefore, we can balance the outside consciousness - only we have forgotten, and the reason we have forgotten, or have not been allowed to remember, will be looked at later.

The knowledge presented by this science also shows the different approach of organisations to its findings. On one hand, there are those who work to keep this knowledge from us and out of the public domain for fear it may interfere with their profit machines and undermine their control. On the other hand there is the interest of the Intelligence Agencies, who have openly and willingly adopted this information because they could see the potential for its use in controlling and influencing the populous through difficult to identify means.

Some cultures, especially the Eastern ones, have taken this understanding of collective life-force energy and extended it to the way in which they prepare food. In China for example, many animals are kept alive until just before they are about to be cooked and eaten, with the belief this will feed more life-force energy (Chi) from the animal into the human that then consumes the meat or fish. This would be correct if animals were treated with love and respect. However, when animals or fish are kept in cramped and distressed conditions or environments, then the animals or fish will naturally feel frightened and/or confused. This is the very same unbalanced and fear-based energy that this so-called wisdom feeds back into the people who eat this emotionally distressed food - and so we continue to mistreat animals.

Following the above considerations, it may be time for vegetarians to extend their views on the ill treatment of animals to cover plants, vegetables and fruits also. This awareness of consciousness and feeling/emotion, which transcends all living matter, provokes a completely new paradigm of thinking regarding our health, spirituality and the way we nourish the physical body. As Vogel discovered, plants with a higher water content responded emotionally the most and as we have discovered throughout these articles, water is consciousness in this physical reality, because water stores information and most importantly water stores emotions - fear-based or love-based. See Part Three and Four. We will have more in a future article.

For the moment, it is time to return to Vogel to lead us into the next section. As Vogel's work progressed, he began to research more into the phenomena of this psychic energy he believed in and which he believed was storable. Enter Debbie Sapp, who was asked by Vogel to relax and project herself into a philodendron. She made a conscious decision to let her imagination take over and found herself entering the plant through the main stem through a doorway at its base. Debbie experienced no mental pictures but felt she was becoming part of, and filling out, a broad expansive surface with no sense of time, just a feeling of unity in existence and space. (This is similar to our own experiences meditating with plants or trees). Vogel also noticed an abrupt stop on his recording chart when Debbie 'came out' of the plant. As these experiments progressed, Debbie was able to describe the inner make-up of the plant's cells and their structure in great detail. Vogel carried out the same experiments with dozens of other people who all gave consistent descriptions of various parts of the plant's cellular body, down to the detailed organisation of the DNA molecules.25 Could this be the same form of projecting consciousness we find in Remote Viewing and Remote Sensing used by the Military?


In Jeremy Narby's excellent book The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the Origins of Knowledge - he investigates shamanism and the indigenous peoples uncanny biochemical knowledge of the plant kingdom. Whilst studying Ashaninca ecology, Narby discovered that these honest people living almost unheard of in the Amazon forest insisted that their extensive botanical knowledge came from plant induced hallucinations.26 These hallucinations happen in a trance state during which, Narby found shamans talked of a ladder or vine, a rope, a spiral staircase, or a twisted rope ladder that connects heaven and earth which they use to gain access to the world of spirits. These spirits present themselves to the Ayahuasquero (shamans) when they drink their special plant brew.27

These indigenous people refer to these normally invisible beings as the maninkari, and we are informed that they are found in animals, plants, mountains, streams, lakes and certain crystals and these 'beings' are the source of all knowledge. These hidden spirits are literally 'those who are hidden' and are considered to be ancestors with whom one has kinship. As these maninkari are present in all living things, the Ashaninca think of themselves and all living things to be members of the same family.27

The medicine men of the Kamsa and Inga tribes of the Valley of Sibundoy have unusually extensive knowledge of medicinal and toxic plants and Salvador Chindoy (shaman) insists that his knowledge of the medicinal use of plants has been taught to him by the plants themselves:28 as this knowledge is throughout some indigenous peoples all over the world today. Shamanic traditions invariably state that images, metaphors and stories are the best means to transmit knowledge.29

Throughout his time living with and absorbing the traditions of these local people, Narby came across a recurring and consistent theme behind the explanations of indigenous people's beliefs and descriptions of where and how they obtained their knowledge - the Serpent or snake. Which is the case in many ancient and modern indigenous cultures; the creation of life is associated with snakes or a cosmic serpent. Narby had his own experience of taking these hallucinogenic herbs and describes his experience as follows: 'Deep hallucinations submerged me… I suddenly found myself surrounded by gigantic boa constrictors that seemed fifty feet long. These enormous snakes are there, my eyes are closed and I see a spectacular world of brilliant lights and in the middle of these lazy thoughts the snakes start talking to me without words.'30

Narby continued his investigation and discovered the serpent was associated just about everywhere with shamanic knowledge and even in regions where snakes are unknown in the local environment. He discovered the works of Eliade who states that in Siberia the serpent occurs in shamanic ideology and appears upon the shaman's costume, where the reptile, the snake itself, is unknown.31 He discovered that serpents abound in the creation myths of the world and that they are not only the origin of knowledge, but of life itself!31 Narby discovered that shamanism rests not in doctrines, but in experience - personal experiences.32 These personal experiences, relayed by many people from many tribes all seemed to be symbolically describing the very same source as the source of all the shamanic knowledge about plants and creation itself - the serpent or snake - or DNA. Narby found that Shamans were describing a very similar theme behind their origins of knowledge, ranging from a spiral ladder, stairway, braided ropes, rope or ladder, vine, a bridge, a chain or arrows: all acting as communication between heaven and earth.33 Narby had discovered the similarity between the shaman's stories and DNA.

A book called Ayahuasca Visions: The religious iconography of a Peruvian shaman, by Luis Luna and Pablo Amaringo, contains, amongst a mine of information on Amazonian shamanism, fifty paintings of great beauty by Amaringo, who paints only what he sees during his shamanic visions. When Narby showed this book and the paintings in particular to a friend with a good understanding of molecular biology, his friend said, looking at the paintings, 'look, there's collagen… And there the axon's embryonic network with its neurites… Those are triple helixes, … and that's DNA from afar, looking like a telephone cord. This looks like chromosomes at a specific phase. There's the spread out from of DNA and right next to it are DNA spools in their nucleosome structure.'34 Narby began to look more closely at the association of the shaman's visions and 'provider' of knowledge and its links with DNA.

Narby noticed in many ancient texts and symbols, seals and messages, this same picture of a double helix, or two intertwined snakes35 - such as in the Caduceus an ancient symbol representing medicine - or a representation of DNA, a.k.a. twin's a.k.a. separation. In many of the ancient myths and legends, the gods all had duality, a male and female counterpart. As we mentioned in Part Two, the nine Gods of the Ennead historically came from the Primordial Waters, the God Nun and the Goddess Naunet (Nanet), the male and female aspect denoting balance. The link here with DNA is hypnotic.

In the myths and legends we tend to find serpents (knowledge) are almost invariably associated with water and as Narby discovered, the creator of life, the cosmic serpent is a master of metamorphosis in the myths of the world where it plays a central part, it creates by transforming itself; it changes whilst remaining the same. So it is understandable that it should represent itself differently at the same time.36 Narby looked for a connection between the cosmic serpent - this master of transformation of serpentine form that lives in water and can be both extremely long and small, single and double - and DNA. He found that DNA corresponds exactly to this description.36 Narby discovered that there was indeed DNA 'inside' the brain as well as in the 'outside' world of plants, given that a molecule of life containing genetic information is the same for all species. DNA could then be considered a source of information that is both external and internal.37 The molecule of life was the same for all species and genetic information in a rose, a bacterium or a human being was coded in a universal language of four letters - A,G,C,T - contained in DNA.38 All the cells in the world contain DNA - be they animal, vegetable or bacterial - and they are all filled with salt water. As the DNA's four bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine) are insoluble in water, they tuck themselves in the centre of the water molecule where they associate in pairs to form rungs of the ladder; then they twist up into a spiralled stack to avoid contact with the surrounding water molecules. DNA's twisted rope ladder shape is a direct consequence of the cell's watery environment. Narby discovered that DNA goes with water just like the mythical serpents do.39

Shamans use images other than the serpent to explain the creation of life. Mircea Eliade has shown that these different images form a common theme that he calls the axis mundi, or the axis of the world, and that he found this theme in shamanic traditions all over the world. According to Eliade, the axis mundi gives access to the Otherworld and to shamanic knowledge, a kind of paradoxical passage, normally reserved for the dead that shamans manage to use while living, and this passage is often guarded by a serpent or a dragon. For Eliade, shamanism is a set of techniques that allows one to negotiate this passage, reach the axis, acquire knowledge associated with it and bring it back with them - most often to heal people.40

Narby established the connection between the origins of shamanic knowledge and DNA and felt this connection was clear. In literature of molecular biology, DNA's shape is compared not only to two entwined serpents, but also, very precisely to a rope, a vine, a ladder or a stairway. We can see with the early depiction of the Yin/Yang symbol (see below) the correlation between the source of existence and the twin serpents. 40

After Narby's many experiences with Ashaninca it seemed more likely and no longer unreasonable for him to consider that the information about the molecular content of plants could truly come from the plant itself.41 He began to realise that the only way to understand shamanism was to defocalise ones gaze so as to perceive science and the indigenous vision at the same time.42 According to Narby, shamans take their consciousness down to molecular level and gain access to bio-molecular information.43 This is similar to what Vogel was asking his subjects to do and is similar to remote viewing, remote sensing which has been the 'tool' of the intelligence agencies for a number of years. Only through this process 'consciousness' is projected 'externally' - instead of internally - into the external consciousness of the Earth to enable the intelligence agencies of a particular country to 'spy' on other governments and countries.

In their visions, shamans take their consciousness down to the molecular level and gain access to information related to DNA, which they call 'animate essences' or 'spirits'. This is the level where they see double helixes, twisted ladders and chromosome shapes, serpents, dragons and other spiritual beings. This is how shamanic cultures have known for millennia that the vital principle is the same for all living beings and is shaped like two entwined serpents (or a vine, a rope, a ladder) - caduceus. Accessing DNA is the source of their astonishing botanical and medicinal knowledge, which can only be attained in a defocalised and non-rational state of consciousness - in the absence of the intellect/ego - with the results being empirically verifiable. All the myths of these cultures are filled with biological imagery and the shaman's metaphoric explanations correspond quite precisely to the descriptions that biologists are starting to provide.44

The shamans referred to 'hidden spirits' because they remained hidden to them until they drank their special brew of hallucinogenic herbs. However, as Picknett and Prince discovered, 'at a London conference in October 1996 called The Incident, Jeremy Narby was questioned on why the shamans he had mentioned in his talk were all men. He replied that specially selected women often sit with the ayahuasqueros as they embark on their journey. The women actually accompany them and share in their experience and afterwards help them to remember what took place in those 'other realms'.45 But the important point is that women do all this without taking Ayahuasca or being influenced by any drug or herb whatsoever.

Clearly, the female companions of the shamans have no need for chemical aids for their spiritual journey/flight.45 This is interesting, as we here at Equilibra have noticed the same with meditations. Generally, females find it much easier to meditate and travel on the 'inner journey' than males do and the female imagery of this inner journey is generally so much more vivid, colourful, clear and precise, both visually and verbally than the experience of the male counterpart. Could this natural ability of females have been one of the reasons that the Church and religions in general denigrated the female energy so, just as it did with the representation of the serpent? We know women were prominent in religion and spirituality during Egyptian times and well before this too, as they were at the time of Jesus. There were many women in 'olden days' that held high ranking positions in the church or priesthoods with the position of High Priestess, far more so than men did.

Narby went on to discover that information contained in DNA makes the difference between life and inert matter and DNA in particular and Nature in general are 'minded'46 - they have consciousness or awareness of what they are. We know from the science of biophysics that DNA is composed of light and this understanding brings more profundity to the inner journey. We will look at DNA in greater detail later in the article.

Narby concluded that orthodoxy, or the 'civilised intellect' of the western world has always had a problem accepting - or what the ego would prefer to believe to be - that 'Stone-Age' Indians, could possibly have developed some of their amazing techniques other than through chance and experimentation.47 This is purely because the intellect cannot understand energies higher than itself. If we take curare for example, there are forty different types of curare in the Amazon made from seventy plant species. The kind used in modern medicine comes from the western Amazon. To produce it, it is necessary to combine several plants and boil them for seventy-two hours, while avoiding the fragrant, but mortal vapours emitted by the broth. The final product is paste that is inactive unless injected under the skin. If swallowed, it has no effect at all47. Chance experimentation or precise knowledge of what to do gleaned from inner tuition?

Scientific discovery often originates from a combination of focalised and defocalised consciousness. Typically, a researcher spends months in a lab working on a problem considering the data to the point of saturation, then attains illumination while jogging, daydreaming, lying in bed, making mental pictures, driving a car, cooking, shaving, bathing - in brief, while thinking about something else and switching off the intellect - something the indigenous people are proficient at.48

W.I.B. Beveridge, writer in the art of scientific investigation stated: 'The most characteristic circumstances of an intuition are a period of intense work on the problem accompanied by a desire for its solution, abandonment of the work perhaps with attention to something else, then the appearance of the idea with dramatic suddenness and often a sense of certainty. Often there is a feeling of exhilaration and perhaps surprise that the idea had not been thought of previously.' 48

Maybe some indigenous people are truly knowledgeable and it us so-called civilised westerners who are the barbarians. Maybe we could actually learn from some of these people rather than allow ego to portray them all as being Stone Age Indians.It becomes obvious from Narby's work in studying certain indigenous peoples that their knowledge does come from the 'inner journey' by taking one's consciousness down and even beyond the molecular level, through DNA and into the light which DNA is composed of (See final section on DNA and the extra mile). It follows, therefore, that some of our ancestors, shamans of the past, also used this same path to gain knowledge, spirituality and truth and this 'way' has been passed on through generation after generation in some indigenous tribes today. We also know the ancient Egyptian Priesthood contained many shamans and we touched upon the possibility that the ancient Egyptian Gods of the Ennead were no more than a symbolic portrayal of this inner journey (meditation) in Part Two. We know from Narby's investigations that indigenous people prefer to describe their experiences with images, metaphors and stories because they represent far better ways to transmit knowledge, so it follows this same way of sharing knowledge took place many thousands of years ago too.

If the way to finding knowledge about the plant kingdom comes from going within the plants themselves, then it follows that if we wish to find out more about ourselves, to find answers and knowledge about our existence and origins, about spirituality, then, like the shamans, we must look within ourselves to do so - not outside of ourselves as we have been conditioned to.

It is my contention that many of the old and ancient texts we look upon today and with which we tend to express or impose a literal interpretation, are no more than symbolic expressions of the inner journey and the knowledge gleaned through this simple, yet very profound process. This inner journey is how we at Equilibra have acquired so much of our knowledge, which at times has been represented in the same symbolic way, through 'inner tuition'. It really is a learning through 'personal experience' and through 'feeling' and quite simply words at times cannot describe this experience. Sometimes only stories or metaphors, along with drawings and symbology can serve as a means to convey this 'message' or understanding. This inner shamanic way to knowledge and wisdom and the understanding of life and creation itself is, I believe, the only reasonable explanation of how our ancestors had so much knowledge of the universe, the biological structure of plants and the ability to build structures that today we are still in awe of. This could explain how the Sumerians knew the orbit and location of ALL the planets of the solar system, over six thousand years ago - and we only discovered Pluto in the 1930's; or how the Dogon tribe had extensive knowledge of the star system Sirius. It may also explain how and why the Egyptians built the pyramids, and why the Mayans knew how to develop their wonderful structures, and the architecture of the Aztecs too, along with Stonehenge and many of the other seemingly inexplicable constructions around the world which today beggars belief in the modern ego/intellectual human - those who believe they have evolved from a primitive and less knowledgeable species. More later.

I believe the origins of the creation myths stem from this same inner shamanic journey as they all appear to share the same component parts, the twin aspects, serpents or dragons and water, and most importantly, knowledge our ancients could not have otherwise known. Even the Bible has the twin aspects - Adam and Eve - and the serpent, although for obvious reasons the Church demonised the serpent because of its representation of knowledge and wisdom and the inner path to truth. The Ennead, the Gods of Egypt I believe came from this inner journey as they too derive from the twin aspects of creation and water, as I believe many of the other myths and legends we are familiar with, also came from the inner journey.

We can appreciate and understand that the serpent in ancient times was associated with 'knowledge' and the inner journey of how to achieve it. The raising of Kundalini - the so-called serpent which lies dormant at the base of the spine - symbolically, therefore, merely means the raising of knowledge, the raising of ones spiritual consciousness and awareness through the path of accessing inner knowledge. Sadly the intellect and ego took over and this process of raising consciousness has now become part of the external ego-consciousness (astral reality) and methods used today to raise the kundalini may well be damaging to our energy fields and soul/consciousness.

Legends and myths have always been filled with imaginary and fanciful flights of terrifying and romantic stories of hidden races, underground cities, cavernous worlds, secret tunnels and strange peoples or beings inhabiting the globe, whether they originate from the inside or the outside of the earth.

There are many legends and myths surrounding so-called subterranean or hidden beings. In India there are the Nagas, an alleged race of serpent-people or lizard people who are associated with water and have the entrances to their kingdoms hidden in rivers, lakes or behind waterfalls. In Japan there are the Tengu, bird-headed reptilian goblins and in Sumerian myths there are the Utukku, eagle-headed humanoids and in Egypt we have Annubis, the jackal-headed god, Thoth, a baboon or canine-headed humanoid. There is also Set whose appearance is described as both canine and human.49

There is the gigantic serpent Apophis and throughout Europe and Scandinavia we have trolls, dwarves and elves, and dragons were known as the guardians of special treasure which could well mean secret knowledge. In the home countries of the UK we have fairies, goblins, knockers, brownies, leprechauns, sidhes and other numerous humanoid forms all depicted as living within, or coming from, the earth or the underground, and like the Nagas, some of the entrances to their domains are to be found hidden in water, such as at the bottom of lakes.49

Native American cultures have their own subterranean 'little people' as well as serpent-like humanoids. The chief god of the Mayans, called Itzamna was depicted as an anthropomorphic lizard, snake or dragon. The rain god Chac resembled the Egyptian god Set. The Hopi Indians also talk about mysterious 'ant people' and having contact with serpent-people. The Choctaw people of Mississippi believe in a supernatural dwarf and like the Norse dwarves, they are hoarders of knowledge, living within a cave mound, which is also the home of the 'giant serpents.'49

All these various cultures have legends and myths that contain water and flooding and legends originating in many parts of the globe and seemingly have common themes and threads running through their respective histories and origins. There are the numerous serpents or dragons and other humanoids linked with water and knowledge. There are the 'twins', the dual aspect responsible for all of creation and their association with water. There are too many similarities between these myths and the 'inner journey' and the 'origins of creation', the serpent-snake, DNA and water, for me to discount them as coincidence. In addition, many of the descriptions of the 'hidden ones' - humanoid beings - are far too similar to what we see in our own meditations for these legends to be anything other than originating from the inner journey. My contention is that the origins of the creation myths and many of the other myths and legends we are familiar with today are no more than knowledge gained in the same way the shamans gained their knowledge in the past and today - by taking their consciousness down and beyond the molecular level - from that inner journey through meditation or through hallucinogenic herbs and into the realm of 'inner tuition'. And they have then been explained as the shamans of the past and today describe their knowledge, through images, metaphors and stories.

This leads into the greatest ever lie of Man - the greatest ever Illusion of all time.


Nature is forever striving to maintain balance. Nature manages to achieve balance quite simply through implosion and explosion. We humans are no different. As we are part of nature, we too work in this same, yet effectively simple way, as do all living things because everything is a part of Nature and what IS. Each and every one of our chakras works this way, imploding energy, purifying it and exploding it back outside of us again. All living entities work in this same simple way to purify and balance their own consciousness first and then the consciousness of the Earth.

Some astronomers have now discovered that there is a 'black hole' at the centre of every galaxy in the universe. A black hole is the imploding part of how nature operates to maintain balance, but as explosion and implosion occur at the same time it is also responsible for explosion of the purifying aspect too. Nature works in the same simple way no matter how large or small an entity may be, as we have discovered in previous articles.

From the previous section we can understand the path to truth, light and knowledge and the wisdom of how to apply it is through the 'inner journey', travelling within, back towards the light from which we originate. This is the implosion part of how nature works, journeying inwards towards the knowledge and purifying light of all that created everything in the first place - non-matter or spirit - before it manifests as physical matter. Our ancestor's knew this simple truth. The shamans of ancient cultures all used to 'travel' this same inner path to learn, gain knowledge and truth and this 'path' or 'way to greater knowledge' through inner tuition, was preserved through ancient mystery schools. These mystery schools produced symbolic representations as a sign to others of this understanding, 'knowledge' and 'wisdom' of more profound matters. However, over time, these mystery schools became infiltrated by the illusionary external consciousness and this knowledge of the inner path to wisdom/learning was eventually lost and has been replaced in the teachings and practises of these traditions today. Today we seem to overlook the very profundity of the original meaning of these symbolic representations of the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from the inner journey. If we look first at the infinity symbol:

We can see that the infinity symbol represents both the inner and the outer realities - implosion and explosion - and that both are needed in balance to create stability between matter - the physical reality - and non-matter - the inner non-physical reality OR LIGHT. Jesus said the Kingdom of God lies within and without (Nag Hammadi Codices), complementing exactly how nature works and how the inner reality is reflected outside. This is also represented by the symbol of the two triangles: each triangle representing a vortex of energy which we touched upon in Part Two, the twin aspects fire and water (spirit and soul), required for balance, and also how nature works through implosion and explosion:

Some of our ancestors, of course knew all this and according to Hindu sages, the Ultimate Reality exists in both point and space but in neither exclusively; its 'consciousness' alternately expanding (exploding) and contracting (imploding) between one and the other, sweeping through all the intermediate states to emerge as a wave of expansion and contraction…50 In other words, Man when balanced, sits perfectly between the explosion of the physical reality and the implosion of the inner reality; which is why, sometimes in meditations one can feel so small, yet secure and safe in this great vastness of space, whilst at the same time feeling totally expanded with the sense of feeling that one is also the whole of space at the same time: simply because we are:

Freemasonry and the ancient mystery schools originally followed the ancient shamanic and Egyptian priesthood form of initiation too, by using powerful hallucinogenic herbs in order for the individual to experience the accumulated wisdom gathered from the inner- outer-body experiences whilst under the influence of these herbs,51 before these schools became infiltrated by the 'illusion' and the ego-consciousness.

All that has happened, over time, is that this simple truth - the inner implosive path to knowledge and wisdom, our spiritual heritage and origin, the natural way we balance our consciousness and energy fields - has been gradually replaced by the illusionary external path to so-called knowledge, truth and spirituality. Through religion, the Qabala, New Age Philosophy, Ufology and the healing arts, an explosive, man-created and external regimented and hierarchal route to spirituality, truth and knowledge has been created and seeded into the consciousness of human beings. This very simple inversion of truth literally focuses our attention away from the inner implosive path to knowledge onto the outer path, into intellect and the ego-consciousness, the explosion part of nature - the domain of the ego/intellect and all its unbalanced thought-forms. Any knowledge remaining from this 'inner journey', gained by our ancestors, has been turned into what we would believe today to be myth or legend, without any historical basis. We now know this may not necessarily be the case.

This simple act of betrayal of our human origins means we now focus all our attention on the external reality - the explosion - and the archetypes and thought-forms created by Man which occupy this reality. This has the effect of virtually removing the imploding part and, therefore, our natural ability to maintain a balanced consciousness and pulls us out of balance by placing our focus and, therefore, our consciousness in the periphery of the storm - the explosion part - and away from the centre, the balanced part. This external focus means we are literally swimming around in circles, in a soup of unbalanced emotions just like a goldfish in a bowl, going nowhere, without the knowledge of how to implode, purify, balance our consciousness and learn more - naturally.

Constantly focusing our attention and believing the external route is the answer to knowledge and spirituality and, therefore, believing everything comes from outside of us, such as higher energies or wisdom, merely locks us further into the explosive part and deeper into the illusion. As we know, explosion destroys, it blows apart what was once whole and it fragments our consciousness, depriving it of its ability to remain whole and balanced. Consequently, we are dragged further and further into the external ego-consciousness and so, just like the goldfish, we continue to swim in a restricted environment:

As we discussed in previous articles, the outer reality is merely a reflection of the inner reality and this inner purity is naturally reflected outside of us through the process of explosion - the Kingdom of God lies within and without - but this purity has, over time become distorted by the mind and the ego/intellect. The 'outer consciousness' has become further tainted by the creation of fear-based thought-forms and archetypal predator energies. This has had the following effect on the consciousness of the Earth, the outside consciousness:

This 'outside' belief system and the creation of thought-forms and fear-based emotional energies, and allowing ourselves to focus our attention on this explosive part of Man's creation has led, over time, to the foundation of many legends, myths and biblical tales we are so familiar with. The great age-old battle between Light and Darkness, God and Satan, Good and Evil and the very foundation and creation of the luciferic consciousness we hear and read about so much today. This is because this is exactly what is happening 'outside' of us in the Earth's consciousness, and sensitive people or those with 'sight' such as psychics can 'see' this 'war' going on in the outer Earth's consciousness. Focusing externally, and believing the outer consciousness is the only reality, has led to many weird and wonderful forms of 'protection' being developed, so we can 'travel' in this outer unbalanced consciousness and find the 'light' and 'path' to greater illumination without coming to any harm. This external belief has led to strange methods of visualisation and meditation, the building of 'suits of armour', shields and bubbles and a whole range of other concoctions derived from the intellect to supposedly protect us from these outer demons. In effect, spiritually, we are being encouraged to act like Man in a warring environment.

If we just for one minute stopped shopping in the external and illusionary reality and began to shop within, we would realise that all that resides within is light, purity, balance and unconditional love, and we would realise that we do not need these fear-based forms of intellectual protection, because there is no need whatsoever to shop in the external reality and subject ourselves to these unbalanced energies. It appears all we need to do is start imploding and allowing the inner purity to flow from within us: and we will have all the protection we need - naturally - because light and unconditional love transforms all before it.

This brings us to the greatest ever lie of Man - the greatest illusion of all. The ego of Man has, through his fear of losing control, merely externalised the understanding of the beauty, knowledge and wisdom of the inner journey and, therefore, our true heritage. By inverting the truth and turning it into an external regimented hierarchy of powerful beings through religion and the cabbala - mirroring the regimented structures of man himself - we have been conditioned to believe in this external hierarchal route and that it is the only way to salvation and God - spirituality. This externalisation of how to gain greater knowledge and wisdom - our search for more spiritual awareness - cleverly redirects and focuses our attention into the outer reality which contains the unbalanced thought-forms and the inversions of truth created by Man himself through ego - the desire to control and hold power. This diverts our focus away from the inner reality, which is knowledge, balance, purity, unconditional love, light and, therefore, truth - the who and what we are.

This externalisation of truth and our belief that it is the only way to spiritual enlightenment, merely locks us further into the 'Lie of Man' and the thought form archetype consciousness. This unbalances our consciousness, compromises our spirituality and draws us deeper into the very darkness of Man's own creation. The externalising of truth is how we are, and have been, controlled and manipulated and how we are prevented from realising the simple truth for ourselves.

THE PATH TO TRUTH IS INWARDS and the illusionary path is focused outwards, externally, directing our energies back into Man's creation, thus sustaining and perpetuating the ego's unbalanced fear-based life-forms.

And so by focusing externally all of the time we have become conditioned into believing that evil and unbalanced energies, thought-forms and predator energies are the norm. And we continue to bring in external energies, little realising just what we are bringing in. We have been subtly steered away from the inner journey and implosion, which is our only means of purifying consciousness. Instead, we are encouraged to bring more and more external and polluted energies into our energy fields which naturally overwhelm our chakras, leaving them incapable of imploding the onslaught of unbalanced energies we have intentionally provided them to deal with, and so, eventually, our chakras become blocked and as unbalanced as the energies we are encouraged to bring into our energy fields.

This unnatural act of bringing in outside energies begins to block the natural flow of our Assemblage Point and we can even block this natural flow altogether as we discussed in Part Three.

We only need to look at Nature to see what we are doing is unnatural and dangerous. If we refer back to our cells, we know from science that when the energy field of the cell is healthy and unbreached, the cell is healthy and will reproduce in a healthy and balanced way. However, if the cell's energy field becomes weakened, then a virus or pathogen can enter the cell and render it unhealthy and unbalanced.

We can see the same principle in operation when we look at the Earth's Atmosphere - the Earth's energy field or consciousness - its aura. If it were not for the Earth's atmosphere, its energy field, then every living thing on this planet would be 'fried' by the dangerous radiation that the Earth is constantly subjected to from outer space.

We can see that the Earth's atmosphere, or aura or energy field, or whatever label we would like to attach to it, acts as a form of protection, a buffer, or more correctly, a filter to external energies. The Earth's energy field helps to filter dangerous cosmic radiations (energies) and to transform them into a more usable form, which can then be converted into heat and light, which then sustains and feeds all living things. As we have discovered throughout these articles, Nature works in the very same uncomplicated way no matter how large or small an entity or process may be. Our own energy fields or auras work in the same natural way. Our aura acts in the same way as our cell's and the Earth's energy fields, as a form of protection against outside energies, filtering external energies to a manageable level for our chakras to comfortably implode the energy, purify it and return it to the outside consciousness of the Earth. We work in accordance with how nature and all living things work, through imploding, purifying and then exploding this purity back outside of us, as we and all living things strive to maintain balance within, and without in the surrounding environment.

However, due to the illusion and the 'externalising' of truth into the explosive outer part of reality, through religion, the Qabala, New Age Philosophy and healing modalities such as Western Reiki and Tera Mai, among many others, we are encouraged to breach our energy fields and weaken our protective auras by 'bringing in' more outside energies than we can naturally cope with. If we take Western Reiki as an example: Reiki is all about bringing outside energies into our energy fields.

In Reiki attunements, initially the top four chakras are opened up, the Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart chakra and the so-called external Reiki energies are 'brought in' through these chakras. In level two are informed we should now use Reiki symbols which as we have discovered, are as unbalanced as the external energies we are encouraged to bring into our energy fields. This process weakens our energy fields and leaves gaping holes through which more unbalanced energies can enter without being filtered to a manageable level. We are encouraged in many New Age philosophies and healing modalities to open up our crown chakra and our root chakra and bring in external cosmic and earth energies. An example of what can happen to our energy fields through this process is shown below:

It is obvious from the foregoing, that anything which encourages us to open up our energy fields and chakras in particular, with the intention of bringing in 'outside energies', is likely to cause us problems and may not be a wise thing to do. We are merely polluting our energy fields and bringing in unbalanced energies and past-life emotions stored in the outer consciousness of the Earth and storing them in our own energy fields. This is how we continue to feed the ego-consciousness - we keep giving it life. This is why psychics can pick up on 'past events' or happenings in buildings and rooms or other areas, simply because past life emotions are stored in the environment around us, in the Earth's consciousness - water molecules in the air, bricks, walls etc. (See section on Karma and past lives in Part Three).

Unfortunately this encouragement to bring in polluted energies can be found in the majority of 'what is out there' at the moment: through religion, the new age movement, many of the so-called spiritual and enlightenment movements we see today, the healing arts, melchizadek, and most of the 'channelled' information so prevalent today.

We can clearly see that Man's predilection towards externalisation and believing everything comes from outside of himself, instead of from within, may have led to many wonderful and well-intentioned people willingly and honestly opening up their energy fields and their chakras to these outside man-created energy forms. This is done mostly through opening up the Crown chakra or the heart chakra and 'bringing in' external Cosmic, Reiki, Purple Ray, Angel, Archangel, Christ consciousness, or many of the other so-called external 'higher energies' we are conditioned to believe we need to become a more spiritual and enlightened being today. We will discover the origins of the crown chakra's so-called link with higher consciousness in chapter nine.

This may explain why many of Reiki practitioners and Masters we have had the pleasure to meet through our workshops, have had blocked, or partially blocked Assemblage Points (in the heart chakra).

These days it is also fashionable to open up the root or base chakra and bring in Earth energies, which we are led to believe complement the cosmic energies we receive through our crown chakra. This action only serves to weaken both of these respective chakras and that part of our aura around them, reducing the protective filtering effect of our auric field and providing the opportunity for more unbalanced energies to come into our energy fields unfiltered and unopposed - simply because we do this with willing intent - thought being energy. This hs nothing to do with grounding our self in nature by say standing barefoot on grass because this is a good thing to do, it is the intellectual opening up of our chakras that cause the problems.

We naturally interact with the outside consciousness on a subconscious level, filter it through our aura, implode it, purify it and return balanced energies into the Earth's environment. Total belief in a solely external reality only encourages us to bring more negative energies into our energy fields than we can deal with. As a result, we weaken our protective aura and overload and weaken our chakras.

Again, can we see perhaps how the action of humans bringing external energies into their energy fields could be being reflected through resonance into the Earth's consciousness?:

By opening up our own crown and base chakras and allowing outside energies to weaken our energy fields (aura/consciousness), are we allowing, through resonance, the same process to be repeated within the Earth's energy fields (consciousness) and so the Earth's energy fields and consciousness become equally weakened? Is this demonstrated by photographic confirmation of the depletion of the ozone layers at the North and South Poles, which clearly show 'holes' in the Earth's atmosphere at these locations? Is this merely a reflection within the Earth's consciousness of what Man is doing to himself? And can this reflection be reflected further afield and into the Cosmos?

We mentioned earlier that the 'inner path' was the way to knowledge and spirituality - truth - through the simple process of implosion, and this process was implemented and preserved by the Freemasons and the Mystery schools. Unfortunately, over time, Freemasonry and the Mystery Schools - both of which had retained and followed this 'inner journey' to profound knowledge and spirituality - became infiltrated by people with strong Qabalistic beliefs and doctrines and so the old shamanic ways of implosion were gradually replaced over time by an external and regimented hierarchal route invented by Man and implemented through the Qabala.

Jesus said, 'The Pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered, nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so. As for you, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.'52

When we examine the illusion and all its inversions of truth, subtle and not so subtle, in many walks of life, the very foundation and reason for all the illusion's proposed propensity to deceive is the direct and sometimes indirect result of one singular consciousness - the consciousness behind the Qabala - which is largely responsible for the externalisation of truth, knowledge and the false origins of our spirituality and very beginnings. It is also the consciousness which is responsible for founding and developing many of our religious beliefs today, and many New Age philosophies, healing modalities, beliefs in alien UFO's, channelled information from external spiritual hierarchies and many of the 'new' more modernised spiritual enlightenment movements we see today, even the extra-terrestrial ones. Even The Council of Nine is manufactured from this same unbalanced consciousness. As we discovered in Part Two, The Council of Nine are the Hoovids, from the Planet Hoova and they have a warning for people who are working in higher consciousness, 'be very cautious about your attitudes towards the Hoovids' and the Council of Nine go on to inform us 'why should not the Hoovids have their way?' And who are the Hoovids? They come from another Planet, a warrior-like planet and they are the Israelites.53 Again, the same consciousness is behind this so-called channelled information from E.T. spiritual hierarchies designed to capture our imagination and, therefore, our consciousness and lure us deeper into the illusion, the lie of Man, into the external and explosive part of the external ego-consciousness. (See Chapters Two and Four).

As an aside, it may be interesting to point out here that Andre Simoneton was able to establish empirically that he could measure specific wavelengths from food that indicated both vitality and freshness, or not. Regarding meats, the only one Simoneton included in his top list of edible foods was freshly smoked ham. He found that freshly killed pork radiates at 6.5 thousand angstroms; but once it has been soaked in salt and hung over a wood fire, its radiance rises to 9.5 or 10 thousand angstroms. Other meats, he discovered were almost valueless other than as a digestive exercise. Simoneton established that the human body in health, resonates at 6.5 thousand angstroms.54

If we look today at the people who literally control the finances of the world and the governments and militaries of countries, in the main we find their foundation and beliefs are based on the same consciousness - the Qabala. It may be time to ask ourselves this question: if the external Qabalistic route is truly the way forward to spirituality and enlightenment, then our government and military figure heads should be the most humane, loving, caring, balanced, enlightened and spiritual people on the planet - why then have these people become the least humane, loving, caring and spiritual people we know of when they are among the most entrenched of all people involved in the externalisation of truth and the Qabala? If the external route represents truth and enlightenment and IS where everything comes from, and the Qabala is all we need to believe in, to exist and evolve in this reality spiritually, then why is this so? An answer to this may become clear when we look at how Freemasonry initiates its 'higher echelon' recruits today.

According to Leadbeater (a 33rd Degree Mason), ' In Freemasonry (now) we invoke (my italics) the aid of non-human entities - the inhabitants of the subtler planes, who are thoroughly accustomed to deal with and control the forces belonging to their respective levels. We call rather upon beings at our own state or slightly above it, and they bring with them assistance from the kingdom of the nature spirits and even the elementals.'55 To Leadbeater, elementals differ from nature spirits in that they are half-conscious creatures often merely the transient thought forms of devas.

Today, in Freemasonry, the Master Mason and his officers summon the nature spirits and with them their angelic superiors. Not only the nature spirits but also the elementals apparently respond to the invocation employed in this closely condensed formula or opening. 'As the call reverberates throughout the different kingdoms of nature, it lets devas, and nature spirits and elementals know that an opportunity is about to be offered them…and they greatly rejoice to respond'.55

That much of which transpires in a modern Masonic initiation is solely ritual and symbolic appears not to diminish its affect, according to Leadbeater: 'The fact that thousands of Masons have asked the appointed question without the faintest idea of producing an effect in unseen worlds has not deprived them of angelic assistance, which, if they had known of it, would have astounded them beyond expression, and probably even terrified them'.55

I'm sure if they could have seen what was happening to them they would have been terrified out of their skins. We can see here, that the invoking of the archetypes created by Man and implemented through the Qabala, Freemasonry and New Age philosophies, merely 'invites' entity type predator energies to come into one's own energy fields. The higher up one goes in Freemasonry, then the higher one is initiated into the archetypal entities created by the ego-consciousness. In other words, to use biblical terminology, the higher one goes in Freemasonry - or Qabalistic based beliefs for that matter - the bigger the pact one signs with the Devil and the greater the demons one has to serve and feed and the greater the price one's consciousness has to pay. Could this explain why our government and military figureheads are some of the least spiritual of all people? The more unbalanced our consciousness becomes through this process, the more difficult it becomes to see the light within. And so the descent and fall of man continues. As we plunge deeper into ego and the ego-consciousness we become less and less aware of our true heritage and beginnings, and the light within - we become less human, less caring and less loving.


All that is happening through higher initiation levels of Freemasonry, is the invitation of entity, thought-form energies to come and reside in one's energy fields, polluting and unbalancing consciousness and leading us more and more into the rigidity of the ego and the ego-consciousness.

What is happening in many Religious and New Age beliefs and practices and healing modalities such as Western Reiki, is exactly the same. By believing in the externalisation and opening up our energy fields and chakras to outside unbalanced thought-forms and figments of Man's imagination, people are allowing these destructive energies and past-life emotions to unbalance their consciousness and affect their energy fields. People then have to deal with these energies at sometime before they can move on spiritually and before they cause a physical problem.

Fortunately, for the millions of well-intentioned and love-based people who have been subtly steered into this illusionary concept of externalisation, their love-based intentions mean the majority of them are not as adversely affected as those who are already stuck into their egos, such as military and government figureheads. However, this false belief does stop even wonderfully-intentioned people from moving forward and does compromise their consciousness to a greater or lesser degree. This may explain why Reiki has now become so political with in fighting between various 'organisations' competing for 'top spot' and the right to claim ownership of Reiki and control the extortionate prices being bandied about today. Most of modern Reiki, in effect, is merely reflecting the ego-consciousness and its predilection towards power, control and greed which now exists within many of its factions.

How much more could be achieved collectively by the millions and millions of well intentioned people if only we all were to focus internally into the light, the purity, love and balance, instead of externally into the great lie of Man, the polluted and unbalanced consciousness created by ego? How much more could be achieved in balancing human and environmental consciousness if we all allowed ourselves to ebb, flow and evolve like Nature, by imploding and exploding? The inner journey represents the simple truth by which many of our ancestors learnt their knowledge and the 'inner path' that was originally preserved and practised by the mystery schools. Man and his ego has merely externalised this truth to stop us finding out for ourselves.

Ego stops us from operating naturally in accordance with nature. Ego is the male energy and without the balancing aspect of the female energy it is inflexible, rigid, unmoving, unbending and it is the energy that stops us from ebbing and flowing and from evolving naturally, because the ego is fearful of change. Ego hangs onto the past, it hangs onto what it knows and projects it into the future just like a tumour projects it's diseased consciousness into new cells. Ego likes to be in control and is fearful of letting go. It keeps going on and on steamrollering everything around it, encouraging and forcing all around it into living by its own beliefs and ways, so it can feel comfortable and happy in an unbalanced and fear-based environment it knows so well. The ego likes to keep us conditioned and controlled because this way we do not represent a threat to it by insisting on change and evolution.

When light, truth and more balanced information threatens the darkness, the conditioning and the imbalance so prevalent in the world today, the ego reacts by firing up the emotional body. As a result we find ourselves reacting to certain things through anger, frustration, rage, outright condemnation, hatred or many of the other fear-based emotional reactions controlled by the ego which we can witness. This is the defence mechanism of the ego, and by reacting emotionally, we are effectively blocking out information which disagrees with our own - sometimes entrenched - beliefs. This stops us from 'feeling' whether the message is right for us or not from within, through our intuition, through the heart and directs us to view the information through our emotions and conditioning instead. This allows the ego to then totally ignore what may be - for example - 199 good pieces of valuable information, by discounting it all because it finds fault with the 200th piece. The ego will always find it easier to cast aspersions on the messenger than it would be to hold up its hands and accept it may have been wrong, and that the messenger may well be imparting information which may be useful in balancing our consciousness and allowing us to discover more of the light within us. Balanced information represents a threat to the ego's control and the ego will always try and attempt to preserve its false standing and reputation with 'all around it' for fear of how 'all around it' may react.

Ego traps our consciousness in a small pocket of the illusion and prevents us from seeing the whole picture for what it truly may be, and, therefore, from being able to see through the illusion and the many ways in which it operates. Reacting emotionally merely provides the ego with an excuse to discount what could be valid information and severely limits our natural and expansive perspective of reality to a narrow corridor often full of subtle deception. Ego can be symbolically represented as follows:

It becomes very clear that any modality, religion, philosophy or healing art that has its roots and beliefs in the external reality is just another part of the illusionary shopping mall. Anything which encourages us to look externally for answers or which tells us an external source is here to save us from ourselves because we are not worthy or that encourages us to bring so-called higher external energies into our energy fields is all part of the illusion and the lie of Ego-Man. This knowledge should perhaps encourage us to be more discerning when assessing so-called spiritual paths to enlightenment. If they are based on 'external beliefs' and 'external energies' then they are part of the illusion. It has become apparent from the aforementioned, that we do not need anything from 'outside of us' to help us with our journey, for it will only hinder our growth. All we need comes from within.

This naturally leaves many of us with a dilemma. Do we listen to the message through our hearts and feel whether it is right for us or not, or do we become frightened of what people would say if we admitted we may have been mistaken all of these years and have now changed our minds? Ego would have us ignore any new information that could help us to evolve by firing up the emotional body and conditioning us to defend our position and beliefs and protect our standing in society.

If we choose to live in fear of how others may react to our evolution we are not being true to ourselves. We are merely allowing the ego to stop us from evolving. By holding up our hands and saying I may have been misguided, we are, through this simple act of humility, showing in effect, that it is OK to make a mistake and that there is no right and wrong as such, just lessons to learn from, as we evolve through life. This simple gesture shows that it is better to learn from the lessons and evolve into a greater understanding than it is to allow the ego to dictate that we must dig our heels in and refuse to budge, just to protect our image and reputation.

Nature is forever ebbing and flowing and evolving and maintaining balance and we too should be doing the same, because we are part of nature and are not meant to be static, inflexible and as unmoving as the male ego is. Evolving and moving forward through the inner journey makes us a far better person, individually and collectively, by enabling us to share from the heart this new information with people around us, without the fear of how they may react or think, than we otherwise would become by remaining locked into ego and its unbalanced and conditioned consciousness. It takes courage and strength to hold up one's hands and say, 'I may have been directed down the wrong path and I have now seen the light'. It is far easier for people to remain entrenched in the comfort of what they presently know and feel happy with, than it is to take responsibility for one's own spiritual path and make changes. Surely it is a far better and more balanced and loving person who can do this - and then share their newfound wisdom and light with others. We should all be able to allow ourselves to move on and embrace the unknown and not allow ourselves to be constricted by our past and present-day beliefs and conditioning. Consciousness and awareness both evolve naturally if we allow them to, and as we begin to implode further and further, we bring more purity and knowledge into our consciousness with every out-breath, so to speak. There is nothing wrong in looking back and wondering how we believed in what we did then. We should be able to complement ourselves on our ability to evolve and break free of the shackles and constraints of the ego-consciousness and enjoy our new found ability of bringing more purity and light and balance into this reality of now and the knowledge this brings us to share with others.

'What you will hear in your ear, in the other ear proclaim from the rooftops. For no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, nor does one put it in a hidden place. Rather, one puts it on a stand so that all who come and go will see its light.' Jesus56

Why do we continually try and paddle upstream against the tide of creation and into a river of consciousness, which only narrows the further we go - giving ourselves a hard time in the process? Is it not much easier to 'allow' the boat and us to flow and evolve downstream with the tide of creation? Into a river of consciousness, which widens as we travel and eventually leads to a vast ocean of consciousness for us to explore and enjoy. A journey of evolution: and one, which is openly available to each and every one of us. It is called FREEDOM.


We have discovered that accessing DNA is the source of shamanic knowledge and access to this knowledge is available to us all through the 'inner journey', whether that is through the use of hallucinogenic herbs or by means of meditation or simply through contemplation by switching off the intellect and ego. But what else can we learn from the scientific study of DNA?

Research into DNA has provided us with a clearer understanding on the matter of so-called evolution, but in other respects, from a scientific viewpoint, provided us with an even greater dilemma. We have a greater understanding of life through studying DNA with the result that forward-thinking scientists have been able to allegedly discount Darwin's theory of evolution, as, to them, it remains wholly improbable. Darwin himself never included Man in his theory, referring to Man 'as the missing link'.

However, according to Narby, the Darwinian theory of natural selection remains in place in the minds of most biologists. This is because it is always possible to claim that the appropriate mutations occurred by chance and were selected. But this, allegedly, undemonstrable proposition is denounced by an increasing number of scientists. The circularity of the Darwinian theory means it is not falsifiable and not therefore truly scientific.57 Scientific research has come up against the impossibility that a single bacterium, representing the smallest unit of independent life as we know it, could have emerged by chance from any kind of 'prebiotic soup'. Given that a cosmic origin such as the one proposed by Francis Crick in his 'directed panspermia' speculation is not scientifically verifiable, therefore, scientists have focused almost exclusively on terrestrial scenarios. According to these, precursor molecules took shape (by chance) and prepared the way for a world based on DNA and proteins. However, these different scenarios - based on RNA, peptides, clay, undersea volcanic sulphur, or small oily bubbles - all propose explanations relying on systems that have, by definition, been replaced by life as we know it, without leaving any traces. These too, are speculations that cannot, to date at least, be verified scientifically.58

'We know that more than 90% of the changes affecting a letter in a word of the genetic message lead to disastrous results; proteins are no longer synthesised correctly, the message loses its entire meaning and this leads purely and simply to the cell's death. Given that mutations are so frequently highly unfavourable, and even deadly, how can beneficial evolution be attained?' And further: '… In trying to turn one enzyme into another, point mutations alone would not do the trick. What you need is a substantial change in the amino acid sequence. In this situation, rather than being helpful, selection is a major hindrance. One could think, for instance, that by consistently changing amino acids one by one, it will eventually prove possible to change the entire sequence substantially and thus the enzyme's spatial structure. These minor changes, however, are bound to result eventually in a situation in which the enzyme has ceased to perform its previous function but it has not yet begun its "new duties". It is at this point that it will be destroyed - together with the organism carrying it.'59

Using whales as an example, Wesson says: '… Considering the length of whale generations, the rarity with which the needed mutations are likely to appear, and the multitude of mutations needed to convert a land mammal into a whale, it is easy to conclude that gradualist natural selection of random variations cannot account for this animal.'60 According to Goodwin, 'Darwins assumption that the tree of life is a consequence of the gradual accumulation of small hereditary differences appears to be without significant support. Some other process is responsible for the emergent properties of life, those distinctive features that separate one group of organisms from another… clearly some thing is missing from biology.'60

Holder and McMahon write: 'Remarkably, many of the genes that are important for the control of the fly development are also crucial players in vertebrate, and by association, human development.' Wade writes: 'Many of the most important fruit fly genes, like those that tell the developing embryo to produce organs at certain places, have been found to have counterparts in humans… they have recognisably similar DNA sequences, reflecting their descent from a common ancestral gene some 550 million years ago', and Wade also says that there is, 'surprising and extensive overlap of genes among all the model organisms.' Biology's main model organisms are fruit fly, mouse, worm, C elegans, zebra fish and human.61

'By mapping sequencing and comparing different genomes, biologists have recently found further levels of complexity. Some sequences are highly conserved between species. For example 400 human genes match very similar genes in yeast. Master genes also seem to be highly conserved across species. Flies and human beings have a very similar gene that controls the development of the eye, though their eyes are very different. In some cases gene clumps are highly conserved across species as in the X chromosome of mice and humans. In both species, mice and humans have much the same set of genes on their X chromosomes even though the species have followed separate evolutionary paths for 80 million years.'62

It is apparent from the foregoing that there is a possibility that we may not have evolved through natural selection as we have been led to believe after all. It appears, from a few scientific discoveries today that it is not genetically possible for this to have happened. Yet there are so many similarities between DNA coding and sequences across many species of plants and animals which we also find in human DNA. Why is this? Perhaps we have been looking at the conundrum the wrong way around? Is it possible that we may not have evolved from a single life form over millions of years as we have often believed to be the case? However, does the process of evolution works perfectly well if we look at it the other way around? Instead of looking at how we may have developed from a microbe, let us look at the possibilities of evolution from a different perspective.

Science holds the belief that 97% of our DNA is junk. Narby preferred to call it 'mystery' DNA. My contention is that human DNA may well contain the blueprint for the whole of creation, which could explain similarities of DNA coding across many varying species of plants and animals, and of course humans. We know from the science of biophysics that our DNA is composed of light and our DNA emits electromagnetic frequencies and also produces sound.63 In the l980's, German physicists demonstrated that cells of all living beings emit photons and showed that DNA was the source of this photon emission. Professor Popp showed that the wavelength at which DNA emits these photons, corresponds exactly to the narrow band of visible light: 'Its spectral distribution ranges at least from infrared to ultraviolet. Also light emitted by DNA is a highly coherent source of light, which gives the sensation of bright colours, a luminescence and an impression of holographic depth.'64 Is this why we see in our meditations three-dimensional beings and images when we access this inner part of ourselves?

It has been established that DNA is a periodic crystal that traps and transports electrons with efficiency and that emits photons - light - electromagnetic waves i.e. information - at ultra-weak levels currently at the limit of scientific measurement - and this more than any other living matter.65

So DNA is a crystal which amplifies the light preceding it and which it is comprised of and amplifies its (DNA) structure or coding for life into this outside world. This is how we communicate with and interact with all living entities; we are constantly sharing information by broadcasting it into the Earth's consciousness (water). Could this be what the creation myths were describing? These myths in general, hold the belief that the creation of life is linked with the serpent and water - DNA and water - as we have discovered. Has the frequency of our 'complete' human DNA merely been broadcast into the Earth's consciousness, its water, where this information, this coding for life has then been stored and over time, led to physical existence as we know it? In the beginning was the word. Well DNA is the word, the coding, the sound, the instruction or blueprint for physical life to evolve. Is it possible that 97% of our so-called 'junk' DNA is not junk after all and may be, along with the other 3%, the precursor for all living organisms? Does our DNA, therefore, hold the answers to the universe and the whole of existence?

We know energy precedes and controls the outcome of the physical form and we know the frequencies of our DNA are being broadcast outside of us into the environment and picked up by water and other living entities. From previous articles on the properties of water, we understand that this 'information' from our DNA will be automatically stored in the Earth's atmosphere, within its air molecules, its oceans, rivers and lakes - in essence in the consciousness of the Earth. Can this possibly explain the origins of the creation myths, where life came from the waters? We discovered in Part Two that the nine Gods of the Ennead - which I believe are symbolic of the inner journey - historically came from the Primordial Waters. There are many other creation myths which represent the same symbology where life originates from the oceans or water.

My contention is that COULD WE  BE THE TEN (10) that created everything in the first place? - as we discussed in Part Two - through various parts of our DNA being broadcast into the surrounding ether or watery environment of the Earth where it has been stored on an energy level, seeding and generating many of the physical life-forms we are familiar with today - past and present - 'evolution' taking care of the rest? Or have we just evolved from the oceans over time and do not yet have all the scientific evidence/knowledge to completely understand the processes involved yet? Especially the role this DNA ‘energy’ plays in the creative process? We have learnt from our own inner journey that the light of DNA is what transforms and transmits non-matter (spirit) into matter or physical life and the coding in our DNA is literally responsible for all life in the physical universe. Non-matter is spirit and light (physical light) is the transformer of this coding through the medium of water into physical matter - life as we know it and understand it today. (Yet could there be 'something' else involved here? What determines which of our genes are switched on or off, and what influences our DNA and intracellular fluid more than anything else? Is it purely 'energy' from some 'higher', or inner, source, or could it be much more simpler than that? Are the pieces of the puzzle of life slowly becoming clearer? We will look at this conundrum and examine the possibilites in chapter ten.)

DNA is also the axis point of the reflection between non-matter - the inner reality - into matter, the outer reflected physical reality.

We can see clearly how the external reality is merely a reflection of the inner reality, which over time has become distorted by the mind/ego/intellect of Man - as we have been discussing. We also realise that DNA is the information and coding for all life in this physical reality. DNA is the biological information or source, the axis point through which the inner purity - source, spirit or non-matter - manifests and is reflected into the physical reality. So in essence, we have God within us just as Jesus allegedly taught many years ago. The source energy, God, Spirit, Oneness or whatever label people would like to attach to it, and the coding for all of physical creation and the universe itself, lies within each and every one of us, every man woman and child - without exception: and we merely reflect this outside of us into the physical reality.

In the Gospel of Thomas this is illustrated by Jesus' words: 'I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all has come forth, and to me all has reached. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.'66

Is it possible, therefore, that we exist on an energy level before manifesting in the physical? Or is it a matter of balance between these two concepts, whereby as the physical evolves the corresponding ‘energy patterns’ are created, and/or vice versa? Is this the perfect balance of creation working through implosion and explosion?  

Whatever the answer may be, we can understand just how far Humanity has fallen in consciousness and awareness - how far we have become removed from our true heritage and origins and how far we have been conditioned away from our true worth. As a result we also become more aware of the lie of Man and are able to see through more of the illusion for what it truly is - a way of controlling us and depriving us from realising our true potential and, therefore, from balancing the outer consciousness of the Earth which we humans are responsible for unbalancing in the first place.

We slowly begin to understand why the externalisation of truth is part of the illusion and this understanding provides us with an even greater wisdom which allows us to be able to recognise and understand and appreciate how and why other aspects of the illusion work through many of the religious offshoots and so-called spiritual enlightenment movements and modalities we are faced with today.

Orthodox religions are more easily identified as being part of the illusion and the externalisation of truth, but there are many 'offshoots' which are not. Buddhism is one. Although more a way of life than a religion, Buddhism still teaches us that there has to be strife and turmoil and we have to accept this. It also teaches us that we have to rely on the return of the thousand Buddha's before mankind can be saved. The Bahai Teachings is another faith, which, although containing some good wisdom in its teachings, also deprives us of the knowledge of our true heritage. We are taught our development is dependent upon the coming of the manifestations or prophets of God. This is similar to the coming of the Buddha's or the return of Christ or the return of the Alien Spiritual Hierarchies. We are also conditioned to believe there exists an intermediate state of being between humans and God - the manifestations - who possess the capacity to receive divine revelation and to transmit it to humans. We are also told that the manifestations remain at an ideal level beyond that of which even the most perfect human is capable of attaining.

It is the same old story that we have had thrust upon us through religion for thousands of years - that we are not worthy and we need outside help. We need the help of so-called 'higher beings', such as Angels, Christ, Buddha, the Manifestations, Alien Spiritual Hierarchies, the Seraphim and all the rest, to help us to save the Earth and ourselves. All of this of course is a gross insult to our true origins and our true potential. I repeat, God, Spirit, Oneness, the Source of everything is within each and every one of us - without exception. Only we have forgotten this simple truth and have been conditioned throughout the years through the illusion and the many modalities it uses to ply its trade to ensure we believe otherwise.

As long as we believe we are not worthy and cannot manage to evolve without outside help, we can, and always will, allow ourselves to be controlled. This is what religion and many of its offshoots and spiritual enlightenment foundations, E.T. Spiritual Hierarchies are all about - control through the belief that somebody else will save us because we are incapable of saving ourselves. As I have mentioned before, nobody is here to save us, the false god with his angels and archangels, the seraphim, the return of Christ, the thousand Buddha's, the manifestations, or the aliens, the Council of Nine or even Scooby Doo for that matter. However, we can save ourselves if we recover the memory of who and what we truly are, and we can recover this by looking within us, instead of outside of us and ceasing to give our power away to the illusion with its false masters and gurus and spiritual teachings.

The illusion and all its offshoots are an insult to our true being and heritage, our true worth and potential. We, or more correctly the living light that animates us, created everything in the first place and the purity of unconditional love is within us all. Realisation of our full potential liberates us from the controlling dogma of the illusion.

When we realise WE are the 'Higher Source' we are constantly aspiring to become, we will stop buying from the external illusionary shopping mall and begin to purchase from our own inner shopping mall of light, balance and purity. This of course is the very fear of the ego-consciousness; the fear that we will find this simple inner path to our own truth and light and the greater knowledge and wisdom it brings us. I will explain this fear the ego-consciousness has in later chapters.

What I have learnt personally over the last few years is that we are not searching for the truth at all, as I initially assumed. WE ARE THE TRUTH. We are ALL born the truth, each and every one of us. We are all composed of light and, therefore, we are all light-beings. All that happens is we begin to live in the lie of Man from a very early age and we are taught to be intellectual instead of spiritual which locks our consciousness into ego and directs us away from, and prevents us from, 'being' the light and living the light in the truth of what we are. So in effect, we are not searching for the truth, we are merely trying to determine and become more aware - in this physical world of separation - of what is not the truth. As we become more aware of what is not the truth, we naturally become more aware of ourselves in the process, which is of course truth, light and unconditional love - and the creators of life as we know it.

From what we have been discussing throughout these articles, we can appreciate it is only in this physical world of separation where we forget this 'awareness' or lose the 'understanding' of who and what we are, as this 'knowledge' and the communication with our higher selves becomes 'blocked' from our 3rd dimensional consciousness - our conscious mind - through our belief in the external illusory reality. It follows then, that we do not incarnate into the physical reality to 'learn' more about our origins, because we already know all there is to know about the universe and ourselves when we are without the limitations of the physical body and the ego-consciousness - i.e. before we incarnate.

Surely, then, we can only incarnate into the physical body for two reasons: Originally, to appreciate and experience what we have created as energy and light, and secondly - and in today's times probably most importantly - to balance the Earth's consciousness, which over time, we have been responsible for creating the imbalance in the first place? Is it possible, just like our T cells are automatically sent by our immune system to an area of imbalance within the physical body in order to restore homeostasis; that we too are automatically procreating in ever increasing numbers to do the same on Earth - identified by the greater consciousness (immune system) of us all, to restore balance? (See Part Three)

This explanation is far more in keeping with how Nature works than many other explanations we are given today. As physical beings we are part of the physical reality and, therefore, we are part of Nature. And Nature, as we have discovered, works in exactly the same way no matter how large or small a process or entity may be. Why should we humans believe we operate in a different way to the way in which Nature Herself operates? The simple answer is we don't; only ego would have us believe otherwise, because ego sees itself as being separate to all that exists around it and even greater than the physical reality - Nature Herself. Which is why Man continues to interfere with Nature and has, over time, become increasingly less natural, understanding and loving towards all living things, even towards each other.

The less we buy into the illusion and the less we live in the lie of Man, the more we can live as our true being is meant to live and the more we can begin to live towards fulfilling the huge potential inherent in all human beings. The illusory world and the external deception invented by the ego provides us with a convenient blindfold which prevents us from seeing our own light and the light of others and we fail to recognise that the core of all living beings is all one and the same energy - spirit and unconditional love. Physically we are different with varying talents and physical potentials left mainly unfulfilled by the illusion's ability to block out this simple realisation of our inherent creative powers.

When we stop looking externally for the answers and cease bringing in outside unbalanced energies, the veil of darkness we have surrounded ourselves with starts to lift and the light becomes brighter. This simple conscious act or decision enables a quantum shift to take place in our consciousness whereby we gradually begin to see through the illusion and recognise more of what is not the truth. This is an ongoing process as our consciousness is gradually brought back into balance and begins to purify and return towards its more natural state of being - unconditional love and light. We begin to realise that nature does work in the same simple and uncomplicated way and all living things are part of nature and work this way too. The illusion through the ego/intellect merely provides us with a false A-Z to finding spirituality. If we choose to use our own inner A-Z, which we can purchase free of charge from our inner shopping mall, then the icy grip the illusion currently has on our spiritual future begins to melt away as more and more of our inner light and warmth is allowed to come forth and illuminate the way forward.

Spirituality and living life by our own truth and not somebody else's truth, is all about not giving our power away. It is about allowing ourselves to ebb and flow, and evolve as Nature Herself does to maintain balance. The ego, as we have discovered, is all about standing still and hanging on to old paradigms and illusory concepts which stop us from moving forward. When we begin this journey we call physical life, we can buy the external ticket and journey into chaos, or we can purchase the internal ticket and journey into peace and oneness. However, most of us choose the external ticket to start with, but because we always have choice, we can exchange it for the internal one at anytime. For those of us who have been on the external journey for sometime this may mean a longer journey home than for others, but it is the start of the journey home and the beginning of an adventure which is rich in many splendours and exhilarating beauty, love, knowledge and the wisdom of how to apply it. A journey that becomes clearer, brighter, more colourful and more magnificent with each passing moment. An adventure in which we are constantly experiencing unprecedented wonders of life in the highest realms possible. An experience and journey thatreligion and most of its modern and external spiritual offshoots would have us otherwise believe is impossible for humans to attain and enjoy today.

Only the moment of now exists, yet even in this moment of now the illusion still deceives us. How are we expected to know what happened in the past and, therefore, what part of history is actually true? If we were not there then we cannot possibly know for ourselves what actually happened, yet most of the conditioning today takes place by encouraging people to believe in something that may or may not have occurred thousands of years ago - and by believing it, we give our power away to this so-called history. We can all tap into the past because it is a memory stored in the consciousness of the Earth which surrounds us and feeds us and we can tap into the future because it is the thoughts and aspirations of humans stored in the ether also - they are but emotional memories - energies - stored in the consciousness of the Earth, which we can all tap into at any time because they are around us every minute of every day. However, if we choose to buy the internal ticket we tap into the purity of who we are, and we no longer allow ourselves to become compromised by external and unbalanced emotional energies and beliefs or distortions of truth. However, even on the inner journey, initially, we can be easily led into the the external astral ego-consciousness and I will explain why and how this may be in chapter nine.

To me it remains a simple fact that if we don't change our perspective and image and understanding of what IS in the moment of now, the past will continue to be projected into the future and the disease of Man will continue to spread - just like a tumour. It is only by changing and balancing our consciousness in the moment of now that we can actually ensure a change in consciousness in the future. As we begin to balance our own consciousness first, this is then reflected outside of us into the collective consciousness of the Earth, which is the consciousness all new born babies will encounter. Many spiritual teachings today tell us everything is OK and exactly as it is meant to be, and, just like karma, prevents us from understanding and accepting that we are responsible for what is happening in the world today. (See Part Three)

Maybe I am looking at another world, but I still hear pensioners talking of times when they used to leave their doors open for people to come in and visit without fear of being robbed or worse. We wouldn't dare do that today. There were no metal shutters on shop fronts when I was a child, but they are all over the place today. Policemen, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses and Firemen are attacked today for doing no more than their jobs - trying to save lives. When I was a child this never happened on the scale it does today. In China, recently, we saw an unwanted new born baby girl lying in a street gutter dead, being totally ignored by passers by - this is an illustration of the reality we have created today - not the illusory one that tells us this is OK and is how it is meant to be. If we continue to believe everything is okay, then it is simply not good enough. Unless our beliefs come from that inner understanding which provides a genuine foundation to our belief, we will achieve nothing in our attempt to improve humanity and the environment.

We also realise, from understanding how nature works in the same simple way, no matter how small or large a process may be, that all we are experiencing in the outer reality is a disease, a tumour created by Man through an unbalanced ego, which through the process of resonance influences consciousness around it to become as unbalanced and as diseased as it itself has become. We create in our own image through thought. So when we buy into the lie of Man and believe in it, we are merely reflecting this unbalanced belief back into the outer consciousness of the Earth and through our beliefs we continue to feed the illusion. Everything comes from within. We cannot access this inner truth from outside of us or by focusing externally because what is outside of us is merely a reflection. We must first connect with it within in order for it to be reflected without. And to change the reflection we must first change the image being reflected. We cannot shave by shaving the mirror - the reflection - nothing happens no matter how loving our intent may be. It is only when we shave the self that we see a change in the mirror - the reflection.

Jesus allegedly said, 'Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who made the outside?'67

We have travelled a long way so far and we have covered many topics and aspects of life as we know it and believed it to be. Many people have asked me 'what is the way forward' and have expressed a desire to be given a focal point from which to start.

It is not my position to tell people how they should live their life, it is up to each and every one of us to find our inner truth and thereby begin to live by it. The focal point is always ourselves and restoring belief in our own worth is essential because this has been taken away from us by the externalisation of so-called truth and by focusing on the external reality as being the 'only' reality that houses the 'way forward'. The path to knowledge and realisation of our own potential is obviously inwards and because we are all individual, the way we achieve this inner journey, or access it, or allow our inner voice to come through more, will naturally be different for each of us. What may work for one may not be suitable for another.

Some of us may not be able to meditate and may find it does not serve us as well as it serves others. Each of us should determine what it is that works for us; be it meditation, listening to or performing music, painting, writing, poetry, walking the dog, being in nature, martial arts, Tai Chi or whatever it takes to allow us the opportunity to 'switch off' and reach that 'daydream' state of contemplation that may allow our 'inner tuition' to find its voice and become heard.

The more we try to go inwards the harder the journey becomes. The natural path is the opposite of the way we have been taught to succeed in life. We are constantly taught to try harder, in sport, in the classroom, and in performing. Going within is all about 'not trying' and this is alien to our upbringing. Trying is the way the ego and intellect prevents us from finding out more of our heritage and worth. The more we try and meditate to go inwards, the more we block the process, which is why we need to find what allows us to reach that state of contemplation for ourselves. Anything which can manage to switch off the influence of the mind/ego/intellect, will allow our inner selves to communicate better with our conscious mind unopposed. Our inner being is constantly communicating with us, but because of the chatter and noise created by the mind and the intellect and the outside reality, we tend not to hear the message. It is a question of tuning out the mind and the external noise and tuning instead into the inner voice. This takes time and perseverance and it may take a while before we find what works best for us. The fun is finding out without trying and without pushing it or being too impatient - in essence we just allow. By allowing, everything then begins to happen as and when it is meant to as we begin to ebb, flow and evolve naturally.

From all we have been discussing, it is clear we have the ability to project our awareness into the external consciousness through methods such as remote viewing and remote sensing and into the internal consciousness through shamanic ways and meditation. This provides us with the knowledge and experience of these realities. As we are part of Nature this process of explosion and implosion occurs at the same time - naturally - and we are continually journeying both ways simultaneously. It becomes apparent then, that depending upon where we focus our attention or awareness, this will determine our view and perspective of reality and creation. We can view both from the aspect of being the physical and beginning our journey home (imploding) and learning more about our origins along the way. Or we can view them from the aspect of being everything (Source) at the same time, fragmenting itself (exploding) to become aware of itself and what it has created.

Whilst neither perspective is incorrect, neither is balanced without the other, for we are BOTH at the same time. This is the wonder of our consciousness, we can experience ourselves from any part of the explosion or implosion process and we can experience 'being' both perspectives at the same time, or separately. So, in effect, we are returning home to Source from being the physical and we are also the Source expanding out to become the physical - both at the same time. When we experience 'being' both at the same time we experience 'Oneness' itself, which in effect is all that we are anyway. We have only forgotten this huge potential inherent in all human beings.

There is no magic bullet or pill or easy 'fix' we can take to turn us into something we already are, these methods and beliefs will only have the opposite effect and hold us back.

Spiritually we are what we are and we cannot become anything other than what we are - no matter how hard we try - except of course in this physical reality. And we cannot become what we are until we stop trying to become something we are not. This is what we are all, in effect, searching for - the 'who and what' we really are. And until we realise who and what we really are, we may never have the understanding of who and what, potentially we really could be - which is exactly who and what we are now anyway.

The answer to everything comes from within. The more we journey within, the more purity we bring into our physical third-dimensional consciousness and the more purity and light (unconditional love) we reflect into the consciousness outside of us, which will naturally help all living processes - ourselves included.

"Accept the light for your eyes, and cast the darkness from you… Do not become a sausage made of many things which are useless, and do not become a guide in your blind ignorance… end the sleep which weighs heavily upon you. Depart the forgetfulness, which fills you with darkness, since if you were unable to do anything I would not have said these things to you…
Why do you pursue the darkness when the light is at your disposal? Why do you drink stale water though sweet is available to you? Wisdom summons you yet you desire folly."68


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