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Where do the beliefs in reincarnation and past lives originate from? Do these beliefs hold any truth, and if so, who or what do they apply to? We have much more on these Karmic beliefs and who and what created them and why. Also the implications these beliefs can have upon our spiritual light and our spiritual growth.

We continue from part seven and cover lost souls in more detail, where they come from, how they are 'retrained' in the illusory afterlife - the Astral Reality our Gnostic's referred to as the Middle Place - and most importantly, why. We look at past life regressive hypnotherapy and discover how lost souls and thought-forms can be responsible for our so-called past life experiences and our present day pain and suffering. But who controls them and why? Find out here!

We also cover what may be the simple truth behind many alien abductions and these very real experiences people are having. What all of this means, and why we are being deliberately mislead yet again by the Archons and the law-makers. Could something we meet naturally on our inner spiritual journey provide a simple explanation for the reason why a belief in the typical alien (grey) has been instilled into our psyche over the years?

More on the Archons, the 'Thievers Of Souls' - better known as the Astral Lords - who reside in this illusory astral afterlife, and how they have manipulated human consciousness over the years into rewriting history, to such an extent, that today, 99% of what we believe in (spiritual/religious/new-age) is based upon the untruths that they have created. Read why it is so important to them that we believe in THEIR reality and why they will do anything to stop us remembering the Spiritual Light we are all animated with, and the perfect soul we are all born with.



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