Shopping For Spirit - The Search For Truth Part Nine

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Finally, Chapter Nine is draft finished. There are two things to note:

Firstly, this chapter has not yet been proof read or edited so if anybody finds any mistakes or typo's, then please let me know. I will be very grateful. I have put it up simply because there have been so many people asking 'when will it be finished' who are eager to read it.

Secondly, the PDF file is just over 1MB in size due to the number of photographs and images, plus at 116 pages it is by far the longest - and most difficult - article I've written. Almost a book in itself. So, Downloading it may take a little while. On a 750K Broadband Connection it takes approx. 20 seconds, so for people on 56K dial-up then expect it to take somewhere between 7-10 minutes. However, once it has opened on your computer you can then just save it in My Documents or any other folder you choose. You can then open it quickly and easily anytime and at your leisure.

Part Nine brief description:  This chapter takes seven and eight much further and lays down bare just WHAT reincarnation TRULY IS, and the implications this has upon our future spirituality and journey of the soul in the afterlife. We look to prove once and for all that God's Heaven described by reincarnated (lost) souls IS the astral lords reality and is neither divine nor spiritual. We examine this Spiritual Hierarchy - and the Brotherhood - found in the teachings of the Qabala, new age, occult, theosophy, freemasonry etc., and discover that these are NOT spiritual beings at all, but what are they? We also look to prove that pretty much all of our belief systems do originate from the one same reality and that some of them are not diametrically opposed to each other as we have been led to believe. Plus, we have the origins of where all our established religious and spiritual beliefs come from; such as who, or more correctly what, was Christ, the Elohim and more, the origins of how the Crown Chakra through ignorance and ego became the so-called spiritual chakra and our connection with God or higher consciousness/vibrations in practically every teaching in the world that covers the chakras. The real purpose of opening up this chakra will shock many people. The origins of this desire for a New World Order, One World Government and One World Religion and how we humans today are being controlled by our own creation, plus the implications this has upon our spiritual growth and the journey of the soul in the afterlife!

How  the astral reality and the astral lords were created. We look at the so-called layers of the auric field and we find that even though it 'feels' like there are layers, they are not actually layers at all - a full explanation of how and why and the implications this has upon so many belief systems today. We cover Time Travel and whether this is actually possible or not and discover exactly what time is! Also exactly where are these departed souls that mediums and psychics communicate with, and what reality do they exist in? The mystery of Princess Diana's missing head? And a whole lot more too. I hope you will enjoy this fascinating read and spread the word. Well over 100,000 downloads to date, and rising.


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