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Let us look at the energy photographs. The one on the left is the control, where the water  in the bottle is from the tap and the other is the same bottled water after a few minutes on the Water Enhancer. It is evident from the photographs that the energy fields are very different. The first one shows a tightly constricted energy field around the bottle of water with a murky orange centre indicating unhealthy and unbalanced energy. Note where the purple energy lines are - within the confines of the paper the bottle is standing on.

Look at the other photo and you can see instantly the expansion of the energy fields, the centre is also a better colour and more balanced and the purple has expanded beyond the boundaries of the table. In this short time the consciousness, the life-force of the water has expanded tremendously and become more balanced, more mature. Even the paper the bottle is sitting on has changed colour to a healthy blue. It is not difficult to imagine the different effects these two energies would have upon our bodies. Study the photo's carefully and ask yourself which water would I prefer to drink, which water is going to be of the greatest benefit to me, my household, my plants, animals and ultimately Mother Earth and Her environment?

'The Upholder of the Cycles which supports the whole of Life, is WATER. In every drop of water dwells a Deity, whom we all serve; there also dwells Life, the Soul of the 'First' substance - Water - whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it and in which it circulates.' Viktor Schauberger Our Senseless Toil, Pt.1, p.11.

'Water is therefore a being that has life and death. With incorrect, ignorant handling, however, it becomes diseased, imparting this condition to all other organisms, vegetable, animal and human alike, causing their eventual physical decay and death, and in the case of human beings, their moral, mental and spiritual deterioration as well.... When we fail to perceive water as a living entity which nurtures all life, we arrest water's creative cycles, we stop life and water is transformed into a dangerous enemy.' Callum Coats, Living Energies Ch.8, p.107.

All the before and after Photographs of these various Energy Fields have been reproduced with the kind permission of Harry Oldfield, a renowned scientist in his own field of work, who carried out these scientifically controlled experiments with his PIP Scan.

This expansion of the waters energy field shows how the increase in biophoton levels in water, in turn, EXPANDS energy from a sub-molecular level to encompass the whole biophysical or auric field of the water - and therefore the physical body - too.


The photograph to the left is of ordinary London Tap Water. We can see there is very little BIOPHOTON activity present (LIGHT - LIFE FORCE ENERGY).

The photograph to the right is of London Tap Water after being ENERGISED with the NEW WATER ENHANCER. We can see a remarkable change in the BIOPHOTON levels in the water. "The Water Enhancer offers a similar structure but more like branches of a pine tree, hence enhancing the growth of living things." Ideal for placing in or on fixed structures.


Water is the life-force of the planet. Only when water is mature (balanced) does it give back and share this valuable life-force energy with all living things.

If we look at the way Man treats water and examine our many rivers and oceans alike, we can see that many of these waters are highly polluted and thus lacking in waters most valuable attribute, that of life-force energy. Even our drinking water is subjected to unnatural treatments with various chemicals and the like,  leaving residual energy imprints of these unnatural and toxic substances behind. It is then pumped in straight lines through metal pipework - completely the opposite of how Nature works - which further weakens this valuable life-force energy. This juvenile or immature water, when used for drinking, washing, bathing, cooking etc. will then naturally try to attain its maturity by stripping the life-force (light) energy and minerals it needs to mature from both ourselves, our food and our environment. This process literally drains our energy fields and can lead to illness and disease.

If we look at our atmosphere which is full of potentially life sustaining water molecules and understand that our oceans and rainforests are responsible for the production and quality of this atmosphere, and therefore, for the health and well-being of ALL living organisms on this planet, we can appreciate the very large hole Man is currently digging for himself - his own mass grave perhaps? With the pollution of the oceans and the systematic destruction of the rainforests we are starting to create an atmosphere which could eventually only sustain death!

Water is a precious commodity. Unfortunately today, water also contains toxins and pollutants  of our own making and this imbalance is fed back into our energy fields.

As water stores information, it can be programmed, just like we can record information on a blank tape and it is important for us to program, or record, the correct information into this life supporting and life sustaining substance if we are to continue to survive and improve our health and well-being.

  Using the Water Enhancer enables us to re-program the water we use with highly coherent photons. It returns the life-sustaining qualities to water that are generally lost due to Man's interference in Nature. The Water Enhancer helps to restore this life-force energy by resonating vibrations of light into the surrounding water molecules, transforming the energy within the water, allowing it to reach its mature state.  By attaching the Enhancer to our various household water systems we can ensure that we and all other living organisms within Nature benefit from a more mature and vibrant  water.  Pipe-work and other metallic vessels used to transport and hold water, by way of their structure hold onto and radiate negative, chaotic energies.

The Enhancer can be applied to our main inlet water pipes, our holding tanks, our fridge freezers and very effectively applied to our central heating system. By attaching the Enhancer to one of the radiators we are ensuring that all of the water in the heating system becomes highly charged with life-force energy which is then radiated out into our rooms and in turn revitalises the water molecules in the air within our living environment. In the same way, we can place our drinks, or our food which is replete with water molecules, upon the Enhancer to revitalise and restore light energy into their water molecules, aka their energy fields, before consuming them. Thus, feeding more life-force (light) energy into ourselves.

As the Earth is roughly 70% water and we are primarily made up of water - approximately 70% - by using this revitalised water in our every day lives, we are not only likely to improve our own health, but we are also helping and improving the environment around us. When carried around on your person it will naturally help prevent you from becoming drained of natural vibrant, life-sustaining life-force energy and thus help to sustain and nurture your energy fields and therefore your physical body too! (For greater protection and expansion of light see our Biophysical Personal & Protection Enhancers). 

Sleep on it under your pillow at night - Use it with a crystal sitting on it to amplify the energies - Use under plants, or energise water before watering plants - Use in the garden in the same way - Use in the corners of rooms or the house, workplace, clinic, healing or meditation room etc., with crystals to create a vibrant and naturally cleansing atmosphere (for total Space Clearing see our Universal Harmoniser) - Use it over your Chakras to bring their natural double spin (vortex) into balance and to soothe, cleanse and purify these important energy centres of the body - Use it in your fridge or freezer or use it on your water tank - Float one in your bath for a relaxing way to energise oneself - Under your water filter and so forth.




The information in this leaflet is for educational purposes only and in no way signifies medical advice or is to be considered a substitute or replacement for allopathic medicine or medical advice or allopathic or allopathic medicines.

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