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Give Your Respiratory System a Boost! with Cisca SaltpipeŽ

"The Authentic Original Patented Hungarian Saltpipe Lasts upto 5 years"

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Major respiratory disorders such as asthma, allergies, sinus problems and bronchitis are all associated with air pollution. Studies have found that allergic diseases are an increasing problem in Western Society and reports show that approximately 20% of the UK population (and about 75% of those with asthma) suffer with some form of rhinitis. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it seems logical that we should cleanse our respiratory system just as we do with our skin and hair.

Additionally, it is being reported that more and more people are suffering from upper respiratory problems around the world today. A number of reliable people are attributing this growing health phenomenom to all the Chemtrailing that is being carried out in our skies (chemical spraying from a variety of military and passenger aircraft creating what are referred to today as 'chemtrails', as against the natural contrails that are normally formed from aircraft engine exhaust which disperse very quickly).

The Cisca SaltpipeŽ is a simple and natural way to make a real difference to your health. It uses the benefit of from ancient salt-cave therapies to maintain an optimum respitory function and to help you to breathe easier, alleviate sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath and leaves you feeling revitalized. Salt crystals have been used for decades in the treatment of respiratory disorders and to help strengthen the immune system by cleansing the lungs allowing them to absorb more oxygen.



In fact, many people find that breathing fresh sea breeze at the seaside helps to alleviate respiratory problems. In Eastern and Central Europe, Salt cave therapy (Speleo/Halo Therapy; has been known as a successful treatment for treating respiratory problems and maintain breathing systems for decades. It has been described by a Polish physician F.Bochkowsky in a book published in 1843 that salt miners rarely suffered from respiratory diseases. Since then, several thousand of people having problem with respiratory illness have visited several salt mines, caves and subterrenial sanatorium in Wieliczka (Poland), Solzbad (Austria), Parajd (Romania), Solotvino (Ukrainian Carpathians), Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan) for treatment of respiratory problems such as asthma, inflammation of upper and lower respiratory tracts, and some allergies because the salty, disinfectant air inside mines is very useful for healing and easing asthma and other respiratory diseases. The practice of bringing patients with respiratory diseases down into salt mines for treatment gradually spread throughout Eastern Europe. It is a common and well known treatment in eastern and central Europe, but almost unknown elsewhere. (More reseach of salt therapy on respiratory illnesses)

Cisca SaltpipeŽ harness the natural healing power of Salt Cave therapy in an authentic original patented hand held pocerlain pipe to providing convenient way to improve and maintain your breathing at your home. Cisca collects the special salt crystals-- Halite mineral salts that have originated in the most famous caverns of Tapulca in Hungary and Prajd in Transylvania where for generations they have been used to successfully treat all kinds of respiratory disorders-- and fits them between ceramic filters. The crystal salt in the Cisca SaltpipeŽ can be used upto 5 years and no need to refill. Breathing through the Saltpipe will draws air across the 20-22 million year old minerals, the beneficial effects of which then reach every microscopic aspect of the respiratory system and could influence breathing problems which may be caused by:

  • - Asthma, Allergies
  • - Sinus problem, Hay fever
  • - Chest infections, Bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD
  • - Persitent Cough and Sore throats
  • - Cystic Fibrosis
  • - Breathing difficulty, Shortness of breath
  • - Respiratory problems caused by smoking

Using the saltpipe for 15-20 minutes daily, it may help you to

  • - Breathe easier
    - Alleviate sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath
    - Feel revitalized
    - Sleep well during the night
  • - Mucus and phelgm became thinner and can be removed easier
  • - Reduce irritation in the airway passage
  • - and improve general well-being.






"I am delighted to say that we are tremendously impressed. My husband uses the pipe each morning on waking for 15/20 minutes and has enjoyed a vastly improved sleep pattern with no disturbed nights due to coughing." Pat Moore--Wisbech, UK


"I was able to breathe as deeply as any normal person. I can't describe what a great feeling that is. The saltpipe has given me so much relief. It really does work!" Sharon--Antrim, UK


"I find The CISCA SALTPIPE invaluable I have tried a very similar sort of system for nasal problems ie., SINUS CALLED EMCUR SALTS that is used differntly to THE CISCA SALT PIPE that cleans out the nasal passages and works extremely well and is well recognised THE CISCA SALT PIPE must work along the same lines as it cleans out my chest and I bring up the phlem that would otherwise be stick in my lungs and this helps me to breathe better." Janet--UK


"We absolutely love the Cisca Saltpipe! It really seems to have stopped my son's nightime cough(allergic, the doctor suspects)and helped my daughter's throat/nasal congestion, also allergic. Thank you and congratulations on a wonderful product!" Yvonne--Greece


"Having spotted an advert in the newspaper, I bought a saltpipe from you on 23.09.05, while I was suffering from bronchitis. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!" S. Gibbs--UK


"I recieved a Saltpipe from you about four days ago and have been using it regularly. I am delighted to report that at last I can breath. Ever since I was a small child (I am now 46). I have suffered terribly from blocked sinus's. Doctors have failled to offer any kind of help other than nazal sprays which I have been reluctant to use for long periods. I first used the pipe in the evening and by the time I went to bed I found myself to be breathing freely through both nostrels.In the morning I found my sinus's were still clear and have pretty much remained that way since. Not being able to breath through my nose has caused me to feel exhausted and unable to talk without quickly getting out of breath.This product has in the few days that I have been using it made a tremendous difference to the way I feel. My sleep quality seems to have improved a great deal too.This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from similar problems to mine." C. Lindley, Halifax,




Some Articles about Salt therapy:


Ukrainian salt mines reinvented as a haven for asthma sufferers (The Guardian /Saturday December 3, 2005; Editor: Tom Parfitt) " Doctors say underground air relives wheezing. Speleotherapy was discovered in Poland in the 1950s, when it was noticed that salt miners rarely suffered from tuberculosis or respiratory disease.....Read more


Treatment of allergies and asthma with salt crystal therapy (The Lifestyle column of the Budapest Market Magazine September of 2002. Editor: I. Bekefi Source: ) "It is obvious that apart from genetic factors, pollution of the air also causes allergies and asthma. That is why the cavern therapies are so successful, because therapeutic mineral substances are inhaled with healing effects.....Read more Click>>


Inhaling salt mist helps cystic fibrosis ( ABC news in Sciences, Thursday, 19 January 2006 , Editor: Gene Emery, Reuters) "Inhaling the mists of salt water can reduce the pus and infection that fills the airways of cystic fibrosis sufferers, although side effects include a nasty coughing fit and a harsh taste. ... Read more Click>>

 The Cisca Saltpipe: Bringing salt therapy into your home (Nursing and Practive Journals, Vol. 23; Editor: Sutera Ritrawe)"The rise in pollution, especially air pollution, means that we are constantly inhaling invisible contaminats into our lungs. In industrial countries, inparticular, there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and hayfever. Salt therapy is a nondrug therapy that can help......

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