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Above, courtesy of Masaru Emoto and his staff at the IHM Research Institute, are the jpg photographs of the crystalline (physical) structure formed in distilled water after being energised by the Universal Harmonisers. The photographs provide a beautiful example of how water can be transformed and revitalised. These photographs complement the wonderful work of D. Schweitzer who is able to photograph the amount of light present in water (photons/biophotons - the non-physical element). What Schweitzer refers to as Thought Form Photography. See photograph to the left.

Masaru Emoto has three books published detailing his excellent work on producing pictures of frozen water crystals. One is called ‘Messages From Water’. It presents some amazing photographs of the crystalline structure of various types of water across the world, and, also importantly, how thoughts, prayers, music etc., can and do affect this structure in a positive or negative way. Water then shares this structure, or ‘memory’, positive or negative, with ALL living things it comes into contact with.

To see more of these wonderful photographs, and the memory of water, please use the following website links: and

The photograph to the far left is the crystalline structure formed in Distilled Water.


The photograph to the near left is how the crystalline structure – memory – of distilled water has been adversely affected by the energy and information encoded in heavy metal music.




We can see from the above photographs how water can easily be affected by external energies and influences. This applies also to our own internal watery environment – our consciousness. On the one hand, the crystalline structure of distilled water has been greatly improved by the Universal Harmoniser by improving and balancing the information water stores – its memory; and on the other hand we can see how this same crystalline structure can be almost completely destroyed by taking on board the energy or information transmitted from heavy metal music. We can also appreciate that harmonious energy – light or balanced information - creates a beautiful visual image or 'memory' in water and imbalanced energy or information creates a visually disturbing image. These images can be symbolically likened to health and ill health in consciousness respectively. These energies – balanced and imbalanced - are likewise shared with our own watery environment, and therefore our energy fields, affecting our own consciousness, health and wellbeing accordingly. (For more information on water/consciousness please refer to the Articles Section - 'Healing Energy And Water' for a comprehensive overview and 'Shopping For Spirit The Search For Truth' Parts Three onwards for a more detailed explanation).


At the IHM Research Institute, distilled water is used as the Control Water. Fifty photographs are taken of control water and fifty after this water has been subjected to energy products, prayer, positive and negative thoughts, various types of music etc. An overall score is determined from the crystalline structures produced by the two sets of fifty photographs. A score above that of the distilled (control) water shows whatever is being tested has had a beneficial or healthy affect on water, and a score below that of the control water indicates a detrimental or unhealthy affect on water.


These are the comments of Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto from the I.H.M. Research Institute:"Although in the case of distilled water (control) there were several hexagonal crystals observed, their branching parts are not so large. On the other hand, in the case of distilled water that had been treated with the Universal Harmoniser for 24 hr, we could observe beautiful hexagaonal crystals with beautifully expanded branches.


The average points of control and water after treatment were 31.5 and 36.0, respectively, and the difference is quite significant. It is suggested that the Universal Harmoniser has given a 'good' vibration to water from these results."


To see a summary of the report from the I.H.M. Research Institute in Japan please Click Here


To see Schweitzer's work on photographing the amount of Photons/Biophotons (Light) in water before and after being energised by the Universal Harmonisers, please Click Here


NOTE: These photographs should be regarded as a guideline only as to the quality of water, and not as empirical scientific proof that a particular type of water is necessarily good or bad.


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Let us hope that the truth about water will eventually permeate the consciousness of all human beings

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