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These products are superconductive across their whole surface and offer far better Earthing benefits than ANY Earthing Sheet (which only contain 2-3% Silver Yarn – up to 30-50x more conductive) AND AS SUCH, THEY CAN BE USED UNDERNEATH AN ORDINARY BED SHEET OR OVER IT. As a result they should last at least 20 times longer than Earthing Sheets. DATA SHEETS FOR OUR ULTRA EARTHING PRODUCTS:

PLEASE NOTE: We offer the SAFEST Mains Earth Connection Kits is Europe! We are the only company to offer Mains Earthing Connection Kits which comply with ALL UK & EU Health & Safety Regulations. 

We are a Licensed Distributor of  Russian Yantar Bipolar Ionizer Air Purification Systems – The ONLY Ionizers in the World that produces High Quality Small Air Ions EXACTLY as Nature does, killing all airborne bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, allergens and more; supporting the health of every biological system in the body.


CMO DEVICES compensates for the potential effects of Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, 3-4G, lower end 5G frequencies, DECT wired telephones, relay antennas, satellite communications, low to very high voltage electrical networks, geo-biological disturbances, microwave ovens, low consumption light bulbs, smart meters and other similar Smart technology, CPL (Carrying Currents Online – Dirty Electricity), transport (car, plane and train). SEE PRODUCTS HERE


Widest Range of Earthing Products available anywhere – Earthing Sheets, Earthing Pillow Cases, Superconductive Earthing Mats and Sleep Mats, Earthing Yoga Mat, Earthing Throw, Earthing Car Pads & Car Grounding Straps, Earthing Socks, Earthing Gloves and more. COUPON CODES AVAILABLE.

NEW SUPER-CONDUCTIVE EARTHING PRODUCTS: Single  Earthing Ultra Deep Sleep Mats and superconductive Pillow Cases:

Ultra Deep Sleep Mat is ideal for a single bed or one user in larger bed, whereas two Deep Sleep Mats are used for two people in a double bed. Pillow Cases are superconductive Carbon, offering exceptional conductivity and earthing.

Purported Earthing health benefits

The main claim for earthing is that it fights inflammation by reducing free radicals, which are positively charged.

Knock-on effects are said to include alleviated (chronic) pain, improved sleep, and normalising circadian rhythms. However, please read Earthing Considerations before purchase

Current biomedical research has led to an inflammation hypothesis that is establishing chronic inflammation as the culprit behind almost every modern chronic illness. PubMed.

Other purported health benefits:

  • Reduce inflammation by reducing excess positive electrons
  • Increase energy
  • Lower stress
  • Promote calmness
  • Enhance disturbed biological rhythms i
  • Improve blood flow and pressure
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches
  • Lessen menstrual and female hormone symptoms
  • Support adrenal health
  • Boost the healing process
  • Protect the body from EMFs
  • Shorten recovery time after athletic activity / from injury
  • Reduce or stop snoring
  • Eliminate jet lag
  • Considerations

How Quickly Does Earthing Affect Your Body?

Unique to Equilibra, we offer the Safest and Most Reliable Mains Earth Connection Kits. No compromises are taken with your Safety. Sleep earthed, sleep safe!

Also Unique to Equilbra: Earthing Garments, taking Earthing to a whole new level – enhance the benefits of Earthing, target specific areas of the body that may be in pain or discomfort, or in need of direct Earthing support.

Additionally, these ‘copy-cat’ products use Connection Kits with cheap Resistors which can and often do one of two things: one is the resistors go ‘open’ leaving you with no protection from electrical shock – potentially very dangerous! And two, the resistors go ‘closed’ which leaves you with no earthing whatsoever! Is it really worth saving a few pounds buying something that may not even work, let alone puts you at potential risk of electric shock? No, it is not! If you want the best and safest Earthing Products then you need to buy the original Patented Earthing Products developed by Clint Ober, Author of the best-selling book: Earthing. See below for more details.

Please note that ALL Earthing Products are classed as Personal Use Products and once opened and used cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene!

NEW: State of the Art Bipolar Ionizer Air Purification System for the Home, Office & Health Clinic. As important as Earthing for all round health! All living organisms of planet Earth have naturally evolved and developed thanks to a healthy ionized environment. Air ionization is, and has been, one of the most important conditions for the normal development of highly organised life. Just as we have lost our connection with the Earth, we are today also working against nature by living and working in buildings that deprive us of an adequate level of health-supporting highly energised. Air filtration systems, Air Conditioning, Chemtrails, Smog and the plethora of electronic equipment we have all add to the deprivation of natural ionized air essential to health and well being. Today we are now literally breathing in dead air detrimental to life. Now, just as can reconnect with the Earth through ‘earthing products’, we can reproduce that highly ionized & energised air inside buildings with the use of a Bipolar Ionizer Air Purification System. These are no ordinary Ionizers. These ionizers reproduce the Small Air Ions that are essential to all life, supporting EVERY biological system of the body, especially the respiratory. No other Ionizer can do this. Also destroys airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens.

Grounded – The Docufilm  NOW AVAILABLE   for purchase. This captivating documentary follows a National Geographic filmmaker who finds relief from pain and aches using the earth as a healing conduit source of free electrons. Helping his community in Alaska, he expands his circle of people who are eager to learn about the effects of grounding. Featuring David Suzuki, Clint Ober, Dr. Mercola, and other leaders, naturalists, and health visionaries. A must watch film for anybody interested in earthing and its’ potential benefits

So if you want the best earthing experience available, with the correct and best advice along with the best and proven most conductive products, then please make sure you buy your earthing products from a Licensed Distributor of Clint Ober’s Earthing Products. Then you can avoid any potential disappointment with your earthing experience! However, please read Earthing Considerations before purchase.


Equilibra UK was established in 1999 with the ethos of offering the very best products & solutions available from around the world to help support & maintain health in today’s electro- and chemically-polluted world. This forms a part of our Reconnecting with Nature Naturally philosophy. Additionally, we have been looking after our customers since 1999 and we offer additional savings with Coupon Codes issued with every order! Our customers save up to 15% on all their future orders. See below for access to Coupon Codes.

Additionally, we were the first in Europe to import Clint Ober’s Earthing Products directly from the manufacturer; Earthing.Com (Barefoot Sales Corp/EarthFX). We have also been Earthing / Grounding Specialists offering Earthing advice and Earthing products since 1999, so we have plenty of experience in offering people the right solution to meet their particular needs. We can also tailor-make any Earthing Package at discount to help get you started, and, Unique to Equilibra, we also offer Earthing Socks (and Earthing Garments) which take Earthing to a whole new level.

Therefore, not only do we offer the widest range of Earthing Products at the best prices, we also offer many earthing options that are totally unique to Equilibra. But we don’t stop there, we also offer: Quinton Marine  Plasma, a Complete Nutritional Gift from Mother Nature,  EMF Detection  & Protection, Bipolar Ionizers which are the best Ionisers in the world for supporting every biological systems of the body, especially the Respiratory System. Plus many Health Related Products and a lot more. Scroll down for more information.

All Earthing Orders OVER £50.00 will include a FREE Full Colour Glossy Brochure  all  about Earthing –

For Discounts on your order, please visit our Facebook Site (Link Above), LIKE our Page and discover how you can save between 5% & 15% on your order by applying our Coupon Codes at Checkout – Only applicable through our new e-commerce site Shop Link above


We also offer a variety of additional high quality products that enable the body to restore and support equilibrium (health) in our modern-day electrosmog and otherwise chemically-polluted world. Dirty Electricity (DE) Filters coming soon!

Reconnecting with Nature Naturally – Our Ethos

Airnergy – Spirovital Therapy: Breathe New Life into your Body & Cells. This has to be the Medical Innovation of the Century. In keeping with how Nature works, this incredible technology uses the principle behind Photosynthesis to allow the Blood to transport more oxygen to every cell and organ, and also helps the Cells to utilise more oxygen and more efficiently. Delivers ‘energy’ to every cell of the body. Increases cellular oxygenation – very important – and significantly increases intracellular ATP formation, all of which is of great benefit to the whole body and every biological system of the body from Cell to Skin. Supports: normalisation of blood pressure and blood LDL/HDL Ratio; the immune system – especially auto-immune issues – helping fight infection and disease; cardiovascular health; COPD and other respiratory conditions; boosting energy levels naturally; stimulation of circulation, heart, lung and brain function; increased concentration & mental agility, and a whole lot more too.

t-400Bipolar Ionizers – Best Ionizers in the world. An absolute must for every household, Office and Clinic today! As important as Earthing is to the body, if not more so today considering how often we take breath! Neutralises airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and various Volatile Organic Compounds. Keep your personal space and office personnel safe from airborne-spreading pathogens/viruses. See below:

Just as we have evolved with natural contact with the Earth, we have also evolved and developed as a species living in a highly-ionized air environment. In Nature we typically find around 1000 to 10000s of Small Air Ions (SAI) per cubic cm, consisting of both positive and negative ions. However, in Homes & Offices this level of SAI drops to less than 30 per cubic cm, which is not healthy and is detrimental to health of biological systems.

In fact this poor air quality leads to ‘Chronic-Aero-Ionic-Starvation’, contributing to ageing and various chronic diseases. Therefore, we all need to Restore the Small Air Ions (SAI) found naturally in the fresh air of Nature to our indoor environment. Negative Ionizers (unipolar – delivering only negative ions) cannot achieve this healthy balance or level of  SAI that is required to create & maintain fresh living healthy ionized air. In fact their use is prohibited in workplaces in Russia. Ionized air is fresh air that we have naturally evolved with and ‘living air’ which is very important to our health, well being and continuing development. Bipolar Ionizer usage also naturally increases the levels of Oxygen Ions in the air too, which is very beneficial. As well as neutralizing bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens (View) and various Volatile Organic Compounds (View). Supports symptoms of Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Hay Fever, electro-sensitivity, chemical-sensitivity and Chemtrail Effects. As important as any Earthing Product, Earthing Sheet, Earthing Mat or any other Grounding Product. These replace the Elanra Ionisers we used to support.

Barefoot ConnectionsTM / EarthFXTM  Clint Ober Earthing / Grounding Products.  Genuine Grounding / Earthing Solutions from Earthing.Com offering Earthing Products, Earthing Sheets, Earthing Mats, Earthing Starter Kits, Earthing Garments, Earthing Pillow Cases & more. The best EMR Protection For Day, Office, Home & Night Time Use. Widest range of earthing products and earthing starter kits anywhere, plus the best prices and after sales service & support

Earthing / Grounding: We offer the most comprehensive and widest range of Official Clint Ober Earthing / Grounding Products and Earthing Starter Kits available anywhere.  We can even supply ‘Earthing Kits’ to your specification on request at discount. As well as above products we also offer Earthing Socks, Gloves, Knee and Elbow Sleeves for Earthing specific areas of the body, Earthing Pads for Cars and Water Filters & Car Grounding Straps. Plus, unique to Equilibra, we also include the Safest Mains Earth Connection Kits available anywhere for your total Earthing protection and complete peace of mind!

Importance of Earthing / Grounding The Body To Mother EarthOur Re-Connection With Nature and the Environment & Why We Need To Preserve This Important Connection

DetektaLabel11a Dirty Electricity Meter & Filters:

Dirty Electricity – also known as transients/noise/harmonics – is becoming an increasing health concern. In Dirty Electricity (DE): Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, epidemiologist Sam Milham, MD points out that the major diseases plaguing modern man — heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. — may be triggered by a prevalent, yet nearly entirely overlooked, cause: dirty electricity. Dr. Magda Havas refers to Dirty Electricity thus: ‘… electric power that has become corrupted by our use of modern appliances. Items such as CFL bulbs, cell phone transmission antennas, power supplies for portable computers, cell phone chargers, dimmer switches, variable speed fans and many other electronic devices that require a transformer to convert the voltage will “dirty” the electricity that enters your home.’

Yet one of the biggest causes of Dirty Electricity is Solar Panels! Inverters used in Solar Panel installations create high levels of electric & magnetic fields as well as extremely high levels of DE. However this is not restricted to the house to which the Panels are attached to. With Solar Panel installations electricity is passed back into the electrical grid, so these high levels of Dirty Electricity are then delivered into every home on that same Grid! So if any of your neighbours, even some distance away, have Solar Panels fitted, then you are most likely to have high levels of DE entering into your home through your electrical supply without your knowledge. As high levels of DE are associated with major health concerns, then it is prudent for us all to be able to detect DE and measure it accurately, and then REMOVE it from our electrical wiring. We can now do this quite easily with our new State of the Art Power Pollution (DE) Meter and DE Filters for the Home & Workplace.

EMF Screened Bed Canopies/EMF Shielding Material For Protection from Microwave Radiation, WiFi, WiMAX, TETRA etc

Original Quinton Marine Plasma Mother Nature’s Most Efficient Natural Health Solution – Provides ALL the Nutrients The Body Needs For Cellular Repair And Healthy cellular rejuvenation. Supports all biological systems of the body. Used for over 100 years with great success.

100% Natural Organic Latex Mattresses Electrobiologically Neutral and Totally Chemical Free. Supports the body naturally and does not need the mattress to ‘warm up’ before doing so.

Healthpoint Microcurrent Stimulator how you can gain the power of the Acupuncture Master to treat 100s of conditions, safely and naturally, without needles or knowledge of Acupuncture. Full Instruction Manual and DVD . Automatic location of Meridian Points so you locate the right Meridians successfully.

Original Hungarian-Patented Salt Pipe Therapy – Supports All Respiratory Problems & Chemtrail Effects. Achieve the benefits of the European Salt Mines without leaving your Home. Excellent for supporting all respiratory complaints and essential if you live in an area that is subjected to a lot of Chemtrail Spraying activity

Demand Switches for extra protection from EM radiation while we sleep. Demand Switches  switch off the flow of electricity at the fuse box when there is no ‘demand’ on that circuit, thus reducing to zero the electrical radiation emitted from electrical wiring in the house/office/ building, and importantly, the sleeping area.


100% Stabilized Allisure Allicin – The Heart of Garlic We are pleased to introduce a new range of products. 100% Stabilized Allisure Allicin – the active part of Garlic, or the Heart of Garlic. Allicin is what gives Garlic it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties. For thousands of years Garlic has been referred to as Nature’s Natural Antibiotic. An excellent adjunct for supporting many health issues and the immune system. Now we can utilise the full benefits of Garlic in easy to use Capsules, Liquid, Gel and Spray.

acoustimeterEMF/EMR & Full Spectrum (200MHz – 8+GHz) Microwave Radiation Detectors

Including the NEW Acousticom 2 Full Spectrum Microwave Radiation Detector. In today’s highly electrified world we are surrounded by man-made radiation; whether that be magnetic field radiation, electrical field radiation, or the plethora of ‘all things wireless’ radiation we are now being bombarded with. Today, more than ever, it is prudent for all of us to be able to check where this radiation is, how strong it is and whether or not it is causing any ‘Hot Spots’ in our Home or Working environment – places where we spend most of our time. It is vitally important to know if we are sleeping in an unsafe space so we can then do something positive about it. An EMR Meter will allow us to determine unsafe levels and where they exist. Then we can do something positive by adopting some of the solutions above to help protect us.

Dangers of using Smart Meters More PDF Files can be found here with Smart Meters Part1 and Smart Meters Part2.  If you open up Part2 and look at the pictures on the first few pages of the damage these Meters cause to living things, the message may hit home. We should all avoid using these Meters at any cost! If you are concerned then please print out this leaflet and pass on to your friends and family

See Online Catalogue For Our Full Extensive Range Of Products & Sale Offers:



[acc_item title=”Continue here to find out more of what is included in this site that is not listed above”]

Our intention is to provide fresh, stimulating and balanced information on all aspects related to health and spirituality. Plus Methods and Products that we can undertake/use to help the body recover its natural equilibrium: from natural and healthy Nutritional Food Supplements including the uniquest, remarkable & most sought after nutritional product anywhere: Original Quinton Marine Plasma, Mother Nature’s exceptional gift collected from the Nutrient Rich Plankton Blooms. Nature’s and the ocean’s powerful answer to our present day health & nutritional challenges, providing the body and every one of its’ cells with all the nutrients needed for cellular repair and healthy regeneration. See remarkable microscopic video footage of our cells dealing with pathogens after taking Phytoplankton.

We also have probably the best EMR Protection in the form of Barefoot Connections / EarthFX Personal Body Grounding/Earthing Solutions & Earthing Products. When the body is ‘grounded’ it discharges excess static and AC body voltage to earth allowing more of the body’s energy stores to do what it does best – healing and repair, homeostasis! Earthing Sheets, Earthing Mats, Earthing Recovery Bags, Earthing Starter Kits & other Earthing Car and Earthing Office products. Additionally the body benefits from the Earth’s Direct Current (DC, as opposed to the unnatural man-made Alternating Current – AC) plus copious amounts of the Earth’s Free Electrons, which science has shown are naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in action.

Plus we have energy products (for energising and improving water +++ ), and Microwave Radiation Screening Material and Microwave Radiation Screened Bed Canopies for protection for EHS sufferers & anybody concerned about the effects this potentially damaging microwave/wireless radiation may be having upon their health.

PLUS we have Demand Switches for extra protection from EM radiation while we sleep. Demand Switches  switch off the flow of electricity at the fuse box when there is no ‘demand’, thus reducing to zero the electrical radiation emitted from electrical wiring in the house/office/ building, and importantly, the sleeping area.

And we also have EMF, Microwave & Ionising Radiation monitors/detectors for the detection of EMFs and Microwave Radiationand X-Ray and Nuclear Radiation.

We have our Cardiovascular Section to help to try and prevent Strokes & Heart Attacks, and for supporting good arterial health, circulation, stamina, energy and more. 

We also have the unique and amazing Healthpoint Microcurrent Stimulator: how you can gain the power of the Acupuncture Master to treat 100s of conditions, safely and naturally, without needles or knowledge of Acupuncture. Full instructional DVD and Informative Treatment Book, Diagrams, Location Points etc for all Treatment Protocols. Plus the Unit easily identifies when you are over each Meridian Point by indicating change in the sound emitted. Simple to use, but very effective for supporting many  conditions.

Plus we have the Original Hungarian-Patented Salt Pipe Therapy – Supports All Respiratory Problems & Helps Eradicate Chemtrail Effects

In the articles section, we offer an understanding and explanation of the many spiritual & religious deceptions responsible for creating an illusory reality many people today believe is actually real. Obviously it is up to the reader to utilise their intuition to determine what what information is relevant and useful to their self.[/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Importance of Water – The ‘Memory of Water“]

The ability of water to store and share information and the part it plays in ‘consciousness’ and life itself has always been a large part of this web site’s information. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THOSE WHO WISH YOU TO BELIEVE OTHERWISE. Without a balanced internal full elemental and nutritionally-electrolyte rich watery environment (bioterrain) our DNA through our intra- and extra-cellular fluid would be unable to instruct our cells on a biophysical (energy-informational) level how to behave correctly, do their job biologically/biochemically, and replicate and repair in a healthy way. If our internal bioterrain is affected in, and by, any unbalanced way (and there are many), then our DNA, genes and subsequently our ‘consciousness/soul’ can be influenced by anybody, and in any subjectective or pre-designed way. Basic biophysical science. See Quinton Marine Plasma for more on importance of bioterrain and Articles section for more on ‘memory’ of water and the importance this has on our life, spiritual and physical.


The photographs above are of the lifeforce energy (light/biophotons) and the beautiful crystalline structure found in water energized by our Universal Harmonisers [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”The following is a brief taster of what can also be found within this site:”]

We also offer ARTICLES on the potential dangers of EMFs, microwave radiation from Mobile Phone Masts and the new era Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT), Wi-Fi and all things wireless, and how we can Protect Our Home and Family – the four main contributory factors in illness and diseaseNutrition that actually does what it says on the tin.

We also cover the duplicity that exists in some Spiritual and New Age Teachings and many modern Healing Modalities that have been deliberately created to deceive us – See Shopping For Spirit The Search For Truth in articles section.

energyfieldsafectedbymobileradiationEquilibra brings leading edge energy products; authentic, original and unavailable anywhere else which can enhance our natural protection against man-made negative energies, such as harmful EMFs, Microwave Radiation from Mobile Phones, Phone Masts and the New Era of Wireless communication such as Cordless Digital Phones (DECT) and the upcoming switch to Digital TV.

The Photograph to the left shows the detrimental effect mobile phones (microwave radiation) can have upon our energy fields. For more details and more photographs of Human Energy Fields, please

As water is replete in all things,Our Water Energising Products enable us to vastly improve the quality of the water, food and nutritional products we consume by restoring balanced life-force energy (biophotons) and the required life-creating/life-sustaining crystalline structure to the inherent water molecules, which is generally lost due to man’s interference with Nature. According to Schweitzer, this enhances the ATP response in the body for healthier cells and longevity. According to the work of Masaru Emoto it is the quality and perfection of the crystalline structure that is important if water is to share its life-sustaining qualities with us.

We examine how the quality of Water can play a significant part in our health and physical well-being.  We examine how water stores energy/information and shares this with us, and how it is our intracellular fluid – basically salt water full of nutrients – that transfers information from our DNA to our cells on how they should behave etc. We examine the implications of how water’s ability to store energy/information can impact upon our biophysical & biological health,  as well as our beliefs, emotions, thoughts, actions and spiritual ‘direction’ today. See ARTICLES


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