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As well as clearing and balancing the energy fields and energy centres of the body we need to address the physical body itself. If we examine the findings of Biophysics research we understand that we are not designed to become ill at all! We only become ill when the defence mechanism of the body is weakened! Biophysics established this fact some thirty or so years ago. Why then, are we becoming ill?

For the answer I looked at what has changed significantly over the years that could possibly contribute towards, and bring us, more cancers and more serious illnesses? What has changed so dramatically over these years to weaken our defence mechanism? I looked at the last 100 years to see what changes, if any had taken place. There were four main areas, which had shown dramatic, and significant changes over this period and which, on the face of it, would appear to give cause for concern. There are many other contributory factors to consider, such as smoking, fluoride, amalgam fillings, plastic bottles and containers, distilled water, vaccinations, medication etc., which weaken our defence mechanisms, but what stand out above all others are four major areas, which we need to examine! This is a brief overview of my research findings over the last six years.


1.       There has been a massive increase in the use of electricity and electrical and electronic equipment.

2.       There has been a reduction in the level of oxygen in the air that we breathe of over 50%.

3.       There has been a reduction in nutrient levels in farmed land across Europe by some 72%.

4.       There has been a massive increase in toxic chemicals in the air, our food, water and medication etc.


Findings 1.

         Our bodies are energy, Electrical energy. Each of our cells has it’s own Electromagnetic Field. Fact!

         We measure electrical activity of the brain with Electroencephalograms, and we use an Electro-cardiograph (ECG) for measuring and interpreting the electrical activity of the heart.

         We can make a muscle contract by electronically reproducing the electrical potential the muscle needs to produce to make it contract.

         We use Electromyography to record the response of a muscle to electrical stimulation.

         Electrolytes in our body are positively or negatively charged and conduct electricity– basic chemistry.

         During the day sodium and calcium electrolytes move into the cell while magnesium and potassium electrolytes move out. This process is reversed when we go to sleep.

         Ions (a charged atom/particle or a group of atoms/particles which are capable of conducting electricity~energy) in our body are either positive (cations) or negative (anions) and conduct electricity.

We could go on and on. The fact remains, our body is composed of energy and it has it’s own energy field which we can photograph and today, even video.

The basic law of physics tells us that when we have energy fields in contact with each other, there will be an interaction between the different fields. But, is the interaction harmful or beneficial to our biophysical body? It is harmful, (as I have scientifically demonstrated in my Document, The Dangers of EMF Radiation and What We Can Do To Improve Our Health In Today’s Polluted World). The effects can also be demonstrated to be harmful by kinesiology testing, or dowsing, or by using a Lecher Antenna, which is a scientific apparatus developed in France used to measure subtle energy fields.

A VDU for example at 20000Hz is hitting our energy fields at 20000 times a second. This is 72 MILLION TIMES AN HOUR! This is literally blowing a huge hole in our energy fields. Some mobile phones operate at GigaHertz (GHz) 0.8/0.9 GHz and 1.8/1.9 GHz, the latter being nearly two million (or could that be 2 billion) cycles per second, or 1.14 BILLION (TRILLION?) TIMES IN JUST TEN MINUTES! Imagine what this does to our energy fields? Especially energy fields around the head and brain. Protection from these fields is essential to both prevent and reverse illness and disease. See my ‘Document’ for protection methods and energy devices available, which help protect us from these and other negative energies.


         EMF’s produce free radicals.

         EMF’s cause electromagnetic stress, which reduces immune response.

         EMF’s cause movement of electrons in our cells. Our cells then have to work hard to maintain their own EM fields expending unnecessary energy.

         EMF’s also move ions into and out of the cells, again expending unnecessary energy by making the body work hard to correct these moves and restore balance. This reduces the energy potential of the cell because the cell is expending unnecessary energy to do this, thus weakening its’ defence mechanism, or immune system.

         An example of this weakening effect would be a virus, which is not mobile and is like a little crystal and can only attach to a cell membrane when the energy of the cell is down. Viruses do not affect us unless the cell’s energy potential is weakened.

         EMF’s promote the effect of known carcinogens and increase the rate of tumour growth by up to 24X.

         Magnetic fields travel right through the body and through every cell, affecting every cell.

         Electrical fields are absorbed by the skin and affect the peripheral energies of the body.

         Studies show that this type of radiation can cause – All types of cancer, headaches, fatigue, M.E., heart disease, eye problems and memory loss, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cot Death, CNS problems, tumours, especially brain tumours, miscarriages, deformities in embryos, Breast cancer and childhood cancer and leukaemia, to name a few.

For further scientific proof of the dangers to our health from these energy fields see my Document ‘ The Dangers of EMF Radiation….’

Findings 2.

Pre 1900 Oxygen levels in our air were 32%. They are now as low as 15% and 10% in some cities like Tokyo.

         Approximately 90% of the body’s energy is created by oxygen.

         Nearly all of our body’s activities, from brain function to elimination are regulated by oxygen.

         Dr. Otto Warburg, three time’s nominee for the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and twice winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, discovered that Cancer was the result of the lack of cellular oxygenation!

         Oxygen supports combustion and is essential to ALL life and is essential in every cellular function.

         Oxygen enables us to burn fuel for energy to both nourish and repair the cell.

         Oxygen breaks down excess or toxic materials in the body and acts as a guardian, protector against unfriendly bacteria and disease organisms.

         Insufficient oxygen causes the cell to look for other sources of energy, i.e. from fermentation. This results in an anaerobic environment and allows the cells to produce improper chemicals, and the cells then become unhealthy and weak and lose their immune system, leaving them prone to attack.

         The majority of pathogens (agents capable of producing disease) are anaerobic and proliferate in the absence of oxygen.

Reduced oxygen levels in the body will lead to illness and disease. That is fact, there is no question and no doubt about this. In our attempt to prevent and reverse illness we must start by increasing the oxygen levels in our bodies.

Findings 3.

         There has been a 72% reduction in nutrient levels in farmed land across Europe over the last 100 years. 1992 Earth Summit Report.

         If nutrients are not in our soil, they are not in our food.

         “Sick soil means sick animals and sick people. We have sick soil.” US Senate Document 264.

         Glyphosphate is the worlds top selling broad-spectrum herbicide and kills all green plants by BLOCKING the pathway for nutrients. Pesticide News Dec. 1996. We are ingesting these pesticides every day!

         Minerals play a critical role in the synthesis of DNA. They are the essential sparks of life that generate and maintain electrical production in our bodies.

         Every metabolic function of the body, including the digestion and absorption of the food we eat, depends on enzymes.

         Enzymes are only produced in the presence of minerals and trace minerals. They are either a basic part of each enzyme or interact with them

         Every cell in the body produces various enzymes and enzymes need an additional component called a CO-enzyme, which is derived from a vitamin or mineral, without which they cannot function properly. This is basic chemistry/physiology.

         Correct nutrient levels allow the body to increase its red blood cell count (the oxygen carrying part) which further feeds the cells.

         Hormones are the primary regulators of metabolism (energy production) and are ineffective without proper minerals and vitamins.

         The chief role of minerals is to help regulate body processes.


         Only Ionic (electrically charged to work with the body, not against it), sub-colloidal minerals are digested almost completely by the body. Up to 98% assimilation compared with about 5% assimilation by standard readily available mineral products.

         Note this medical fact – All the vitamins in the world are worthless unless our body is minerally and bio-electrically balanced.

Reduced nutrient levels, especially minerals, in our body will result in illness and disease. We need to balance the mineral levels in our body if we are to prevent or reverse illness. We need 90+ nutrients daily to survive. We cannot and do not receive these nutrients from our food – no matter what anybody else may be saying!


Findings 4.

         We are constantly being bombarded with toxic chemicals from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink. From personal care products, dental amalgams and even the medicine we are prescribed to take. These chemicals, which are alien to our biological and biophysical bodies, contribute to our present day illnesses. We have the illogical and the unnatural approach of trying to ‘cure’ a toxic overload by the ingestion of more toxic chemicals. This we call medicine!

         Every year 1.17 million people are put in a hospital bed by a medical procedure gone wrong.

         80 % of the treatments we take for granted have never been scientifically proven to work, let alone are safe!

         In many instances modern medicines cure is far worse than the disease!

         Free Radicals are known cancer-causing agents and are produced from many of the chemicals we are unwittingly ingesting and are in the very air that we breathe.

         Anti-Oxidants are powerful Free Radical scavengers. That is they destroy these cancer causing, or cancer promoting substances. They are a powerful tool in assisting our immune system, our defence mechanism to combat these threats to our health.

         Most of us are aware of the standard A/O’s, such as Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, E, Selenium etc., but there are more powerful natural botanical A/O’s available.

         Maritime Pine Bark, Grape Seed Extract, and Circuminoids are three of the most powerful A/O’s known to man.

We need to supplement our diet with these powerful health aids. They act like a second immune system, and help to take the pressure off our defence mechanism allowing it to do its work where it is most needed.

If we increase oxygen levels and mineral levels in the body, we are providing the body with the correct foundation for what it needs at cellular level to burn off toxins, repair damage to cells, and to strengthen it’s defence mechanism. Antioxidants also help the body to do this. Protection from EMF and electrical radiation is also of paramount importance to reduce the threat imposed upon our immune system, our defence mechanism.

If we provide the body with what it needs naturally at cellular level, with substances it can work with, then the body’s immense ability to correct imbalances within itself is strengthened and heightened to an extraordinary level.

If we also improve the weaknesses in the body’s energy fields by removing negative energies and clearing blockages (including mental, emotional, as well as physical), clean and realign the major and minor energy (vortex) centres, we are naturally strengthening and expanding the body’s own protective energy field – the aura – and in so doing, the physical body is further protected and is therefore allowed to achieve even more balance – quicker!

Remember we are not designed to become ill. The body will restore it’s natural balance if it is placed in the right environment, given the right tools to work with and most importantly, being allowed to do so.

Health, disease and illness are very simple processes and are very simple to address, naturally.

As part of my research, I naturally researched the validity and efficacy of various products available in the market place. From my findings and research, there is only one make of stabilised oxygen (25 years scientific study behind this one product alone) and one make of ionic, sub-colloidal vitamin / mineral solutions that I use in my treatments and that I would recommend! (From the only company who has the technology to produce the minerals and vitamins in this form, a form in which natural vegetation presents them to us - hence the high absorption factor – 98%). Other oxygen products, especially those that contain Hydrogen Peroxide or Magnesium Peroxide I would not recommend at all after reviewing the latest scientific studies into the effects these have upon, and within the body. The majority of products available in the market place are just not good enough these days. They cannot be absorbed by the body in sufficient levels to be of any use to the body. Again, it is all about energy exchange – with most mineral products the body expends more energy breaking the product down than it gets as an end result – not energy efficient. Sadly there is a profit before health mentality in all walks of life.

With regard to the A/O’s, there is again only one product I would recommend because it contains Grapeseed Extract, Maritime Pine Bark, Circuminoids, Vit C, E, Alpha- and Beta-Carotene plus++, and is the most powerful A/O on the market today. Because of the cost of this one product alone, and the fact that A/O’s are not as critical in the whole treatment protocol as the other elements involved, then other cheaper products which contain only Grapeseed Extract or Maritime Pine Bark, for example, may be utilised to do the same job if cost becomes an important factor in choice.

My mum is a walking, living example of the above outlined treatment. My mum was scheduled to have an operation to remove a lump from her leg, having had some seven or so years earlier, a malignant melanoma removed. This operation was then postponed so she could have a huge lump removed from her breast. The Consultants felt that this represented a greater threat to my mum’s health than the lump in her leg did. To cut a long story short my mum’s operation was scheduled for 29th June 1998. Only minutes before my mum went down to theatre, she complained that she had not been ‘marked’ and was naturally concerned that the correct breast was operated on! The surgeon came to the ward, apologised to my mum, who was naturally quite distressed, and proceeded to palpate the breast with the intention of marking it there and then. The surgeon ended up sitting on the end of the bed shaking his head and apologising to my mum because he didn't know what was happening – he could barely locate the lump, it had virtually disappeared – she didn’t need the operation and he was going to send her home! My mother at first broke into tears and then eventually started laughing and said it's not often you get to go into hospital for bed and breakfast – she was admitted the night before.

On August 4th my mum got the all clear – no trace of the lump in her breast whatsoever. On August the 11th, surprise, surprise, there was also no trace of the lump on her leg either. Coincidence?  Miracle? You’ll have to decide for yourself what you think. But in three months and one week after undergoing the above mentioned natural treatment SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED. My mum’s body had somehow repaired itself, restored its own balance. Distant healing in the beginning, protection from EMF’s (all electrical equipment), Stabilised Oxygen, Nutrients, and Antioxidants as previously discussed were ALL that my mother used to help her body achieve balance, thus restoring health. She refused to have any medical treatment after she saw how my father suffered from chemotherapy before he died of cancer at Christmas. Proof? If this were the only case of its kind then I’d be sceptical but hopeful, but it’s not, and therefore I am not sceptical but very excited instead.

To date my mum continues with a maintenance programme, using Dr LaMar's Stabilised Oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants. (See Products Page - Nutrients for more information) Plus she carries with her at all times Equilibra's Personal Energy Enhancer and also places this under her pillow every night. This helps to strengthen her energy fields and helps her energy fields ground and disperse chaotic energies emitted by electrical and electronic equipment, other people, unhealthy environments and aids the body with its natural repair and detoxification processes.(See Products Page- Energy Products for more details)

Remember we are not designed to become ill. We are, however, led to believe that this process of illness and disease whilst unfortunate, is unavoidable. This is not true! We are led to believe this ‘smoke screen’ scenario incorrectly. We can live a long and healthy life without illness and disease, without pain and suffering, but only if we know how we can provide the body with the ‘tools’ that are missing in our present day environment. ‘Tools’ that will create the optimum conditions for the body to effect it’s own repairs and ultimately restore health and vitality.

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