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Part Three by Steve Gamble

In Parts One and Two I have been discussing consciousness and how it has become imbalanced and how connecting to and resonating with this external consciousness enables its imbalance to enter our personal energy fields. So what is this external consciousness? How does it become imbalanced and enter our personal energy fields? To answer these questions we need to understand more of what consciousness is and how Nature works in exactly the same way, no matter how large or small an entity or process may be. However, it is important to note that what follows are merely words, or labels, used in an attempt to explain something more profound than words can ever hope to be.

There are various levels of consciousness: the two most well known concepts are our daily consciousness and subconsciousness. Our daily (or conscious) consciousness is that which we are aware of in our waking moments, the feeling and memory of who and what we are and of what is going on around us. It is our perception, the totality of our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Subconsciousness is that part of consciousness of which we are not consciously aware, for example, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and its two branches, the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, work in the background, beavering away in order to maintain equilibrium without us generally having any conscious awareness or control over its actions. The subconscious also works on an emotional level. For example, unexplained phobias can stem from deep-seated fears held in our subconscious, which cause us to react in a particular way, for the most part without our knowing why.

There are, however, other levels of consciousness that also exist on a subconscious or subliminal level. Two of these lesser-known concepts of consciousness are 'pre-conceptual consciousness' and 'external' or 'outer' consciousness. Pre-conceptual consciousness is our consciousness/soul when it is in complete union with that essence from which all things physical are created, that which is before all else - the Spirit and the Light that animates physical life. It is consciousness that is the complete and perfect image of the Light of the Virginal Spirit, the Pre-existent Father, the Oneness of everything.

As the Light and Pre-conceptual consciousness expand in union from source through all the dimensions of creation, they eventually reach the physical reality, the world of separation (more in a later part), where pre-conceptual consciousness gradually begins to separate from its union with the light/spirit as it starts to filter through the nine (1-9) vibrations of the astral and physical planes. Here, pre-conceptual conciousness first becomes the subconscious mind, and then the conscious (intellectual) mind, a mind that is easily influenced by the intellect and ego of others.

This is the separation of the Soul (consciousness) from Spirit (light) in this physical third-dimension. Because many people today believe and are taught that the soul and the spirit are one and the same - which is totally and wholly incorrect - we will cover this soul/spirit relationship and their individual and important functions in this physical reality in a later part of this seriesof articles.

'Outer' or 'external' consciousness is the energy that is made up of the collective thought-forms and emotions of man and all living things, created by the intellect, ego and fear of the conscious mind and to a lesser extent, the sub-conscious mind. It is the Earth's consciousness, within which the energy imprint of both conscious and subconscious thought-forms are stored. Hence our emotions, fears and thought-forms remain in constant contact or resonance with us through the Earth's consciousness. We continually contribute to and are consequently affected by this 'external' consciousness. As we cannot exist without interaction with the Earth's consciousness, the profound impact this 'outer' or external consciousness has on our experience of reality can never be underestimated. This is where the illusory reality and the imbalanced ego consciousness reside. We shall examine this concept in detail in a later article.


Each of our cells has its own Electromagnetic (EM) field. This EM field is the cells' energy field (auric field), or more correctly, it is the 'consciousness' of the cell. Consciousness is the precursor for our DNA structure, and it is this information, stored within the cells' energy field, that determines whether the cell reproduces itself in a healthy or unhealthy way. If chaotic and disharmonious information is stored in the EM field of the cell, the original information held there is altered, and the 'consciousness' of the cell, the energy that feeds and instructs the cell how to behave, becomes imbalanced.

For example, if a breast tumour were examined, and then x-rayed six months later, the presence of the tumour could still be evident. However, during those six months practically all of the cells of the body have changed and renewed themselves. The skeleton, for example, is renewed every three months or so, the skin every month, the stomach lining every four days and a new liver in about six weeks. Therefore, after six months, the tumour is, to all intents and purposes, a brand new tumour. The original tumour cells have all died and been replaced by new tumour cells. Why is this? Why have the diseased cells not been regenerated as healthy ones?

Scientists have recently discovered that the 'memory' of a cell holds information which enables the cell to reproduce in its own likeness.1 In the case of the tumour, this is in the same diseased way. The new tumour is replicated and reproduced from the 'memory' of the cells of the previous tumour, quite simply because the 'consciousness' which feeds the cell and pre-determines its structure, has become altered or unbalanced. The information, which the tumour cells' consciousness now holds, has become compromised by chaotic information (energy) which has affected the ordered and harmonious information of its original blueprint. Hence, the tumour reproduces itself in an unhealthy way and the tumour continues to exist.

Russian scientists have discovered that a healthy cell has a uniform, balanced and harmonious energy field around it, whereas an unhealthy cell has an aggressive, irregular and unbalanced energy field. Further, they discovered that because of the aggressive nature of unbalanced cells (their energy fields or consciousness) these cells had the ability to affect balanced and healthy cells, and, over time, influence them into becoming like-minded unbalanced cells through what is known as resonance,. Rather like a tuning fork setting off other tuning forks around it.

Thus, it is the 'memory' behind the cell, its energetic blueprint, which constitutes the state of the cell's consciousness and how it will replicate itself.

This same principle applies to the human body and its energy fields. There are many labels attributed to the energy fields of the body, such as the biophysical field, the auric field, or the morphogenic field; all are merely labels describing pretty much the same thing. For simplicity of understanding, when we talk about Electromagnetic (EM) or auric or energy fields, we are talking about the 'consciousness' which feeds and determines the physical outcome. As biophysicists have discovered, it is only when the defence mechanism (EM field) of the body becomes weakened that we become ill.3 When our energy field is balanced and strong, physically we are in good health, but when our energy field is over exposed to chaotic disturbed and unbalanced energies, we have ill health. We too have this 'consciousness' - this 'memory' - which governs the overall health of the human organism. When this personal collective consciousness (the totality of our energy fields) is balanced we are in good physical health, and when it is unbalanced we are predisposed to illness and disease.

This same simple process applies to Mother Earth. She has Her consciousness, which when balanced encourages a clean harmonious environment and good health, but when unbalanced leads to an unhealthy environment and ill health amongst Her inhabitants. It also applies to Solar Systems and Galaxies, because Nature and All That Is works exactly the same way whether it is an amoeba, seed, plant, human, planet or Star. Balanced consciousness equals good health - imbalanced consciousness equals chaos and ill health.

All consciousness is interactive. All consciousness feeds and shares information, for all consciousness is part of the greater whole of all that IS.

But what exactly is this 'consciousness'? Where does this consciousness exist and how can the Earth's consciousness affect our own consciousness? For the answer to these questions we need to look at the properties of water.


The subject of water and its many properties could cover many, many books in itself. However, it is not within the scope of this article to cover all aspects of the controversial debate between orthodox science and forward-thinking physicists. There are a few wonderful books available based on the research of open-minded scientists, such as Viktor Schauberger4, J. Benveniste5, and Johann Grander6 and others.

Fundamentally, water is essential to all living things. Along with the energy from the Sun (fire), it is the foundation of all life on Earth. The Earth's atmosphere contains life-forming water molecules, and is the sustainer and nurturer of all life as we know it. The two principles of fire and water create life in this physical reality.

Our existence is intimately connected with the quality of water available to us, but for many people water is no more than a liquid for quenching thirst, for bathing in and for putting out fires. However, water has some very profound properties. Wolfgang Ludwig, physicist and advisor to the World Research Foundation states: 'The water molecule is a polar molecule - it has positive and negative charges separated by a dipole length. In the same way that a magnet has a North and South Pole, so the water molecule has a positive and negative pole and is therefore, an electric dipole. Because of its dipole structure, water has the property of storing information. The dipole structure of the water allows information to be stored as in the case of magnetic tapes or magnetic disks.'7 

Water stores information and therefore, has 'memory'. This is exactly how homeopathy works, although the traditional stance adopted by the medical profession still claims that homeopathy cannot work in such infinitesimal doses.  The science of Biochemistry claims that anything diluted beyond D23 retains nothing of the original (introduced) substance and is, therefore, returned to pure water or saline, depending on the original solution. For example, if Belladonna were introduced into pure water and diluted to D23 (dilution 23), that is 1:1023, or 1:100000000000000000000000, biochemists would claim that nothing of the introduced substance (belladonna) would remain at this dilution. On a molecular level this would be correct, but it is only one part of the story. The science of Biophysics, on the other hand, has shown that when carrying out this same experiment they can introduce a substance to pure water and dilute the solution to D200, that is 1:10200, or 1:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


0000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and they can not only measure the Electromagnetic field of the substance introduced, but also photograph the energy fields of the original substance introduced at this dilution. Both testing methods of biophysicists clearly show that the presence of the original substance introduced (i.e. belladonna) is still in the solution at D200 in an energy form. In other words, the energy imprint, the 'consciousness' of the original substance introduced, has been recorded and stored in the solution. This is absolute concrete, unequivocal proof that water stores information - that water has memory.

Just like a video or cassette tape or the hard drive of a computer records or stores information, water records and stores information in a similar way - through energy imprints on an energy or consciousness level.

Water also has other properties. According to tests made by Engler and Kokoschinegg in 1988, water has a structural memory and a structural variability, and because of this it can store acquired information over a long period of time and pass it over to the body8. Thus, water can share its memory with our bodies! Now, just allow this information to sink in. The realisation of these truths will have a profound effect upon our psyche and our current understanding of many of the things we have been led to believe through the current 'orthodox' scientific, medical and media propaganda machines. 

Furthermore, of what is the Earth mostly comprised? Water. The surface of the Earth is covered by approximately 80% water. The Earth's atmosphere is full of water molecules. Thus it becomes obvious that the Earth is literally one big memory bank. A huge library of stored information. Water is the Akashic Records, if you like, of the complete history of the Earth.

Since emotions are very strong and powerful energies, would it be fair to assume that the Earth's consciousness (its water) has stored all emotional fears since these emotions began? As discussed in Part One, there are only two emotions; love (which is balanced) and fear (which is unbalanced). Would it be fair to say that, in the main, the fear-based emotion of Man has prevailed throughout mankind's history and therefore this unbalanced emotional energy has been stored in the Earth's consciousness, gradually and increasingly unbalancing the Earth's consciousness? Is it merely a coincidence that in many ancient civilisations water has often been referred to as the 'consciousness' or the 'emotion' of Mother Earth? Did some of our ancient cultures know about and value the 'memory' of water?

Physically, the human being is also 70 - 80% water. The brain is 85% water, the muscles 75% blood is 90%, the liver 82% and the bones 22% water. It is no coincidence that we too are highly emotional. With a population of over six billion people, the collective emotional consciousness of Man is primarily fear-based and we are continually feeding our imbalanced emotions into the 'consciousness' of Mother Earth, perpetuating the problem. Since the memory of the Earth's water is mainly founded on unbalanced fear-based energies, and since this energetic imbalanced memory can be passed within ourselves, (i.e. water can 'share' its memory with our bodies) we naturally become increasingly prone to the illusionary reality by interacting with these fear-based energies and feeding them back into our bodies. Every three seconds or so we breathe in thousands, if not millions, of water molecules. Every drink we consume and each time we eat food (which contains hundreds of thousands of water molecules) we are bringing this unbalanced fear-based emotional memory (energy) into our bodies. Every time we wash, shower or swim we are resonating with this 'consciousness' in an energy form and physically too through the pores of our skin. The Earth's water molecules share this memory, this emotional imbalance with us and our energy fields. So, in effect, we do reap what we sow.

Is it any wonder that we humans are becoming more emotional and more aggressive? Is it any wonder we find it more difficult to see through the illusion (the darkness as Jesus referred to it) 9 - this 'inversion of truth mentality' and the imbalance it produces, something we have surrounded ourselves with over time and now have to interact with?

Water is not only polluted by our unbalanced emotions. Our atmosphere is heavily polluted with chemicals and noxious gases, and oxygen levels have depleted by over half in some areas over the last hundred years. Rivers and oceans are polluted with toxic and chemical residue to the extent that some of the fish face a dilemma before they go out on a Friday night: they are not sure whether to dress as a male or a female and some even wear a shirt and tie, mini-skirt, suspenders and fishnet stockings because their sexuality has been severely compromised - they now have characteristics of both sexes within their make-up. Some even stay at home and chat themselves up!

Time Magazine reported that over 4000 chemicals have already been found in drinking water10. And, as we now understand, our methods of treating drinking water will leave behind the energy imprints of the toxic chemicals used in this process. Also, water is carried through straight metal pipelines; contrary to the way nature works in a natural, curving and winding path.

Water is 'consciousness' in our physical 3rd dimensional reality. It is a memory bank of stored information and our physical means of identity. the Earth's consciousness, the 'outer' consciousness is a 'memory' of stored - and now chaotic - mis-information built up over time, and the Earth's consciousness shares this information with our own consciousness through resonance. As a result, the Earth's consciousness has become the home of the greatest Illusionary Shopping Mall of all time. Using squatter's rites, the Illusion - the great lie of Man - houses all its wares, products and tactics and its library of [mis] information within the consciousness (memory) of the Earth and feeds this imbalance back to us. And as we begin to believe in the lie, we reinforce it through our beliefs and our actions and the disease, the imbalance we have created is perpetuated, and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Does the concept of the consciousness of water explain more about what happens at a cellular level? We know that the immune system sends 'killer' T-cells to fight infection or invasion by intruding aggressive organisms, but how does it know where to send them? Biophysicists have been able to determine that when a cell association dies, it dies as a complete entity, not cell by cell. 11. Physicists can also measure the light emitted by the body after it dies12, which is similar to what some psychics can see. Clearly, there is some form of collective communication going on here. Since a cell has its own intracellular fluid (fluid within the cell) and each cell is surrounded by intercellular fluid (fluid between the individual cells), could the 'consciousness' contained in this fluid (water) - which holds memory and has the ability to share information - explain how our cells are in communication with each other at all times? Does this also explain how the immune system knows where to send its troops? Because our bodies, organs, blood, tissues etc., are replete with water and water molecules - aka memory - aka consciousness?

Examining an unbalanced cell and its 'aggressive' nature, with its desire to control and manipulate other cells, can we see how this same scenario repeats itself in human form? Just like the bully or the tyrant, or the politician or the large multinational company, who rule through fear and aggression and who influence and attempt to control the masses with threatening behaviour. Is this the same 'cellular' unbalanced consciousness at work, but at a human level? Does this extend to the concept 'God' we find in many of today's religions, who likewise rules through jealousy, wrath, belligerence, fire and brimstone tactics? I.e., kill in My Name for you are the chosen few? All of which derive from fear-based emotions; all emotions based on the vibration of nine, the ego/intellect consciousness. Is this the same diseased,cellular-level and human-level consciousness, merely repeating itself within the Earth's consciousness, (the 'outer' consciousness) which is then fed back into us and our cells, and so the merry-go-round continues? Just like nine will always be nine? See Shopping For Spirit Part Two


Taken a step further; if this outer consciousness holds the memory of everything that has happened on Earth, especially the fear-based emotional energies of Man - (and emotions are extremely powerful energies) - then during a past life regression just whose past life are we tapping into? According to our present understanding of karma, our present actions allegedly affect our next incarnation, just as our past actions affect our present. Many popular interpretations of karma imply a Spiritual Hierarchy which sits in judgement of our behaviour here on Earth and therefore, to accept that past-life karma is brought into this present lifetime, we would have to accept that there is a spiritual hierarchy that sits in judgement. Are we back to the Council of Nine again (see Part Two), who are a judgement council? Surely only Man himself sits in judgement?

When we leave this Earth plane, when our spirit leaves its physical abode and ceases to animate matter, our energy or spirit leaves this world of separation, and the dual principles of fire and water, or spirit and consciousness (the principle of physical creation in the third Dimension as we understand it) become one again. In the state of Oneness, consciousness is automatically purified. Purified through its embodiment with the spirit/fire principle of purification, because it is no longer separated from it and, therefore, open to outside influences. Spirit just IS - pure unconditional love. Only in the 3rd dimensional physical world do we experience separation; separation of fire (spirit) and water (consciousness) leading to opposite spectrums of the same energy, such as, positive and negative, day and night, good and evil and love and hate (fear). It is only in the physical, third dimensional plane, where consciousness is separated from the spirit/fire element, that consciousness can become tainted through the influence of the unbalanced mind/ego/intellect. Creation works from the centre outwards, and it is important to realise that physical reality is the end result of creation, the furthest away from the centre, its source. It is the lowest vibration we can attain in order to animate matter. And Creation achieves this animation of matter through the medium of water. See Articles: Part Six and Healing Energy And Water, for more on this theme.

As I currently understand it, in every other dimension of reality there is no separation. Spirit/fire and consciousness/water are one and the same, just as they are when they [we] leave our physical host. I believe, therefore, that many of the present day explanations of karma whether found in religions, philosophies or the New Age Movement, were invented by the ego/intellect consciousness in order that we overlook our responsibility to, and interference with, Nature. Inserted into the psyche of Humans to blind ourselves to the mistakes we repeatedly make, including our justification for the atrocities of war (see the Council of Nine's justification of the Gulf War in Part Two) and Man's many other fear-based prejudices, such as racial hatred. Invented so we would not look at a person in a wheelchair or deformed by Man's interference in Nature, or someone suffering needlessly because of our materialistic and greed-driven ways, and feel the need to ask the question: Why is this happening? Invented so we would look, and patronisingly and dispassionately say, 'Oh it must be a past life thing, these people need to suffer now because of something they did in a past life'. And so we turn our heads away and ignore the true reality of what we are witnessing in front of our eyes; of what is being reflected back to us to witness and comprehend - the 'memory' or 'consciousness' our actions and interference in nature have created.

The terrible truth is that the purpose of this popular explanation of karma serves to absolve us from blame and stops us looking at the cause behind the challenges we are facing now - the cause being MAN himself - OURSELVES - through the insistence (through profit and greed and an unbalanced ego) that we know better than Nature.

Yes karma exists, but only in our third dimensional lifetime(s). What we reflect out is what we attract back to us, but when we leave our physical host we should leave as pure energy, pure consciousness and when we return we should naturally return as pure energy, pure consciousness. Neither Nature nor Spirit is judgmental in any way; Spirit is unconditional love, it is androgynous, pure balance, Oneness itself - it just IS.

Taken to the next level could it be that there is no such thing as a past life 'debt' brought into this present life, which is supposedly responsible for our current individual suffering? After all, we bring with us knowledge and purity of consciousness each time a new baby is born, but the memory of this is eroded by the ego/intellect consciousness we leave behind (in the water) and, therefore, our offspring are born into. Here lies the crux of what karma could truly be. Could karma be, primarily, a collective thing; a collective consciousness, the collective consciousness of Mother Earth? What we sow in this [physical] lifetime, we reap in another generation of physical lifetime. That is to say, the type of consciousness we create in the Earth's consciousness in this lifetime is the type of consciousness our offspring are born into i.e. balanced or unbalanced, healthy or unhealthy, fear-based or love-based. In other words, do we leave the legacy behind for our children (new cells) to inherit?

Secondly, could karma also be an understanding and awareness on an individual level, not only of the higher aspects of ourselves, but of the physical reality and this 'outer' consciousness we have collectively created on Mother Earth? Could the awareness and understanding gained in our 'present lifetimes' of living in this 'illusionary world' and the understanding of what we and the ego/intellect consciousness truly are, enable us to take this awareness and understanding away with us when we leave this physical plane? So when we come back (reincarnate) we can not only bring this awareness with us, but also most importantly, bring with it the knowledge and wisdom of how we can address the challenge we face:

·         By retaining this 'awareness' and the ability to see through the illusion and transcend the vibration of nine?

·         Use this wisdom to help balance our own consciousness first?

·         And then share this balanced knowledge and wisdom with others, so we can, over time, individually and collectively through our individual balanced consciousness, help to correct and balance the consciousness of Mother Earth, the disease we have created?

Or could reincarnation be something very, very different indeed to what we are led to believe it is? We will cover exactly what reincarnation is and who and what it applies to in full in chapter seven onwards.

Was this the message of Jesus when He warned proto-Christians and Jews alike that they were following the false god and his false angels, the Archons or the law-makers?

Symbolically, is this similar to a company that is having production problems, which sends somebody from management to the shop floor to find out what is going on and report back? The 'understanding' brought back to the management, and the awareness of what is going wrong, could then be utilised to produce solutions and remedies, which could then be sent back to the shop floor and 'changes' implemented which would hopefully restore balance and harmony between the workers and the management. This is only an allegory, it does not imply in any way there are any 'higher' structures in humanity and/or spirituality.

If what I have just put forward about karma holds some truth, that in part, karma does relate to the Earth's consciousness, and it is something we leave behind when we depart the physical body, and something we only come back to in another incarnation, why are we led to believe karma is individual to each of us - a personal debt that we take with us and return to in a succeeding life? In my view, this present day [mis] conception of karma is another inversion of truth (one of many we have discovered). Are we merely being deluded, once again, by the ego/intellect consciousness, into directing our attention away from our mistakes? 

Would it be fair to say if Man had not been on this planet, the Earth would not currently be facing such terrible challenges? Would the air and atmosphere be polluted? Or the rivers and oceans? Would the rainforests be depleted, the soil polluted and nutrient deficient? Would the planet be compromised by nuclear energy, and so many species of birds, animals, fish, plants and insects be facing extinction? Would fish know what to do on a Friday night? 'Express reporter Lucy Johnston had one single cell of her body fat tested for toxins. Although healthy and eating a healthy diet, she found it contained 500 synthetic chemicals, including two which are deadly and have been banned in Britain for many years. This compares to an analysis of a cell from an Egyptian mummy, which had virtually none'.13 I think it is fair to say that without Man's interference on Earth, the Earth would not be in such a dire state; to say nothing of what we are doing to ourselves.

What I am proposing is that we are ALL responsible for the illness and disease currently on this planet - the wars and the suffering and everything else. If we could accept that we could all be responsible for creating the outer unbalanced consciousness, over time, would it not be reasonable to assume, that it is up to us all to correct this imbalance? By balancing our own consciousness, which will automatically help to balance the Earth's consciousness? Is this what karma, our 'collective' karmic debt, is? The pollution of the Earth's consciousness, something which we are all responsible for? A debt we are all paying - collectively and individually? Could this be one of the major reasons we are procreating much faster? Similar to our T-cells (the good guys) being deployed on a mission to sort out the harmful and life-threatening invasion of pathogenic bacteria - aka the disease or the mess and the imbalance we have created on the Earth and in Her consciousness and Her memory banks?

Nobody deserves to suffer in today's world under the false belief and premise that it is because they are paying for something they did in a past life. The present misconceptions about karma are merely a very convenient way of averting our eyes from the truth behind the problems we are creating for ourselves today.

Thanks to advances in science, we now have it confirmed that we are indeed made up of light - we are in effect beings of light, or light beings. For those people who have touched upon this quintessential part of one's inner self, they will, like me, appreciate the exhilarating experience, and immensity of feeling and being the unconditional love we are, and the connectedness we have with all things through this love and light. Words cannot adequately describe the wonderment of it all and the deeply fulfilling experience of being at one with everything, as I'm sure you will appreciate. As a being of light, full of unconditional love, we have no comprehension of imbalance, hate, anger, fear, retribution etc. Experiencing the higher aspects of ourself outside of the constraints and shackles of the physical body makes us realise that, as this light being full of unconditional love, we could not possibly decide to incarnate in the physical body as a murderer, a paedophile or a rapist or sexual abuser, for this is totally alien to the love and light we are, yet modern-day perceptions of Karma would have us believe otherwise, that before we incarnate we do decide to be a sufferer or a murderer and so forth. This is of course, completely incorrect and an insult to the true being we are and the true spirit world. We will cover the 'false spirit world' and karmic decisions in later Chapters.

The only explanation for these physical acts of barbarity and imbalance is that consciousness, when separated from the light we are in this physical reality, can and does become influenced by the diseased consciousness we have created over time in this physical reality, a disease we incarnate into, just like a healthy cell can be converted into an unhealthy cell by aggressive and imbalanced cells around it. There is another explanation too, regarding lost souls and thought-forms, and we will examine this subject in Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine.

Or, could there be an even simpler explanation for karma, reincarnation, past lives and past life pain and suffering that is much more disturbing in nature? And, is there a possibility that every newborn baby is born with a brand new soul; a soul that reflects perfectly the spiritual light that animates the physical body? We will examine these questions and hopefully discover some challenging answers in Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine.

This brings us back to past-life regression, which I will examine from an 'overall view point' and not an individual one, as there are always exceptions to the rule.

Past life regressions are always very emotional experiences and in the main traumatic fear-based emotional experiences. In view of the fact we now know the consciousness of Mother Earth holds the memory of everything that has ever happened here on Earth - and therefore, the memory and emotion of every life that has ever lived on Earth - and that this information, this emotional memory can be shared with us through the Earth's consciousness, then the question we need to address is this: If we are pure each and every time we return here, then just whose past life are we experiencing? Is it merely a past life from our immediate forefathers that has been seeded through the genetic make-up we inherit from our parents and our parent's parents, and so on? Or are we being encouraged to dip our feet into the primordial pea-soup of the ego/intellect consciousness again which surrounds us - this disease or memory bank of unbalanced emotional energy - like so many of the modalities in the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts encourage us to do?

From my own experience in dealing with people who have undergone past-life regression therapy - and to be honest this experience has been limited - what I perceive is an energy embryo having been implanted into the psyche of the individual. By bringing in this so-called past life emotion, it appears to me that yet another emotional imbalance has been seeded into the energy field and consciousness of the individual, which will have to be dealt with at a later date. I find it disturbing that most past life experiences are based on the emotion of fear. When we are trying in this lifetime to bring balance and unconditional love into our consciousness, why is it so easy for people to be drawn into a modality that appears to bring in yet more emotional, fear-based imbalance? We will look at past life regression in more detail in Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine.


What other implications does the memory of water hold? As we have discussed in previous parts, the Earth's consciousness has become the dumping ground for our emotional fears. Tapping into this outer consciousness by externalising our search for spirituality and truth, by giving our power away to false prophets and false masters, by using methods and modalities derived from the vibration of nine which involve invoking false gods and false angels, by using unbalanced symbols and building outrageous energy bodies such as the merkaba (see Part Two), will only serve to bring in this outside fear-driven, unbalanced consciousness into our energy fields. And, over time, will feed us more emotional imbalances and create a semi-permanent connection into our energy fields that can ultimately block our natural flow of spiritual energy and even reverse this flow all together.

This process is evidenced very clearly when we consider the issue of our Assemblage Point (A.P.).

Not a lot of information has been written about the Assemblage Point and that which has been written to date infers that it is an outside connection to our source. 

This is simply not true. Our A.P., when balanced and aligned, lies in the centre of the heart chakra.  It is comprised of millions and millions of filaments of light and is an internal connection with source, not an external one. It is our third dimensional connection with spirit, it is the fire within, the ether, which animates matter, the source of all life and it flows from within outwardly, complementing the flow of creation.

It is the energy, which allows us to reach and to exist in the physical reality and the energy, which allows us to perceive the third-dimensional physical frequency in which we live. This Sun/fire/spirit energy (from the A.P.) is the energy that purifies our human consciousness (water) in third-dimensional reality. It is the only energy that can maintain balance in third-dimensional consciousness, whilst it is separated from spirit in this physical world.

Our Spiritual energy, the inner fire, the inner sun, flows via the Assemblage Point (A.P.). It creates a two-way flow, out of the body from the heart centre front and back, around the body and back in to the heart centre. Three dimensionally, this flow of energy creates a kind of squashed double hourglass shape around the whole body. (This pattern forms a figure of eight, the infinity symbol when represented two-dimensionally. See figure below.)

However, do not take this symbolic representation too literally. These energies need to be appreciated in their multi- dimensional form, which in some way resembles a dandelion clock - the seed-head of a dandelion. This is also similar to how the Earth creates its own atmosphere (energy field), which creates and sustains her life-forms.

Although it is only one aspect of how our many energy fields are formed, it is the most important. The A.P.’s source energy (spirit/fire) feeds the chakras and the energy fields of the body, allowing the physical body to form within this protective layer. Nature strives to find balance - purity of consciousness - through a process science defines as implosion. Our chakras (fed by our A.P.) are vortices of energy which spin both ways at the same time, as well as in and out, and work in a similar way to Nature, by constantly trying to maintain equilibrium in our energy fields through implosion and explosion. Because our energy fields are constantly resonating with the outer unbalanced consciousness, over time, our chakras can become partially blocked - over saturated - with negative energies and this cleansing, purifying process can become impaired. The balance between implosion and explosion is altered. See Part Five for more information on this aspect. 

We cannot animate a car if we do not put petrol (energy) into the petrol tank. The Assemblage Point is analogous to the fuel we put into the petrol tank. The chakras are like the pistons and drive shaft, which enable us to utilise this fire/spirit fuel energy to turn the wheels, i.e. animate matter, the physical body. When everything is flowing from within us, our energy fields are working naturally; we are 'going with the flow'. However, when we keep looking externally for the answers we start to block this natural flow of energy.

I see the A.P. in the heart chakra looking like the figure to the left (below) with a clear centre.

For those externalising their search for answers and those who use symbols similar to Reiki and Tera Mai™ symbols, which attract and connect with outside energies, their A.P. may look like the figure on the right (above). The centre of the A.P. varies from being totally black to different shades of grey in people with external connections, to clear in unaffected people. By connecting with and encouraging this outer consciousness to bring its energies in to us, we are blocking the natural flow of spiritual energy - the purifying aspect - and consequently move further away from the centre of our being by taking on board and storing unbalanced and chaotic energies in our internal watery environment.

It is no coincidence that the Assemblage Point resembles the symbol for the Sun/Spirit/Ten - ?  - because that is exactly what the Assemblage Point is. Our eyes too, are symbolic: resembling the ? - the sun/fire/spirit/A.P. connection, and have been referred to in some ancient texts and indigenous teachings as being the 'window to the Soul'. This is true, symbolically, because they are all 'eyes' which allow us to 'see' through illusion and connect with truth.

The process of looking externally for answers acts to gradually plug the centre of the A.P. (see figure below), restricting its natural flow of energy and can eventually stop and even reverse the flow altogether. This then allows our consciousness to become fed, conditioned and controlled by the emotionally-driven negative outer ego/intellect consciousness - the disease - and this is when the centre of the Assemblage Point starts to discolour and it can move out of its natural alignment.

A damper on a fire acts in a similar way: if the damper is closed down and the flow of air blocked, the flames of the fire will die down and eventually go out. If the damper is opened and air allowed to flow, the flames will come to life and the fire will roar in appreciation.

It is vital to appreciate and understand the importance of our Assemblage Point and its correct alignment and balance within the heart chakra. The A.P. is our only connection with source - our inner sun, fire, spirit - and the heart chakra is the only chakra deserving the label solar (sun). This brings us to another complete inversion of truth or misinterpretation existing in the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts. We are informed in some modern teachings and writings that the solar (sun) chakra relates to the area around the navel and is called the solar plexus chakra. This is simply not true. In other areas of philosophy, we are informed that the solar plexus chakra lies between the heart and the navel. Again this is not true. The heart chakra is the only chakra that should have 'Solar' attached to it, because it houses our spiritual (sun/fire) energy. Where could this misconception have originated? In some Ancient Indian and Hindu yogic traditions, the chakras were referred to as Tattwas.  The navel chakra was referred to as the fiery tattwa or fiery centre. ' Fire is the nearest (my italics) translation available for the tejas tattwa' - the navel chakra. 'By tejas or 'fire' is meant the quality of energetic expansion and activity, giving rise to exertion and movement. In outward expression it can be experienced as calorific in nature and hot, heat being directly related to the rate of molecular or atomic movement. Thus we find that the tejas governs the kitchen and the larder of our body, where food is digested and stored, being made available for later use as required.' 16

From this description, the navel chakra is clearly related to the physical-fire of digestion and of calorific energy - nutritional metabolism - and NOT the spiritual fire! Also, the description - fiery - to me, is more akin to the emotional body than the spiritual body. I do not believe the current misnomer that the 'sun' or solar centre resides in our navel area, is, in any way a result of this 'translation' or teaching. The very same teachings make it absolutely clear that the heart centre (Vayu) or Anahata, is firmly attributed to housing the Creative Sun Energy - vital force - Spirit.

Not surprisingly, we only need to examine aspects of the Cabbala and Initiatic science to determine where this inversion of truth originates, for it is in these beliefs and teachings where we find the direct association between the navel chakra and the Sun or Solar Energy. Hence the Solar chakra is now taught in many healing modalities to be in the area of the navel.

In fact, the navel chakra is the water chakra and it is related to the physical, to our emotions (as in fiery above), and is governed by the moon - not the sun. The two principles of life are reflected and represented in our physical body because of the separation in third-dimensional reality: fire and spirit (the inner sun) reside in the heart chakra and water and consciousness (the physical element, our emotional centre, affected by the moon), reside in the navel chakra.

Another important chakra lies between the heart (solar) and the navel (moon) chakra: this is the Earth chakra - the medium that allows fire and water to exist in separation and co-operation in the third-dimension and create physical life as we know it. A number of books on healing claim that the Earth chakra lies just below the feet. Is this because the feet are closest to the Earth, just like we are led to believe that because the head is closest to the heavens our most spiritual chakra resides on the top of our head (in our intellect)? (See Part Two). Is this yet again, the 'as above so below' - 'as in Heaven so on Earth' precept, derived from the 'inverting-the-truth' mentality which prevails today? I shall examine the importance of these three chakras and the others in a future article.

The point is, that by externalising our focus and attention, we stop feeding our inner fire and our spirit. Also, buying into modalities which ply their respective inversions of truth in the Illusionary Shopping Mall, we are allowing an external attachment to build up and connect with our A.P., blocking the natural passage of energy. The A.P. then begins to discolour and our chakras become over saturated with negative energies. This is when the individuals energy fields can start to darken and draw closer to the body as the light within becomes clouded over by the darkness (imbalance) drawn into our energy fields. We may at this stage recognise that the 'spark of life' has disappeared from behind the eyes of some people as it appears there is little or no energy visible within the window to the Soul. Again, is this the 'darkness' Jesus was referring to? This 'outer' illusionary and imbalanced reality? Remember that the A.P. is our only connection with our inner source, with spirit, and it is, therefore, the only energy capable of purifying our consciousness in our physical reality. Just as spirit (fire) purifies our consciousness (water) when we leave the physical and astral domains.


Obviously, if we keep closing the damper on our fire - our spirituality - and block the natural flow of energy from within to without, then our consciousness - our internal water/memory - cannot be wholly purified. As a result, our consciousness will become more and more unbalanced as it increasingly takes its energy from the diseased outer ego/intellect consciousness. We begin to lose our connection with the vibration of truth and effectively start to put out our 'inner fire', which allows us to resonate more freely with the outer unbalanced emotional energies. Then we begin to perceive these unbalanced energies as the only energies that exist and so become locked even deeper into this physical reality. When we lock into the vibration of nine, then nine is the only vibration we will see and perceive as being the truth. And, as we understood from Part Two, nine can only ever be nine. And so the disease, the tumour continues to grow.

An analogy can be found in a situation where the immune system becomes confused and starts to attack its own healthy cells (such as in Rheumatoid Arthritis) because it fails to recognise these cells belong to its host and are healthy and balanced. Do we too, at times, fail to recognise the disease which surrounds us and therefore start attacking the healthy 'cell' that is resonating with, and bringing us, balanced information? And so we shoot the messenger, i.e. destroy the healthy cell, simply because we have forgotten how to recognise the vibration of truth? Years - millennia - of living with, resonating with and breathing in this unbalanced consciousness means many of us now treat the vibration of truth as being 'alien' to our spirituality. Is this why many of us react emotionally when the arrow of truth is fired towards our hearts? Simply because we fail to recognise the vibration of truth for what it is and react from our unbalanced consciousness, through fear, pride, hurt, anger, embarrassment, conditioning, by feeling threatened in some way because our thoughts and beliefs - our livelihoods and reputations perhaps - are being brought into question? Then the process of laying the blame for our reaction at somebody else's feet takes over, so we can protect our image and our standing in society. Therefore, merely absolving ourselves once again of blame.

In previous ages, could the balanced state of the ego/intellect consciousness explain why our ancestors allegedly lived for many hundreds of years (according to some scriptures and ancient texts), yet we are lucky to manage three score and ten? Is that because we have been gradually polluting the Earth’s consciousness over time with our own intellectual and fear-based consciousness? And throughout this time have we not continued to make 'external' connections with this increasing build up of negative and unbalanced energy? Are we therefore not culpable of bringing more imbalance and negativity into our energy fields, in this way continuing to weaken our defence mechanism, our immune system? Are we guilty of perpetuating this problem with our external search for truth and spirituality, therefore unwittingly guilty of creating our present day illnesses, environmental and social problems and our reduction in life span compared to our ancient ancestors? Biophysicists have determined that we are not designed to become ill; only when our defence mechanism (consciousness) becomes weakened do we become ill14.

Negativity attracts negativity, imbalance attracts imbalance - only love attracts love and therefore, only balance attracts balance. Does this explain why many individuals who eventually move out of a violent relationship only seem to enter into another relationship that attracts similar forms of abuse or violence? Does our consciousness merely attract like-minded energies to itself, because these are the only vibrations it can resonate and communicate with?

In the past, has this outer unbalanced consciousness been responsible for energising catastrophic episodes on Earth? Has Nature in her own way used the equivalent of medical chemotherapy to wipe out the Earth's diseased cells such as Man in order to holistically heal the whole organism, the Earth? Would this explain the enigma of 'lost' civilisations?

Would it be fair to propose that the modern-day Illusion which exists in areas of the New Age movement and the Healing Arts (amongst other areas) encourages us to buy into methods and modalities, which use symbols, geometry and grid references, weird gadgets and gizmos, ‘saviours’ and the like, derived from Cabalistic and New Age inversions of truth? All of which are based on the physical vibration of one to nine - the ego/intellect consciousness - which encourages us to connect with the unbalanced outer consciousness?

To survive physically, we eat good wholesome food, digest the goodness and then eliminate the waste matter. We would not dream of physically eating our own waste matter, would we? Yet this is exactly what we are doing in our external search for spirituality. We are feeding ourselves everybody else’s waste matter. Is this why we keep on making the same mistakes time and time again? The consciousness which exists outside of us is merely a distorted reflection of our inner purity.

If we look into a still pond or lake, we see the water reflecting our image. The Earth's consciousness is like a pond, merely reflecting back to us the same image we are feeding it. As this outer consciousness continues to be fed by the fears of Man it has become little more than a dumping ground for his collective emotional fears and therefore the very breeding ground for man’s thought forms, black magic and satanic predatory-type energies to emerge. It is difficult enough to deal with these outer unbalanced energies in our everyday living, without making their passage into our energy fields easier by using symbols, invocations and visualisations, for the most part seeded and derived from the outer unbalanced consciousness (the Illusion) which exists in aspects of religion, occultism, the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts today. Using those methods will only serve to lock us deeper into the physical reality, when the irony of it all is we are trying to break out of it and restore health to ALL consciousness - LIFE.

The Earth's Assemblage Point

The Earth's Assemblage Point runs through its axis, between the North and the South Pole. Is it a coincidence that these areas are inhospitable to Man? Is this why icebergs are pure water (representing pure consciousness) and not salt water? Could this be why we have the occasional 'ice-age'? Could this be the Earth (Nature) attempting to purify Her own consciousness (water)?

 ZNP = Zodiacal North Pole and GNP = Geographic [Earth's] North Pole. Figure 1 shows that the Earth's GNP is out of alignment with the ZNP and, therefore, the rest of the Universe (by 23º +). This denotes an imbalance with universal energies. Figure 2 shows the path the Earth follows (the dotted line) during Her precessional cycle (see Part Two) as She wobbles Her way around the ZNP over a period of 25,920 years (nine). The dotted ellipse in Figure 2 shows the movement of the Earth's Assemblage Point during this cycle.

Figure 3 shows a topographical view of the Earth's A.P. moving around the ZNP line. This movement is similar to the movement of the Assemblage Point in humans, moving around the rim of the heart chakra. As in humans, this is a clear indication of imbalance in the energy fields or consciousness that has caused the A.P. to move out of its natural alignment. Just as in humans, the Earth's A.P. should be aligned in the centre of the heart chakra and in this case, therefore, it should be where the ZNP is depicted in Figure 3 - not running around the rim.

If we look at the Reiki double Cho Ku Rei symbol once again (to the left), we can see that each 'inner' circle is 'running' around or attached to the 'rim' of the 'outer' circle. These inner circles are not in the centre of the outer circle and are, therefore, symbolic of imbalance (on an energy level, which feeds the physical level). This is similar to the Earth's Assemblage Point being out of its natural alignment by running around the rim of the heart chakra as shown in figure 3. See figures to the right - top denotes imbalance and the bottom figure denotes balance. Is it a coincidence, or is the outer (Earth's) consciousness reflected within Man's consciousness and repeating itself yet again? Our Karmic debt, yet again? Can we understand why this Reiki symbol (without the aerial - see Part Two) is symbolic of the outerworld being reflected within? Some of our ancestors knew that the 'outer' unbalanced consciousness was being reflected within [Man] and this was their way of showing their understanding of what was going on. We seem to have lost this older wisdom.

As with ourselves, we can see the health of the Earth depends on how balanced Her consciousness is. The more balanced the Earth's consciousness becomes the more balanced and aligned the A.P. becomes within the Earth's heart centre and the easier it becomes for spirit to maintain a balanced and purified consciousness. As said earlier, this simple process applies to our cells, to human beings and all living things.


Looking at Nature, we have tended to impose a mathematical or geometrical interpretation upon it. The intellect is fascinated with describing Nature the only way it can understand it, through logic, without realising logic is a much lower vibration than the vibration it is trying to understand. The vibration of nine can never understand the vibration of ten, because intellect cannot understand a vibration higher than itself. Only ten can understand and transcend nine. We cannot understand Nature from pure logic (intellect) alone, we can only appreciate how Nature operates; and experience its immensity, yet simplicity, by understanding it through ‘feeling’, and ‘knowing’ through ‘feeling’. This comes from the inner journey, from balance and from working through the heart centre with the love of all living things. This is how we purify or balance consciousness, water, in this physical reality and how our cells retain or recover the 'memory' of health and eradicate the chaotic memory of disease.

Just as conventional medicine tends to make the mistake of treating the symptoms of a disease rather than the cause, are we guilty of doing the same by focusing our attention externally on the ‘symptoms’ instead of internally on the Source? By focusing on the Source we can discover what methods and means are required to manifest the necessary changes in outer physical reality. We can only find the answer to anything by looking at what creates the ‘anything’ in the first place, and to do this we need to look internally. We need to find our own ten/spirit for the answers. Remember that we are not the physical reality, we are only part of it. We have just created it to enjoy it and learn by it.

Why become the train set, when we can turn to it anytime, play with it, learn from it and enjoy its creation, thank it and walk away from it whenever we want to. Without destroying it. We can all learn how to recognise the false light of the illusion by being true to ourself, living life by our own truth and not living it through somebody else's truth and thoughts by giving our power away to them. We may then understand why this illusionary light is merely a physical light created by the mind/ego/ consciousness leading us further into the intellectual mind-trap and imprisoning us deeper into the physical aspect of reality: the vibration of nine – matter – clone - machine. Could this be why most of us no longer see Nature Spirits and people’s energy fields? Is this the reason why we patronise our children by assuming through intellect that their ‘imaginary friends’ are just that - imaginary? Maybe, just maybe, they are not imaginary at all, and if that is the case we could learn so much from our children if only we stopped presuming we knew better!

Forget who or what is responsible for our amnesia. If we want to change the reflection we see in the pond (the outer consciousness) then we must first change the image that the water is reflecting back to us. Accepting that the outer consciousness is a lower vibration of the true reality of who and what we are is enough to enable quantum changes to take place within us, altering first our own image and then the image reflected back to us. This allows us to reverse the unnatural flow of energy (from without to within), back to within to without, just as creation flows, enabling us to move forward with less hindrance. When we remember we are ten, that we are spirit (fire) and matter (water/consciousness), the 100%, we will discover our true selves and regain our 'awareness' of who and what we are and become more confident in our abilities and our own worth. Then we can stop giving our power away to outside emotionally unbalanced influences.

However, first we need to break out of this Colditz type of existence. Just like prisoners dug tunnels to try and escape their confinement, we too can start digging tunnels to our inner fire and the freedom of Oneness itself. We can unplug the external connection we have collectively brought into our A.P., allowing our inner fire to roar and flow and feed us and purify us naturally. (This whole procedure is covered in our Workshops). By burrowing deeper within, tunnels of light will be formed which will eventually allow the light/fire to break through into the Earth's consciousness, permeating the darkness with which we've surrounded ourselves.

The physical world and its present state of consciousness is nothing more than a shameful imprisonment of our spirituality. We are burdened with shackles and tortures of our own making and are now suffering the consequences. However, we still have choice. We always have had and always will have; all we need to do is exercise it appropriately. Just as prisoners in Colditz worked as a team, we too can work as a team by digging tunnels within our own psyche and allowing the light of freedom to surge through and illuminate the way for others to follow. We can do this by focusing on the 99.999% of who and what we are and by remembering we are ten, spirit, which created everything in the first place. We can also do this by looking within and exploring this wonderful and magical space, the who and what we are, not the reflection. Go with the flow. It is always easier [and healthier] to swim with the tide of creation than oppose it. Remember, we are our own Spiritual Teacher if we can only access that aspect of ourselves.

This does not mean we should turn our backs on everything that is physical. The physical body is the vehicle of the Soul and the Spirit and is equally important during our life here on earth. They are interconnected, and feed and sustain each other and no part can, nor should be neglected. This is the dilemma facing us all at all times: how to achieve balance and equilibrium by nourishing both spirit and physical body? How can we feed each aspect what it needs and ensure neither is neglected? If we feed our physical too much we become materialistic, intellectual and egotistical; our head in the sands. If we overfeed our spirit we have a tendency to live with our head in the clouds and lose touch with the present reality of the physical world. As we know, we cannot function on this earth without both aspects, nor can we function at our optimum potential without first attaining the balance between spirit and consciousness - fire and water.

Everything should be a question of attaining balance. Nature works through seeking balance. Remember playing on seesaws as children? If we sat on one end we remained there, feet firmly on the ground, unless we had somebody at the other end to help to us achieve a balance, in which case we could go up and down and have fun to our heart’s content. To attain balance on our own we would need to find the centre of the seesaw. Similarly, when playing on the roundabouts as kids we used to play a game spinning them as fast as we could to see who could stay on the roundabout the longest. The nearer to the edge of the roundabout we stood the easier we were flung off. The nearer the centre the less we were affected. If we sat in the very centre, our balance was not affected by the spin (chaos) at all. This is analogous to The Eye of the Storm and the spiritual centre of the rainbow.

Fire (spirit) and water (consciousness) are the source of all existence. Used incorrectly, too much fire will destroy us while too much water will flood and drown us. Too much water on fire will put out the fire and too much fire will evaporate the water. With the right balance, however, the right amount of water can control the fire and the right amount of fire can warm and purify the water, which can be used in a beneficial way. A flower will prosper and grow in sunlight, but it will eventually dry up, wither and die if it is not watered regularly, because it requires balance between spirit and consciousness - fire and water.

Every aspect involved in reaching a peaceful and loving coexistence throughout the world is about working through our heart centre and achieving balance. Balance is required in every area of our lives, and most especially between physical life and spirituality. We need balance (unconditional love) and the knowledge and wisdom of how to resonate with this balance, how to feel it, experience it, retain the experience and energy of it and so become it, in order we can radiate this and other wonderful energies in our everyday actions and into our environment. When we find the ten/spirit within we can begin to find this balance and begin to resonate with the vibration of unconditional love so we can purify and maintain purity of consciousness, first within us and then outside of us. And we can achieve this through respecting and understanding the properties of water.


However, the illusion has its fingers in all walks of life and we need to be aware of this. We are promised many weird and wonderful things, such as help and/or tools to ‘assist’ us with our ascension and to help us to become one of the 'few' who will move into the fourth dimension with Mother Earth.

Well, sorry to be a party-pooper, but the Earth and We are already in the fourth dimension. If we were not, we would not be here. Like a single droplet of water sends its ripples to the far extremity of the pond, creation too, works from within to without, expanding outwards ever further away from its source, its origin. The physical reality is the end result of creation, the extremity of the pond so to speak. Therefore, the Earth must exist in ALL dimensions at the same time to have reached and be able to exist in the third dimension. Just as we are connected to, attuned with and aligned to everything that IS, we too exist in all dimensions from our source to this third dimension; otherwise the Earth and We would not be here.

A dimension (simply speaking) is just another frequency or vibration. The higher the dimension the higher the frequency if you like. Physically we do not see these frequencies, just like we do not see radio waves. All dimensions co-exist at the same time and both the Earth and humans exist in all dimensions at the same time. We have just forgotten, that's all. Therefore, how can we move into something and ascend into something in which we already exist? Unless we enjoy paying money to become 'attuned' to some 'energy label' when we are already attuned and aligned to the highest energy there is. (See Part One).

However, since most of us are locked into the frequency of the third dimension, the physical reality is all we see. There are some wonderful and clear people who can see higher frequencies and higher dimensions of reality, young children in particular. It is similar to tuning a radio to different stations; we can also tune into different stations or frequencies of creation. This is what can happen during meditation. We can meet higher aspects of ourselves, which exist at a different frequency in another dimension.  This is how we teach ourselves through inner tuition (intuition) - by consciously connecting with ourselves in higher dimensions or frequencies of light.

This is how we access greater knowledge and the wisdom to use it. We learn from our higher dimensional selves, in the moment of now, because we exist in all dimensions in this moment of now. It is only in the physical world of separation that we can become more 'aware' of ourselves or lose this awareness of ourselves. We either learn more about who and what we are and about the 'meaning of life' in and from these higher dimensions of reality which exist within each and every one of us, or we become more blinded by the illusion. This is another part of individual karma; learning about our true selves, who and what we truly are.

At this point it is interesting to examine the ancient gods of Egypt in a different light. The Ennead, a group of nine Egyptian deities (see Part Two): Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys, form the background to the 'Council of Nine', an alleged spiritual hierarchy, the original nine [extra-terrestrial?] Egyptian Gods who are allegedly returning to help save mankind, as 'channelled' in the book The Only Planet Of Choice (see Part Two).15 Shamanic practices were commonplace amongst the early Egyptian priesthood. Were the Egyptian Gods of the Ennead merely an account, or a collective account, of shamanic out-of-body experiences? Or were they more likely accounts of the priests' 'inner journey' through forms of meditation and/or the use of hallucinogenic herbs (part of the shamanic tradition)?

For those who meditate at this level, you will know that the description of these ancient gods is similar in many ways to the abundance of wonderful beings one comes across and experiences during the inner journey. Let us hypothesise for a moment. If the Earth were to undergo another cataclysmic event which wiped out most of mankind to the extent we had to start all over again, what would archaeologists and anthropologists of the future make of our present-day meditation diaries? How would they interpret the information? Would they be convinced that some strange beings had lived many years ago, roaming the Earth? And would they automatically think that because these beings were 'different' then they must have been Gods? Or even extra-terrestrial Gods? Despite the fact that the accounts of our inner journey, our meditations, were no more than a symbolic representation of our experiences with different aspects of ourselves operating in higher dimensions of reality? And were they merely symbolic of the 'inner communication' and the 'knowledge' and 'wisdom' gleaned from the insights available through this particular method of learning? Learning more about ourselves and what created everything in the first place, through meditation, our way of 'inner tuition' aka intuition?

Is this the spring-point of the 'ancient gods' of the Ennead? Have we taken a shamanic and symbolic representation of somebody's inner journey too literally? And assumed, or been led to assume, that these symbolic representations of what may well be higher aspects of our own reality, must be, therefore, 'physical gods' who actually existed in this third-dimensional plane all those years ago? After all, we know many of our ancient cultures deified their Kings and Queens, Emperors and Pharaohs, so we know that many of the ancient gods were merely our blood ancestors, of human origin and not extra-terrestrial 'gods' at all. Perhaps, at least, with exception of the 'Ennead Gods', who may well be a symbolic representation of the 'inner journey' and therefore something far more profound than we have been allowed to realise or appreciate. 

Just as our ANS works away in the background without us having any conscious awareness of what it is doing, so too do we carry out work in other dimensions of reality without any conscious awareness of what we are doing. We do not need false promises and tools derived from the 'inversion of truth' mentality and the imbalanced ego consciousness residing in many New Age philosophies and healing modalities to help us move into something the Earth and we already exist in!

There are many people and modalities out there that promise weird and wonderful things. However, whilst there remain enough of us willing to feed their egos, they will continue to exist and so will the ego/intellect consciousness which feeds us and now almost controls us. It is the same game, controlled by the same people, wearing a different hat that’s all. And they own every conceivable hat you could imagine. The only hat they cannot own is our own. As long as we buy our hat from our inner Shopping Mall, we can, and should, proudly wear it.

Symbolically we can look at life as a huge library of information and we as individual books. We all have access to this library and as such, we can take out any book at any time, read it, assimilate information which is relevant to us at the time and put the book back. This way, we research our own truth and live by our own truth, expanding the pages and information of our own book as we go. Without becoming restricted by the bindings of any single book, in a library full of infinite knowledge and wisdom.

We should read books and articles and do seminars and workshops, but instead of deciding what may be good for us or not, by how it sounds and appears to us through our intellect - because almost everything will 'sound' good or read well; it has to, to attract us in the first place - we should feel whether the 'information' is right for us or not. We should use our intuition and feel through our inner knowing, through our heart, what is right for us and discard that which is not. Ask our higher self, our innermost being, to guide us in all that we do and with all that we read and align us to the vibration of truth. Ask our inner self, our higher dimensional self, to help us to consciously recognise what is the truth more easily. This process will allow us to become more discerning and consciously break our bonds with the outer reality, allowing our spiritual energy to flow more naturally, and our intuition to develop further. We can then gradually start to live our life by our own truth and not by, and in, the energy, thoughts and beliefs of others.

Most of the information and modalities in the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts are founded on Cabbalistic inversions of truth and the vibration of nine, which are seeded from the unbalanced 'outer consciousness' we have created. It is, therefore, in these times that we should become more discerning about what we are led to believe is the truth. We should become more true to ourselves by throwing away the crutches with which the ego/intellect consciousness conveniently provides us and begin to walk once again on our own two spiritual feet.

All we need to remember is that nobody is more powerful, better or more important than anybody else. We are all equal. We ALL have the same spiritual abilities. We are all born with the same spiritual potential. The physical differences and deformities we see are the products of the ego/intellect consciousness; the belief that Man is better than Nature, better than what IS. Is this why 'past life' karma was introduced? To stop us realising this simple truth?  Spirit just IS in every one of us. The only difference between human beings is awareness; that is, our self-awareness of the abilities we all have. This is only because of the difference in our consciousness, or memory, and this is a result of the quality or purity of our internal watery environment. (See Products for how we can purify water simply). When we realise we all have the same spiritual potential we will stop giving our power away and realise we are not weak or unworthy in any shape or form at all. When we realise the immensity of self, of spirit, of balanced consciousness, we will discover the inner fire and the light within (ten) and realise we are beings of light. Light beings. We will discover we have been surrounded by darkness to prevent us from seeing our light or the light of others, and therefore from perceiving the truth of who and what we truly are. When we do this we will change our image and therefore, the reflection. Our spirit will begin to roar once more and maybe, just maybe, the meek will inherit the wonders and beauty of the Earth. (See Part Four, Five & Six).

An old Hindu legend tells of the time when all men were gods, but they so abused their ‘divinity’ that Brahma, Master of the Gods, decided to remove their divine power and hide it in a place where they couldn’t find it. The gods were called together to solve the problem of where to hide man’s divinity. “ Let us bury man’s divinity in the Earth” was one suggestion, but Brahma replied, “ No, that will not do, because man will dig up the Earth and find it.” The gods then said, “ In that case, let us throw man’s divinity into the deepest ocean.” Brahma replied, “ No, because sooner or later man will explore the depths of all the oceans and find it.” The gods then concluded, “ We do not know where to hide it. There appears to be no place on earth that man will someday not reach.” Brahma said after much thought, “ Then this is what we shall do with man’s divinity. We will hide it in the deepest part of man himself, because that is the only place where he will never think to look.”

Ever since then, man has circled the earth, has explored, climbed, dug, dived and flown to far away places in search of something that can only be found within himself.

We are all able to experience our own divinity by looking within ourselves. And what should we make of this inner journey? The beauty of this inner journey is we do not have to purchase any tickets for it: it costs us nothing but a small amount of our time. We can start when we want, stop when we want and recommence anytime we wish to. Within each and every one of us lies the truth and an immense and wonderful world of beauty and peace waiting to be explored. All the knowledge, wisdom and secrets of the Universe, our true selves and the reason we are here, is within each and every one of us, just waiting to be accessed, if we so desire. It is our right. We are all one and the same, yet we are individual too, just like each piece of a jigsaw. We may only see ourselves as single threads in this immense tapestry we call life, but we are also the whole tapestry! We just need to remember.


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