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By Steve Gamble



Welcome to Part Six. The reason for writing this part is mainly due to the feedback I’ve had from many wonderful people and all the questions that have arisen as a result of the articles. Probably one of the most frequently posed questions was, and is: ‘what could be expected or achieved from the inner journey?’

How long is a piece of string? There is, obviously, no definitive answer to this question, as we all hold varying perspectives of reality through many forms of conditioning and belief systems. What is relevant to one, symbolically, may not be relevant to another. The inner tuition we receive from this journey eventually and progressively comes from our higher light-selves. This then helps us to ‘feel’ and see reality in a way that is more balanced than it may otherwise be through our currently conditioned viewpoint of it. Therefore, the message or information will be relevant to the individual who is searching within themselves for the answers. The individual road will naturally lead to the same understanding of how things are, because what IS just IS and cannot be anything else, no matter how the intellect or the ego would have us perceive it. This process leads to a more natural awareness and experience of our true heritage and potential as we begin to experience the one creative energy permeating and animating all physical life, and an even greater understanding of our interaction with all living things

Yet the way we share this newfound comprehension and the balance this brings to our consciousness, our understanding and viewpoint of reality, will be predominately determined by what we actually do in this physical reality. For instance, we may share this knowledge through the medium which suites us best, be this through drama, films, documentaries, fictional stories, articles, art, poetry, teaching, healing, seminars, talking in the pub or during a round of golf.

All I am able to do here is to share some inner experiences with you, in the hope that they provide an example of what can be achieved through one’s own inner journey. With perseverance, patience and discipline, and by ‘allowing’ and not expecting anything profound or magical to happen, we can all begin to relinquish, to some degree, the hold the unbalanced ego-consciousness has upon the light within and our present awareness or not of our true potential.

In the world today we are all conditioned beings, to a greater or lesser extent. We believe what we are told or what we see on the TV or read in the newspapers and those of us who look beyond this media mind control continue to look externally at the works and teachings of others, and so, in the main, we tend to believe in something somebody else wants us to believe in. This is not our own truth. It is not our own experience of reality; it is generally somebody else’s. We then tend to repeat this so-called ‘truth’ as being our own truth when our own truth can come only from within us. Do we, therefore, become puppets instead of the puppeteer and do we become the passenger rather than the navigator of the journey?

We do not plant a giant oak tree and watch it turn into a seed. Instead we plant the seed and admire how it grows into a magnificent oak tree. This is Nature; this is how Creation works, from in to out. Or to put it another way, from small to bigger. Creation starts from the centre and expands outwards – hence the expansion and growth of the oak tree, and all living things. If the oak tree wanted to find out where it originated from what would it do? Would it look externally, outside of itself for the answers to its origins, or would it look internally to the seed which gave it life? It is the same with us humans. Just like the tree, we should be searching internally for that quintessential seed which provided us with life and continues to sustain us in this physical reality.

We are living in the physical reality which is the periphery of creation; it is the ripple that reaches the edge of the pond. It is the densest of vibrations and is different to the energies that seeded it, animate it and give it life. The physical reality is the world of separation, where the laws of the physical Universe apply. When we observe what gives life to nature and all living things, we see and witness that this ‘life’, this energy, spins both ways simultaneously and that all physical life is animated and composed of vortices of energy which are imploding and exploding at the same time. However, in the physical aspect of reality this cannot happen. If the physical Earth were to spin both ways at the same time it would disintegrate or split apart, so the physical Earth only spins one way. This is why the physical reality is also known as the reality of opposites and we witness either a left-hand or a right-hand spin and we can also witness the process of implosion and explosion separately too. This is why we see a seed grow into a plant and flower - this is the explosion part – and then eventually wilt, wither and die – this is the implosion part. And this is the same with all life in the physical reality, eventually it grows and it dies physically. We can see the explosive part of a Galaxy as the stars spiral away from the centre and the black hole at the centre of every Galaxy is the implosive part of Nature.

But because we see everything in separation, ourselves included, and we have lost touch with the inner reality, the reality of Oneness and the light beings we are, we have forgotten the interconnectedness of all living things on this energy level. Because we see things as being separate outside of us, we believe everything must be separate to everything else, humans included, because we have been conditioned to believe the physical external reality is the only reality there is. This is the illusion of the world of separation. This is why, through ego, we see ourselves as individual beings without any connection to or interaction with other living entities.

However, the physical reality only ‘appears’ to us to be separate, when in fact this is not so. Even the constant interaction between the energies of all living things is reflected outside of us into the physical aspect of reality. Insects eat grubs, larger animals eat insects, birds eat seeds, big fish eat smaller fish, animals eat other animals, and flies live off crumbs of food and so forth. In effect, physical life is constantly feeding and interacting with other physical life and works in symbiosis to provide sustenance for all living things to continue to survive in the physical form, just as on an energy level everything is constantly interacting with and feeding with each other.

We not only benefit from the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients that are shared with our body when we consume other living things. As physicists have discovered, for example, when we eat plant foods, we benefit from their light or life force energy too. We make use of the light (biophotons)- the source of energy used during photosynthesis - and this energy is shared openly with the body's electromagnetic frequencies, adding to, or subtracting from, our own levels of life force energy. This light enhances the the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) response in the body, which is the driving force, if you like, for all cellular activity.

This understanding of light/energy transfer between all living things, may explain why spiritual teacher, Omraan Mikhael Aivanhov, in his oral teachings, often referred to fruit and vegetables as a good source of 'first-hand light', whereas the meat from animals was merely a source of 'second-hand light'. As fruit and vegetables contain much higher levels of water molecules, and water molecules store both balanced and unbalanced energies, Aivanhov's astute observations of his day, may not necessarily ring true today with our high levels of electrical, electromagnetic and chemical pollution.

Everything is slowed down in the physical reality and appears to be separated, so in effect, we can experience both ends of the energy spectrum of Oneness at the same time. This enables us to witness physically exactly how creation works. Yet we have stopped observing nature and all things as being ONE and recognising the interconnectedness of it all.

All living things are animated by the same creative energy which exists within us all. And we can witness this all around us if only we stopped limiting ourselves to the intellect and the five physical senses. If we choose to call this creative energy God, then in effect we are all God. If we label this energy Spirit then we are all Spirit. Nature and Oneness ITSELF, the creator energy that feeds and sustains all life, is not judgemental or prejudiced towards some life to the detriment of other life, including Humans. Only Man is capable of this. Nor is the Creator energy split into regimented structures or varying Hierarchies of power. Again, only Man behaves like this. What IS just IS as I mentioned earlier.

In the physical reality, because of the expansion of Oneness, our consciousness is not wholly at one with our spirit, the purifying aspect. They exist at opposite ends of this same spectrum of energy. This leaves our consciousness vulnerable to outside influences and it is through the mind - which sits between both ends of this creative energy spectrum - that illusory concepts can work. The mind, through imagination, deliberately programmed in some cases, and through aspirations in others, creates an illusory reality which is automatically stored in the consciousness of the Earth and this illusion is fed back to us. We have come to understand that water stores information or energy, and as the Earth’s atmosphere is replete with water, the Earth’s energy fields store and hold our every thought and emotion, balanced and unbalanced.

So how do these two aspects of Oneness work together in the physical reality?




Many of us today appreciate we are composed of energy to some degree. We have discovered that all living things are made up of ATOMS – the building blocks of life. This means that all living things, humans included, are primarily composed of light or energy. If we begin to move out of, or expand from the atom – the light energy that we are – and towards the biochemical aspect of ourselves, we discover that even our DNA is composed of light and this expansion of energy from within the atom continues from our DNA, through our cells and out of the physical body to form what is commonly referred to as the Auric or Biophysical Energy Field.

            Everything in the physical universe is composed of light and today we can photograph these energy fields around our cells, plants and the human body. Today, more people are able to see these energy fields or sense or feel them – hence we have many energy or healing modalities. We also know from many scientific experiments and our own personal experiences with plants that they respond positively to the emotion of love and negatively to the emotion of fear and there have been numerous experiments which confirm that all living things are able to communicate with each other and share information. And they do this through the medium of water.




As we have discovered, the majority of people consider water to be no more than a liquid for quenching the thirst, bathing in and for putting out fires. In reality water is one of THE most important substances in the physical reality and has some very profound properties indeed. The other is light energy as we have just discussed.

            Water in this physical reality is consciousness; it is a memory bank of stored information and our physical means of identity. As emotions are a powerful energy, water stores emotions very easily, which is why we humans are emotional beings.

            Water can be a gas, a liquid or a solid, and as a solid it is actually lighter than when it is a liquid – ice floats. Water is completely flexible. Pour water into a cup and the water becomes the shape of the cup. Pour it into a kettle and water becomes the kettle. Because water is consciousness – identity and memory – mind control works through conditioning our consciousness, so if somebody wants you to become the cup, then you become the cup instead of the water that fills the cup. Conditioning controls consciousness/water into becoming something it exists in rather than what it actually is. This is what has happened to the majority of humans today; they have become the cup, the outer rigidity, instead of retaining the inner fluidity. Hence, humans have become the inflexible outer physical human shell, rather than the malleable and loving light or spirit that we all are. If we choose to become more like the water rather than the outer vessel it occupies, we can retain the flexibility and freedom to be anything we want, and to express ourselves in any way we choose. Our consciousness remains free flowing, healthy and balanced.

So how do these two important elements of life – ENERGY/LIGHT and WATER - work together in this physical reality?

If we look at our cellular environment we find that DNA lies in the centre of every living cell coiled like a snake or a serpent and surrounded by water or intracellular fluid. As we know, our DNA is composed of light and this light (information) is transmitted from our DNA through the watery environment of the cell. This inner energy (light) is further expanded through our watery environment and extends outside of the physical body forming the Auric Field courtesy of the water molecules in the air around us.

In addition, part of this inner light is utilised in our biochemical environment to provide a different form of energy: Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which governs our biological processes. ATP is a nucleotide molecule found in all cells. It is used to drive the thousands of biological processes needed to sustain life, growth, movement and reproduction. ATP is the Universal energy-carrying molecule and is indispensable to the life of a cell.

All our cells are surrounded by extra or intercellular fluid too, and water is the medium through which all our cells remain in constant communication with each other. This is how, for example, the Autonomic Nervous System and its two branches work meticulously to maintain equilibrium in the body and how the immune system monitors the body for invaders or imbalances and how it knows were to send it troops when the body is under threat; all without us having any conscious awareness of, or input into, what is going on. We can see here that the intellect has no idea or comprehension of what is actually going on in the body to maintain equilibrium and health. Yet the conscious mind still insists that it knows all the answers and we tend to live our lives by the thoughts and directions of the mind's influences and beliefs.

The science of biophysics has been able to determine that when a cell association dies, it dies as a complete entity and not cell by cell, which confirms this cellular communication. Additionally, it has been established that when a cell dies the emission of light at first recedes and an explosive increase in photon activity [light] starts after around eight hours. This is uncannily similar to when a star dies as it implodes in death [light recedes] and then explodes light into what we call a Supernova, the last dramatic gasp of a star in its death throes. Is the death of a cell association, therefore, merely being reflected outside of us? Is this just another example of creation working from in to out or small to bigger and even more evidence that everything, no matter how large or small it may be, works in the same simple way?

We can see here the importance of light – the 99.999% of what we are – and the importance of water in this physical reality. Both are required for life to exist. We can also clearly see that creation works from in, to out, from the light within into the water without, or from the centre – from the light within the atom - continually expanding outwards like a droplet in a pond. In effect the physical reality is the ripple that reaches the edge of the pond, it is the end result of creation. The physical reality is merely a reflection of the inner reality and our DNA is the axis point of the reflection of the light within into the water without. This is how we animate (energise) and feed the physical body.

            Water is the medium by which all life stores and shares information and through which all things interact to create conscious awareness. When we can truly appreciate the immense properties of water we can begin to understand many of the so-called anomalies of life today. Such as how ESP works or how psychics can walk into a room or building and ‘sense’ or ‘pick up’ events that happened many years ago, simply because the information and the emotion of the event is stored in the water molecules in the air, the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the furniture and so on. The properties of water explain past life experiences because the Earth’s consciousness holds the memory of what has transpired before, it is one huge memory bank of information holding emotional energies of the past and present.

The properties of water also explain how Healing and Distant Healing works. Remote Viewing, Remote Sensing and Remote Influencing - popular methods used by the military and intelligence agencies – also work through the medium of water. The properties of water explain how we can meet somebody for the first time and have an instant like or dislike for the person before anything is said, simply because we are communicating with them through the ability of the water molecules (consciousness) to share information, and we do this sub-consciously. We can also understand how telepathy works and so much more.

We can understand how man-made unnatural energies such as EMF’s or microwaves – even other people,s negative energies - can share their unbalanced information with us and the potential these energies have to change or damage the information or memory stored within our cellular environment, simply because our body, through our watery environment can take on board and store this unbalanced energy in its memory banks. This is exactly how a diseased cell replicates itself. The replacement cell is reproduced in the likeness and from the memory of its diseased host cell. This is how, for example, a tumour replicates itself and can continue to grow.

As an example, when water stores energies or incoherent light from man-made toxic chemicals, additives, pesticides, EMF's, mobile phones and their towers, as an example, these unbalanced energies then begin to distort or scramble the coherent light emitted from our DNA. The information carried by this coherent light and the corresponding instructions to our cells on how to replicate and behave, is altered. This process alters our energy fields in a detrimental way and this corresponding imbalance is then reflected in the physical as our cells begin to replicate in accordance with the 'instructions' carried by the distorted or scrambled light/energy. This is the onset of what we call physical illness and disease.

We can see that we need coherent light in water for health and balance in this physical reality, for it is this light that purifies the water – our consciousness and energy fields – and enables us to maintain equilibrium and therefore physical health. Also, the light in water determines the strength and vitality of our various energy fields and their ability to deal with negative energies. We can also see that this light – this purifying energy - comes from within us and not from outside of us. Nature and all living things work in this simple way, humans included, maintaining equilibrium through a process known as implosion and explosion. This is how our chakras work. Humans work in exactly the same way as Nature works.

Although we do interact with external energies as we have discovered – this is part of how we contribute to balancing the Earth’s energy fields. Energy from the Sun and from the Earth is important to our physical existence. We know some of these external energies have been distorted by Man’s actions and have become unbalanced over time. 

The physical body is not designed to become ill. Only when its consciousness or energy fields (Aura) become weakened do we actually become ill. So something somewhere must be interfering with our natural process of implosion and explosion. Toxic chemicals in the air, our farmland, our water and our food contribute to this interference, as do certain medicines and vaccinations. Chemicals used to treat our water remain in the water in an energy form and can share this imbalance with our bodies. However, the biggest interference in this natural process comes from the MIND or more correctly an unbalanced EGO and through the emotion of fear.

There are only two emotions – unconditional love, which is balanced – and fear, which is unbalanced. Collectively, the majority of humans have lived and continue to live in fear. We are becoming more aware today of how our emotions can affect our health and how unbalanced emotions can cause blockages on an energy level, which consequently can cause physical disharmony, or illness and disease. Can we imagine what the cumulative effect the unbalanced emotions of our collective consciousness some six billion people today – can have upon the Earth’s energy fields and overall health?

Every thought, belief, fear and emotion – all being energy - is stored in the Earth’s energy fields which surround and interact with all living things. We have literally created a disease outside of us and this disease is being fed back into our own energy fields affecting our own consciousness and consequently our own physical health. We take in this unbalanced emotional energy with every breath we take, with every drink we consume and with every meal that we eat – all being replete with water molecules – consciousness/memory. We are also interacting with these external energies through our own energy fields every minute of every day.

From a cell to a planet, all energy fields work in the same simple way to protect us from external negative and potentially destructive forces. Yet we are encouraged to open up our protective Auric fields and allow these external energies into our environment. In opening up our energy fields in this way we are working against the natural flow of creation – from in to out - and we are allowing more negative energies into our immediate environment than we and our chakras can cope with. Additionally, we are also gradually weakening our defence mechanism – the aura. This makes it even easier for external energies to enter our energy fields unfiltered where they can cause damage, further compromising the strength and vitality of our energy fields and the overall balance of our human consciousness.

When the energy fields of our cells are balanced and healthy, they reproduce in a healthy and balanced way. When they are weakened the cells become unbalanced and unhealthy and reproduce in an unhealthy or diseased way. It is the same with us humans. We create in our own likeness in accordance with our ‘memory’ or consciousness and if our energy fields have become unbalanced, then we create more imbalances in the world. Which is why we have created a greed or 'profit before all else' mentality, leading to wars, toxic chemicals and medicines, more violence in our society, ruling through fear and ignorance, and why we create GM foods, irradiated foods, nuclear weapons, potentially dangerous EMF’s and microwaves and all the rest of the imbalance we can witness today.

We can clearly see that it is the quality and purity of the water molecules within us and outside of us, which determine the wellbeing of our physical and energy body, and it is the amount of coherent light present in the water which determines its purity and balance. If light in water = balanced consciousness and health, then imbalance and ill health is the absence of light in water.

We can see the evidence of this when we examine ordinary London Tap Water – see photograph to the left which shows the micro-cluster structure of water. We can see quite clearly that there is an absence of LIGHT (photons) or life force energy present. The appearance of this water is literally life-less. Can we imagine the imbalance held in this water? Can we appreciate how this dead or lifeless water is able to share this unbalanced energy with us, affecting our energy fields and physical body?

We can begin to appreciate today that to regain or maintain good health and strong energy fields, we need to bring more light into water. One of the simplest and most effective ways of bringing or infusing more light into water is by using a unique product called the Universal Harmoniser developed by Equilibra. If we contrast the photograph of ordinary London Tap Water above, with a photograph of London Tap Water after being energised by a Universal Harmoniser (see left), we can see a marked difference between the two.



In this photograph we can see that the water is ALIVE. It is VIBRANT and HEALTHY and it is full of life-sustaining PHOTONS (LIGHT). It is balanced and has a very healthy consciousness. According to Professor Schweitzer who carried out these scientific tests on water, the Universal Harmoniser creates 3D Space (i.e. LIFE) in water. Due to the ability of water to share information with the human body and all living organisms, can we appreciate how drinking this energised water or using this water to wash and bathe in, cook with, and feed to our children and pets will help to rejuvenate and revitalise our whole bodily system and energy fields as well as those of our family, animals and plants too?

Because the Universal Harmonisers work in accordance with Nature in that they implode energy, purify it and explode it back out again, they not only revitalise and energise the food and drinks we consume with more light, they also help to transmute the negative energies from chemicals and toxins that we find in our consumer products today. Additionally our supplements and personal care products can be energised too because water is replete in all things. If the Universal Harmonisers are used upon the body they will create the same light and balance within our own watery environment, cleansing, repairing, enhancing and strengthening our energy fields and defence mechanism so we become less prone to damage from external energies, and by increasing the ATP response in the body we have better cells and physical health.

In the photograph to the left we can see the Harmonisers in position over the heart chakra and the navel chakra. The heart chakra is our unconditional love centre, the fire within. Symbolically it is represented by the Sun. The heart chakra houses the Assemblage Point which is an internal connection with our source or purifying energy – the light or fire within. The navel chakra is our water chakra; it is our centre of consciousness and the seat of our emotions. Symbolically it is represented by the Moon. In these positions, the Universal Harmonisers help to cleanse and balance our emotional centre and the major and minor chakras, strengthening and expanding the energy fields of the body naturally and in accordance with how we are designed to work. This helps to bring the process of implosion and explosion back into balance allowing more of our own INNER LIGHT to come through.

There are many uses for the Harmonisers because they work naturally. They can help to clear and strengthen the meridians, stimulate the zonal and reflex points of the feet, enhance meditations and inner awareness and so much more: simply by infusing LIGHT into our bodies which naturally purifies and balances the energy fields and physical body. The simplicity of using these devices allows absolutely anybody with the intention of helping themselves or their family and friends to self-heal and work on themselves and others to bring the body back into balance without the need for any knowledge of healing, energy bodies, and so forth.

Because they work through balancing water molecules, they are excellent too for Space Clearing houses, offices and therapy rooms. Unlike many other methods of Space Clearing, effective though they may be, these tend to work through the explosion process – ringing bells, bowls, chanting, clapping, smudge sticks, mirrors etc., and merely force the negative energies elsewhere, such as the flat above, the flat below, the house next door or into the garden. This is great for the individual but may not be so good for the neighbours. Because the Universal Harmonisers work by imploding and exploding negative energies, purifying them and returning them to the outer environment and this process is self-perpetuating and expanding, they not only help to clear negative energies but also transmute them too. This is excellent for the environment and the neighbours because the amount of negative energies in the external environment is actually reduced. For therapists this is especially good for their therapy rooms, and really helpful for those therapists working with energies. Because the Harmonisers strengthen and expand the energy fields of the body, they can help the therapist to locate areas of blockage more easily and determine when the area has been cleared and the flow has improved.

All the knowledge of how to reproduce these higher frequencies of light in this physical reality has come from this ‘inner journey’ – we have literally been taught by our higher-selves through INNER TUITION. As has the way in which to construct these energies in order to produce coherent LIGHT in water. Likewise, the information within this series of articles has also come from this inner journey and this is an example of what each and every person is capable of achieving if they choose to shop in the right place. The message is, if we can do it then you are capable of achieving the same.

Furthermore, it is in this understanding of water – consciousness in this physical reality - and its ability to store information where we can begin to understand more of how the illusion works. With the knowledge and equipment the intelligence agencies and the military have, and easy worldwide communications, it is much easier today to ‘program’ people than it was a few thousand years ago through fear and the religions which delivered it. It is also very easy to create ‘imaginary’ and ‘controlled’ energies and place them as a memory or information into the outside consciousness for people looking externally to conveniently ‘tap into’. Not only can energy forms be created in any guise whatsoever, but also messages or disinformation can be stored and broadcasted too.

To the uninitiated external traveller, this may well appear to be communication with some ‘higher’ spiritual being, or some ET Spiritual Hierarchy here to help us. Or even a Space Ship or UFO Craft looking to communicate with the so-called enlightened amongst us, bringing messages of hope and salvation and reinforcing the belief that we are unworthy and without outside so-called higher enlightened beings to help us, incapable of sorting out the mess for ourselves The possibilities here for mind control and manipulation of honest people are endless.

This is why I firmly believe the road to true knowledge and the wisdom of how to apply it, along with the understanding of the origins of ourselves and of all creation through the INNER JOURNEY has, to all intents and purposes been deliberately removed from the psyche of Man. We are merely being coerced to turn our focus externally into the illusory concept of unbalanced energies and thought-forms which exist outside of us and encouraged to open up our energy fields and willingly bring these negative and unbalanced energies, false beliefs and conditioned thought patterns into our own consciousness. As our own consciousness changes we begin to believe these ‘experiences’ are true and real, and so we begin to create our very own illusory and unbalanced reality. We may even begin to communicate with and eventually even ‘see’ these ET’s, aliens, Spiritual Gods etc., depending on the ‘program’ we have 'swallowed' and our belief in it. The mind, when it believes in something so strongly, can create almost any reality imaginable. The physical reality taken in this context is certainly not boring.

This is why, today, the Inner Journey is so important to Man's and the Earth’s physical survival and spiritual growth. The inner journey is the journey into light, into truth and into the very core of the light we all truly are and from where we all originate. When we begin to understand this, experience it and ‘feel’ it for ourselves, we begin to see through the illusion and its deliberately fabricated veil of deceit. We then stop buying into the outer consciousness because we realise, just like the tree, that truth comes from the seed within.

There are many observations that exist in this physical world that can help to point us in the right direction. The obvious is generally right in front of our eyes, yet we appear to take no notice. This is something the intelligence agencies are very aware of. If they want to hide something, they put it in public view. This is why we always ‘see’ it as something else and not for what it really is. This is part of the UFO cover up. Fly them in full public view and the rest, as we know, is history – the beginnings of a new religion and a monumental cover-up of free-energy technology.

The UFO debate is certainly a controversial one. One of the main arguments put forward by budding Ufologists is that the evidence of nuclear activity going back thousands and even millions of years is proof-positive of extraterrestrial visitations. THIS IS NOT SO! The evidence of nuclear activity comes from meteor strikes and has been proven time and time again to be the cause. When a sizable meteor hits the Earth’s atmosphere and plummets into the ground it CAN create the equivalent of a nuclear explosion – the bigger the meteor, the bigger the nuclear devastation and the grander the fallout and its effects. And we have plenty of evidence of meteors hitting the earth over the last few millions of years or so. So, there is no alien extraterrestrial mystery here then.

The Nefelim (Nephilim) or Elohim are known as those who ‘came from Heaven’ and therefore, we are led to believe, from the skies, meaning, we are told, that they must have been of extraterrestrial origin. However, according to the Sumerian historian L. A. Waddell, Heaven (Himin or Imin in Sumerian) refers to a mountain capital and Heaven or Himin was, therefore, the Sumerians ‘high place’ of rule in the mountains. Therefore, that the Nefelim or Elohim ‘have come down from or descended from a high place, from the mountains or the highlands’ would surely be a more accurate description than one we are seemingly being forced to believe. It is interesting today that in buildings insurance policies under ‘exclusions’, we have a reference to ‘loss or destruction or damage by frost or subsidence or ‘ground heave…’ Is it possible that the word ‘heave’ descends from the Sumerian word for heaven – heaven. It is interesting that ‘ground heave’ means the raising of the ground or the lifting of the ground above its previous level, which is exactly how mountains are formed; the ground or earth is forced upward from its previous level creating ‘high places’. Do we have, with the word ‘heave’, a modern day derivative of the word ‘heaven’ which was used by the Sumerians to refer to people ‘being from or coming from the mountains or the raised land’? If this is so, then we have no proof of extraterrestrial visitation here either.

Additionally, today, in experiments, it has been shown that within 15 minutes a person can be induced under hypnosis into believing they have had an alien abduction experience even when they do not believe in alien UFO’s. This is interesting, especially as many of the people who have allegedly had these so-called ‘abduction’ experiences have been hypnotically regressed ‘to remember’ these experiences under the direction and supervision of Ufologists or believers in alien abductions. Furthermore, using a specially designed helmet with attaching electrodes, it was demonstrated that by using certain EMF frequencies or magnetic fields directed into the brain, it was possible to create a full-blown alien abduction experience into a non-believer in a laboratory. This ‘scientifically induced’ experience produced the classic ‘craft’, white light, white rooms, clinical settings, and big-eyed aliens of typical ‘grey’ appearance, table, experiments, extreme fear and so forth.

With the technology the military and the intelligence agencies have at their disposal and their understanding of mind-control, can you possibly imagine just what they are capable of achieving? The ‘mind’ is the target of all forms of mind-control because it is merely a processing unit and certain people want your mind to process what they want it to. Then they have you controlled into believing what they want you to believe. As we know the mind has little comprehension of what is truly going on and when it becomes programmed in this way we begin to run around in the explosive part of nature instead of maintaining balance through imploding as well. This disconnects the mind from the heart centre and so we swim in circles instead of following the figure of eight – the infinity symbol as we discussed in Part Five.  

If UFO’s today are of alien origin and these aliens are abducting us, then why have the military and the intelligence agencies spent billions and billions of dollars over the last forty or so years programming people with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, hypnotherapy and electronic implants to create false memories and experiences, and using selected authors and speakers, psychics and transceivers and whatever ‘other’ means to induce a massive belief in something that is true? Surely it would be a lot cheaper to just come out and admit what is going on – wouldn’t it? Is it more likely that the only reason they have gone to these lengths are because these UFO’s are of human origin and piloted by humans and we are merely (and expensively) being convinced otherwise? Are we witnessing the setting up of another religion as we discussed in Part Four?

There are many stories and allegations of so-called ‘alien’ beings existing here amongst us. We have stories of reptiods or insectoids occupying certain humans who we are told are really extraterrestrial beings here to cause us harm. Certain people would have us believe these beasties are even devouring human flesh to enable them to retain their ‘false’ human exterior and that these ET’s ‘transform’ or ‘shape shift’ into their ‘true form’ when devouring human blood and flesh. Twelve-foot giant lizards or reptiles have been apparently observed. However, it is a little disconcerting for me when many of these first hand witnesses are actually known mind controlled slaves and MPD’s (multi personality disorder). With our knowledge of how the intelligence agencies have been involved over the years in developing and utilising mind-control programmes to promote new ‘belief systems’ into the psyche of Man, just what ‘information’ have these people been programmed with and why?

As we know from Part Five, the Serpent/Snake, symbolically, represents the path to truth, knowledge and wisdom and is a reference to the inner journey through our DNA and to the origins of life itself. Is this latest ‘info’ just a deliberate ‘modernisation’ by the ‘illusion’ of the Church’s condemnation and denigration of the serpent being the work of the devil? Designed by, and originating from the unbalanced ego-consciousness to appeal to our modern day imagination and fears? After all, we know the ego will always lay blame for its actions at the door of somebody else and it will never hold up its hands and say, hey I may be wrong. Does this sound very much like a politician or a world leader?

We have discovered that modern perceptions of karma are designed to merely avert our eyes from perceiving the damage and the destruction we are inflicting upon ourselves. Today we even have a new paradigm shift on karma - it is the Earth’s fault. The Earth is responsible for the Atomic Bomb, the cruelty, the wars and so forth and we are led to believe this is because we are learning how to become human. This same belief would have us accept that the reason people are overweight is because they are moving into a higher consciousness and therefore they need to put on weight to keep themselves grounded. Yeah, right.

Throughout all my inner searching for clarity and some form of understanding of these obvious problems we face today and as to the possible reasons or causes for them, one question remained prominent in my heart. If human beings were not on this planet would the Earth be in such a mess as it is today? The disturbing and recurring answer I came to was a resounding NO. So why do we keep on blaming something else for the problems we face today when these are obviously the result of our own actions?

And today, the ego would also appear to be laying the blame for everything that is wrong in the world on the aliens or the E. T. reptilians that allegedly occupy the bodies of our world leaders. Or even the ‘greys’ that we are told are actually a disguise for these reptilians. And so the ego continues to deny any responsibility for its actions, preferring as it always does to lay the blame elsewhere.

Shapeshifting? - A Useful Exercise We Can Perform To Help Us Understand This Apparent Enigma

At this time I would like to share with you an exercise you can perform in the comfort of your own home. It is something we do at Equilibra from time to time when the occasion is right and an exercise we include in our Workshop Manual for people to use to help them to understand more of the reality we live in and the reality of who and what we are. If you have a partner who is equally like-minded great, if not you can do this on your own by sitting in front of a mirror. Sit opposite your partner (or mirror) and look at the person (or yourself) and focus your gaze slightly to one side of the face. Relax and allow your gaze to de-focalise. Keep on looking and if you can, do this without trying or straining the eyes. See what happens and be aware of what you begin to see. You may see the person's face or your own appear to ‘shape-shift’ into another face. The changes at the beginning may not be so pronounced so be patient. If your eyes become tired, leave it and go back to it at a later time or date. Eventually you may begin to see some very strange things happening. The face you are looking at may change dramatically at times into various forms and shapes and you may even be shocked by some of things you see.

This is not something I would normally divulge through an article but I feel it is important if we are to learn and know more about this reality we live in and the who and what we are and to dispel some of the misinformation written and bandied about today. If we stay with this exercise and practise it regularly we can begin to see some amazing things. The image we see may change slowly at first, then faster and we may see the face or even the whole person change into a beautiful light being and then various light beings or/and we may see something we feel is unpleasant or looks unpleasant and at times we may be shocked or jolted out of the exercise by what we see. It is impossible to say what an individual may or may not see. All I can say is that over time and with patience we can begin to see the who and what we are and if it is right and appropriate for us at the time, we may begin to see the false reality and its energies we have created.

So what is actually happening here?

Subconsciously we ‘see’ or ‘feel’ everything there is to see and feel but our mind today only processes a small amount of this information because of our conditioning and/or because our ego is trying to deny us the truth. When we carry out this exercise we begin to allow our mind to ‘see’ other realities or frequencies of light. So we may see various light beings or strange yet beautiful faces because this is how we are and how we exist in other dimensions of reality. However, it has to be said that we may see other energies too, and this could result in us seeing an unbalanced energy in the person's energy field or our own energy fields for what it truly is, which may shock us. We may witness an energy manifesting in a way which imitates our own fears – our dark side – our own ego-consciousness, and as a result we may become fearful of continuing. This is why some of the ‘images’ one sees can come as a shock to the system. This may happen to some people and not to others. We are all different and we hold varying degrees of conditioning and fear. I am just trying to explain what can happen.

If we experience something we do not like then this is something we have to work through if we are to overcome our fears and allow more of our light to come through. If this happens, we are merely identifying with the problem we have created and the resulting negative energies we have to work towards transmuting. This is why, to start with, the exercise may be better executed with another person, because we have been conditioned to avoid looking at ourselves and perceive the consequences of our actions for so long now, that when we do begin to look at ourselves in a more spiritual or realistic way, we may not like what we see staring back at us. This is of course the reflection of what we have become – though it must be said only temporarily if we so choose.

If we stay with this exercise then we may begin to see some very strange images indeed. As is possible through the inner journey and/or meditation, through this exercise we may begin to ‘see’ and experience ‘hybrids’ of humans and animals as we begin to realise and remember we are all things and all things are us. Hence we are the TEN that created everything in the first place and why I proposed the DNA ‘reversed evolution’ theory in Part Five as possible biological proof of this.

This brings me to the reason why I have chosen to share this exercise with you, because it explains what could be commonly described today and in the past as episodes of people ‘shape-shifting’.

If we can imagine the indigenous people, the shamans in particular, today and in the past, participating in their Ayahuasca brews and smoking their ‘tobacco’, they would naturally be in a de-focalised state and would be able to see many things that would appear to the intellect to be some form of shape shifting, and as we know from Part Five, they would share their experiences through metaphors, stories and symbolic imagery. Similarly, if we look at people using LSD at the time; many of them would have been in such a state of hypersensitivity they would have been able to ‘see’ many ‘things’ the conditioned mind is normally denied. However, as is the case with many drug addicts, their energy fields can become so fragmented and dissolved that squatters can enter and lodge there. Mixing with people using hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and using them oneself creates an ‘out of mind-control’ state of being where it is possible to see the greater (or in many cases lesser) realities of life. And because many of these peoples’ energy fields may have become compromised they will generally hold the darker side of our creation - i.e. unbalanced energies from the ego-consciousness will be resident in their energy fields. This may account for some of the horror stories of LSD ‘trips’ and ‘cold turkey’, and the reason why LSD – even though it was allegedly introduced by the intelligence agencies themselves as an experiment – was ‘taken off the market’.

During these hallucinogenic ‘trips’ were people ‘seeing’ too much of the greater reality of our ego-creation but unable to put a reference point on it, and did this worry the ‘authorities’?

This is what is happening today, as the population has exploded, the light that we are has gradually become too much for the ego-consciousness to control everybody, and the overall consciousness of the Earth and humans has begun to increase to the extent that more people are now beginning to ‘see’ energies and/or becoming aware that something is not ‘quite right’. This has nothing to do with moving into the 'fourth-dimension' as we discovered in Part Four. Is this why the illusion and the people who control it, allegedly, have it on their agenda to reduce the population from 6 billion people to 1 billion people? That way we are easier to control?

Is this why, in many so-called ‘new’ spiritual teachings, no matter how informative the message may appear to be, the underlying tone is one of preparing us for a reduction in human life and to accept that this is necessary for our spiritual growth? This is the illusion at work again. It is only because of the increase in human life that we have managed to raise our consciousness and awareness thus far, a reduction would have completely the opposite effect.

This is also why the illusion and the ego have felt threatened by each newborn child over millennia and this fear carries on even today. In the past, baptism or the christening procedure was undertaken by half-drowning the child. This naturally created fear and opened up the energy fields of the child to external unbalanced energies, which could pollute the natural light, purity and unconditional love of the child. The apparent intentions behind this abhorrent act were to shock the baby into having an out of body experience, thus hopefully ‘reproducing’ the inner/outer body experiences of Shamans and their ability to access knowledge. Obviously this procedure had quite the opposite effect.

Similarly we had ‘circumcision’ which still exists today and creates the same fear in a young child and the same potential for spiritual loss. Today the methods of afflicting the light and unconditional love of a child with negative energies have been ‘updated’ and we now vaccinate our children at a very early age with unbalanced chemical toxins instead. And if this does not work we have the education system and then the ego-compromised people who are involved in satanic and ritual abuse of young children which is shockingly kept very quite today. Is this because high-ranking police officers and other civil and government officials may be involved?

As we have discovered when we shop for spirit in the external reality we begin to allow unbalanced energies into our energy fields and those people at the very top of the pyramid of power, who control the world, are so far into their ego that they have some of the most unbalanced energies possibly created residing in their energy fields. As these energies feed on fear, then the ego ‘gets off’ on fear as it is merely feeding the unbalanced energies or entities controlling it. This is why certain people who have become so egotistically unbalanced have the need to create fear in people or children through violence, satanic ritual or abuse or both, because they literally get a ‘high’ and a ‘kick’ and sadly pleasure from the fear they create and witness in their prey – many of whom are often young and innocent children.

All this to feed and sustain the sad demonic energies which control them; highly unpleasant energies which these people have no awareness of, because they have been conditioned into believing they are invoking the higher elements of Nature and the Cosmos to help them. Such is the tragic magic of the cabala and the externalisation of truth, it appeals to the imagination and sadly the ego in us all.

And if these processes do not work we have the music culture carefully designed for teenyboppers and teenagers. As we discovered in Part Five, sound is energy, therefore music can affect living things in a positive or negative way. Rock/heavy metal music we discovered caused confusion and distress and a restriction in the growth and development of living things. Whereas classical music in general showed itself to be highly beneficial to living organisms. We can see the same ego-consciousness at work here in the music scene. Certain music available to the ‘young of today’ would appear to be generally controlled and deliberately orchestrated to cause the maximum amount of mayhem possible. That is, from an energy point of view, it is detrimental to the energy fields and consciousness of living organisms. Couple this with the deliberate drug culture allowed to grow in society today and we have a child being controlled from being born, through growing up and through adolescence, and if they haven’t died of stress or drugs on the way they will have either become so disassociated from life itself or they will have ‘bought’ so deeply into the lie of Man – typically a mortgage, debt and 2.2 children – that they no longer represent a threat to the establishment. Job accomplished. The disease lives on.

Fortunately, because of the increase in population, a few people and children are managing to escape the disease and its net of illusion and this should act as an inspiration to us all. We can still learn so much if only we opened our hearts and ‘felt’ through our hearts what was right, instead of allowing the intellectual mind to do it for us. We can see the importance of the INNER JOURNEY and working through the heart centre and not the mind.

When we look within and stay on this inner journey, we virtually stop allowing ourselves to be duped and controlled and conditioned into believing and living our lives by somebody else’s rules. We then begin to understand more and more of our true being, of the beauty of Nature and of Creation itself and how simply everything works together through harmony and interaction between all living things to maintain balance. We begin to see the external reality as a matrix of illusory beliefs and conflicting innuendo, imagined scenarios and complex realities of unbalanced thought-forms created by the intellect and the ego and we wonder why and how we became duped into believing this in the first place. We then appreciate that today we have to experience this disease first and understand how it works before we can possibly know how to heal it and bring it back into balance – just like the immune system first needs to recognise an invader.

The onset of disease begins when the cell turns to fermentation as an alternative form of energy in the absence of oxygen. The Illusion is an alternative source of energy and sows its seed into our minds, which is fed and watered through our imagination and belief in its authenticity, and so the seed ferments and grows into a disease that is capable of encapsulating and bewitching us all.

Through the inner journey we discover the disease created by Man and the means by which we can bring this disease back into balance. When we view the imbalance in the Earth’s consciousness – as well as within our own consciousness – as a disease, an unbalanced energy, rather than a demonic entity or a product of the Luciferic consciousness, or some horrendous predator energy or reptilian energy about to take over our bodies by walking in or crawling in, we begin to understand that these negative unbalanced energies and other fear-based scenarios, can only manifest in our own reality through our own fears and through our external belief in them. If we fear them and believe in them, we allow what is purely an unbalanced energy to manifest in our own reality in an horrendous way, reflecting our own fears. In effect, we create them through our belief and our imagination of what they are and so we give them life in our own consciousness and, therefore, in our energy fields and in our perception of reality.

However, when we realise their manifestation in this way is merely a product of our imagination and the external reality that feeds our mind, we can lose this fear of thought-forms. When we understand this we stop giving them life and cease to allow them to manifest in our own reality through our own fears. If we release the fear then we release the control. This then allows us to work through our own conditioning and begin to purify our own consciousness and then the outer consciousness of the Earth. This is the beauty of the inner journey. When we stop looking externally for the answers to our origins and spirituality eventually we stop shopping in a negative and unbalanced environment, filling our bags with heavy and useless commodities. 

When you switch off the intellect and listen through your heart you will hear all you need to hear.

However, from this inner journey, we also acknowledge that balancing the Earth’s consciousness will not be a quick or easy task because of the conditioned beliefs of many people who have bought into the external illusory reality: for to these people, this illusory reality is very real indeed. This is the epitome of how mind control works; when we believe in the lie so much we reinforce it and so we shoot the messenger when balanced and useful information comes along which may help us to break through this conditioning, simply because it threatens our conditioned beliefs and the ego which creates them and forces us to hold onto them. As discussed in Part Five, the emotional body is the defence mechanism of the ego.


It is with deep sadness that I come to the next point. The horrific and tragic events of the 11th September 2001 in America. My heart goes out to all the families of the people killed, whatever their nationality and whoever they may have been, and those who were injured and affected directly or indirectly by this atrocious and inhumane act of terrorism. For that is all it is, an act to promote terror and fear in people. This abhorrent action by the terrorists shows they hold total disdain and contempt towards the lives of all human souls, all living beings; people who are their light brothers and sisters if only they realised this simple truth. And these atrocities are happening worldwide in many countries and have been for some time.

Loss of life is tragic under any circumstances. It does not matter whether this life is an American, a Palestinian, a Briton or an Afghan. Grief is not restricted to any particular area or cultural beliefs; it is inherent and natural in all human beings. It is the love and expectation we have for our family and the loss we feel when this is taken away from us. It is applicable to us all, whatever our creed or upbringing. We are witnessing innocent people all over the world today, who are being killed, bombed, tortured, maimed or left for dead because of the policies, actions and beliefs of their so-called leaders and the governments they represent. These so-called ‘leaders’ are all performing to the orchestra of the ‘puppeteers’ who lead and pull their respective strings, no matter what ‘side’ they are on, with both sides of the coin being manipulated.

What we should all remember is these innocent people being killed today all over the world, are somebody’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister. Naturally emotions are going to run wild in all these areas of unrest, just as they are in America today, and retribution is often demanded and we need to understand this. We also need to understand why these tragic events are happening today in a so-called civilised society. These were questions I frequently asked my parents as a child: yes it was right to put murderers into prison, but would it not be better for society as a whole to understand the reasons why a murderer or a criminal did what they did, so we could understand the mentality behind the actions and actively do something positive about these events? Rather than just hanging, electrocuting them or incarcerating them for life, thus allowing more of the same disease to fester and grow in society through our ignorance of the possible causes for it. 

As I mentioned earlier and throughout these articles, the more we buy into the unbalanced ego-consciousness, the more unbalanced energies we take on board. The higher up the tree of capitalism and imperialism we climb and the more we move into the higher echelons of government or military/secret office and certain religious practices, the more evil and unbalanced these energies can become. These highly unbalanced and unruly energies then sit in office in these people’s energy fields and gradually begin to control the consciousness, thinking, feeling and emotion of the individual. Eventually these individuals begin to ‘create’ in the likeness of the unbalanced consciousness they have temporarily become, just like a tumour cell replicates itself into its own likeness, creating imbalance, chaos and disease in its wake.

As these negative energies feed on fear they manipulate human consciousness through the ego and then the conscious intellectual mind, and in such a way that even more fear is created in the world, which in turn feeds and sustains these unbalanced entities enabling them to take an even greater control of the consciousness and actions of the individual. This is why the people who ‘control the world’ and individual countries deliberately create division through religious beliefs, famine, poverty, wars and so forth, as these actions result in more fear and therefore, more ‘fodder’ for their predatory squatters to feed on. Is this what we are witnessing today?

As I explained earlier, more and more people have begun to loosen the grip the illusion and all its negative energies have upon them and so more and more people have begun to question life as we know it and the ‘policies’ and dubious explanations behind them. As this has happened, people have begun to move away from fear and toward the balanced emotion of unconditional love and the collective consciousness of humans and therefore, the overall consciousness of the Earth have been gradually improving. This has meant less fodder for these unbalanced energies to feed on and their control over human consciousness has been reduced. It is inevitable, given the way these entities control people through ego, that they would instigate through them some form of atrocity in order to restore fear into the collective consciousness of human beings.

I believe this is what we are witnessing today with the recent events in America. Are we witnessing the age-old provocateur of: problem, reaction and solution? We have experienced the problem – tragically and very graphically too – and we have seen and shared in the immense and emotionally disturbing reaction, the hurt, disbelief and irrationality of it all, and are we now seeing the ‘solution’ portrayed before our eyes with the ‘warmongering’ of western leaders? The amount of fear being created all over the world at this moment is immense. Job done, status quo restored, victory to the entities – or is it? Has the ‘illusion’ and its diabolism shot itself in the foot once again?

Many people, Americans included, and even some people from New York itself who I have spoken with since this appalling tragedy, have all voiced the questions and concerns as follows: Should leaders in the West be asking why is the West, America in particular, hated so much? What has the West been doing to create such animosity towards itself? Is it because of Western economic policies and the dictates of Western financial institutions? All allegedly controlled by the shadowy elite sometimes referred to as the ‘ Illuminati’, ‘Committee of 300’ or the ‘Olympians’? Whether this is true or not, have the actions of the West not added to third-world debt, poverty and hardship in many countries? Is it not true that the ‘big’ multinationals of the Western world then build their factories, industrial complexes and manufacturing outlets in these third-world countries and take advantage of their ‘cheap labour’? Coincidences?

Is it any wonder that some of these humble and decent people throughout the world have become resentful and hateful towards what is seen and perceived as Western manipulation; in other words, the hand that snatches food from them rather than the hand that should be feeding them? With the wealth and technical ability we have today there should be no poverty and no starvation anywhere in the world. Yet it appears to be deliberately kept that way and maybe we should all be asking why that is, and just who is responsible for it? However, this is still no excuse for what happened recently in America and it is no excuse for what is happening worldwide either, but unless we can begin to understand the mind and thinking behind these terrorist attacks and what effectively drives the terrorists to do what they do, surely we cannot hope to reach harmony or justice across the world.

Is it time for the wealthy Western Nations to do something positive for a change instead of shooting from the hip first and asking questions later? As I have mentioned before, the ego finds it hard to accept blame for its actions, yet surely it is time for the West to hold up its arms and say, hey, we may have done wrong, so now we’re going to put things right? Is it time for the ‘greed and profit before all else’ mentality to be replaced with a more benevolent mentality towards others? Also, is it time for the leaders of other countries too, to hold up their hands and admit to their own mistakes and the atrocities some of them inflict upon their own people? Is it also time for leaders around the world to begin to work together to make sure atrocities like this do not happen again and to stop abusing their power because the people are fed up of it? Or is it up to the people themselves?

Is it also prudent at this time to ask who actually benefits from the ‘war on terrorism’? Certainly the innocent people of Afghanistan, or any of the other countries that may be targeted will not benefit. Neither will the innocent people who become caught up in all this ‘warmongering’ in Muslim countries and neither will the innocent citizens of other countries who may well be subjected to even more terrorist atrocities. Who benefits apart from the armaments or war industry and their ‘investors’? The unbalanced emotion of fear benefits as it is strengthened and expanded worldwide, and we know what feeds on fear.  

I’m sure that innocent and loving people of the world have had enough and they believe it is time for changes to be made all over the world. Maybe it is time for us all to begin the end to the suffering and the oppression of innocent people in all walks of life, to stop sabre rattling and saying my stick is mightier than yours therefore you will do as I say? These are the actions of a frightened and insecure bully, the unbalanced male energy playing with toys. Is it time to help to bring education and respect to the lives of women in many suppressed areas of the world and allow them to express themselves and enjoy themselves freely and openly instead of being denigrated as being no more than a useless commodity? Should we remind ourselves that all human embryos develop initially as a female? It is only later in gestation that they can turn into a male. So yet again are we seeing the importance of the female energy in our physical existence? Is it important that the male, therefore, should find more of the female energy within them to create balance? As I mentioned in Part Five, the unbalanced ego is the absence of the female energy in relation to the male energy.

When we look at the so-called leaders of the world, the people we have been conditioned to place our trust in, we notice that generally they are all males, with the exception of the few representatives worldwide who are female. When we examine the countries where women are suppressed and treated no better than cattle, we find the leaders are all males. When we look at history and the part religion has played in it over the years - which is what we have done throughout these articles - we can see quite clearly the suppression of the female energy and females in general and the subsequent rise and dominance of the male-ego energy in almost every culture throughout the world, which has been responsible for all the wars and strife and suffering we have endured to date. Yet we continue to allow these ‘boys with big toys’ to continue to destroy our lives and the planet. A bully will always be a bully if we continue to fear them. The unbalanced male-ego energy can only operate through fear. It is the only way it can control people. The world desperately needs more female energy to bring the unbalanced male-ego energy back into harmony.

The vast majority of people, whatever their religion or personal belief, want only one thing: peace, world peace and harmony and love between all people and all cultures. It is only a small minority of people on this planet who continue to deny us all this dream and realisation. I remember when we were in Minorca in the late eighties and we went to a calypso bar with our daughter. There must have been twelve to sixteen children from all ages and varying cultures playing together, aged from four to maybe ten years old who were unable to communicate and understand one other through language alone, yet on some level - and this amazed me at the time which is why I’ve never forgotten it - they were all able to communicate with each other and enjoy themselves immensely. I remember watching with total fascination this open camaraderie and interaction between children of all cultures as they had fun and bonded together into the natural enjoyment of living and experiencing life. As I indulged in this wonderful experience I felt deeply saddened by the realisation that swept through me that when these children grew up, this innocence and purity I was witnessing, could soon be eroded and converted by so-called wiser adults and the infrastructure of life we are forced to follow, into a feeling of hate and possible religious condemnation towards each other, towards the very same ‘children’ – now adults - who were openly communicating with each other on such a loving and understanding level.

If we begin to live through our heart centre and demand changes in a loving and peaceful way, then eventually this balanced energy will permeate through the stubborn walls of ego and the illusion which feeds it and into the psyche of all living things. Perhaps then more and more people in many walks of life will begin to say no, that is not right and release the fear and control they have allowed in their lives, thus opening doorways of information for the public to better understand the way they have been controlled, manipulated and used in experiments at times, rendering human life to no more than that of a laboratory rodent. Would this then help us all to forge a better future for all of humanity? It would be a start in the right direction, that’s for sure.

When you switch off the intellect and listen through your heart you will hear all you need to hear.

Is it time to find the God within us, through the inner journey, instead of giving our power away to the external, illusory, warmongering and vengeful god manufactured by Man? A belief in a god of many guises in many religions that has lead to millions and millions of unnecessary deaths for thousands of years, and continues to do so today? A false god that creates division and hatred among his people, instead of unity and Oneness?

It is up to each and every one us to decide where we shop for spirit and unconditional love. May our heart become our A-Z? I wish everyone a safe journey and a basket full of light, love and unadulterated goodness!





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