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The Assemblage Point, Discarnate Spirits, Lost Souls and How The Illusion Manifests In The Afterlife - by Steve Gamble


There is not a lot written about the Assemblage Point and we seem to have little understanding today of its important role in our physical and spiritual life and wellbeing. Unfortunately, much of what has been written to date, is incomplete and inaccurate and appears to be based on misunderstandings and miscomprehensions of its true function in our past and present physical and spiritual existence.

The Assemblage Point is a very important energy connection, as we discovered in Part Three, which, when aligned correctly in the centre of the heart chakra, and when functioning and flowing naturally from in to out, helps to purify our energy fields and protect us from all forms of external negative and, therefore, potentially harmful energies. The Assemblage Point (A.P.) represents our internal connection with Source, and NOT an external connection, as many are encouraged to believe today. The A.P. is the purifying and balancing energy inherent in all living things.  It is our protective shield in this physical reality; it is the energy of unconditional love, the purity and the spiritual light that we are. The energy, or filaments of light that make up the Assemblage Point, originate from within us and expand outwards, front and back, encompassing the whole body in a kind of protective cocoon of energy – or so it should. The figure below shows how the flow of energy from the A.P. should be naturally.

In Part Three, we discovered that we were blocking this important and natural flow of spiritual energy from the front of the Assemblage Point, and as a consequence, we were moving further away from the centre of our being and further away from the light that we are.

However, we never discussed the Assemblage Point’s exit route at the rear of the body, what had become of this over time and the implications this has had upon our spiritual and physical wellbeing over the last few thousand years or so. We will now look at what has happened to the exit route of our Spiritual and Purifying energy at the rear of our body.



Over time, due to the increasing and constant externalisation of truth and spirituality in many ancient and developing cultures, along with our openness - and the incessant pressure from officialdom - to give our power away to other people and certain belief systems, coupled with that human weakness - the desire for more power, money and control - the Assemblage Point’s natural exit route at the rear of the body – the back of the heart chakra - has become locked, or blocked, at the juncture of the spine. And it has been like this for thousands of years! See image below left.




So, for thousands of years, we humans have suffered, and are continuing to suffer from the loss of this purifying energy, which is, and has been, unable to flow freely and naturally from the rear of our body. As a result, we are unable to adequately protect and purify the rear of our energy fields.







This has left, and still leaves, our energy field and the chakras at the back of the body vulnerable to attack from negative energies, which are fed from the outside unbalanced ego-consciousness. These energies have the potential to lodge in our energy fields and attach to the rear of our heart centre and other chakras, where they can cause problems that can affect the balance and purity of our consciousness and health. See image to the left.

These attachments can and do cloud our spiritual judgement, creating a veil or barrier between our inner and reflected light, surrounding us with darkness and imbalance in order that wherever we seem to look, all we seem to see – and therefore believe – is the ILLUSION we have created. This can have the following affect on our spiritual direction:



When we have attachments at the rear of our energy fields, their consciousness can also interfere with the inner journey as it sits between our conscious mind and our light, our higher inner self, thus blocking this communication and radiating its own imbalance instead.




Because of these ‘attachments’, we fail to realise the truth comes from within us and because we have been conditioned over the years into believing the physical and external reality is the only reality there is, we tend to look only ‘externally’ these days for the answers to many things. As we identify more with the external unbalanced consciousness we have created, we begin to block the flow of our inner light, our spiritual light. Then, when we do attempt to look within, nothing much seems to happen and if we are unable to look deep enough within, all we find is the same ego-illusory consciousness feeding us ‘external unbalanced information’. And because we believe so strongly in the external reality, we believe that what we see ‘out there’ must be a true indication of what IS. It is, therefore, only natural that people with the ability to ‘see’ external energies, will see an external connection to the front of the Assemblage Point in some people, because this is exactly what has happened over time to many ‘external’ travellers. 

Others may well see that this energy appears to be ‘locked’ into the spine and does not appear to exist at all at the rear of the body and incorrectly accept that this is how it should be. In fact there are some healers/gurus who deliberately ‘lock’ the Assemblage Point into the spine at the rear of the body, because this is how they believe it to be, either from what they can ‘see’ externally, or through the way they have allowed themselves to become conditioned by the beliefs and actions of other external seekers of truth.

However, we have come to realise throughout this series of articles, that the external reality is merely a reflection; a reflection of our thoughts, actions and, therefore, predominantly, a reflection of our mistakes. What we see represented outside of us is what ‘reality has become’ over time. This is not as reality should be! We are merely witnessing the result of the decline in balance of our collective consciousness as we continue our descent into the darkness and imbalance of the false light of the illusion we have created.

It is only when we begin to look within for the answers with determination and patience that we gradually begin to see how things are truly meant to be. Through the inner journey we can see exactly how the Assemblage Point works in all its glory, from in to out, both front and back. So then when we look externally and view how things are now, we can readily identify the mistakes we have made over time, and most importantly, we can understand just what is required to correct them.

This is why I believe it is essential that the energy flow from both the front and rear of the Assemblage Point is released, and this energy is allowed to flow naturally from within us to without, if we are to re-establish a healthy physical and spiritual mind/body and restore a ‘health-before-profit’ mentality into human consciousness. When the flow of energy is released from the A.P. at the back of the heart chakra, an unparalleled level of purifying light energy is liberated. This restores the natural balance between the front and back of the body, providing our energy fields with a level of protection and harmony that has been unprecedented in humans for many, many years.

This procedure helps to keep the rear of our energy fields as clear as possible from unhealthy and unwelcome ‘attachments’ and helps us to disconnect any external attachments which may be feeding us negative energy through the rear (and front) of our energy fields. This process allows us to grow spiritually and evolve physically in a natural way, with less hindrance from unhealthy guests.

In the Gnostic Gospel Of Philip (see references to the Nag Hammadi later) it says, ‘Jesus pulled out the root of the whole place, while others did it only partially. As for ourselves, let each one of us dig down after the root of evil which is within one, and let one pluck it out of one’s heart from the root. It will be plucked out if we recognise it. But if we are ignorant of it, it takes root in us and produces its fruit in our heart. It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive, to make us do what we do not want; and what we do want we do not do. It is powerful because we have not recognised it. While it exists it is active. Ignorance is the mother of all evil.’1

We can see that Jesus (mythical or otherwise) was advocating the importance of keeping the heart clear by plucking out the root of evil from within the heart, lest it shared its unbalanced consciousness with us, and thus control us. The unbalanced external ego-consciousness is the root of evil that attaches to our heart centre via the Assemblage Point when we shop externally for the truth.

When this energy is released from the rear of the Assemblage Point, and the flow corrected at the front, we naturally improve our inner and outer connections with our higher dimensional selves:


This process helps us to reintegrate the natural communication with our higher dimensional selves, the light that we are, and improve our intuitive processes, our inner communication and our tuition from within. It allows the light within to shine brighter and allows our reflected light to move closer to and integrate with the physical body, thus helping to bring more balance and expand more inner light into our physical body and our external surroundings – the consciousness of the Earth.

There are numerous ancient texts and esoteric writings going back thousands of years which depict these ‘attachments’ to the rear of our energy fields, but not to the front. This shows this ‘blockage’ has been inherent in humans for a considerable time. The figure shown below is merely one example of this:


This is a wood engraving of demons riding on the back of a beggar and a miser. From the West front of Saint-Pierre, Mossac. 14th century, after Witkowski. The explanation that accompanies this drawing is as follows: ‘…these people are not in hell: they are portrayals of Etheric and Astral forms. They reveal people as they would be seen by someone with developed clairvoyant vision…They are symbolic forms of the Etheric and Astral bodies…The person gifted with clairvoyant vision will see the beggar approaching the miser on the Astral plane. He will see the demons directing this transaction: the demons are, so to speak, bypassing the Ego of the men. This is no human transaction, but a demonic one… to show that they [the demons] are gripping onto their Egos.’2





This brings to mind many sayings: such as, ‘mind your back’, ‘keep looking over your shoulder’, or ‘I’ve been stabbed in the back’, ‘I’ve got a monkey on my back’, ‘get off my back’, ‘people are always on my back’ or ‘I feel as though I have the weight of the whole world on my shoulders’…  So on some subliminal level we DO have a recollection of sorts of what is going on in our energy fields.

It is obvious that these ‘unbalanced’ energies attach to us because we have little protection at the rear of our energy fields, and it is also obvious that when attached they can affect and influence our mind, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness and actions through ‘gripping onto our Egos’ and directing our will.

In a recent terrestrial T.V. program on organ transplants, it was shown that the recipient of the donor organ, in many cases, had undergone a change in personality. One young girl was describing how she kept seeing and feeling the death of this young child, being able to describe quite graphically how the child had been bludgeoned to death. When these unusual circumstances were checked out, the young girl’s experience described exactly how the ‘donor child’ had died.

Another ‘organ donor recipient’ at a gathering, went up to a lady and said ‘Hi mom, it’s good to see you.’ The lady turned out to be the mother of the ‘organ donor’ and the ‘recipient’ had immediately recognised her as the ‘donor’s’ mother. Another was where the personality of a middle-aged man completely changed. A man who used to suffer from stress and become angry when stressed, now found he carried out housework when he was stressed, something he never did before he received the heart of a female donor. And there are so many similar cases of this type of occurrence. This happens simply because the ‘consciousness’ of the donor is retained in the donor organ and its memory, or identity, has been placed within the body of the recipient and, therefore, his or her consciousness, and it is able to express itself by sharing its ‘consciousness’ with that of the recipient – even after the death of the ‘donor’.

Research recently published in the Journal Of Near-Death Studies, conducted by Professor Gary Shwartz, Professor Paul Pearsall and Dr Linda Russek, of the universities of Arizona and Hawaii, confirmed that people who have organ transplants could inherit the habits of their donors. Their findings are very similar to those experiences detailed above. One male who received a woman’s heart had a new passion for the colour pink, a colour he had previously hated. He also had a newly acquired taste for women’s perfume. Similarly, a woman who received a heart and lung transplant developed cravings for chicken nuggets, a food she never ate. Uneaten chicken nuggets were found in the jacket of the young male donor when he was killed. It goes on and on in the same vein, with alterations in people’s sense of smell, food preferences and emotions, to changes in tastes of music. The scientists involved in this study are embarking on a second, bigger study; involving more than 300 transplant patients.3 Will they be allowed to complete it?

It begs the question: what chance has human consciousness to evolve into a more enlightened state, now that we have genetically modified pigs, specifically created to act as ‘organ donors’ for humans?

Maybe as recipients of these organs we can all look forward to the time when we have ‘flashbacks’ of happy family get-togethers, many of us mingling together with our noses deep in swill?

It is the same with these attachments we find in our energy fields. Just as the consciousness, memory and personality of the ‘donor’ can influence the ‘recipient’, the consciousness, emotion and personality of the ‘attachment’ can likewise affect the ‘host’s’ consciousness and personality. This leads to us ‘behaving totally out of character’ and provoking comments such as ‘that is just not you’, ‘why are you behaving like that’, as we can at times begin to behave in the ‘likeness’ of the consciousness of the energy body ‘attached’ to our energy fields.

Similarly, like the ‘recipient’ of the donor organ can experience images and memories of the dead donor’s life, depending on the type of energy attached to the rear of our energy field, we can also experience the emotion and past life events of this entity as it shares its consciousness and memory with us. Awareness of these entities emotions and past life events is enhanced through regressive hypnotherapy as this process allows more of the unbalanced thought forms ‘memory’ or consciousness to come through into our own consciousness. This is, of course, not a wise thing to do because the entity’s imbalance can then have a greater effect within our own consciousness as we take this on board on a conscious level, and we can begin to think, experience and behave more in the likeness of the ‘thought form consciousness’ than in the likeness of our true selves.

As we know from these articles, Part Five in particular, through the properties of water (consciousness), the outside ego-consciousness holds the memory of everything that has ever happened and if we willingly open up our energy fields and bring in these outside energies, as we are encouraged to do in many healing modalities, angel workshops/meditations et al, these unbalanced energies too can share their memory or ‘past life’ events and emotions with us.   

However, to what level our consciousness/actions and beliefs are affected, depends on the imbalance present in the ‘consciousness’ of the energy or thought-form that is attached, or brought into our energy fields. We will examine this in more detail later.

Where do unbalanced ‘thought forms’ originate? For the answer to this question we need to look at the symbolic tale of Sophia. 




As we have covered in these articles, many of our gods were in fact human beings, kings, emperors and pharaohs. In fact Roman Kings were often deified in accordance with the tradition of the times and, interestingly, the people of Judea also referred to all their kings as Gods too.

In this section and throughout the rest of this article, it is important to remember this and likewise, it may be helpful to understand that the Soul is separate to the Spirit, they are not one and the same thing in the physical or astral reality. They only unite and become ‘as One’ when they (we) reach the true Spirit realm, the true light of our creation as we touched upon in Part Three. At the time of the alleged Jesus (mythical or otherwise), the Soul was often referred to, or represented, in the feminine form, i.e. woman, daughter, or the Mother, and that Spirit, or the Light, was referred to, or represented, in the masculine i.e. man or the Father or the Pre-existent Father. Virgin and virginity were used to express purity of both the soul and the light, and prostitution as impurity of the soul/consciousness.

In ‘The Exegesis On The Soul’, it states: ‘Wise men of old gave the soul a feminine name. Indeed she is feminine in her nature as well. She even has her womb.’4 In other words, the soul/consciousness could give birth or recreate.

Today we would better understand the Soul as being Consciousness (which I have used throughout this series of articles), which covers our identity, memory, personality, knowledge, and if this knowledge is pure i.e. of the truth, wisdom. Our ancestors – or those people with insights – also often used the label wisdom as reference to the soul. This is how people ‘in the know’ could portray deeper meanings and profound understandings of the truth and the light amongst each other without the authorities becoming aware of what they were truly talking about. This leads us into the story of Sophia.




What follows is representative of both the physical and astral reality synonymously. The physical thought creates the astral equivalent thought-form and then the astral thought-form (memory) can manipulate our physical thoughts and beliefs as we discovered in Chapter Five. We'll look into this astral thought-form reality and how can affect our beliefs and actions in greater detail in the next chapter.

In the Apocryphon of John and other texts within the Nag Hammadi, Sophia of the Epinoia came forth ‘as the perfect image of the virginal Spirit, who is perfect.’ Sophia was also referred to as Faith and Wisdom. In this poetical and symbolic tale, Sophia was the perfect Mother and the perfect Soul – Wisdom – pure consciousness – Immortal Man - reflecting perfectly the image of the spiritual light of the Father. And this perfect Mother/Soul had a womb, which meant the soul/consciousness could create.

            What transpires is that Sophia wanted to ‘bring forth a likeness of herself’ but without the ‘consent of the Spirit’ – ‘he had not approved’ – and ‘she had a thought without the consent of the Spirit… Her thought did not remain idle and something came out of her which was imperfect and different from her appearance, because she had created it without her consort. And when she saw the consequences of her desire, it changed into a form of a lion-faced serpent. And its eyes were like lightening fires which flash.’5 Could this be the origin of the theory of the reptilian bloodline? More later.

            This is the symbolic story of the birth of the EGO, from which came the birth of the first unbalanced thought form created by a human soul, portrayed through the story of Sophia – the perfect soul who created without spiritual guidance. A thought created without the soul being in union with the spiritual light of the Father. This is the story of an original thought or desire that came from the ego/consciousness of a King and his followers, a ruler who thought himself as the Creator, the ultimate, yet jealous God among many Gods (kings), a ruler who wished to control the world.  This is the metaphorical story of the first human Archon (lawmaker) creating the first thought form Archon through the soul’s desire to create without union with the spirit i.e. through ego, and he was named Yaltabaoth.6 In some texts he was given three names, in others he created gods (sons) with the same names: Saklas and Samael – meaning god of the blind (very appropriate). 6 Today we would recognise this false god as Yahweh or Jahwah, the leader of people who were, and are, blind to the truth.

Such was the arrogance, ego and imbalance created in consciousness by this thought form (Yaltabaoth), that twelve Archons (lawmakers) were assigned to rule over the twelve signs of the Zodiac, or the twelve hebdomads (seven in the scriptures apparently) 7 to carry out his work and promote his authority and his rule, and they were even given godly status. And these gods eventually became known as the sacred Babylonian Hebdomad, or the gods of Babel, and covered the seven planets that were known at the time – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. They were given rule over the 72 Kingdoms of God/Heaven8 to correspond with the 72 letters of Gods name. Back to the nine again! (See Part Two)

Yet hebdomad/al today means weekly, or a group of seven, which derives from hepta meaning seven – a.k.a. the ‘seven days’ of the week, and Dom, from the Latin ‘dominus’ meaning ‘Lord’ or ‘Master’. So a hebdomad referred to seven Lords or Masters who were later deified in some religions as the Elohim, the seven gods of creation. These ‘gods’, we are told, presided over the seven planets and the seven days of the week. However, some people of the time understood a Hebdomad to be a sphere of the Demiurge lower than the Ogdoad, and were obviously aware of the limitations of the number seven, realising there were higher vibrations of more worth, and truth. Yet the importance attached to the number seven (no.7) by the lawmakers of the time, originated in the belief that there are seven major chakras in the human body (when in fact there are ten – see later) and their false sequence of seven colours, a belief and practise which merely limits our spiritual potential. Interestingly, Hebdomad/al in Greek simply means Politician – lawmaker.

Yet I digress. Therefore, ‘twelve hebdomads’ should equal 84 (i.e. 12 x 7 = 84), but due to the importance of the number 72 in Jewish lore, this equation was manipulated to place even more significance on the number 72, the nine. At Oxford University in England, they still have the Hebdomadal Council, which formulates university policy.

            Once again we can see how something that was originally a group of human beings, over time, has been turned into something completely different, modern and ‘new-agey’, similar to how the history of Melchizadek, a group of ordinary human monks, and a Merkaba used to carry our kings and queens, have been altered beyond all recognition in religion, New Age and Cabalistic philosophy. Simply to help seed the belief of a new alien god and alien religion into the consciousness of humans - as we have discovered throughout these articles.

The story of Sophia continues: and this king, this false god (Yaltabaoth/Yahweh) assigned a false angel to each week day, ‘the first is Athoth, he has a sheep’s face; the second is Eloaiou, he has a donkey’s face; the third is Astaphaios, he has a hyena’s face; the fourth is Yao, he has a serpent’s face with seven heads; fifth is Sabaoth, he has a dragon’s face; the sixth is Adonin, he had a monkey’s face; the seventh is Sabbede, he has a shining fire-face. This is the sevenness of the week. Then we had the creation from impure thought of the 365 Angels, one for each day of the year. 9 And we even have false angels to cover every part of the human body.10 This represents total control, or the desire of a megalomaniac consciousness to impose its authority over everything in the universe. This is the false god we worship through religion and the origin and creation of monotheism, a belief in one supreme god (king).

Although the angels had faces and could be recognised, the first Archon, the first King with impure thought and the first self-imposed false god, Yaltabaoth/Yahweh, ‘had a multitude of faces, more than all of them so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire.’11 Hence the illusion works in many ways and through a multitude of modalities and beliefs. It just wears a different mask to suit its intentions as we have discovered throughout these articles. It was obviously no different 2000 years ago.

Following this the Chief Archon formed the Dominions, the Seraphim and Cherubim and all the rest we have come to recognise today within the religions, the Cabala, Initiatic Science, Freemasonic science, new spiritual religions/teachings/hierarchies and new age philosophies. And so the lawmakers who ruled the authorities, spread these false truths through the Church, the bishops and deacons, priests (angels, messengers of the kings) and so forth, and they believed they had created a consciousness/soul or belief in Man that was in their own image – that is devoid of spirit or light – and therefore, totally controllable.

This is a wonderful example of how a perfect human with a perfect soul or pure consciousness, who by thinking from their soul (ego) instead of through its union with the Father i.e. from spiritual guidance, or through alignment with the light within, created the first impure or unbalanced thought resulting in the first unbalanced thought-form energy. It describes exactly how unbalanced and evil thought-forms can be easily created by humans in an energy form, from the impure thoughts of an unbalanced ego, greed and the desire for control and power over people. Thus leading to the creation of false truths, the rewriting of history and creation and a corresponding belief among people that Yaltabaoth/Yahweh was a real god and his authority and version of events were true. Our corresponding belief in the lie and our constant worship of it continued and still continues to feed the original unbalanced thought forms created thousands of years ago, and so these thought forms have become stronger and more powerful as a result.

These unbalanced thought forms have then been able to attach to our energy fields because of the blockage to our Assemblage Point at the rear of the heart chakra, where they have been able to manipulate our ego/consciousness - simply because our collective belief in them has given them life and energy and, therefore, has provided them with the ability to do so.

However, according to this fascinating and symbolic story, the first Archon was warned by the Spiritual Light as a voice ‘came down’ and said, ‘You are mistaken Samael, that is blind god, there is an immortal man of light who has been in existence before you and who will appear in your modelled forms; he will trample you to potter’s clay.’12 So we can see from this that the light of the true spirit represented a threat to the lawmaker’s ‘modelled’ or ‘conditioned’ forms; those humans whose consciousness had become brainwashed into believing the lie of the illusion - this false god and his false truth, perpetrated through religion. We can also see that immortal man – the perfect soul - was here before the ego and before this false god was created.

And so the Archons, humans with unbalanced souls, became envious of the children of the light – immortal man - and here begins the story of the kings messengers, angels or priests of this false god, descending from heaven to have intercourse or union with the daughters of men. But at first they did not succeed. They could not condition the minds and consciousness of the pure souls they encountered. 

So the Archons, the lawmakers et al, ‘devised a plan’. They created a ‘counterfeit spirit’, a false light who resembled the Spirit (the light within Man) who had descended, so as to pollute the pure souls through belief in it. And the souls, the ‘daughters’ of men, ‘were filled with the spirit of darkness… and with evil. And they steered the people who had followed them into great troubles, leading them astray with many deceptions.’13 This became known as the birth of the ‘despicable spirit’, the counterfeit spirit, or the ‘false light of the illusion’ as I called it in Part One.

This is another spiritual and classic example of how the soul or consciousness can become polluted by having intercourse/association or union with someone who’s beliefs, and therefore, soul/consciousness is unbalanced, and then coming to believe in their lies and untruths ourselves.

In this context, this message could be taken historically and spiritually too. The priests (angels), the messengers of the kings and queens (gods) came down from the highlands or the mountains (the heavens– see part six) to have intercourse or union (share their false beliefs) with the daughters (souls) of men (the light). In other words, they came to pollute the souls of ‘the children of the light’ for there was no other way they could control them. This was the only way the Archons (lawmakers et al) could expand their control and power and spread their darkness and false light amongst the perfect/purified souls they encountered by creating a false image of the truth/spirit/light. This became what we understand today as the ‘inversion of truth’ we find so common in many of today’s belief systems, the realm of the false gods and their false angels and the false way of life held in esteem by many religions and New Age philosophies.

And so, over time the pure consciousness of immortal man – the children of the light - has been gradually eroded from its original purity and its perfect reflection of the light we are. Our soul has been seduced and coerced outside of the body to look for salvation in the external unbalanced reality that has become the domain of the false light of the illusion – the realm of the counterfeit and despicable spirit. The realm of many religious and new age beliefs, the disease of the world that is the very foundation of many atrocities we have witnessed to date.

The Apocryphon of John continues, ‘then the people became old without enjoyment. They died, not having found the truth and without knowing the God of truth. And thus the whole of creation became enslaved forever…and they took women and begot children out of the darkness according to the likeness of their [despicable] spirit. And they closed their hearts, and they hardened themselves through the hardness of the counterfeit spirit…’14


How else was consciousness or the soul portrayed at the time of the alleged Jesus (mythical or otherwise)?


What happens when our soul or consciousness becomes influenced by the external unbalanced beliefs of others? In reference to the soul, ‘As long as she was alone with the father, she was virgin and in form androgynous. But when she fell down into a body and came to this life, then she fell into the hands of many robbers. And the wanton creatures passed her from one to another and [abused?] her. Some made use of her by force, while others did so by seducing her with a gift. In short, they defiled her; and she [lost?] her virginity.’15

We can see here how the soul, when in union with the light (the father), is pure, therefore, our consciousness is pure. However, when the soul ‘falls down into a body’, it becomes separate to the spirit/light in this physical reality. The soul is open to being seduced because we are conditioned into believing we are not worthy and cannot save ourselves, and so the soul can be persuaded into losing its purity by the promise of gifts; becoming an ‘influential politician’ leading to membership of the Bildeberger Group, leading to membership of the Illuminati or even the Olympians themselves – the so-called elite, or just a position of power over others with more money, status, inflated ego and reputation. Even a seat at the right hand of god is promised for our martyrdom through our belief in the false god and his so-called wishes, and the so-called interpretations of his rules that we allow to direct our thoughts and actions today. Or through the promise of enlightenment and salvation by becoming a master in a weekend and connecting with the latest spiritual energies so conveniently available to us from time to time. Or through invoking the false gods and their angels and nature spirits, which we have been conditioned by the illusion into believing are part of the true spirit realm – the Light. Even by the promise of moving into the fourth dimension with Mother Earth, before it is too late for us to be saved of course. Or being one of only 144,000 who will be saved, or reconfiguring the strands of our DNA and even by being able to board the UFO that has returned to take us back to ‘our home planet’. The list is endless.

The soul can also lose its purity through force from physical or sexual abuse, satanic ritual, child abuse, rape, attack, etc.

In olden days we were conditioned into believing we were not worthy and could only reach salvation [God] through the Church and its messengers, deacons, bishops, priests et al, and not by our own means. It is no different today in so-called modern updates of spirituality, as we have discovered throughout these articles.

Throughout these articles we have looked at many ways in which our consciousness can be affected, so how else did our ancestors see it? ‘As long as the soul keeps running around everywhere copulating with whomever she meets and defiling herself, she exists suffering her just deserts.’16 This is very similar to what is happening today with people moving from one false belief to another, becoming a master of one modality then another, being ‘attuned’ to the next ‘convenient’ vibration that comes along, and then the next one, one seminar to the next, another workshop for the next one, reading the next ‘spiritually enlightening book’ and so on. In other words, continually expressing one’s consciousness/soul externally in the search for the truth and exposing it to the unbalanced ego-consciousness and all of its malignant thought forms and then believing this is the way to enlightenment and truth.


Lost Souls And How The Illusion Manifests In The Afterlife


As we know, water stores information, so our every thought, belief and aspiration is stored in the greater expanse of consciousness existing outside of us - the consciousness or soul of the Earth - as well as within us. So when we tell a lie, we create the lie in an energy form, and when we believe in the lie, we reinforce its existence as an energy thought form. In fact the whole of our physical thoughts and actions are replicated in an energy form and stored in the physical/astral energy realms, where they await the soul when it finally departs the physical body. Every mistake we make, every unbalanced thought and belief is reproduced in the same unhealthy way in the energy fields or consciousness that is often referred to as the Astral Plane. It is an almost complete replica in energy form of the way physical life is regimented, controlled, structured and enacted, with its schools, classrooms, places of worship, libraries et al. This is the illusory AFTERLIFE reality created by our thoughts and beliefs, which can likewise keep our soul and spirit separate after it has left the physical body. The illusion exists in the physical and forms a veil or darkness between our soul and the Light that we are, and it exists in the astral spirit world where it forms a veil of darkness between our soul and the true Spirit World. A darkness that today is often misconstrued as being light – this is the false light of the illusion, the false or counterfeit spirit world we can read so much about in new age books today that would have us believe is the true spirit world.

When our souls leave the physical body they can become trapped by our obsession with or deep attachment to the physical reality. This is how we have ‘ghostly’ apparitions; the soul just cannot leave the building because of its attachment to it in the physical. Likewise, if somebody is killed violently, the soul can become frightened by what has happened, shocked by finding itself outside of the physical body and, as such can ‘hang onto’ the physical reality, such as the place of death or a place of comfort.

For the majority of people, their soul begins the journey of the Afterlife, and back to Source. This should be a simple convergence, or union of the Soul (consciousness) with the Spirit (Light), where the soul is purified and cleansed of its imbalance by its union with the Spiritual Light energy. This is the union of the Father with the Mother, or Fire and Water as we discussed in Part Three.

However, if we buy into the illusion and its external reality of ‘soul robbers’ or ‘consciousness deceivers’, and we believe in it so strongly that it becomes part of our life, then our Soul can be deceived by the same illusory ‘thought-form’ creation when it begins its journey into the afterlife, simply because it mimics perfectly the illusory physical reality. Just as the Soul has been unable to discern the true light of the Spirit whilst occupying the physical body and has bought into the external imbalance, the false light of the illusion in the afterlife can likewise fool the Soul. And so the soul becomes trapped in the reflected thought-form illusory reality after death. This is one ‘prison of the soul’, the ‘middle’ the alleged Jesus often referred to. This is the realm of the thought form Archons (created by the Archons [lawmakers] in the physical), whom the alleged Jesus often referred to as ‘the thievers of souls’.

As a result, some souls when they leave the physical body become ensnared by the illusory afterlife, the domain of the ‘thought form’ Archons, the realm of the ‘middle’ as the alleged Jesus called it (as we will discuss later), probably better known to us as hell, Hades or the underworld. Yet some people mistakenly perceive the reality of the ‘middle place’ for the true spirit world, when nothing could be further from the truth. This is the illusory afterlife where the soul is still separate to the light as it is in the physical and imprisoned in the physical/astral vibrations of one to nine (1-9).

Here the soul is reprogrammed, reformed, remodelled and retrained to be more intellectual and intelligent – in other words brainwashed – into believing more in the illusion and carrying out the bidding of those thought forms we have created, which exist and rule in this illusory hierarchical reality. Unbalanced thought forms we have worshipped for thousands of years, invoked in satanic, occult and other rituals and sacrifices, feeding them more energy and increasing their power. This is the energy realm of the false god and the false angels that the alleged Jesus warned all around Him about. Yet only those that had ears listened.

This scenario I have seen many times, symbolically, in meditations, with the lost or trapped souls spinning round on huge merry-go-rounds, all black with no discernable light whatsoever. Until they are reprogrammed and ‘reborn’ into the physical reality in a body prepared for them by the Archons. They are reborn with an impure soul and they carry imbalances brought over from their past life or lives, and unbalanced instructions which have been programmed into their consciousness whilst in the prison of the afterlife.

We must remember that the Archons were merely the lawmakers of the time, the authorities who ruled by fear in the physical reality – the Kings, Emperors and Pharaoh’s etc., along with the Church through its Bishops, Deacons, Canon’s, Priests et al. In the ‘afterlife’, the Archons are the ‘lost souls’ of these lawmakers and also ‘unbalanced thought forms’ created by the unbalanced egos of these lawmakers through their unloving and uncaring actions. By imposing their unbalanced thoughts, beliefs and way of life onto millions of people, the Archons ensured these negative thought forms became even stronger by feeding off the energy of those who came to worship them or fear them as Gods and angels. This gave them even more power. In this same way other unbalanced thought forms were created and continue to be created today.


What Happens To These Lost Souls – What Happens To Our Consciousness In The Afterlife?


The ‘middle’ is the thought-form afterlife reality existing on an energy level, reflecting the same imbalances prevalent upon the Earth, including the most diabolical thought-forms ever created and worshipped through satanic, occult and other Initiatic rituals. Normally, because the soul has already been duped into believing the illusion, what it is initially confronted with after physical death appears no different to that it has just left behind. So the soul can quite simply be deceived by those who appear before it, for these thought forms can appear in any guise, shape or form they choose to trick us – just as they can appear in our mediations. In meditation these thought forms can appear in many disguises as they ‘sit’ between our conscious mind and the light we are, as we discussed earlier. Here, they can pass on or ‘channel’ false information from the unbalanced ego-consciousness, so it is always prudent when confronted by any ‘apparently benign beings’, whether in meditations or the afterlife, to ask the light that we are and the light that is all things to reveal them for what they truly are. If they are impostors, then they will be revealed in all their glory for what they truly are, insidious thought form energies playing tricks. If they are from the truth, they will appear as the light beings they are, and there is no mistaking the two!

And so, just as the mind/consciousness can be tricked in meditations into believing what we see and hear, the soul when it departs the physical body can likewise be fooled by what it ‘appears to see’ and ‘appears to hear’ and it can be led willingly into the ‘middle’, the prison of the afterlife. Here the soul is sent back to school so to speak, where it is reprogrammed with even more unbalanced information regarding the illusion and ‘its’ way of life by thought form Archons, lost soul Archons, and other ‘conditioned’ lost souls who have unfortunately fallen under their control. 

How deeply we have bought into the illusion in the physical reality will largely depend on what level of the illusory afterlife the soul will openly buy into. Just as we can become brainwashed by the illusion in the physical reality, the soul can be likewise brainwashed in the illusory afterlife. For example, the soul will both be bullied and beaten into doing the bidding of the archons, or it will be subtly mind-controlled into doing their bidding through more lies and promises. Here the soul may well believe its energy fields are being ‘cleansed’ and ‘restored’ and that other souls ‘disappear’ for long  ‘rest’ periods.

Now the ‘lost soul’ can be sent to ‘assist’ humans in the physical body by attaching to the rear of their energy fields because the Assemblage Point has become blocked or locked at the rear of the heart chakra. Then they can begin to share their unbalanced (programmed) consciousness with the consciousness of humans similar to how a donor organ shares its consciousness/memory/emotion with its recipient. All because these lost souls have become brainwashed into believing they are serving the wishes of ‘god’, the true spirit world, and/or other imbalanced thought forms, and thus helping humans in this way.

When doing distant healing work, and coming across these ‘attachments’, if you give them a hug, these lost souls react with emotion just like a physical being; they react in surprise, embarrassment, guilt or shock. There is no connection with that immensity of ‘feeling’ and ‘experience’ we call unconditional love, Oneness, or the light being that we find when we connect with our true inner self or the inner light of another. There is no ‘explosion’, expansion or sharing of immense peace, wellbeing and vibrancy that we experience when we touch upon that quintessential part of our inner self and of others. It is just like meeting an ordinary person, dressed in an ordinary way, as we often do in life, and surprising them - although the dress code does vary with culture and the individual as it does in physical life. When speaking with these lost souls, their religious and other illusory beliefs are still clearly evident in the afterlife, if not reinforced - Hierarchies still exist, lost souls still have ‘guides’ and the same inversion of truth, the false colour sequence of the chakras and route to spirituality, as taught in many religions and healing modalities in the physical reality, is replicated in the illusory afterlife. As we know from previous articles, ALL our chakras, when totally balanced, are white. In this illusory reality, the soul is taught that white is the colour of the immature soul, and running through the oranges, yellows, greens and blues, it is taught that the colour purple is the colour of the wisest soul, a soul that exists in the highest levels of this spiritual hierarchy.34 When in reality, this so-called ‘wise soul’ is existing in the highest levels of the illusion. Again we can witness the same reversal of truth in the illusory spirit world reality as we witness in the physical reality.

Due to the illusion and the pollution of our consciousness and the prostitution of our soul, today we have become conditioned into believing these ‘trapped souls’ that appear at the rear of our energy fields are actually spirit guides. In a sense they are, they are spirit guides from the counterfeit spirit, unbalanced souls who have been caught up in the illusion of the afterlife because of their belief in it in the physical. Souls who have been ‘conditioned’ to do the bidding and will of their ‘teachers’ by attaching to humans at the rear of their energy fields, ‘manipulating’ their egos, and feeding the human soul/consciousness with the likeness and unbalanced beliefs of the ‘Archon’s’ consciousness.

We should perhaps remember here that the soul is just consciousness, it is awareness and merely a memory. It is not the light that we are, nor indeed today, a reflection of who we truly are. Today our soul is just a ‘memory’ of what we perceive ourselves to be, and this happens to be a result of the conditioning and brainwashing it has been subjected to over time. In other words our soul has ceased to remain the perfect reflection of the light that we are – immortal man - and has become unbalanced and conditioned into believing it (we) are something completely different – thus becoming something somebody wants us to believe we are.

If our human consciousness becomes more unbalanced as a result of this ‘manipulation’ and we buy further into the false beliefs of the illusion, then one or more lost souls, which have an even greater unbalanced consciousness, come along and attaches to the rear of our energy fields, replacing the existing one/s. And if our consciousness deteriorates further, the soul is again changed for a soul with more imbalances, and so it carries on. This is why some people who perceive these lost souls as spirit guides, see them ‘changing’ around people from time to time.

However, the more unbalanced thought forms of our creation cannot exist in the presence of the light of a pure soul. This is why they use ‘lost souls’ to bring our consciousness down over time to a sufficient level of imbalance for the more heinous and potentially damaging thought forms energies’ to cleave to us. There are other ways in which this can happen too, through mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse of both adults and, especially, young children. Satanic and other rituals, worshipping and invoking these false gods and angels, angel workshops and certain healing modalities and practices where we willingly, or are persuaded to willingly open up our energy fields and welcome these unbalanced energies in, also play their part. These severely unbalanced energies do not need to be asked twice. Again, there is more to this, as our consciousness deteriorates further, and we will look at this a little later.

If this is the truth and it has been happening for thousands of years, then why have other people not mentioned it before now? Well, they have. The biblical character Jesus in particular was warning us of this very same scenario two thousand years ago. Other illuminated people were saying the same before Him. However, records have been destroyed, teachings altered, meanings adjusted and stories manufactured to suit the political agenda of the time. Sadly, nothing seems to have changed today. Archaeological finds of ancient Gospels and texts portraying a different history and truth have been conveniently suppressed and hidden by the Church to preserve their false standing in society and deny us access to the truth.

Fortunately the finds at Nag Hammadi in the middle of the last century managed to escape the ‘lie machine’. And it would appear that The biblical character Jesus was warning us nearly two thousand years ago of what would happen to our soul if we continued to follow the false god and his false angels and bandy our consciousness about in the external illusory and unbalanced reality.

In The First Apocalypse of James (V, 3), The biblical character Jesus was talking to James about his ascent and his journey in the afterlife. Jesus (whoever he may or may not have been) said: “James, behold, I shall reveal to you your redemption. When you are seized, and you undergo these sufferings, a multitude will arm themselves against you that they may seize you. And in particular three of them will seize you – they [the Archons] who sit there as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they also take away souls by theft. When you come into their power, one of them who is their guard will say to you, ‘Who are you or where are you from?’ You are to say to him, ‘I am a son, and I am from the Father.’ He will say to you, ‘What sort of son are you, and to what father do you belong?’ You are to say to him, ‘I am from the Pre-existent Father, and a son in the Pre-existent One.’

Jesus continued, “When he also says to you, ‘Where will you go?’, you are to say to him, ‘To the place from which I have come, there shall I return.’ And if you say these things, you will escape their attacks.”17

And from the Gospel of Thomas we have the following on the same theme: Jesus allegedly said, “If they say to you, ‘Where did you come from?’, say to them, ‘We came from the light, the place where the light came into being on its own accord and established itself and became manifest through their image.’ If they say to you, ‘Is it you?’, say, ‘We are its children, and we are the elect of the living father.’ If they ask you, ‘What is the sign of your father in you?’, say to them, ‘It is movement and repose.’”18

Symbolically, this can be equally interpreted as referring to a warning to people on both a physical and the energy plane of the afterlife.

Further references to the existence of these unbalanced thought-form energies appears in Exegesis on The Soul, with Paul, writing to the Corinthians (1 Co 5:9-10), ‘…For our struggle is not against flesh and blood – as he said (Ep 6:12) – but against the world rulers of darkness and the spirits of wickedness.’19

Here we have reference to the ‘thought-form’ energies, the false gods and their false angels and in particular, to the spirits of wickedness – lost souls - the so called ‘spirit guides’ for the despicable spirit and its realm of darkness. This is the illusory afterlife, better known as purgatory, hell or the underworld. This becomes more clear when we look at the Apocalypse Of Paul. 

In the Apocalypse Of Paul, we have a story which is very similar to my own inner journey. This is the story of Paul’s visionary journey into the afterlife. Paul begins his journey while the Holy Spirit is speaking to him as he passed through the first three heavens and when he reached the fourth heaven the Holy Spirit spoke with him and said, ‘Look and see your likeness upon the earth.’ In the fourth heaven Paul saw ‘according to class’ ‘angels resembling gods’ and they were bringing a soul ‘out of the land of the dead. And they placed it at the gates of the fourth heaven. And the angels where whipping it.’20 No unconditional love or light here it would appear.

What passes is that the soul appears to have no choice in this matter; it is the decision of the toll-collector who dwells in this place. Witnesses are brought forward as in a court of law and the soul is ‘cast down into a body which had been prepared for it.’

Paul’s journey continued and in the fifth heaven he saw a great angel ‘holding an iron rod in his hand’ and there were three other angels with him and ‘they were rivalling each other, with whips in their hands, goading the souls on to the judgement.’ 20 No light here either it would appear.

Paul’s journey continues through the sixth heaven and into the seventh where he has to assert his will that he is returning ‘to the place from which I came.’ He carried on up and through the Ogdoad and through the ninth heaven, and eventually ‘went up to the tenth heaven’ where he greeted his fellow spirits. 20

For me this is very symbolic of moving through the limiting vibrations of 1-9 of the physical and astral dimensions - the domain of the illusion and its false light - and eventually finding the 10th heaven, the vibration of 10, our home from where we came, the realm of the Spirit and the Light that we all are, which we discussed in Part Two. Here we have the vibrations of one to ten (1-10), which corresponds with the ten colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (indigo), violet, magenta, gold and finally the transcending colour White, which corresponds with the Ten Major Chakras of the human body, and which we now know also corresponds with the ten heavens of the afterlife, with the tenth heaven, the true spirit world, corresponding to the colour white and the vibration of ten, a.k.a. the Assemblage Point in the heart chakra.

Once again, this message can apply equally to both the physical reality and the afterlife.

In the Gospel Of Philip we may have further reference to this illusory afterlife ruled by the Archons’ thought forms, which are capable of capturing the soul and using this soul to attach or cleave to people. ‘For if they [humans] had the Holy Spirit, no unclean spirit would cleave to them. Fear not the flesh nor love it. If you fear it, it will gain mastery over you. If you love it, it will swallow you and paralyse you. And so he dwells either in this world or in the resurrection or in the middle place. God forbid that I be found there. In this world there is good and evil. Its good things are not good, and its evil things not evil. [An excellent example of the reversal of truth]. But there is evil after this world which is truly evil - what is called “the middle”. It is death. While we are in this world it is fitting for us to acquire the resurrection, so that when we strip off the flesh we may be found in rest and not walk in the middle. For many go astray on the way.’21

Here we have another reference to the ‘middle’, and there are other references to this ‘afterlife’ for the impure soul - hell, purgatory or even the ‘underworld’ the Egyptian Pharaohs and priests were so worried about. Yet we can see the total reversal of the work of the Archons, where the Church, the Authorities and the Lawmakers, have turned the light and truth into darkness and evil, and the true devil, the counterfeit spirit and the false god and his false angels, through the Church, then become the ‘salvation’. 

Welcome to religion in all its guises, new age philosophy, aspects of Ufology and spiritual and alien hierarchies, supposedly here to save us and offer us redemption for our sins. All the result of a wrathful, vengeful and jealous god (king) who wished to rule the world and through whose belligerence and bullying created a consciousness in his likeness that still prevails and spreads today. A consciousness that has expanded in certain humans who have the same desire to control and dominate the world through their position in governments, as politicians, or by creating wars, false religions, unbalanced healing modalities and spiritual philosophies et al. The very same foundation of unbalanced consciousness we identified behind the illusion in Part Four and Jesus allegedly identified and warned his people about. Jesus allegedly said to James, ‘…But leave Jerusalem. For it is she who always gives the cup of bitterness to the sons of light. She is a dwelling place of a great number of archons.’31


So what does all this mean?


As we have discovered throughout these articles, parts three and four in particular, Nature works in the same simple way no matter how large or small a process or entity may be. We discovered how the same actions on a cellular level are repeated on a human level, because consciousness just is. It is exactly the same with the afterlife and reincarnation.


The image to the left resembles both a super nova and also the cellular environment around its nucleus. It is an example of the macrocosm and the microcosm being a reflection of each other. This is a photograph of the micro-cluster structure of water, detailing the amount of Light present.













In the above photographs we have two which are of energised water – depicting light in water – and two which are of the Stars, showing light in the universe. It is difficult to set them apart because they are ALL photographs of LIGHT IN WATER. The only difference is in the size of the objects photographed. They are at opposite ends of the scale so to speak. One set showing what is happening at a sub-molecular level and the other at a Star/Galactic level.

In the Sky & Telescope magazine, January 2002, the Headlines on the front cover reads, ‘Water, Water Everywhere. The Molecules of Life in Space.’ In this fascinating article the following statement is made: ‘THERE SEEMS TO BE WATER EVERYWHERE IN THE GALAXY – EVEN WHERE NOBODY EXPECTED TO FIND IT.’ ‘To date the Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) has inspected comets; the atmospheres of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; and about 120 molecular clouds…Like ISO (Infrared Space Observatory), SWAS found “water, water everywhere,” says Melnick, the mission’s principal investigator.’

So we can see that on a sub-molecular level we have the soul/consciousness or water, and light. This is also reflected on a cellular level and a human level, and now we have proof this is reflected or repeated on a Galactic level, we have water – consciousness/soul - and we have the stars - the light. As I’ve pointed out in these articles, it doesn’t matter how large or small a process or entity may be, they all work in the same simple way – one is just bigger or smaller than another. So everything everywhere consists of a soul – consciousness/water, and light - Spirit. This makes it easier to understand what happens to the soul/consciousness when it leaves the physical body.

Generally, in the afterlife, as I wrote in Part Three, the soul/consciousness is reunited with the Light/Spirit and the soul is automatically purified by this union. This is where our consciousness and awareness returns to our higher dimensional state of being – a light being without separation of the soul/consciousness and spirit. (We can also reach this higher dimensional state of being through the inner journey and meditation. This is how we learn through inner tuition). Ideally, as we covered in Chapter Three, the newborn is born with a pure soul, the perfect image of the light that we are. Just like a healthy cell reproduces itself in a healthy way.

However, if our consciousness becomes unbalanced in the physical reality because we have bought into the external illusion, and we believe in this false reality, then when we begin the journey of the afterlife the soul can become fooled by the same illusion which exists in an energy form. Thus the soul can become trapped in an astral prison, within the physical/astral vibrations of one to nine (1-9), or the nine heavens of the illusion. Here the soul/consciousness cannot be purified because it is still separate from the light. It is caught in the ‘middle’, a no-man’s land of thought-forms and energy bodies created from our unbalanced and illusory beliefs, our fears, our invocations, satanic and other rituals and our human and animal sacrifices. A no-man’s land, which is a reflection of the same control and manipulation of consciousness/soul we find in the physical reality.

From here the soul is 'reincarnate' with its previous imbalance. This is exactly the same process as a cell replicating from the memory, consciousness or ‘soul’, of its host cell. If the cell’s consciousness is unbalanced, then, as we know, the new cell is reproduced in a likewise unbalanced and unhealthy state. And if the unbalanced cell is not brought back into balance/health whilst in its physical state, then it can become more damaged and unhealthy in its physical life, and so it then replicates itself with this additional imbalance. And if this procedure continues and the cell has not ‘remembered’ its pure state or how to return to it, the cell will continue to become even more unbalanced until it becomes diseased. Then the diseased cell will reproduce in a diseased way – similar to how a tumour cell reproduces – and it will share its unbalanced consciousness with healthy cells around it, which is how the tumour cell spreads and grows. (See Part Four)

When human consciousness (the soul) is reincarnated in this way, this soul is more likely to buy into the illusion again because this 'lost soul' has been 'reborn' with its imbalance and further illusory 'programming' by the Archons. And so this procedure, this cycle of increasing imbalance can continue on a human level, just as it does on a cellular level. Then, like the tumour, this disease inherent in the human soul begins to share its unbalanced consciousness/information with other humans around it, sometimes in a likewise aggressive way. (We will cover reincarnation in more detail in the next chapter) And so the human being with the unbalanced consciousness begins to produce ‘channelled’ information from so-called ‘saviour’ spiritual hierarchies, or by declaring they are a master or guru and in contact with the Ascended Masters, or in contact with alien gods who have returned to save us, or even bringers of ‘new’ spiritual energies which conveniently appear from time to time for humans to attune to, helping to bring us enlightenment and salvation.

We can apparently even benefit from the ‘Secret Rods of God’ available for the first time ever to humans, again here to save us. We are told that never in the history of the Earth have the Secret Rods of God been anchored on the Earth and that they have been an esoteric secret from the beginning of time, and for the first time this Revelation of God Ascension Activation Sequence of Activations (phew!) will be given forth to all in attendance. We even have people knocking on our doors with their ‘this is your life’ little red book, proclaiming that we must listen to ‘God’s new plan’. As we know, only Man has plans, what is just IS. All this of course, is fed from the external unbalanced reality and/or the ‘attachments’ we have collected over time due to our belief in the illusion and all this belief entails.


A cell can only reproduce in the likeness of its host. If a cell is unhealthy it will only replicate in an unhealthy way. However, if the cell recovers its health before it dies and is replaced, then it will replicate in a healthy way.


I make no apologies for repeating this. Exactly the same can happen to our soul or consciousness. If our consciousness is not purified, or our soul redeemed, whilst we occupy the physical body, the soul can reincarnate (i.e. reproduce itself) in the same unbalanced way. This means the 'reincarnated 'soul is more likely to buy into the physical illusion once again, because it is ‘reborn’ in its unbalanced state. And so this procedure can continue just as it does on a cellular level, and if the cycle continues the soul can eventually become so unbalanced it literally becomes a part of the disease. This type of extremely imbalanced soul, when reincarnated, is responsible for the people who commit great wickedness without any sign of remorse. It is the reason we have truly evil people who are responsible for some of the most heinous crimes we have witnessed over time, and are still witnessing today.

This is like the tumour cells destroying healthy cells around it, but on a human level. This also applies to the majority of our world leaders, the Illuminati, the Olympians, the very rich people who control the finances of the world and therefore, the world itself. These are the Archons, the lawmakers in this physical reality – the thievers and destroyers of souls in the physical reality that create the laws and false history and belief systems that enable the soul to become vulnerable in, and susceptible to, the illusory thought form afterlife – the nine heavens or vibrations of the ‘middle place’, controlled by the very thought forms that recondition and re-educate ‘lost souls’ which are then programmed to attach to us and manipulate our egos, thereby unbalancing our consciousness. We will examine this subject in more detail in the next chapter.

That is why, for example, we witness today a criminal having more rights and being better protected by the law than innocent victims of criminal events. This is why somebody whose ego has been bruised by slander or libel can receive massive payments when the family and relatives of people who have tragically lost their lives in accidents or criminal acts, generally receive a pittance.

However, no matter what state the soul is in, when it is in the physical body it can redeem itself. For the light that we truly are is the same light, irrespective of the condition of the soul. We are all endowed with the same light or spirit, which is why the soul is capable of redeeming itself in the physical body so it can complete its journey home in the afterlife. The only difference between people, as I have mentioned in earlier parts, is AWARENESS. That is, self-awareness of the light beings we all are and the illusionary reality we live in. This is why the majority of us are here, to bring the disease we have created into balance by sharing our light and purity with those around us.

The light is unable to do anything about the condition of the soul/consciousness while they exist separately in the physical reality, because we have free will. But the light, our spiritual energy, is always there, waiting to be called upon, waiting for our consciousness, our soul, to turn itself inwards and become baptised by the light and become purified and restored into the perfect reflection and image of the Father, Spirit or Light that we are and from where we originate.


This is a symbolic reunion of the Mother with the Father – Balance.


























We can see from the above diagram how the soul or consciousness of humans can become caught up in the illusory afterlife, 'reborn' or reincarnated, thus buying into the physical illusion again; and so the cycle can continue. We are like goldfish swimming in a goldfish bowl; swimming around in ever continuing circles and at every turn believing we are seeing something new, something different, which attracts our fancy each and every time.

This is the cause of the imbalance in the Earth’s consciousness – we humans are responsible. Some of us have become like a diseased cell, constantly reproducing in an ever increasingly unbalanced way, using aggressive behaviour, threats, intimidation, war, or the promises of riches and power to control and entice others. In this way, many other humans have become unbalanced too by buying into this lie and fear of Man.

Fortunately, the extremely imbalanced 'lost soul incarnations' represent only a minority of people, but this phenomenon is growing, which is why society generally is becoming worse. Crime is on the increase and the use of firearms in muggings and robberies is increasing exponentially. Respect for the elderly seems to be going out of the window. How often do we see their frightened and battered faces on TV? The same can be said of young innocent children, raped, murdered, or abused. And the rest of us fall foul of this disease too, attacked or robbed for pennies to feed a drug habit which is controlled and perpetrated in many ways by the intelligence agencies and deliberately allowed to proliferate in society by the Olympians, the controllers of the world... And so it goes on.

So what is the answer?


The Rebalancing Of Consciousness – The Resurrection Of The Soul


Conveying the understanding of the true mysteries of life was not solely restricted to the use of symbolic geometric imagery as we touched upon in Part Two. Words, parables and artwork have been used in a symbolic and spiritual way to convey this same wisdom and understanding of the deeper and more profound mysteries of life.

Being unable to understand the symbolic and spiritual messages of some ancient texts may have led to a gross misunderstanding of their original meanings. The teachings and sayings, of the character referred to as Jesus, in particular come to mind. These teachings, mostly verbal and repeated by others through writing, have been taken literally instead of symbolically. 'Jesus' often spoke about making women more in the likeness of men so they could enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 'Jesus' allegedly said in the Gospel of Thomas in reference to Mary, ‘I myself shall lead her, in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit…for every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’22 This simply meant, spiritually, that the soul (woman/female) needed to become more like the spirit (male/men). In other words it was a symbolic reference to the need for the soul to purify itself before it could enter the Kingdom of Heaven - the Light or the Spirit world.

When these form of symbolic or spiritual statements are interpreted literally, we can easily come to the incorrect conclusion that they mean women in the physical sense, are not worthy. Could the understanding of these messages of ‘wisdom’ and symbolic teachings, taken literally instead of spiritually, have played a part in the denigration of women and the female energy in general by the Church? There was obviously a lot more involved in the plagiarism of the feminine form by the Church, but I’m sure the ‘ignorance’ of the less illuminated ones - the lawmakers - in understanding these spiritual teachings and their meanings did play its part. Also I’m sure that the fear of the Church, especially from those ‘on high’, of losing their control and power over the populous, played its part in keeping the true meanings well hidden.

Again, could ignorance of the meaning of these beautifully and simply portrayed spiritual teachings have led to them being taken too literally, leading to sex between men which was so commonplace in many ancient middle eastern cultures and religions? Could this ignorance of truth and the resulting fear of the female form have been responsible for sowing this ‘seed’ into our ‘consciousness’ of what today we term homosexuality? Simply because, in the physical sense, the male became fearful of the female and refused to have sex with her in case he sullied himself and did not enter the Kingdom of Heaven? So he turned to his male who was supposedly more blessed instead? Just a thought. However, there is more to this and we'll look at how the Archons play a large part in the next chapter.

It is this same misunderstanding or ignorance we find when we look at the resurrection. We have already touched upon the resurrection in the Gospel Of Philip, ‘While we are in this world it is fitting for us to acquire the ‘resurrection’, so that when we strip off the flesh we may be found in rest and not walk in the middle.’21 Again we have reference to the ‘middle’ where true evil exists after we leave the physical body.

The ‘resurrection’ was about restoring the soul/consciousness into a balanced state while we are living in the physical body. It was not about ‘life after death’ per se in the literal sense, as it has been and still is, presented throughout many religions and the Church. It was a symbolic and spiritual example of how ‘lost souls’ living in the physical body could redeem their consciousness and avoid the ‘death’ that awaits impure souls after their physical life. The symbolic message of the resurrection was simply that there is no such thing as death when we depart the physical body, providing the soul has redeemed itself by beginning its purification through the inner journey towards its ‘baptism’ and union with the light. In other words, we begin to shine the light of the light-being we truly are. And we can only achieve this by looking within, NOT without.

Our ancestors knew this, and this was part of 'Jesus' alleged’ teachings that the soul (consciousness) can save itself. ‘But when she [the soul] perceives the straits she is in and weeps before the father and repents, then the father will have mercy upon her and he will make her womb turn from the external domain and will turn it again inward, so that the soul will regain her proper character…For the womb of the body is inside the body like the other internal organs, but the womb of the soul is around the outside like the male genitalia, which are external.

'So when the womb of the soul, by the will of the father, turns itself inward, it is baptised and is immediately cleansed of the external pollution which was pressed upon it, just as garments when dirty, are put into the water and turned about until their dirt is removed and they become clean. And so the cleansing of the soul is to regain the newness of her former nature and to turn herself back again. That is her baptism…It is therefore fitting to pray to the father and call on him with all our soul – not externally with the lips but with the spirit, which is inward and came from the depth…’24

This has been the message throughout these articles. When we send our consciousness/soul out into the external reality it becomes subjected to unbalanced energies – i.e. robbers – and becomes polluted. However, when we begin the ‘inner journey’, we begin the unification of the soul with the spirit/light, the union of the mother with the father, and our consciousness begins the journey back into balance and back into purity and therefore, wisdom. In a nutshell, we become more aware of the light that we are, because the Light is all there is, it is the only truth, everything else is but an illusion or a figment of somebody’s imagination, and therefore, part of the lie.

The illusion is all about stopping us from looking within, towards the light and reaching the light that we are. It constantly externalises the truth and forces or subtly coerces us to look outside of ourselves into the unbalanced ego-consciousness so we begin to taint our souls. Again this is nothing new. 'Jesus' allegedly said, “Now you will fight against them in this way, for the archons are fighting against the inner man…come together and teach in the world the salvation with a promise…’25 The salvation is the resurrection or redemption of the soul, its baptism, and the promise is that the soul will return home to the light and unity with the spirit as long as it redeems itself.

It is interesting at this juncture to point out that in many Initiatic teachings, healing modalities and New Ageism, we are taught or told that when we begin to shine our light we become beacons for the demonic luciferic entities to home in on, ravaging our energy fields in the process. This is pure rubbish and is more likely to create fear amongst the followers of such teachings, which is an imbalance in itself. It is something taught by people who are ignorant of the true Light of Spirit who have become servants of the false light of the illusion. The Archons have taught this falsity to its blind followers so they will deliberately create fear in people who are genuinely searching for the truth and the light.

However, it is important to understand that as we begin to shine our light by purifying our consciousness, our awareness of what is going on within us and around us increases and, at first, we begin to tune into and become more aware of the physical/astral vibrations (1-9) around us. Our radar, or protection system is enhanced so to speak. As a result, we will naturally begin to ‘see’, detect and become more aware of other types of unbalanced energies existing in the environment around us as our consciousness continues it’s purification. This, of course, can create the illusion that we are actually attracting more entities to us. Though this is not the case. These unbalanced energies have always been there, only we have not been previously aware of them because we have not been able to tune into them due to the imbalance in our energy fields, and so to people who are unaware of what is happening, they may well ‘appear’ to them, to be new thought forms.

Eventually, our consciousness becomes aware of, senses and may even begin to ‘see’ the true light that we are, being reflected in the outer consciousness – symbolically the vibration of Ten (10) - Spirit. This ‘light’ or ‘being of light’ we can witness outside of us, is merely a reflection of the inner light-being that we all are. This leads us to observing the ‘warring environment’ in the ‘outer consciousness’ – the ‘good versus evil’ we covered in Part Five. Though, it must be stated that through illusory concepts present, and taught, within many belief systems, this amazing experience and the immense wonder of witnessing these light-beings – reflected aspects of ourselves - can often be misconstrued or altered through our conditioned beliefs. Therefore, what should be an awe-inspiring experience of one’s true self and others, can be altered and may well be perceived by some people as being an encounter with an angel or archangel, and consequently something separate to, and beyond the capabilities of, humans. This is how the illusion works. (See Part Four for a more detailed explanation on the subject of angels etc.)

This is why I stated in Part one that the false light of the illusion is always easier to see than the spiritual light that we are.

When people become involved in these illusory teachings and are taught that demons will come and devour their energy fields as they begin to shine their light – and especially if people are becoming more aware of these thought forms around them without understanding why this is happening - it either puts them off altogether through fear of attracting them, or they are more willing and open to using the ‘protection’ devices, meditations, visualisations, invocations et al, that are then recommended by the ‘teachers or masters’ of these belief systems. It is these so-called protection methods, which DO act as a beacon to external unbalanced energies.

If we externalise our search for truth and spirituality and continue to give our power away to these illusory belief systems and healing modalities, some of which we have been able to identify throughout these articles, as being the very foundation and underpinning of the disease we have created, then the true light of our spirit can and will become darkened and obscured by the overlaying of the illusory false light we have taken on board and integrated into our soul/consciousness. By diminishing the brightness and purity of our true spiritual light in this way, burying it underneath the so-called false light of the illusion, we will naturally attract likeminded external unbalanced energies. This is how the illusion works. The illusion, and we must never forget this, is very clever. After all, it comes from the intellect and it has honed its practises for thousands of years.

Just to reinforce what I’ve said above, we find in the Gospel of Philip, ‘The powers do not see those who are clothed in the perfect light, and consequently are not able to detain them. One will clothe himself in this light sacramentally in the union.’26 This is of course the union between the soul/consciousness and the light, our key to entry into the Kingdom of the Tenth Heaven. This is the true Spirit world and the world of Light from where we originate –a world of light beings, our true selves and our true existence.

The Exegesis On the Soul states: ‘Now it is fitting that the soul regenerate herself and become again as she formerly was. The soul then moves of her own accord. And she received the divine nature from her father for her rejuvenation, so that she might be restored to the place where originally she had been. This is the resurrection that is from the dead. This is the ransom from captivity… This is the…ascent to heaven…the way of ascent to the father…Thus it is by being born again that the soul will be saved.’27

Does this imply that the soul, if it achieves this regeneration, cannot then be caught by the Archons, the thievers of souls in the afterlife, and can continue with its journey as it pleases and unhindered towards its intended union with the spirit/light? Where it is purified and cleansed once again? And so the healthy cell is replicated? The following teaching, taken from the Gospel of Philip answers this question.

‘Through the Holy Spirit we are indeed begotten again, but we are begotten through Christ in the two. We are anointed through the spirit. When we were begotten we were united. None can see himself either in water or in a mirror without light. Nor again can you see in light without water or mirror. For this reason it is fitting to baptise in the two, in the light and in the water. Now the light is the chrism.’28

When we understand that chrism is the ‘anointing oil’, which comes from khrisma meaning ‘anointing’, and Christ, which comes from the old English crist, via the Latin christus and from the Greek khristos, meaning the ‘anointed one’, we can better comprehend these teachings - whoever the author was - and why the Church altered these so much and kept others hidden from the people. Here we have again the two components, light and water, water being the mirror or reflection of the light, and the importance of the baptism or union of the two. The chrism, the ‘anointing oil’ is the light and if we anoint the water – our soul/consciousness – with the light we attain the Christ consciousness, which is a pure soul or consciousness that is once again a perfect mirror image of the light – the original and perfect Sophia. This is the resurrection and redemption of the soul, the restoration of the ‘immortal man’, which the Archons and the consciousness of the false god feared so much – and still do. This is why a new religion, a new illusion – the return of the alien gods – to keep us likewise controlled in the future is being seeded into the psyche of humans, simply because the old illusion of religion is beginning to wear thin. With the advances in science and new archaeological discoveries, the bible is being shown up for the apparent historical and spiritual lie that it is.

These teachings were, that absolutely anybody could redeem their soul and enter the Kingdom of Heaven by turning their consciousness inwards instead of externally, and with the simple union of consciousness with the inner light - the baptism of the soul - we could all achieve the status of Christ consciousness and become a light being in the physical reality. In other words, we can ALL become a living Christ. Hence, the Church did everything it could to alter these teachings and make their author out to be something other than a normal human being.

The biblical character known as Jesus was not the first person to be given the title Christ; there were other illuminated or wise people before him. Just as with the others, the unbalanced consciousness of the false god and the Church or the authorities of the time, could not allow their ‘conditioned’ or ‘modelled forms’ to know that 'Jesus', whover he may have been, was a normal human being, born of normal birth, with human parents, who coughed and sneezed and broke wind like everybody else. They had to make him out to be something different to other humans.  In other words, they had to make this character known as 'Jesus' appear in a way that would suggest or imply he was a being beyond the capabilities of human achievement. Hence he is referred to as the son of God, even when he constantly stated he was the son of man, a statement which today carries with it enormous overtures and suggestibility. Yet, historically this statement is correct. Roman Kings were often deified in accordance with the tradition of the times and, therefore, any son of the King was called the ‘son of God’ and had legal entitlement to call himself the ‘son of God’. So, historically, we have many ‘sons of god’ because the kings of the time had many offspring. As we know the people of Judea also called all their kings Gods.29

'Jesus' was also endowed with the previously well-used tale of being born of a virgin mother, through a miracle granted only possible by their false god, updated and modernised throughout the years by the lawmakers (Archons) and promoted through the Church and their teachings. A tale that appears to follow similar stories of other acclaimed ‘Christs’ before Him, such as Krishna, Mithra, Horus, Buddha and Zoroaster et al.

If we look at only one example of the above list of so-called ‘Christs’ or Ascended Masters as the Church redefined them – Zoroaster – and compare his teachings with 'Jesus', the similarities are very interesting. From the Tenets of Zoroastrianism we have the following:

“The basic tenets of the Gathas consist of a monotheistic worship of Ahura Mazda (the “Lord Wisdom”) and an ethical dualism opposing Truth (Asha) and Lie, which permeate the entire universe. All that is good derives from, and is supported by, Ahura Mazda's emanations: Spenta Mainyu (the “Holy Spirit” or “Incremental Spirit”, a creative force) and his six assisting entities, Good Mind, Truth, Power, Devotion, Health, and Life. All evil is caused by the “twin” of Spenta Mainyu, who is Angra Mainyu (the “Fiendish Spirit”; Persian, Ahriman), and by his assistants. Angra Mainyu is evil by choice, having allied himself with Lie, whereas Spenta Mainyu has chosen Truth. So too, human beings must choose. Upon death each person's soul will be judged at the Bridge of Discrimination; the follower of Truth will cross and be led to paradise, and the adherents of Lie will fall into hell. All evil will eventually be eliminated on earth in an ordeal of fire and molten metal.”30

            We can strongly identify the above teaching with the message of the character referred to as Jesus: there is only one Truth, which emanates from the Holy Spirit or the creative force, i.e. the Pre-existent Father or the Light. All the rest is a Lie and comes from evil (which in spelling is the opposite of live) or the ‘Fiendish Spirit’ and his assistants, which are similar to the ‘despicable’ or ‘counterfeit Spirit’, the false light of the illusion spread through its assistants in the Church. Again, we find that humans have the choice of which path to follow, and upon death, those that have followed the truth or found the resurrection of the soul, the light within, will enter Heaven, the Spirit World of Light or Paradise. Those that follow the Lie and the illusion, prostituting their soul externally in their search for truth and spirituality, will fall into hell or be led to the ‘middle place’.

Again, this has been the message throughout these articles. We are all equal and we are all originally from the one same Source. We are connected to everything we need to be connected with to regain or remember our spirituality and divinity - the light that is ALL THINGS at all times. If we begin shopping for spirit internally towards the light that we are, instead of externally in the darkness of the illusion, absolutely anybody can become aware of the light being they are. Anybody, without exception, can become a living Christ in the here and now, in the physical body. A temporary lost soul can always redeem or resurrect itself whilst it occupies the physical body and so NOBODY IS UNWORTHY. We are all worthy and we desire for nothing and nobody - other than from the light that we are, and the light that is all things - to save us. Least of all do we require help from the very proponents of the illusion itself: the Church, its Bible, its bishops and priests, or the angels, aliens and spiritual hierarchies. We can, however, as I have mentioned before, SAVE OURSELVES, just as Jesus allegedly taught two thousand years ago.

In Part Two (and in more detail in Part Four), we looked at the Council of Nine, a supposedly spiritual hierarchy here to help Man. One statement from the book ‘The Only Planet Of Choice’ comes back to mind and it was when Tom (one of god’s E.T. spokespeople) was asked about whether we could have avoided the Gulf War. The Council of Nine, and not forgetting the alleged 'twenty-four Galactic civilisations' too, told us after great debate and consideration, 'this was not possible for it to be a choice on a human level… for those in the spheres are in battlement and those of the 'spirit, working for the evolution of planet Earth, have taken them [the butchered casualties of a futile war] into their bosom and have taken them away in forwardness, so there is not to be a recycling of those who have undergone transitions.'

In view of what we now know can happen to human souls after leaving the physical body and how these thought form archons work by instigating fear through wars etc., does the above statement now hold some greater, even more sinister significance? After all, the Council of Nine come from the same unbalanced consciousness that prevails in the physical and illusory afterlife.

Remember, the Light came before man-invented-god. Immortal man, (we human beings), was here before man-invented-god. A man invented god, a king, who has been responsible for the conditioning and modelling of human consciousness over thousands of years, manipulating it into believing and accepting his lie, and his way of life. A god that is responsible for the disease we have in society today, and with an image makeover through new ageism and aspects of Ufology, now an alien god responsible for the disease we may face in the future.

As we know from Part Six, the physical dimension gives us the illusion of apparent separation from everything around us. This is because the proponents of the illusion, in all its forms, endeavour to keep our search for truth, health and spirituality external. This widens the ‘gap’, symbolically speaking, between our soul and our spirit as our soul continues to prostitute itself outside of the physical body becoming increasingly more unbalanced. As a result, our awareness of who and what we truly are diminishes, as we buy deeper into the belief of the counterfeit spirit, its false gods and their wickedness, created by the lawmakers, the thievers of souls.

We may remember the diagram below from Part Six. We can now add the Father and the Soul to this symbolic representation.





Belief that the truth and our origins exist externally to us, creates an even greater divide between our soul and our spirit, making it easier for our consciousness to become fooled by the external and illusory beliefs as we are drawn further and further into the external explosive reality. In essence we become more fragmented as we begin to lose the balancing aspect of ‘implosion’ in deference to the aspect of explosion. See figure left.







By focusing our consciousness internally instead of externally, we begin the baptism of the soul - its union with the inner light that we are. This starts the process of bringing the soul and the spirit closer together again. Thus we begin the resurrection of the soul - the union of the Mother with the Father. See figure to the left.

As we continue with this inner journey our consciousness begins to purify and become more balanced and our energy fields and chakras reflect this balance and greater unity with our inner selves, the light that we are. We will use just three of the chakras to demonstrate this point and what affect this inner journey can have upon our energy fields.



We may remember from Part Three that we discussed these three important chakras. The Heart is the Light, the Spirit and the Father and is symbolically represented by the Sun; the Navel is Consciousness or Soul, the Mother and Water, our emotional centre represented symbolically by the Moon. The Earth chakra, which lies between the two, represents matter, dust, the biochemical or physical aspect.

As we begin the purification of our consciousness (soul) through the inner journey, our chakras begin to expand. With regard to the three mentioned above, this is what we can expect to happen over time:







We can see that these three energy centres begin to expand and overlap one another. Eventually the Heart chakra, courtesy of the Earth chakra, begins to unite and overlap with the Navel chakra and the union of consciousness - the Soul, with the Light - the Spirit, begins in the physical body. This has the following affect on the energy fields and chakras of the human body as compared with the above diagram:





We can see from the inner journey that the chakras begin to expand and overlap as the light from the Heart chakra begins to purify the consciousness of the Soul (the Navel chakra), courtesy of the Earth chakra that lies between the two. See Figure to the left.

This is the Trinity, the Father (the light/spirit) and the Mother (water/consciousness/soul) and the Son (the earth/matter/dust/biochemical) working in union together to help to bring our Soul back into the Christ consciousness – purity. Restoring the soul/consciousness into a perfect reflection of the Light of the Father – Spirit – whilst we are living in the physical body. This is the redemption and the resurrection of the soul into its former state before Man invented God to control us, and it can only be achieved while we are in the physical body.



The reason the Soul can only redeem itself in the physical body is because all physical life is animated by the Light – this is the 99.999% of what we are. When the physical body dies, this Light retracts back to the true Spirit World from whence it came – this is our true self, the Light Being we are. The Soul, as we have discussed, would also normally return back to its union with the light in the Spirit World. However, as we now know, some souls can be caught up in the illusory afterlife and do not make the journey home. Because the soul is without the physical body, there is no physical body for the light to animate, and so in the illusory afterlife, this false spirit world, there is no Light for these trapped souls to baptise in to resurrect themselves. Therefore, it is impossible for the soul in this environment to purify itself – hence they are termed ‘trapped’ or ‘lost’ souls. This is why this false spirit world is called the ‘prison’, or the ‘middle place where true evil exists’.

No physical body, no light, no possibility for the soul to redeem itself. Hence the reference in Exegesis On The Soul which we covered earlier, ‘…Thus it is by being born again that the soul will be saved.’27 So we can appreciate how important it is to purify our soul/consciousness in this physical incarnation, lest we get caught up in the prison of the afterlife and buy even deeper into the disease of the illusion.


When we look at the symbolic representation of balance in our energy fields we have the image to the left, as we have covered in earlier articles. This represents the balance between implosion and explosion. However, in the physical reality we have seen that our soul and spirit are being forced apart by illusory history and our belief in its lies. 




Through the inner journey we can begin to bring these two aspects of ourselves closer together. Therefore, in the physical body, balance would be symbolically depicted as in the image of the diamond to the left.




To have the trinity in balance and harmony while we occupy the physical body means we can be a living Christ, the light being we truly are. This, symbolically, could be depicted as in the image to the left.




Working towards the union of the soul through the inner journey towards its baptism with the inner light – the Spirit – could be shown symbolically in the physical reality (see left). This ultimately leads to one achieving Christ consciousness whilst in the physical body and could also be depicted by the pyramid shape below left, which shows the convergence of the soul and the light at the apex. This may give us a greater understanding of why the pyramids were built. We know they were built to help with the Pharaoh’s journey in the afterlife and we know the priests and shamans in ancient Egypt were well aware and fearful of the ‘underworld’, or the ‘middle place’ as Jesus allegedly called it.

With the knowledge of the deeper secrets of reality and life after death held by the Egyptian Priesthood at the time, it makes absolute sense from a spiritual perspective that the pyramids were symbolic of the union of the soul with the light and were built, in part at least, to ensure the soul of the Pharaoh returned home and escaped the darkness of the underworld.

It may also explain why the capstone was not put in place on the top of the Great Pyramid for the millennium celebrations as had been planned! It may also explain why on a Dollar bill, the Great Seal was designed using an unfinished pyramid that we are told signifies ‘Strength and Duration’, and that the ‘convergence of the soul and the spirit’ at the apex of the pyramid has been replaced with the ever watching eye. Use of the eye in art forms was a natural symbol for depicting an omniscient and ubiquitous deity. In this case it is a human eye representing the false god Yahweh, standing between our soul and our spirit, watching over us.

So it would appear we have a classic example of inverse symbolism here. Deliberately using an unfinished pyramid and placing the false god, the illusion, between the convergence of our soul and our spirit, signifying how the false god, the Masonic and cabalistic ego-consciousness of our world leaders controls us by stopping the union of our soul/consciousness with the light within.


This is perhaps evidenced more clearly when we look at the work of Ivan Fraser the Founder and Editor of The Truth Campaign. In Issue 13, summer 1999, Ivan published the image to the left taken from a dollar bill and highlighted the symbolism behind the design. ‘We can see that if we apply a second downward triangle over the one created by the pyramid, we form the symbol of Judaism,’ the six pointed Star of David. Each of the points of the star, apart from the apex, lands on a letter. These letters spell out MASON and this has to be beyond coincidence.

Ivan went on to join the letters highlighted in the hexagram – M-A-S-O-N – and discovered one of the most recognisable Satanic symbols of all – the inverted pentagram, a symbol meaning the devolution into the imbalanced darkness of chaos. Pretty much sums up what we have been talking about really. And true to nature, the ego likes to brag about how clever it is and how powerful it is and so the Illuminati, the throng of unbalanced human consciousness that likes to think it controls the world, cannot help but advertise this fact openly, laughing in our faces and lauding it over us. Such is the arrogance of an unbalanced ego and a diseased consciousness – the actions of a bully.


The Devolution of the Human Soul


We can understand from the foregoing that Immortal Man was here before the ego and the intellect. Humans whose souls reflected perfectly the light of the virginal spirit - humans living in the physical reality who exemplified in the physical form the light and unconditional love of all living things - were here first, before the ego created greed and the desire for power over others, which has led to the current disease we are challenged with today. A perfect soul and a perfect image of the light we are, is an image that we are capable of recapturing today if only we shopped for spirit in the right place and stopped giving our power and our minds away to others.

Immortal Man was and is a light being that exists in all dimensions of reality, which has manifested in the physical world as a Human Being. The only thing that has changed since the time of the purity of Immortal Man has been the pollution of our soul through the weakness and influence of the ego and desires of others who wish to control us. This has blocked out the memory/consciousness/awareness that we exist in these higher frequencies of light at the same time as we exist in the human body, and we are therefore being denied the knowledge of understanding and experiencing who and what we truly are in this physical reality.

This understanding explains why some of our ancestors appeared to have been more advanced than we are today, simply because their soul/consciousness was purer, and as such, spiritually, they were more advanced than us, and this was reflected in their knowledge, wisdom and comprehension of how energies worked. This is why they could build structures that many of us today would find almost impossible to replicate.

We can now appreciate that human consciousness (our soul) has devolved over time, from being the perfect image of the light we are, and we can accept that we have not evolved from some barbaric and animalistic ape-like ancestry, as Darwinians would have us believe. All that has evolved over time is the human ego and the intellect, and consequently therefore, the disease in the Earth’s consciousness. A disease that we are all responsible for and that we can now appreciate feeds all living things. So we are not ‘moving’ into the fourth or fifth dimension with Mother Earth, as some people advocate, and we are not evolving in this way at all. What we are trying to do in this diseased reality of the illusion is to REMEMBER who and what we are - the light - and with this recollection comes the realisation and understanding that we already exist in all of these dimensions of reality, because the light that we are is everywhere, even in this physical reality – hence Immortal Man was here first. Only our conditioned and programmed consciousness/soul denies us this simple truth.

The light that we are has not diminished one jot in this physical reality, or from within us humans, only its reflection - our soul/consciousness - has diminished as it has gradually lost the reflection of the purity of light and unconditional love that we are. It has become polluted by various methods of mind-control and brainwashing through old and new religious beliefs, new spiritual movements and alien spiritual/god hierarchies, New Age and Ufology movements and beliefs; most of which, as we have discovered throughout these articles are founded upon religious dogmas, the Cabala, Initiatic and Freemasonic brainwashing doctrines.

  There are two ways in which the soul can become more unbalanced. Just as a cell can reproduce in an increasingly unbalanced way eventually leading to a diseased cell because its energy fields or consciousness has become compromised, human consciousness can reproduce in exactly this same way too. Likewise, as human consciousness devolves and becomes more unbalanced whilst in the physical body, so too do the thought forms which attach to human energy fields. These thought forms manipulate their host’s ego until their consciousness and beliefs become even more unbalanced, and so this process can continue until the host’s consciousness can become the disease itself.  It then thinks and acts in a diseased way in accordance with the likeness of the consciousness of the unbalanced thought form/s attached.

Conversely, as we begin our baptism of the soul by shopping for spirit internally instead of externally into the imbalance we have created over time, our consciousness is gradually purified and brought back towards balance. Likewise, the consciousness of the thought form and lost soul attachments also changes accordingly; which is another reason why people with clairvoyant vision see these so-called ‘spirit guides’ change from time to time. Symbolically, here we are moving through the vibrations of one to nine until we find the ten, the light that we are. Although with the devolution of consciousness we are moving the opposite way through the vibrations of nine towards one, deeper into imbalance and into the lower vibrations of the abyss.

This process of increasing imbalance in thought form attachments (as our consciousness deteriorates further away from purity) applies to many of our world leaders, many of the Bildeberger group, the illuminati and certain royal families across the globe. These people will also have been initiated into the higher echelons of Freemasonry, 33rd Degree and above, and/or the cabala. If we remember from Part Five, according to Leadbeater (a 33rd Degree Mason), ‘ In Freemasonry (now) we invoke (my italics) the aid of non-human entities – the inhabitants of the subtler plane… the nature spirits and even the elementals.’32 According to Leadbeater, elementals differ from nature spirits in that they are half-conscious creatures often merely the transient thought forms of devas.  Leadbeater continues, ‘The fact that thousands of Masons have asked the appointed question without the faintest idea of producing an effect in unseen worlds has not deprived them of angelic assistance, which, if they had known of it, would have astounded them beyond expression, and probably even terrified them’.32

Here these people are involved in ritualistic behaviour that involves them giving their power away to and invoking and totally worshipping the most demonic or Archontes type of thought forms ever created. Simply because they believe, or have been duped into believing, because of the promises of power and control offered to them, that these entities are the true gods, angels and nature spirits and can protect them and provide them with all the power and money they need.

And this is happening in all walks of life as people dabble in magic, the occult, the cabala and perform initiations and invocations taught and encouraged in religion, new age philosophy and healing modalities such as angel workshops et al, without the majority of people having a clue about what is actually going on at an energy level. If only these people could actually see the energies they were working with, then they would indeed, as Leadbeater said, be terrified. We are so trusting at times we can trust to the detriment of our spiritual and physical health.

People with clairvoyant vision, or those people who have taken the right kind of drug or hallucinogenic herb, will naturally be able to see these thought forms in all their insidious glory, dwelling in the energy fields of a number of our world leaders, politicians, presidents, kings and queens, and in the families of the world’s richest people etc. When you come across something this hideous in a distant healing session and you send it unconditional love and light, it grows bigger. The more light you send it, the bigger and more threatening it becomes. However, if you continue to send love and light, the entity will eventually explode. This is an important lesson in out of body travel, remote viewing, astral travel and distant healing. The reason these entities grow bigger and appear more menacing is because they cannot exist in the presence of the light, so they have to appear in a way that will frighten the observer. If these thought forms can create fear and doubt in the observer by appearing to grow and become more threatening each time they are sent love and light, we may well tend to stop what we are doing out of fear, and so the ‘entity’ survives and can then attack the observer’s energy fields by feeding off their fear and uncertainty.

These energies, reptilian, insectoid, dragon-like, bat-like and so on, may account for the origins of the reptilian bloodline theory, which is allegedly a bloodline inherent in many of our world leaders and elite families. As we know, the first Archon, the first diabolical thought form ever created – the devil if you like - was depicted as a lion-faced serpent. With the Church demonising the serpent/snake and creating fear of them in the populous - and as we know these thought forms feed on fear - along with the lawmakers for thousands of years invoking these serpent thought forms along with millions and millions of innocent people worshipping them and feeding them energy, they have become one of the strongest and most prominent of all the unbalanced thought forms we can encounter today. For similar reasons, through different cultures, we also have dragon and other reptilian thought forms.

When human consciousness buys deeply into the origins of the lie and the illusion, it literally gives its soul to the oldest, most worshipped, most invoked and most feared and, therefore, the most powerful of impure and hideous thought forms ever created – the serpent-like thought form – Yaltabaoth (Yahweh) and all his unbalanced hierarchical offshoots. These are the type of energies one could see in the energy fields of some of our world leaders, because of their indoctrination into the higher echelons of Freemasonry or the Cabala, and because they may well be just an imbalanced thought form appearing as a reflection of our own fears.

Yet if we remember from Part Six; ‘…we begin to understand that these negative unbalanced energies, and other fear-based scenarios, can only manifest in our own reality through our own fears and our external belief in, and perceptions of, what they may be. If we fear them and believe in them, we allow what is purely an unbalanced energy to manifest in our own reality in a horrendous way, thus reflecting our own fears… and so we give them life in our own consciousness and, therefore, in our energy fields and in our conditioned perception of reality. However, when we realise their manifestation in this way is merely a product of our own fear (conditioning) and this is created by the external imbalanced reality that feeds our mind today, we can all lose this fear of these thought-forms. When we understand this, we stop giving them life and cease to allow them to manifest in our own reality through our own fears. If we release the fear then we release the control they can have upon us.

We must remember, we are only talking about imbalanced energy thought forms, sitting in human energy fields, manipulating the human ego, will and consciousness. This is simply because of some people’s weakness and inflated egos, and their greed and desire for more power and control. This does not mean these human beings physically transform into twelve-foot giant lizards that then participate in sacrifices and rituals eating human flesh in the process.

But to the clairvoyant observer, it does appear that these thought form energies can and sometimes do grow in size, as I mentioned above. This is why, in Part Six, I mentioned a simple exercise people could participate in, which allows any individual to experience the above ‘shape shifting’ phenomena for themselves, without the need to resort to drugs or hallucinogenic herbs. This may well explain why some of the more bizarre E. T. reptilian bloodline stories have been instigated, simply through ignorance of what is truly happening, whilst in others, deliberately nurturing the stories to create more fear – food for the animals.

When we can understand the thought forms’ natural will to survive and the amount of control these thought forms – the false gods and their false angels, and all the rest of their brood we have been conditioned into believing and worshipping over time – can have upon their hosts, we can understand why they have to continually create more belief in ‘themselves’ as real gods or angels or in whatever form that may suit them. They can only survive on unbalanced energies and fear being present in human energy fields, which is why they manipulate human consciousness into worshipping them, fearing them, invoking them, and even carrying out wars, sacrifices and child abuse in their name to pacify them. This means we buy into their unbalanced consciousness and so we continue to feed them, giving them life as they then feed on our imbalanced energies.

In understanding how these thought forms work, it is possible to gain a greater insight into the ‘Bloodline’ of the Elite Families. There is no doubting that the consciousness of these ‘families’ has become more and more unbalanced over time and they will have sitting tenants of the serpent/dragon kind in their energy fields. Though these are not alien, other than to the light, and they do not exist in the physical sense, they are just unbalanced energy forms of our own creation that now appear to be controlling the populous through the ego and consciousness of our world leaders, and then through our own consciousness because of our belief in their lies. We are expected to believe the bloodlines of these families are deliberately kept pure with the interbreeding and selective breeding that takes place. In a physical way this is true, but on an energy level the reality of this selective and interbreeding is that the ‘bloodline’ of these families is kept deliberately impure – simply to keep the light and the truth out. They are, or more correctly the thought form energies that control them, are making sure a pure soul cannot be born into their dynasty, their chain of command, and cause a potential problem. We have been conditioned for so long now to ‘look up to’ our peers and our leaders that we will naturally take what they say far more seriously than Joe Bloggs down the pub. So it would not look good for the New World Order if a member or members of their own ‘fraternity’ were singing a different tune.

This understanding may explain, in one sense, why Princess Diana was allegedly murdered. For sure she was a pain in the butt to the American government and the Royal Family, but, as tortured a soul as she appeared to be, she had obviously begun to recognise the light within and her soul had begun its resurrection and baptism with the inner light. She was admired and loved by millions and millions of people worldwide. There are many reasons, physically, why the ‘elite’ would have wanted her removed, as she was an embarrassment to what they wanted to achieve. America pulling out of the landmine agreement shortly after her death was no coincidence. But perhaps, by Diana discovering the light that she was and being in a remarkable position to express that light and love across the globe, she posed an even bigger threat to the formulation of a New World Order and the wishes of the illuminati, the Olympians – the disease of the Earth. This of course is true, but I believe the other main reason for Princess Diana’s death was that the elite, the Olympians were more fearful that this light and wisdom Diana had discovered within herself would be shared with her sons, the future Kings of England. The unbalanced thought forms that control the ego, consciousness, beliefs and actions of these people, could not allow any possibility of the light entering into the Monarchy and therefore, part of their dark chain of command.

For if this were to happen it would pose a great threat to the unbalanced controllers of the world, both physical and Etheric. This would have brought light, humility and compassion, and most of all, the unconditional love of all people and living things into the elite’s orchestrated chain of darkness. This would have represented a threat to the egos, reputations and control of the Olympians and to the very future existence of those heinous thought form energies that control them and that can only live in darkness and fear. A darkness and fear they themselves have created and which is now present in humans. So it was inevitable that a leading light such as Diana had to go, just as it was inevitable that what happened on September 11th 2001 happened (See Part Six). Power and control was reasserted through creating more fear into human consciousness and thus providing more ‘food’ for the thought forms to feed on and a great opportunity for the ‘toll collectors’ of the illusory afterlife to deceive and capture more souls. This is the same god, same unbalanced consciousness, same desires, using one of many different disguises as we have come to realise, and the same caveat carried out by willing puppets that feed and perpetuate this god and his authorities’ very unbalanced thought form existence.

This is why we have a new Paradigm Shift on spirituality. This is the seeding into human consciousness of the belief that there is no such thing as negative energy; it does not exist at all. This is a classic example of the inversion of truth. For if we are conditioned into believing there is no such thing as negative unbalanced energies, then there can be no way of humans ever identifying the cause of the decline in our collective consciousness. Brilliant! This way the illusion can never be identified. Except of course it is a ridiculous expectation. Or is it? I have spoken with a few people who have this ‘new belief’ and it is like speaking with a robot that has been completely and utterly programmed into a regimented way of thinking.  

As people have begun to cotton on to this religious fraud and move away from this false god and religion, the desire and will of these thought forms to survive has meant they have had to recreate themselves. We now have the updated and effectively modernised alien god with his intergalactic alien and angelic hierarchy, now with copious amounts of ‘street cred’ here to save us instead. Apparently, we are now led to believe that this false god we have been brainwashed into worshipping for thousands of years was really an extra terrestrial after all. Hence, the old thought forms realised they were becoming outdated and were in need of an image makeover if you like, and so they are now, and for a number of years have been, manipulating their human hosts at the top of the pyramid into creating a belief in human consciousness of a new type of god, an alien god who supposedly seeded us human beings. An alien god they hope will condition us and control us for a few thousand years more. Just as we discovered in Part Four. So these insidious thought forms hope to remain worshipped and invoked for all of eternity until they succeed in their task, which is to have total world domination. Ironically, in the process, this probably would result in the total destruction of humanity and nature, just like a cancer left undetected would eventually kill the host in which it found life. In the meantime, they create fear in humans to feed off so they can keep their sick dream alive. So in a sense, on an energy level, we ARE their food chain as long as we willingly buy into their illusion and fear.

Yet, as we now know, Immortal Man – the light that we are – came from the light which is Everything and was here before the ego invented this false god of religion. Immortal Man was here well before the imagination of a developed imbalance in intellect invented his successor, the false alien god with his false spiritual hierarchy.


Our choices, and the responsibilities which come with them.


With millions of people having bought into the modern illusion who now believe in the revamped alien god and his alien spiritual hierarchies, we now have alien thought forms to contend with. People with clairvoyant vision will naturally see alien thought forms in or around people who have become conditioned into believing this modernised version of the same old illusion. Same god, same messages, just reinvented to suit the modern era and appeal to the imagination of people in a way the old illusion cannot now hope to do. These thought forms exist for the same reason as the other heinous thought forms exist. They have been deliberately created from an impure desire to control and manipulate people’s minds and as a result, they have continued to exist and have grown stronger and even more unbalanced. Simply because it appeals to our imagination and through which, we have allowed ourselves to believe in their very existence.

We can understand that the illusion is about keeping our consciousness/soul focused in the external explosive reality that drives our soul and spirit further apart making it even more difficult to bring the two together in union. With the inappropriate version of the colour sequence of the chakras being taught today, we are taught to place spirituality at the top of our heads, therefore in our intellect and ego, our spirituality is then subjected to manipulation by thought form attachments. Also, with the increase in sexually explicit TV programmes these days, we are being encouraged to accept promiscuity and bizarre sexual exploits as a natural way of life. Casual sex outside of a loving relationship, coupled with the increasing drug culture in the young and not so young, is an excellent way of sharing thought form energies as they jump from one person to the next and seed themselves in our energy fields and our consciousness during these sexual acts. The two examples given above are deliberate measures aimed at dumbing down spirituality by placing our awareness into the chakras as far away from the heart chakra, our spiritual and light centre, as possible. Both examples keep our soul and our spirit deliberately separate making it easier for our energy fields to be breached and our consciousness compromised.

We are now aware that in this physical body, our choices, beliefs and corresponding actions will determine what happens to our soul in the afterlife. Whether we believe it or not, this happens to be the case. If we buy into the illusion and become part of the disease, spreading more imbalance through our beliefs and actions, then there is a fair chance we will likewise be caught up in the illusionary afterlife and suffer the consequences of our actions. Our human consciousness or soul behaves in accordance with all of nature, no matter what the intellect or the ego/emotional body may have us believe. Consciousness just is, no matter how large or small an entity may be and it is either balanced or it is unbalanced and will replicate according to its former likeness.

Today we may well have evidence of the ‘middle place’, hell, the underworld or the illusory afterlife as I call it. With the improvements in accident and emergency treatment medicine and the ability these wonderful people have in keeping people alive who may otherwise have died, we have seen an increase in what is today termed ‘near death experiences’. There are many recorded and anecdotal incidences of people, who whilst clinically dead, have talked about being in a tunnel of white light or a tunnel with white light at the end of it, and as they have moved along this tunnel they have experienced a feeling of immense love and euphoria, peace and calm, rest or repost. Some people have also experienced meeting beings of light and witnessed places that emanate this same kind of unconditional love, generating the same feeling of awe and wonderment within the individual experiencing it.

However, what is not generally known are the ‘near death experiences’ that paint a completely different picture to that explained above. There are many incidences where other people have had ‘near death’ experiences in which they perceived a completely different world. They experienced a malevolent world, a dark and hideous world, a world or experience whilst in this state of clinical death that filled them with fear and dread. A world of demons and unbalanced thought forms perhaps? Why are these other experiences not so readily available to the public we may ask? Is it because THEY do not want us to know about this existence? Just as THEY did not want us to know about 'these' teachings and these warnings about the ‘middle place’ awaiting the impure soul after death?  For if we are not aware of the existence of this false spirit world, we cannot possibly begin to question why it is there and for what purpose, or even why and how it has come to be, can we?

If we believe in the lie and we continue to spread the lie, innocently or otherwise, we will end up as part of the lie when we leave the physical body. We make our bed and so we must lie in it. It is no good people turning away from the unbalanced state of our society, pretending the world is getting better and everything will be all right, waiting for God or the Aliens to sort out the mess. This is not going to happen. Last year in London alone there were more than 1200 car-jackings with muggings last autumn running between 4,000 and 5,000 a month! Plus we had 21 murders and 67 attempted murders,33 and if we add the many other examples given throughout these articles, we can see that THE SITUATION IS NOT GETTING BETTER as more younger and younger people are becoming increasingly involved in serious crime today.

This disease is not restricted to our world leaders. Many evangelists use the illusory god for self-gain and to boost their own ego and self-worth. In a recent TV programme aptly called ‘Miracles’, on ITV on 28th January 2002, this documentary looked at two so-called self-styled evangelists, who through the power of god, they tell us, could achieve miracle cures – for a price as it turned out. According to the programme, one, Benny Hinn, taught his flock that the more money you gave now, the more you would be spared god’s wrath in the future and the greater the miracle would be. He told his people that nothing could happen to them if they pledged money to God’s work. And so the hype was turned up, as pre selected individuals came on stage – unsuitable people were not selected - and underwent so-called ‘miracles’. People were literally falling all over the place as ‘god did his work through our Benny’. The other, Reinhardt Bonke used the same kind of promise of a miracle cure to whip up frenzy in his flock.

The programme witnessed people selling off some of their goods and parents going without food in order to raise money and ‘pay’ for the miracle cure their sons or daughters were so desperate for. Over all, seventy-six miracles were claimed on stage and fifteen people died in the stampede. A cancer patient who was stable before coming to this ‘crusade’ later died of the disease. People stopped taking their medication and promises of miracle cures continued but never materialised. One young child with an incurable brain tumour was told he had had a miracle, but soon after this ‘miracle’, he died. His parents still did not cotton onto the fact they had been conned. In fact, such was their belief in this false god that they blamed themselves for their son’s death – they were not worthy of Gods’ blessing and, therefore, his ability to grant them miracles. They were still paying a regular monthly fee to their evangelist in the hope they will become worthy in the future. And this blatant fraud is happening all over the world as unbalanced greedy people use the man-invented-god as bait to reap their own fortunes from desperately ill and sometimes poor people.

Interestingly, when the programme researchers investigated the backgrounds of these evangelists, they found that both of them had, to put it politely, very difficult childhoods.

But deceiving people is not solely the privilege of religion, as we know. Exactly the same is happening in the New Age movement, Ufology and the healing arts, with promises of ascension, moving into the fourth dimension, being attuned to the latest spiritual energy, becoming a master in a weekend and so forth. Early in 2000 I received an e-mail outlining God’s Divine Plan for 2000. In this e-mail we are led to believe that God’s consciousness is about to manifest in a certain part of the ocean off the Alaskan coast and the Spiritual Hierarchy stated that this event will catapult the Earth and all life evolving here a quantum leap forward…This tremendous influx of Divinity will also greatly accelerate the Second Coming of Christ. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illuminated Truth have said that the full significance of this glorious Activity of Light is beyond comprehension of our finite minds. Fellow Lightworkers are offered the opportunity to join an Alaskan Cruise, the only one available to take them to this Divine encounter with God who will appear out of the ocean at a predetermined point during the 14th Annual World Congress on Illumination, taking place during the 14th celebration of Harmonic Convergence, August 14-21, 2000.

I feel another phew! Coming on. What a way to sell a very expensive cruise! Just as with the evangelists, we have promises of divine intervention as the bait - a divine intervention hitherto unknown of, and beyond the comprehension of our finite mind. Which is a clever way of saying to people who experience zilch and nothing during this cruise that the ‘experience’ was beyond them, leaving them, no doubt, feeling unworthy yet again. Same old sad mind conditioning.

The disease is spreading and it is our responsibility, each and every one of us. We created the imbalance in the first place; or more correctly a few unbalanced minds created it and the majority of us have allowed it to grow and spread. If we choose to put our head in the sand then we have to accept that when we leave the physical body we may find that more than just our head is surrounded by darkness. We do have a responsibility to sort out this mess.

A few people have said to me about this illusion and people’s personal beliefs, ‘oh that is where individual people are at the moment, therefore that is where they are meant to be, so it must be right for them, let them get on with it.’ Can we imagine if our body’s defences adopted the same attitude? How would the immune system maintain health in the body if every time it came across an invader or a potential threat to the body’s health, it thought, this disease is just where it is at the moment so that is how it is meant to be, I’ll leave it alone so it can continue to do its own thing and spread its malignancy throughout healthy cells around it?

Can we imagine how long the body would continue to remain healthy and alive if our cells adopted this same human non-interference approach, which has been deliberately conditioned into our psyche? We’d be barely out of diapers before we were being fitted with a wooden box instead. The truth must stand its ground and refuse to be intimidated by the aggressive behaviour of an unbalanced consciousness, and just like the disease spreads its imbalance, the light should spread its truth too. Consciousness just is, whether it is on a human level or a cellular level and it works in exactly the same way – it is either balanced spreading health, or it is unbalanced spreading disease. We should not feel guilty about sharing the light that we are, or feel guilty about how somebody may react to what we say as long as we are not pushy and we are responding to questions or invitations to speak. If people do react, then that is their problem to sort out, it is their imbalance, not ours.

Spirituality has less to do with what one puts into one’s mouth. It is more about what comes out of one’s mouth that matters. This is why today, people who latch onto the false light of the illusion through ego, believing they have become a master overnight and believing in everything they are told or have read, willingly spread the disease. They have not taken the time to look deeply within themselves for their own answers and therefore their own truth. They have not connected with the true light that they are, only the illusory light others have taken on board. And this is clearly reflected, symbolically, in the process of cellular disease. The tumour cell is far more aggressive and grows much quicker than the healthy cell because it doesn’t take the time to look within itself for the answers, instead it behaves in the likeness of the unbalanced thought form consciousness/memory that originally attached to it - a consciousness it has now wholly taken on board and now become. So the diseased cell rushes out onto its podium to spread its message to all the other cells around it, literally bullying the healthy ones into its own way of thinking by promising them a quick way to enlightenment or else. Therefore, the diseased cells reproduce faster than the healthy cells. Spiritual Master in a weekend? Sound familiar? 

This does not mean we have to shout from the rooftops or go on any personal crusade. It just means we need to start looking within for the answers instead of looking and buying into the external unbalanced ego-consciousness and repeating this imbalance. We need to stop spreading the disease, albeit innocently in many cases. When we look within we begin the redemption of the soul – its resurrection – and we begin to cleanse and purify our consciousness. As I have mentioned in previous parts, when our consciousness begins to improve its health, we naturally begin to share this improvement with the consciousness of the Earth. As we begin to implode and explode in balance we bring more balance to our own spirituality and physical health and we help to bring the outer consciousness back towards health too. This way we help to improve the consciousness that all life is constantly interacting with every minute of every day, and so we gradually begin to improve the collective consciousness of other humans too.

As our light begins to shine it attracts likeminded people, or people who need to share our light - even for a brief moment - because their inner light has guided them to us to ask questions, knowing what the answers are going to be, or should be. Even if these answers may initially cause a detrimental reaction, the seed of truth has been sown and may work wonders for the individual at some point in the future. We should never be afraid of sharing our light. However, one thing I learnt early on from the inner journey was this:


When one’s light begins to shine, respond only to those who reflect the light back. Otherwise one may spend a lifetime shining light into darkness and achieve nothing!


This means we can lead a horse to water but we cannot force it to drink. Therefore, symbolically we should spend more time with the thirsty horse. The more of us that do this, the greater the effect will be on the outer unbalanced consciousness and the greater the cleansing will be of the Earth’s consciousness. After all, all there is, is the light that we are and the light that is everything. Everything else is a lie and an illusion. We only need to look within to realise that we do not need to pay vast amounts of money to be attuned or aligned to something that doesn’t exist other than as a thought form or unbalanced belief. When we look within we realise that we are connected to everything there is. We are the light, and each and every one us can achieve Christ consciousness whilst occupying the physical body.

We realise also that we do not need to pay somebody to enlighten us into something that again exists only in the imagination of the illusion and its willing puppets and innocent victims. When we connect with the light within we become enlightened naturally and in a balanced and safe way. We also realise that we do not need to ‘put on our light body’ because we are already a light body. Why should we be influenced into wearing the false light of the illusion, something dreamed up by somebody else’s unbalanced thoughts that will merely darken are own light and allow thought forms to attach to our energy fields and detrimentally manipulate our consciousness to an even greater extent?

It is time we put the illusion and its disease to rest. It is time to renounce the disease in the consciousness of humans and the Earth and to break free from the control and manipulation, which this disease has subjected us to for thousands of years. It is time for human consciousness to wake up and realise that we are ‘immortal man’ and we were here first in this physical reality. Everything else is purely secondary and a result of our imagination and imbalance over time. It is time for a new future and this can only be achieved by discarding the old conditioning and welcoming the new inner revelations by asking the light that we are to help us. May I be one of the few to say?

The old Yahweh god is dead and buried, recognised by the light, and the new alien god has been exposed and recognised by the light as an impure surrogate of its older impure brother.


This God is dead; long live the Light and all its illuminated beings – Immortal Man and Immortal Truth!


The True Origins Of Reiki


It is fitting at this stage to wind down this article by returning to the same subject which prompted the start of this series of articles – Reiki. Thankfully, an original Japanese book on Reiki and its correct origins has recently been translated and published in English and provides us with some clarity and historical balance on this method of spiritual transgression developed by Mikao Usui that has hitherto been denied us by Western manipulation and illusory shenanigans.

Let us compare the facts and the fiction. I quote from the book:


‘We know that myth has played a big role in human history. However, when we talk about history as the truth, we should tell the facts as correctly as possible. If a new fact is found, we need to correct the wrong story. Some people deny the truth because it is inconvenient for them but Usui-sensei would not want such a dishonest behaviour. In the following I will state the wrong Reiki history and the truth.’35

·         Fiction: Usui was a Professor of a university in Kyoto, or a Dean and even a President or Doctor.

o        Truth: Mikao Usui did not graduate from any university. Neither did he have a doctor’s degree.

·         Fiction: Usui-sensei was a priest of Christianity or a professor of divinity.

o        Truth: He experienced various professions. He was engaged in missionary work of a religion related to Shinto, but he was not a Christian at all. Mt. Kurama is a holy place for Buddhists. A Christian would not do fasting at Mt. Kurama, and would not enter a ZEN temple.36 He studied and practised Zen for three years.37

·         Fiction: Usui-sensei searched for a healing method for a long period and searched the mystery of life/soul and how to use universal energy.

o        Truth: Usui-sensei said that healing power was given by accident during fasting and he did not know the true essence of Reiki and it is written in the “Reiki Ryoho Hikkei” that he did not search for the energy to obtain healing ability.

·         Fiction: Usui-sensei saw Reiki symbols during fasting. A bright light came into the centre of his head, rainbow colours appeared and then they changed into a huge white light, and golden lightening symbols in Sanskrit appeared.

o        Truth: Usui’s experience is written in the “Reiki Ryoho no Shiori (Reiki Ryoho handbook)”, and it does not say anything at all about this.36 Usui wrote ‘I have a hard time explaining exactly. I realise that I’ve received the ability of healing accidentally when I felt the air in mysterious way during fasting…I was not taught this method by anybody nor studying to get intuitive power.’53 Usui-sensei did not even use symbols himself.38 He developed the ‘symbols’ later to help his students to focus.39

·         Fiction: Chujiro Hayashi succeeded the Usui Ryoho Gakkai as the 2nd grand master. After Hayashi passed away, Hawayo Takata succeeded the Gakkai to be the third grand master.

o         Truth: Hayashi and Takata were great grand masters of Reiki. However, there was no fact that Usui-sensei determined Hayashi as his successor. Hayashi was not the 2nd president of the Gakkai. Takata was not either.36



What has been established is that Usui had approximately 2000 students, and Usui-sensei had given Shinpi-den to 16 masters. Four have been clarified:

1.       Juzaburo Ushida      1865-1935

Rear Admiral of Japan Navy

The 2nd president of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai

2.       Kan’ichi Taketomi   1878-1960

Rear Admiral of Japan Navy

The 3rd president of the Gakkai

3.       Yoshiharu Watanabe           ????-1960

School Teacher

The 4th president of the Gakkai

4.       Chujiro Hayashi       1879-1940

Captain of Japan Navy

The 1st president of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai



























And on and on we could go. Mikao Usui merely referred to universal energy, the life force energy inside humans – the pure light that we are – as Reiki. Reiki was a label meaning connection with the light or universal energy within. Usui-sensei taught, ‘The universe is me, and I am the universe. The universe exists in me, and I exist in the universe. Light exists in me, and I exist in the light.’40 He also taught that Reiki was a method based on intuitive power among the universe41 and this is carried on today in traditional Japanese Reiki where it is taught that the first spiritual awakening is an intellectual awakening with one’s consciousness. In this stage ‘it is understood in the head and not a true awakening.’ A true awakening is an intuitive understanding by Shinga (Soul/Higher Self) and to complete the unity with truth.42

We can understand from the above that in the true origins of Reiki, before the Western ego got hold of it, it was all about finding the light, the universal energy within us. It was about the ‘inner journey’ and developing the intuitive side so we could better communicate with the light or universal energy which Usui called Reiki. Usui-sensei developed Hatsurei-ho to improve the connection with the inner light, or internal Reiki energy.43

Additionally, from the above lineage, we can see that the original Reiki developed by Usui-sensei stayed in Japan and a different form of Reiki was exported into the Western world.

Also Usui-sensei did not use symbols, nor was he ‘given’ symbols in some divine encounter. He developed what have become known as symbols later on, as a tool to help members of the Japanese Navy and his students focus on the inner journey, and in conjunction with the mantras help them to connect with the light (Reiki) within. The Japanese Navy was one of the main avenues through which Reiki expanded in the early years.44 Usui-sensei created the distant healing system using the resonance feature between the symbol and Kotodama (mantra) energy and said: ‘Human being has a natural gift to resonate with universe if he aims it in his mind. I want you to grow enough to be able to do distant healing without symbol and Kotodama (mantra) that I taught.’45

Today in traditional Japanese Reiki teachings, symbols (focusing aids) are taught in the same context as ‘supporting wheels of a bicycle.’46 In other words, when a person has grown enough spiritually and can rely on their inner light they should stop using the symbols/focusing aids, just as a child takes the stabilisers off their bike when it has enough confidence in its own ability to ride it without falling off. It is also taught that symbols should be used as a tool and one should not misunderstand their function, and that searching for additional symbols or regarding symbols as a holy thing is meaningless.46

In Gendai Reiki-ho, students learn the symbols and are taught to aim at ‘NO SYMBOL USE’ status. It further teaches that you can replace the 3rd symbol with the image of the Sun and the 4th symbol with the image of White Light.47 Additionally, it is taught ‘You must not mislead yourself into believing that the symbols themselves have any power and rely upon them. Otherwise you are worshipping only the images and not the reality…you have to overcome this limitation eventually, because it is like a hurdle.’48 Students are encouraged to become a light symbol or a symbol of the light.49

It is also taught that it is important in ‘healing’ to apply one’s hands without any control of the mind and that if you try to make useless effort to concentrate, other kinds of power may be mixed in. If we are to receive the higher dimension of universal energy we need to relax and open our minds and trust the universe.50 Here we have confirmation in traditional Japanese Reiki of the importance of ‘Allowing’ in healing, taking the mind out of the equation, and that if we use the mind, aka ego, then other lower energies may come into the healing equation. Which is exactly what we have been discussing in this series of articles. So it is a fallacy that people involved in Reiki cannot attract negative energies. If the intellect comes in, in any shape or form, so too do negative energies.

Like I mentioned in Part One, healing is all about ALLOWING. Allowing energies higher than the intellect to get on with the job at hand.

It would appear that some Western Reiki Masters have offended the keepers of traditional Reiki in Japan, who feel there is a limit to Western Reiki.51 This I can readily understand. In original Usui Reiki Ryoho, after a student receives the ‘first level’, the student has to practise for many years and must show increased spiritual ability to their sensei before the second level is even considered and offered them.52 Compare this with the ‘get-rich-and-become-enlightened-overnight-with-Me-guru’ approach of many Western Reiki Masters who offer ‘Mastership over Spirituality’ in a weekend! And compare this also to some who are now aliens – but as we now know, only alien to the light and truth. (See Part Four).

It is only when we connect with the light within that we can possibly hope to connect with the reflected light without. For if we cannot recognise what it is we are looking for, we will never find it outside of ourselves in the convoluted mish-mash of unbalanced energies we have created over time. As I mentioned in Part One, we cannot camp at the base of a mountain and expect to wake up at the top the next day. Sadly, too many people do believe they can become holders of the truth over night, or by reading some book or other. The journey to the top of the mountain is the journey inwards towards the light that we are and the light that is all things. There is only one truth – the light – and as we dig through the darkness of the illusion we begin to find this one same truth behind many disguises today.

So we can see that the truth never varies and is quite simple. It is all about finding the light within, the convergence of the soul through its inner journey towards the light that we are. It is about allowing. Nothing complicated at all. We can see, just as Jesus alleged teachings have been altered and manipulated beyond recognition over time, so too have the origins of Reiki, as have the origins of Freemasonry and Initiatic science and many other teachings too. The ego and the intellect have merely externalised the truth of these methods and made it complex and difficult to achieve by placing divinity beyond the capability of humans, when in truth, we are all immortal humans and we are all capable of achieving Christ consciousness in the physical body through the inner journey, the baptism of the soul with the inner light – the resurrection. Only THEY do not want us to know this, for in realising this simple truth means we no longer buy into the illusion and can no longer be controlled. In effect, our NEED for THEM disappears and with it so does their power and the illusion and all its heinous thought forms, for without our unbalanced energy fields to keep them alive, they cannot survive. This is simplicity in itself. Harmony restored, consciousness balanced both in and out; Paradise or Heaven in the physical reality, the perfect reflection of the light and love we are.

And now we can fully appreciate the importance of the Assemblage Point in the resurrection of the soul and how important it is to have the A.P. unblocked at the rear of the heart chakra and the flow corrected both front and back if we are to redeem our consciousness in this physical reality!

We understand now that the soul is not who we truly are. It is merely a reflection of the light we are, though we have come to realise that today it is merely a distorted reflection of the light we are. So just as with Reiki symbols, if we focus on the soul, we are focusing on the image and the reflection and not on the true reality, which is the light being that we are. The soul is just memory, consciousness, it is awareness. A soul that has become trapped in the illusory afterlife, the false spirit world, is merely a soul that has become unbalanced in the physical body and is now an unbalanced energy, or memory, existing in the consciousness of the Earth, within the physical/astral vibrations of one to nine (1-9). These lost souls, along with the thought form energies we have created over time – imbalanced energies - are the reason for the disease in the Earth’s consciousness, the karmic imbalance that we inherit when we incarnate. A disease or imbalance, that affects each and every living entity in this physical reality, especially human beings. (See Part Three).

As the science of biophysics has discovered, physical illness begins in the energy fields first and foremost. On a cellular level, when the energy field or consciousness of the physical cell becomes breached by unbalanced energies, the physical cell then becomes unhealthy too. Exactly the same process applies to us humans. When our energy fields become breached by these lost souls or thought forms - unbalanced energies from the outer consciousness - then our soul/consciousness, and consequently our physical health, suffers too.

To begin the convergence of our soul and our spirit in this physical reality all we need to do on a daily basis is reaffirm to ourselves that we are the light and we are the light that is all things. We can do this quite simply in the following way:


I thank the light that I am and the light that is all things.

I am looking within to the light that I am for the answers, and my conscious awareness of this communication with my true self is increasing every day.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to help me and protect me at all times.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to guide me and show me from time to time what I need to know to help to bring my consciousness back towards balance.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to help me in this physical reality to release my imbalances and help me to face my fears and dissolve them and purify them in the light that I am.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to guide me and show me what I need to do to help improve the collective consciousness of humans and bring the Earth’s consciousness, the disease we have created, back into balance.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to help me to keep my physical and spiritual body clean and balanced at all times.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to help me to become more aware of the illusion and therefore more aware of the truth and light that I am.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things to help me keep grounded and balanced between all the aspects that I am in this physical body.


In addition we can use a very simple visualisation. Imagine the light or the sun in the centre of our heart and then imagine this light growing and expanding outwards until it surrounds the whole of our body. This reaffirms the correct flow of energy from within to without and helps to keep the Assemblage Point flowing correctly after it has been aligned and cleared of any blockage or external connections.

Connection with the inner light and being able to recognise the difference between the light and the illusion provides us with the wherewithal to help ‘lost souls’ through meditation, or through what is referred to today as ‘soul retrieval’.  We can only help lost souls – and ourselves for that matter – if we can distinguish the light from the illusion, otherwise we have no idea where we are leading them, or ourselves. As I mentioned in Part Six, as our awareness of our connection with the light improves and we begin that inner tuition, we will be guided towards the best way we can share this truth. As in healing, it is all about ‘allowing’, allowing energies higher than the intellect to come through and communicate with us through intuition. If we allow, we will be guided correctly. If we impose the mind and the will, such as saying I am going to meditate and help these lost souls return home, this is ego, and we may well achieve nothing.

Conversely, if we just allow, and it is right for us that we help a lost soul or do a particular distant healing at a particular moment in time, then the opportunity will present itself as and when it is right to do so. This is part of our learning so we can reap the greatest possible benefit. We must allow our light to guide us and show us what we need to learn and do from time to time, for our light, our higher self knows far better than our mind or our emotions. By integrating our soul inwardly towards the light and by becoming more aware of the illusion and what is truly going on, our higher dimensional selves naturally begin to do more constructive work in these dimensions to help to combat the imbalances in the physical and astral realities.

Again, if we are unsure all we need to do is ask the light for help. Such as: if it is appropriate at this moment in time, I ask the light to help guide ***** lost soul/s to return home, or: I ask if it is right and appropriate at this time to send the light to ***** to help with *****. If we leave the decision up to the light and our higher dimensional self – just as we should allow in healing – and take our conscious mind out of the equation, what is required at the time for the benefit of all, will indeed take place. As we become more integrated with the light within, we begin to know what to do without thinking, because it just happens and it feels right. Looking within, allowing and listening to our intuition is the key to spirituality and the expansion of our inner light outwards and into the Earth’s consciousness. This is the main way we contribute towards bringing the Earth’s consciousness back into health and balance. Another is through our actions and our words.

However, it must be restated, when we are helping a lost soul, we are not helping a human being per se, the soul is consciousness, it is just a ‘memory’ of human physical life and because it has become unbalanced during its physical life, it has become lost in the greater imbalance of the illusory afterlife. An illusory afterlife some people today would have us believe is actually the true spirit world.

Today we have many books on the subject of Lost Souls and their interpretation of the Spirit World. Information derived from regressive hypnotherapy which as we know can open up dialogue with these ‘lost soul’ attachments, bypassing the consciousness of the individual, yet still portrayed as some form of past life experience of the individual themselves. Additionally we have ‘channelled’ information from so-called spirit guides, such as in the book, Life In The World Unseen. The majority of these books infer that the information contained therein comes from souls who exist in the true spirit world, but in fact the information comes directly from the counterfeit spirit world – the illusory afterlife – the spirit world of ‘lost souls’. This information, honestly shared in some cases and dishonestly in others, appeals to the emotional body, the domain of the ego, and ‘prepares’ us and conditions us into believing in the appearance of the counterfeit spirit world. Then when we DO leave the physical body, we see exactly what we have been conditioned to see and therefore would EXPECT to see. So the soul therefore, will more readily buy into the illusory afterlife.

There is absolutely no comparison between the true spirit world and the world represented in some of these books. There are no schools or hierarchies in the Light. There is no need to ‘train and improve’ the intellect or our intelligence because in the true Spirit Realm we ‘feel’ what is right and we ‘know’ from feeling through the heart centre everything that needs to be known. When we return our soul/consciousness (awareness) to the light being we truly are we experience everything, because as a light being, we ARE everything too.

This is exactly how we learn from the inner journey. We take our awareness, our soul if you like, to the place from where we originate – the true Spirit World. From here we teach ourselves through inner tuition (intuition) what we need to know from time to time in this physical reality. This learning, or more correctly, this remembering of who we are whilst we are in the physical body, comes from experiencing the unconditional love and light that we are as we exist in the true Spirit World.

As the light being we are, we know everything anyway, so why on earth would we need to be taught anything, especially through the intellect? How can we be taught something through intellect when the intellect cannot possibly hope to understand energies higher than itself? This is why books describing the false spirit world talk about improving the intellect and our intelligence. Understanding and learning comes from the heart centre, through experiencing the unconditional love that we all are. Therefore, the true spirit world, the world of light, does not have intellect; it has too low a vibration to enter this world. The intellect cannot possibly exist in the purity and light of the true Spirit Realm.

Therefore, what we are doing here by helping lost souls back to the true world of spirit, is we are leading unbalanced energies into the light where they can be purified. This process naturally helps to bring the overall consciousness of the Earth into a more balanced state. That means there are less negative energies to cleave to people enjoying a physical life and so there would be less chance of a person’s consciousness becoming tarnished by these energies born out of belief in the illusion.

Facilitating spirituality is all about what comes out of one’s mouth. That is, do we spread the disease, or the healing - Truth or Lie? Do we resonate with the vibration of 1-9 - the illusion, or the vibration of 10 – Spirit and Light? Hell or Paradise? It is our choice! And the consequences we face in the afterlife are a direct result of the choices we make in this physical reality. They are our own responsibility and blame does not lie with anybody else but us.

It is time for us all to embrace the light that we are and the light that is all things living. It is time to be humbled by its, and our own, immense presence and unconditional love. It is time for us to say that I welcome the light that I am to come forth from within and flow through my body and into the darkness we have surrounded ourselves with. It is time for the light to bring illumination back into the physical reality, and with it will come balance and the unconditional love of all living things. This would be Paradise in the physical reality and freedom for every lost soul, and bye-bye to the unbalanced thought forms, the disease of the physical/astral world we came here to heal.   




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