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Apricot Kernels

WARNING! Equilibra makes no health claims for this product. These apricot kernels are imported from the Himalayan Mountains and sold as a spice for use in salads and garnishes.

Apricot Kernels/Seeds

These seeds may be grated or shredded for salads and garnishes. Not all apricot seeds sold on the health food market contain the bitter 'marzipan' taste that characterises the most effective kernels. We sell only fresh apricot kernels which are renowned for these properties.

Notes: Some government health departments believe that apricot kernels produce toxic reactions when taken in excessive doses.

The Food Standard Agency (FSA) have recently issued a press release advising that consumption should not exceed 1-2 bitter apricot kernels per day. Their 'concern' is that when ingested, bitter apricot kernels can produce cyanide.  However, Ernst Krebs discovered that these "...potentially lethal poisons, together with the B17 molecule, were found to be stable, chemically inert and non-toxic...". And further, that it [the cyanide] is only released in the presence of an enzyme that is found "in huge quantities at the site of cancerous tumours..." Cancer: Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth by Phillip Day.

It is interesting to note that the British Press, only a relatively short time ago, reported that a pharmacuetical company had been researching, and testing, the use of cyanide in treating cancer cells!

However, cyanide is a dangerous substance, and Equilibra, as a responsible trader, is pleased to reiterate the statement and concerns of the FSA: 'consumption should not exceed 1-2 bitter apricot kernels per day.'

Equilibra would further recommend that the reader researches ALL relevant information available about bitter apricot kernels and B17, before purchase, and certainly before considering consumption. If we avail our self with all the facts, then we will be  in a better position to make an informed personal choice.

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