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By Steve Gamble


The following information has been well researched. I started my research into contributory factors leading to illness and disease when I found out my father had cancer. Just before he died I made my father a promise that I would make my findings available to as many people as possible - starting here with one of the main contributory factors, the dangers of man-made electromagnetic waves - or EMF’s for short - and electrical low frequencies (ELF and VLF’s) from electrical wiring, cabling and equipment. My father was a welder by trade and he used to hold the welding rods in either hand just to feel the electricity run through his body. Although we’ll never know what caused my father’s cancer, it is interesting to note that fact. The family suspects it may have been a contributing factor.

The first part is a general overview of the dangers of EMFs. Various research papers from all over the world and their findings are investigated.  It is generally an easy read, interesting and informative.

The second part shows the reports that the regulation boards use to denounce any possible dangers. There are three main reports which are commonly referred to, or cited by authoritative bodies when stating there is no connection between EMF’s, ELF’s and VLF’s and ill health, especially leukaemia (children) and cancer. We examine these reports and show just what has been omitted from the press releases that were based upon them. Some of the findings have been misrepresented and those in authority have employed ways of ‘adjusting’ or manipulating the facts to fit the message they actually want to put over to the public. We are constantly told there is nothing to worry about, and there is no link or conclusive evidence to support a link with electrical radiation and illness and disease. With this in mind, please note the fact that when one of the latest government buildings to be built in Cambridge - which is full of hi-tech electronic and electrical equipment - was measured for electromagnetic and electrical radiation, levels were recorded as low as 0.4 mG (milli-Gauss) and 5V/m (Volts per metre)[1]. These levels are far less than those advised under the ALARA Policy (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) a study which has yet to see public daylight.[2] These levels are also around 20% (1/5th) of the Swedish recommendations, a standard predominantly accepted world wide.

Our house for example, which is relatively new, measures fields from electrical wiring at levels exceeding 100Vm and some equipment over 300mG. This is a common problem found in practically all of the many houses I’ve measured, even those away from electricity pylons and substations.

Why, then would we find such low fields in a government building, if not to protect them and their staff?

It would appear that what is good enough for government officials is not good enough for the rest of us.

This may well be explained by the comments of one committee member of the U.S. National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), which were quoted in Microwave News, July/August 1995, page 11. He said:

“ In almost any other type of environmental exposures, if the evidence were as strong as the association between EMF’s and cancer, there would be extensive government regulation. The major reason that many members of the committee were unwilling to set more rigorous standards was that it would be horrendously expensive and unrealistic to enforce them.”[3]

So, it would cost too much money to help protect human life.

Yet it would appear these same prudent avoidance measures contained in the 1995 draft report (which have been prevented to date from becoming public knowledge) are being incorporated into new government buildings.

How many times has history shown us this same story, but in different guises?

Thalidomide, DDT, asbestos, radiation, X-rays, BSE...

This same scenario reminds me so much of the magnificent work that has been carried out in America by doctors and other health practitioners using ozone therapy to help correct AIDS, cancer and heart disease in many, many people. The success rate has been incredible, but then the FDA made this treatment illegal, even though it allegedly has had tremendous success.

Dr. Hans Nieper, a doctor using ozone therapy, in Hanover, says “ You wouldn’t believe how many officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe directors of the American Medical Association, or American Cancer Association, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s a fact.” [4]

Again….what is good for some is not good for others…There are many more such similar scenarios, but it is not within the scope of these writings to pursue them here.

The third part - EMF’s - A Biophysical Overview is a quite technical section which will give a deeper understanding of why and how EMF fields damage our health. It may be useful to treat light, energy, waves, fields and EM fields, ELF’s, VLF’s, radiation and oscillations as generally meaning the same thing, i.e. a reference to ‘energy’ or an energy field whether it be our own energy fields, the earth’s energy field, or man-made energy fields. This section demonstrates how these fields are able to interact with and affect us at an energy level, which in turn can affect our health, alter our genetic coding, damage DNA, suppress immune response and so much more.

Part four shows what we can do to help protect ourselves, and our loved ones. How we can overcome problems posed by electrical wiring, EM radiation and much more. How we can put into practice the same methods apparently employed by the authorities to protect themselves and their staff.

If it is good enough for them, then believe me, it is good enough for us too!

Also, just what is available for our benefit, and for the good of our health. What exactly can we do to maintain our Resources and Well Being in our highly electrical environment? We offer suggestions on how we can help our body deal with health problems. We encompass many of the biophysical principles discussed in Part Three in helping people to restore health and bring balance back to our biological systems.

We finish off with an Addendum which is a brief synopsis of the research work I’ve carried out into other contributory factors into the causes of illness and disease and the methods we can employ to prevent and reverse both. This is evidenced by the true story of my mother who was sent home from hospital literally minutes before her operation to remove a lump from her breast. The lump had disappeared!  A month later so had the lump from her leg! We also list the potentially dangerous chemicals found in Personal Care products!

If we want to know the Truth, then we have to search for it ourselves. We are only told what somebody wants us to know. We are only led to believe what somebody wants us to believe.

Humans, human life and its suffering, along with the suffering of animals, has for far too long been the result of a "Profits before Truth” mentality.

We have a choice. We always will have. Choice cannot be omitted, suppressed or misinterpreted.  And in the long term neither can Truth.

The mind is like a parachute, it only works effectively when it is open.                                

Good Health.

Yours in search of Truth


Copyright Ó 1998 Apolenus Press. All rights reserved. Nothing may be copied or reproduced from this work or stored in any form of recording or information retrieval system without express written permission of the writer or publishers.


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Ever since the dawn of civilisation, man has wanted to change and manipulate his environment. So much so, that now, we have a new and dangerous form of environmental pollution spreading all over the world.

Nowadays, this modern day, modern life pollution is invisible and cannot be felt. We are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from the likes of radio and television transmitters, electricity pylons, high voltage electric cables, electricity sub-stations, mobile telephones, computers, fax machines, industrial machines, military installations, methods of transport and significantly, from millions and millions of domestic and office, man-made electrical appliances. We are constantly saturated with these modern day electromagnetic vampires, whether we are outside, in the home, or at the office. All metallic objects, such as water pipes, gas pipes, electrical circuits, telephone lines, keys, rings, watches, jewellery, metal fillings, springs in mattresses (where we spend at least one third of our lives!): all act as antennae collecting and radiating disorientating energy waves which can alter the natural polarities of our bio-physical body.1 These are electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs’ (Magnetic fields) and electrical fields from electrical low frequencies or ELFs and very low frequencies or VLFs.

·          After more than 25 years of intensive study, the Swedish government has established a safety limit for exposure to elf magnetic fields at 2.5 mG (milli Gauss). The Swedish standard is generally accepted throughout the world and means that if someone consistently experiences exposure which exceeds the standard, that person could be at risk in developing health problems which can range from headaches, fatigue and dizziness, to skin rashes, miscarriage, leukaemia and cancer.2

·         In 1990 the United States Environment Protection Agency, in an extensive evaluation of the carcinogenic effects of these fields stated: ‘ In conclusion, after an examination of the available data over the last 15 years, there is evidence of a positive association of exposure to magnetic fields with site specific cancer, namely leukaemia, cancer of the Central Nervous System, and to a lesser extent, lymphomas. This is supported by many studies of children and adults across many different populations and sub-groups.’3 America has its’ own safety limit set at 2.0 mG. Property values are plummeting by up to 30% where there is evidence of high electromagnetic fields.

      We can expect the same to happen in Britain in the coming years.


·          The car manufacturer VW warn their customers not to use mobile phones inside the vehicle, concerned that the metal cage of the vehicle can amplify the EMFs emitted by the ‘phone, to even higher, and therefore potentially more dangerous levels.4

·          In an article in "Here’s Health" magazine reference is made to the effect mobile phones can have upon the brain, and that the brain’s electrical potential can be altered for up to one week after a single phone call!5

·         Doctors suspect mobile phones are behind a huge increase in brain tumours in Australia. Over the ten years that the devices became popular, cases soared by more than 60% in women, and by 50% in men.

·         Studies in Australia and the U.S. showed that the phones sent radiation into the brains of mice and rats, causing cancer, short term memory loss and lapses in concentration.

This has prompted the Australian government to launch a five-year study into the potential health dangers from mobile phones and related electrical equipment including transmission towers.6

·         A recent report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that a broad variety of degenerative brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s, are more common among workers exposed to electromagnetic fields.7

·         Studies by Danish scientists have shown that 20 - 80% of the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones (depending on the make) is absorbed directly into the brain of the user. A few minutes exposure to cell phone type radiation can transform a 5% active cancer into a 95% active cancer.4

·         Professor Ross Adey, one of the most respected bio-electromagnetic researchers in the world,  says EMFs can reduce the ability of the white blood cells to kill tumour cells, affect our reproduction, create problems with cell growth, and affect the Central Nervous System and the brain, which can lead to cancer and cancer related problems.8

·         There are a number of reports indicating a statistically significant proportion of miscarriages and embryo deformities amongst expectant mothers working on VDU’s - computers and word processors.

·         In a recent case-control study of people with ME, it was found that EMFs relative to bed location were significantly higher than those of healthy controls. Remember ME was first labelled ‘Yuppie Flu’, a reference to a new generation of city professionals who were affected most, and were the first to take advantage of the new electronic era of that time.

·         Further research into other new and unexplained disorders such as MS, Cot death, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc., is underway since peer-reviewed studies have associated these with possible EMF exposure.9

It is estimated that man today is subjected to 100 - 200 million times more electro-magnetic radiation than his ancestors were!

·          Another study has linked exposure to EMF’s with breast cancer. Dr Patricia Coogan and co-workers at the Boston University School of Public Health ( USA ) have reported a 43% increased risk in women with a high likelihood of occupational exposure to magnetic fields such as those given off by mainframe computers.10

Exposure to low level electromagnetic fields has been associated with a reduction in the production of the hormone melatonin. A powerful antioxidant and part of the human immune system, melatonin is thought to inhibit cancer growth and slow down the ageing process. It is produced by the pineal gland (located in the brain) at night, explaining why it is so important to avoid exposure to EMF’s while sleeping. At night the body cleans repairs and detoxifies itself. If it is exposed to electromagnetic stress at this time, in fact any stress, then our bodies produce water clustering which inhibits the cell’s natural detoxifying and repairing actions and intra and extra cellular activity (e.g. electrolyte exchange).10

See part two for more on the effects these fields can have upon the hormone melatonin.

·         One study from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm by Dr Anders Ahlbom and epidemiologist Maria Feychting showed that children exposed to 1mG of radiation over long periods have twice the normal risk of developing cancer; those exposed to 2mG had three times the risk, and those exposed to 3mG had four times the normal risk.11

·         Another study by Brigitta Floderus and colleagues at the National Institute of Occupational Health in Solna, Sweden, showed that workers constantly exposed from 2mG to 4mG had 1.6 times the normal risk of developing leukaemia and three times the risk of developing chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Those with the highest exposure had a fourfold risk of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. An increased risk of brain damage was also found.11

2.5mG is the generally accepted limit of ELF magnetic field (EMF) exposure, but are you aware that, for example, the average hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or electric can opener that we use, EMITS AN AMAZING 300mG OR MORE!2

Recommended electrical field levels (from cabling, wiring etc.) is generally set at 20 V/m (Volts per metre).

How can emf’s possibly affect us?

Modern physics has confirmed what eastern philosophy has been based upon for thousands of years - all living matter is energy - with its own electromagnetic fields (see part three for a fuller explanation).

The earth has its own magnetic field, a field with which man has harmonised over many thousands of years. The NASA Space Program sends its astronauts into space with a device that mimics the earth’s natural radiation (Schumann wave generators), to keep the astronauts in good psychological and physiological condition. We already measure brain activity, heart activity and neurological activity with sophisticated electrical detection equipment and our muscles create an electrical potential (electrostatic bond) before they contract. Electrolytes in our body are either positively or negatively charged. Based on this we can accept that man-made electromagnetic energy can affect the movement of all energy patterns within the body.

Dr Goodman, Cell Biologist, stated recently that she is convinced of the dangers of EMF’s and is only 3-5 years away from proving this conclusively at cellular level.12

We know there is a direct response on the nervous system and that the immune system is also probably involved. It has been demonstrated that EMF’s can disrupt the flow of calcium through the cell walls  - and this can affect a number of important cellular functions, including cell division.12

Therefore, we can confidently assume that any effect upon our energy system, life enhancing or life-damaging, will have a consequential physical, neurological or immune response.  

Electromagnetics researcher Roger Coghill has been given provisional approval to proceed with a legal action under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 against a distributor of mobile phones - alleging that all such phones should carry a warning that excessive use can cause health problems. At a recent press conference Mr Coghill talked about the effects on enzymes, the blood brain barrier, the retina, DNA and lymphomas in mice. He also elaborated on the link between EMFs and persistent headaches, eye problems and memory loss in humans.13

Drs Henry Lai and Narendra Singh at Washington State University observed that exposure of brain cells of rats to low-level microwaves (such as those found in microwave ovens and mobile phones) produced single and double strand breaks in DNA. With both pulsed and continuous wave radiation, an increase in both types of DNA strand breaks after only four hours of exposure was found.14 In humans, cumulative DNA damage in cells has been associated with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntingdon’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.15

[See part three for more on DNA].

Certain cultures of the world have postulated and worked with the energy systems of the body for thousands of years.  It is only now that Science is able to confirm what our ancestors have known for some considerable time.

The effects of this new, unseen and unfelt danger to our bioelectric and biological bodies can be termed as ‘electromagnetic stress’, and affects each and every one of us. Those of us who are currently unwell, those whose immune systems are already low, (or underdeveloped in the case of children) are likely to be affected more because the body’s natural defence mechanism is already overworked and weakened. You may find it difficult to shake off a cold, flu’, an illness just won’t go away, you feel tired all the time, sleepy but unable to sleep, testy, irritable for no apparent reason, have weak aching muscles or joints, cannot be bothered. You may want to be alone, are unable to concentrate yet your mind is racing… and so on.

We can now make progress into treating illness and disease and greatly enhance preventative medicine if we accept that the medicine of the future is energy and nutritional medicine.

In a world where profit and greed take precedence over individual, environmental and global health, only our vigilance and knowledge of the dangers, such as EMF radiation, can possibly help to keep us healthy.

EMF pollution is the No. 1 environmental concern in America today. And rightly so! Let us make it the No. 1 concern here, too!


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What We Should Know About "Expert" Opinion

The National Radiological Protection Board continues - publicly anyway - to base any exposure guidelines on a level relating to thermal, or known levels of damage, although many scientific papers have shown that non thermal effects do exist - a conclusion which the NRPB and other orthodox scientists have had to accept[1]. They do not, however, tell the public this.

Science has shown that even weak man made VLF’s (Very Low Fields) affect our genetic coding. For it is not only the strength of the radiation, but also the information held in the low fields which can affect our genetic coding by altering the information already held there!

So it is not only high strength fields that affect us, low or even very low fields can also affect us.

Other facts tell us that for example: Sweden's National Board for Industrial and Technical (NUTEK) formally announced that it would “act on the assumption that there is a connection between exposure to power frequency magnetic fields and cancer, in particular childhood cancer”. In addition NUTEK has advocated a moratorium on erecting power lines creating fields of 200nT (2mG) near houses and school buildings[2].

Let us go back to the NRPB, for these are the people entrusted with information regarding potential risks to our health on this subject in the United Kingdom.  Professor Richard Doll, Chairman of the NRPB Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation, has admitted that the Swedish studies are significantly better controlled and designed than previous studies, and have thus increased pressure on his organisation to carry out equally well controlled studies of its own![2] Could this be a major admission that their current standpoint is based on badly controlled and organised studies?  Another fact which is generally not public knowledge is that the NRPB have announced a five year, Ł5 million study by the UK Co-ordinating Committee for Cancer Research (UKCCCR) into the effects of EMF radiation and low level electrical fields (VLF’s) is to be undertaken[2].

Interesting, especially when they keep telling us we have nothing to worry about!

We also know from many scientific studies that melatonin production in the body is decreased during exposure to EMF’s, ELF’s and VLF’s. Any decrease in melatonin levels allows the build-up of excessive free radicals in the body. We know free radicals suppress the immune system, damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

A draft report on EMF exposure guidelines for extremely low frequency electrical and magnetic fields by the US National Council in Radiation Protection acknowledges the danger: “ Disturbance of the normal diurnal melatonin rhythm is associated with altered oestrogen receptor formation in the breasts, a line of experimental evidence now under study for possible links between ELF field (extremely low field) exposure and human breast cancer. Further, melatonin has general properties as a free radical scavenger, with the possibility of a preventative role in oxidative stress, recognised as a basic factor in a broad spectrum of human degenerative disorders, including coronary artery disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and ageing[3].”


It is not within the scope of these writings to examine every discrepancy in these reports, due to the lack of space. The purpose of this section is to show that there are major discrepancies and to provide you with some examples.

Shirley D Linde, Chairperson, in her address to members of the National EMF Advisory Committee (NEMFAC), included reference to the many ways available to limit a research program.

One is to select a peer review committee with little, or no expertise in the subject to be evaluated.

Another is to assume too simplistic an answer, such as the idea that EMF actions have to overcome influences of heat induced molecular motion across the board, and reject reports that suggest a more complicated reality.

Yet another method is to succumb to pressure from vested interests.

Perhaps the more subtle way is to interfere with the basic funding process, seemingly with the best of intentions.

Shirley then backed up these various ways by giving examples to the Committee.

Interesting, when the Chairperson of a high profile Advisory Committee points out to its members that some form of manipulation may well be taking place![41

Let us now take a look at the three main reports:


“ No evidence for Cancer Link with Power Lines - No increases in incidence of cancer of the immune system called lymphoma was detected in mice after prolonged exposure to magnetic fields of the type emitted by power lines and equipment”. This was the press release issued by the Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology on March 2, 1998.[5]

A pretty strong statement. Now let us examine the report. What was actually missing from this press release was an important admission of the authors of this study: “ Perhaps the increased incidence of cancer, that in the same epidemiological studies has been associated with residential proximity to high current power-distribution wiring, results from exposure to high frequency transients rather than the primary 50/60 Hz magnetic fields. Transients originate from the operation of devices such as light switches, electronic controllers and electric motors during start up.… In our study, the magnetic fields to which the mice were exposed were switched on and off in a manner that minimised the production of transients.”[6]

So the study had no bearing whatsoever to real life exposure situations because repetitious transients and surges (pulse spikes) occur on power lines too, “ but the more influencing transients are created by factors in the home and business wiring, water piping, appliances and equipment.This repetitious long term exposure may provide a kind of irritation or suppression factor, posing potential hazards to our health....”[7]

The official press release quoted “.... Fields of the type emitted by power lines and equipment.” However, the authors of the report have told us this is not the case. Their studies did not duplicate real life exposures from power lines and equipment as they had admitted themselves. 

So how can we accept the accuracy of the press release?

“Considering that the Adelaide Hospital ELF Mice Study specifically filtered out the possible effects of transients, the results of this study cannot be held as fact, or used to warrant any assurance of safety with real world exposures.” [7]

The authors of the study are telling us it is the transients that are the likely cause of the problems associated with health, as identified by other studies and have further stated that they filtered out these same transients! Yet these important facts were conveniently omitted from the press reports. Remember - “no evidence for cancer link with power lines.” Now we know that statement is not based on the true facts.


To quote from the National Cancer Institutes Press Release dated July 2, 1997: “ A comprehensive study by researchers from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Children’s Cancer Group (CCG) found no evidence that magnetic fields (EMF’s) in the house increase the risk for the most common form of childhood cancer ”.[8]

Again, let us examine what may have been overlooked or conveniently left out of the press release.

“ The researchers actually acknowledge in no less than four places a statistically significant increase in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in children exposed to power line magnetic fields in excess of 3 mG. This is a confirmation of many previous studies which have shown a similar level of association between childhood leukaemia and magnetic fields from electricity”. [9]

Now, there appears to be a complete divergence between what the researchers have actually discovered and what the NCI are issuing through a press release to the public. Here we have a report that confirms there is a statistically significant increase in health risks associated with EMF exposure in excess of 3 mG. The report also confirms the findings from many previous studies, which show these same associated risks.

Just how could the NCI come to the conclusion that there was no risk? Quite easy. They set, as a cut off limit, a 2-mG level. Now we know the world wide safety standard is set at 2.5 mG, so by setting such a low level they have effectively, with the stroke of a pen, removed any statistically significant connection with the posed dangers! They have simply moved the goal posts to play the game the way they want it to be played, and in so doing controlled the final outcome.

Now why would a Cancer Institute and a Children’s Cancer Institute do such a dreadful thing? We probably never will know the truth of why they did what they did, but I personally find it sickening whatever the reasons may have been. Inevitably, Shirley Linde’s comments come to mind.

Let us look at the comments of Professor Ross Adey, one of the best known and respected bio-electromagnetic researchers in the world: “ A number of us worked on the NCI paper…. Sam Milham, the Washington State epidemiologist and a pioneer in this field, points out that if they (NCI) had included a 3-mG level in their cut off, the conclusions would have been exactly the opposite - that there IS a significant risk! ”![10]

If the NCI, Linet Study had opted for a cut off of 3 mG the results and therefore the conclusions of the report would have been completely the opposite!

Why would anybody want to deliberately mislead us when the potential risks to health, especially to our children’s health, have yet again been scientifically confirmed? May there be other motives? Words like ‘ horrendously expensive’ come to mind.

You may now understand why the NRPB and other regulatory advisory boards make the statements they do.

The information they and we are fed would appear, from what we have examined, to be a complete misrepresentation of the true findings.

Why is the Truth constantly being withheld from us?


On October 31st 1996, the US National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (NAS/NRC) issued a review of the EM literature: Possible Health Effects of Exposure to Residential Electric Fields. The conclusion of this report states: “ there is no conclusive and consistent evidence showing that exposure to residential electric and magnetic fields produces cancer, adverse neurobehavioral effects or reproductive and development defects.”[11]

Time to examine this report. A fact, which should be noted, is the NAS/NRC only considered approximately half of the evidence, which was available to them. The approximate half they did study mainly included papers that showed no effect, and omitted from the study were those papers that had found a biological response. [12]

Here we go again. Same end result, but a different method of producing it!

So just what was excluded? Examples are the extensive body of occupational studies carried out to date, such as the Ontario Hydro worker study, which found that workers exposed to high levels of magnetic and electric fields had leukaemia rates that were up to eleven times greater than would normally be expected [13]. Another example of facts excluded is the entire research into the effect of environmental low level EMF exposure on Melatonin, known as the Melatonin Hypothesis, which we have discussed earlier. [14]

By being selective in the studies examined and by excluding the ones which contradict those you want to draw your conclusions from, you can pretty well determine the outcome!

However, please note this fact, hidden away in this same report we did find the following statement that the researchers concluded, and I quote “. … That there is a reliable statistical association between childhood leukaemia and power line proximity....” [15] A reliable statistical association. Reliable means to be relied upon, statistical meaning consistently good. On the face of it the NAS/NRC study appears to be designed by its limitations to give an assurance of safety, when clearly the evidence does not warrant that conclusion.[16] Here we have a report that has been very selective in the studies it has looked at, thus being able from outset to pretty much determine and control the outcome of it’s findings, yet it still concluded that there WAS a reliable statistical association between leukaemia and power line proximity! This same conclusion being conspicuous only by its absence in the resulting press reports. The jigsaw is starting to come together, but not without the final piece.

Let us now take a look at the US National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) draft report guidelines of 1995.

NCRP Draft Guidelines, 1995

The findings of the 800 page NCRP draft report were published in Microwave News in August 1995. The final report was supposed to be publicly available in early 1996, but has received such intense industry opposition to its findings that its final outcome remains uncertain. I wonder why?

Professor Ross Adey described the committee membership as “ .… carefully selected to cover the great majority of societal interests on this scientific problem, including power industry engineers, epidemiologists, public health specialists as well as molecular and cellular biologists.” The draft report generally endorses a 2-mG exposure limit. [Remember the Linet report used a cut off of 2 mG]. If this 2 mG exposure limit was to be implemented it would immediately affect new day-care centres, schools and playgrounds, as well as have implications for new transmission lines near existing housing. [16]

Could this be the reason this report has not yet been made available to the public? Could the content of this report explain the reason for the intense industry opposition that followed its draft publication? What actually were the Committee’s conclusions?

“ In key areas of bio-electromagnetic research, findings are sufficiently consistent and form a sufficiently coherent picture to suggest plausible connections between ELF / EMF exposures and disruption of normal biological processes, in ways meriting detailed examination of potential implications in human health.” [16]

From studies on humans, the committee cites evidence for a link between EMF’s and:

·         childhood and adult cancer, including leukaemia and brain cancer.

·         teratological effects and other reproductive anomalies.

·         neuroendocrine and autonomic responses which, separately or                 collectively, may have pathophysiological implications.

·          neurochemical, physiological, behavioural and chronobiological responses with implications for development of the nervous system. [16]

And from laboratory studies the committee notes that EMF’s:

·         affect cell growth regulation.… consistent with tumour formation

·         increase tumour incidence

·         alter gene transcriptional processes, the natural defence response of

T-Lymphocytes and other cellular processes related to the development and control of cancers

·          affect neuroendocrine and psychosexual responses. [16]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Advisory Boards often refer to the main reports when giving their recommendations on the potential dangers of magnetic and electrical fields.

·         We have however, examined how these studies or the findings and conclusions drawn from these studies, may have been altered in some way to give a false impression of the potential risks to our health.

·         We also know that critical conclusions of the real risks identified in all these studies have been totally ignored or conveniently omitted.

·         And finally, have also had a brief look at the NCRP Draft report, that to date has not been allowed to see the light of day. I personally, can understand why. It actually reports the Truth. That the findings and conclusions of the report would have far reaching financial implications across the board, and that these findings would not be well received or accepted by industry, politicians or government, is easy enough to understand. It could also be easy to accept if it were not for the fact that these people are playing with our health, the health of our children and the health of our loved ones.

Surely, health and the possible causes of illness, disease and suffering of our fellow humans should be of paramount importance. There should be no question that our health is placed first.  Sadly, it seems that the first place, again, is reserved for profits and investments. The corresponding inequitable attitude that inevitably follows the attempted disclosure of truth would seem to vindicate this belief. I may be wrong, and it is only my opinion based upon the facts as I see them. You must draw your own conclusions.

And finally, the Committee (NRPC) states that evidence points to human health hazards in common exposures to EMF’s, particularly magnetic fields exceeding 0.2 uT (2.0 mG) and electric fields at intensities in the range of 10-100 V/m (Volts per metre). They further, generally endorse an eventual 0.2 uT (2.0 mG) and 10 V/m exposure limit.[17] Powerwatch believes in sleeping areas fields should be less than 0.03 uT ( 0.3 mG ) and less than 10 V/m. [18] Consider that the fields in most houses are well above both these recommendations. Just what could they be doing to our health? Fortunately, these fields are relatively easy to measure and in most cases easy enough to protect against.

There you have it. What do you believe?

Do you believe the statements that report we have nothing to worry about, that there are no dangers, no links with, or risks from, magnetic and electrical fields?

Especially now that we have examined some of those statements.

Or do you believe the massive evidence produced to date which suggests that there are risks to our health and which have also been confirmed by and concluded within the 1995 NCRP draft report? A report that has so far been kept from the public domain?

You will have to decide for yourself which evidence is stronger.


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 “ The cells of living organisms can store and emit light (photons), and this light controls vital processes. If this mechanism does not function correctly, the organism is diseased. There is thus a constant equilibrium between photons and growth of the association[1].”

“Alongside the visible light there is also light from the UV range in our cells. Some of the functions, which it has to fulfil in biological systems, such as Man, have already been deciphered. These include the decisive role which it plays in the regulation of cell growth [23].”


The comments expressed here may appear controversial to the present day thinking of orthodox science, but then orthodoxy learns its mistakes through hindsight. Biophysics, on the other hand, provides us with valuable insight, and most importantly, foresight. Biophysics has advanced even further since these findings were first published.

Introduction To Disease And Why We Can Become Ill.

Medicine calls equilibrium (balance / regulation) homeostasis, and without balance we have disease and eventually death. This is the biochemical standpoint based on what is seen to happen on a chemical level. If we take the biophysical viewpoint we can also see we have the same requirement for balance, but at a light (energy) level. Let us then look at the biophysical explanation for disease using tumour cells as an example:  The situation in an association of Tumour Cells is that this regulation  [balance] is disturbed; this in turn is related to the coherence of this field [the EM field], the storage capacity, the resonator quality of the cells and the individual stores. If this coherence is disturbed, all the functions, including immune defence, are blocked; but above all - and this is the most important thing - the repair capacity of the cell, the ability to restore order to genetic damage is blocked[2].

“ We already know that biological systems have the property of storing electromagnetic oscillations [information] and incorrect oscillations can also occur [i.e. not endogenous - not originating within the body], or be introduced through the environment, which stubbornly remain in the organism and lead to incorrect regulation[3]” - which we know from biochemistry can lead to illness and disease. “ Light in the cells of living organisms - whether it be plants, humans or animals, that is to say electromagnetic waves - has been demonstrated in the Radiology Centre of the Philipps University in Marburg in the search for cancer. This light [energy] regulates cell growth, ensures the exchange of information mutually between cells and evidently controls biochemical processes. The radiation [light~energy] field in the cell may be ordered and fulfil its tasks, but may lose its order through external influences and become weakened[4]. Disease occurs through a disturbance of the electromagnetic field in the cells: they become disordered and incoherent. Toxins, chemicals and viruses too have their own quite individual oscillation patterns [stored information] which can disturb the order of the photon [light~energy] field in the human body[5].”

What does this actually imply? It implies that our health depends on balance being maintained in our cell’s electromagnetic field, that our cells store information in the form of electromagnetic oscillations (information within our DNA for e.g. is ‘electronically’ stored in this way) and information from incorrect or non endogenous oscillations (not of the body - emf’s / elf’s being typical examples) can be stored within our cells leading to disturbance, disorder and incoherence (loss of equilibrium - balance) which can lead to genetic damage, damage to our DNA, illness and disease. In other words, our own electromagnetic frequencies essential to our health, the repair, reproduction and replication of DNA can be altered by storing, or ‘taking on board’ information (oscillations) from other outside sources of energy such as electromagnetic and electrical radiation. Every kind of frequency combination which is not in order produces disease[6]. We have always known we receive information from radio and television, now we know they can also send us information of a more disturbing nature.

Why Medicine Has Got It So Wrong

Let us look at the importance of enzymes. For those of you with a good sound understanding of anatomy and physiology, you will understand the importance of enzymes in every cellular function. Our bodies cannot undertake the required chemical reactions and processes fast enough to sustain life without the important function (help) of enzymes. We can also see there is a difference between the biochemical approach to disease and the biophysical approach. The picture of disease is quite divergent.

“Biochemistry considers disease to be a lapse in some biochemical reactions in the organism, without asking where this actually comes from. They cannot explain how this happens or why. A lapse is noted, and the biochemical processes, which no longer function correctly, are registered. Man is viewed as a total chemical reaction which is controlled by molecules and proceeds via molecular partial pressures, without a single biochemist being able to answer the question why an enzyme is now active or not active in the cell. The biochemist believes that partial pressure of the enzymes would itself trigger the reaction. There are enzymes in the cell which remain inactive for hours, and nothing at all happens. They suddenly start to become active. Why? A biochemist cannot answer this question, because he does not know what regulates the enzymes[7].”

We need to look at biophysics for the answer: “ Enzymes are regulated by the electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic couplings of the system. This radiation [energy], which we can measure, is the regulator, the activator of all biochemical functions[7].” All biochemical functions (processes) are activated and regulated by our body’s own electromagnetic fields. Life itself is activated and regulated by our own energy fields and the information stored within these fields. It is possible, therefore, that any interference in our own magnetic fields can lead to illness and disease. The fact that magnetic fields enter the body’s own energy fields is well documented by biophysicists and can easily be measured. We know, therefore, the body is thus susceptible to external magnetic fields and that it is “ firmly integrated into our environment and is in constant exchange with it, and is controlled by it[8].”

Let us now take a look at the energy system of the body. “The human organism has a broad spectrum from below 10 to over 1015 Hertz (unit of frequency of electromagnetic waves). In this range the living being is variable, it can combine waves, generate rhythms and destroy them again, imprint information and delete it again[7].” This is why ‘orthodox’ medicine is so limited and incomplete in the way it attempts to diagnose and treat illness and disease. The human body is far too complex and integrated to be looked upon simply as a combination of different, separate systems. Medicine tends to try to close the stable door after the horse has bolted where as Biophysics shows us how we can stop the horse bolting in the first place. “Nature shows us that items of information (oscillations) in the organism are tuned to one another by the coherence phenomena and a co-operative process takes place which cannot be looked at separately and in isolation[9].” This is why medicine can only detect disease in the latter stages (generally referred to as stage four). Biophysics shows us that by developing and using the correct detection equipment how it is possible to detect disease in the early stages; ideally, stages one through three, when the onset of the disease can be reversed and corrected much easier. From this knowledge “we ultimately obtain the holistic medicine aspects, since the individual parts are linked together and one molecule is correlated to another. It is established that a completely healthy system behaves co-operatively in all its functions[9].” It is for this reason we must treat the whole body as one living entity and not concentrate on its individual parts, as modern medicine does, and in so doing, treat the body’s energy fields with the correct electromagnetic information. This is why we have an illness called Iatrogenic, which means, to quote from a medical dictionary “induced by a physician; referring to the effects of a physician’s words, actions or treatments upon the patient”.

“Every year, 1.17 million British people - a population the size of Birmingham - are put into a hospital bed by a medical procedure gone wrong. 80 per cent of most of the treatments we take for granted have never been scientifically proven to work, let alone are safe. In many instances modern medicine’s cure is far worse than the disease[10].” Biophysics has shown us why that is the case by identifying that toxins, chemicals and viruses have their own energy fields, which in turn can disturb our energy fields, change stored information and thereby affect our genetic coding (DNA). We need to start working with and amplifying our own endogenous fields to raise our energy levels and immune response. If we work with the body (with nature) and not against it, it is remarkable what can be achieved. The body has immense ability to correct imbalances in its energy fields if it is given the right information, and allowed to do so.

The body has an enormous cleansing and detoxification potential through its immune system and can also fight off invasions of micro-organisms. It thus does not become ill because it has been infected but because the defence system was weakened[11].”

Biochemistry will tell you that homeopathy cannot possibly work because of the low dilution’s and that if a solution is diluted to or beyond D23 (Diluted 1:1023), then it becomes, what chemistry would call it, a water- alcohol mixture or a saline solution. In other words, it contains nothing of the original substance [to be tested] introduced. A stance, sadly, the medical profession also appears to adopt. Even when faced with absolute proof! When over 10500 cases studied, many of which had been double blind placebo trials, showed conclusively, that homeopathy was seen to be more powerful than placebo (and in some cases by up to 10X), the medical profession, when handed these findings, stated that ‘in their opinion’ homeopathy could not possibly work in such infinite dilution’s[21]. How arrogant can you be!  This flies fully in the face of the conclusive scientific results.

Biophysics on the other hand shows very conclusively that they can still measure the electromagnetic oscillations [EM field] at D200 (Diluted 1:10200) (see Articles on Memory of Water and Healing Energy & Water for more information), proving that information is still held and stored at this dilution, and further, have been able photograph these fields at this dilution[22], way beyond what biochemistry would have us otherwise believe. Until medicine switches on to the fact we are energy and each cell has its own electromagnetic field, and these energy fields are responsible for every biological and biochemical function, we will never see progress in the field of medicine with regard to diagnosing and treating illness and disease. Maybe ego; or we could be back to profit, has too much of foot hold to allow progress to be made.

The future of medicine is energy and nutritional therapy and if orthodox medicine wants to continue to be involved in preventative diagnostic and palliative health care then it must start making changes fast, before it is left behind. Biophysics is leading the way. Let us follow this lead.

Earth Energies In Health And Man-Made Energies Which Can Destroy Health

It is no coincidence that the Earth’s Schumman Waves resonate at the same frequency as our hippocampus (found in the brain), or in fact that the hippocampus of every mammal resonates at this same frequency[12]. Interestingly, the hippocampus is part of the limbic system, which functions in the emotional aspects of behaviour related to survival, the hippocampus being further related to functions in memory. Here we have a direct link with nature, which is kindly sending us information related to survival, and memory which is stored in our hippocampus. Interference of these natural earth energy fields may affect memory stores and our ability to survive. That this interference will have serious effects on our physiological systems is evidenced by the fact NASA built Schumman wave generators into their space craft (in space the astronauts are away from the earth’s magnetic fields i.e. Schumman waves) to keep their astronauts physically and psychologically sound - to stop them becoming ill. As we now know all energy consists of electromagnetic oscillations (the way we store information within our own cells energy fields), then it becomes apparent that any interference with these Schumman waves (i.e. the altering of transmitted information by outside forces) will also have a detrimental affect upon our health and well being. As will direct interference with our energy fields. EMFs (light~energy) emitted by electrical appliances, pylons, electrical wiring, substations, hospitals, radio transmitters etc., along with pollution, chemicals, concrete buildings, metal constructions, eradication of green areas and so on, will all have a detrimental effect on every biological system. That they interfere with regulatory processes is not in any doubt. As we have examined if this co-ordination (regulation / balance) is disturbed, disease and even death can occur.

Our bodies are designed to cope and maintain balance to ensure we survive. Constant interference with natures energy fields and our own energy fields from external man made sources of electromagnetic waves (frequencies) can eventually lead to damage in our own fields, the information stored therein, possibly leading to damage or alteration of our DNA coding; ultimately suppressing our immune response. This is why children in particular, whose immune systems are not fully developed are more likely to suffer from devastating health problems due to the effects of electromagnetic interference from power lines, substations, TV’s, computers, microwaves, wiring and so forth, than fit healthy adults where the effects take longer to result in illness and disease. Their genetic coding and immune systems can be systematically altered and eventually destroyed. This obvious danger is not confined to children, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems, and although they are at risk the most; each and every one of us is at risk. The possibility of damage continues every time we are exposed to high fields over 2.0mG, and electrical fields over 20Vm (5Vm in sleeping areas).

It is not only high fields that effect us either. Very Low Fields (VLF’s) can affect us as well. “ The stability of the body’s structure and cell functions is only maintained by the fact it obeys rhythmic immaterial control processes[13]. This control is brought about firstly by the photon [light ~ energy] emissions of DNA[14], and secondly by the rhythmic oscillations of our environment which act upon us. All vital processes in the body proceed logarithmically and are subject to rhythmic fluctuations. These (intact) biorhythms in particular decide on well being, feelings of ill health or physical disorders[13].” Dr. W. Ludwig Horb states: “ Disease, the disturbance of biochemical sequences in biological systems, can be regarded as a disturbance to the order of electromagnetic oscillations in the body, triggered by exogenous [due to an external source, not arising within the organism] and endogenous influences. Many years of solid research have proven this so. This is counter to the widespread belief that biochemical processes are causal. This is not so. [15].” For example, “plant cells cause electrical currents and pulses, and growth of plants is triggered more by these electric ‘nervous’ systems than by growth hormones[16]. It has also been established that the radiation of a diseased tissue could be transmitted through a cable[17].

See the tremendous work Dr. Hulda Clark has completed on identifying frequency vibrations for most common bacteria, pathogens, viruses and the like.   (A Cure for All Diseases: Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.). Disease is a change in the arrangement [energy field] and number of electrons in the molecules which results in a change in the molecular structure of the cell and later becomes visible as a change in individual cells under the microscope[17] [stage four].

DNA is our genetic code of life, it is how we reproduce and replicate cells. Our DNA can be distorted and trigger disease. Light in the DNA is coherent in health[18]. DNA is the information centre of the cell, and this light consequently appears to emerge from the DNA and pass on the communication of the DNA to the cell association and therefore to control the cell association through the information in the light[19]. The vital thread of DNA can be damaged in many different ways, UV radiation, ionising radiation, emf and electrical radiation and by a vast number of toxic and chemical substances and processes. Their destructive effects can cause part of the DNA to be torn out, or incorrectly inserted and its strands can be broken apart and destroyed[2]       [see part one page seven for more information]. Our body employs the appropriate repair depending on the damage, and we can carry on living, ideally. When our body is constantly exposed to these destructive effects it has to work harder and sometimes it just cannot cope with the ever-increasing amounts of destructive energy thrown at it.

“ This type of environmental pollution [examples above], which can be classed as more harmful than exposure to pollutant substances, is certainly a major reason why acute disorders are relatively rare nowadays, or why for example common cold infections no longer follows the typical course with high temperatures, sweating etc., but take a more or less chronic course. This is clearly supported by the increase in chronic disorder in recent years. The first step in a truly natural and biologically tuned therapy must therefore be to restore the rhythms of the organism and synchronise and readapt to a normal, undisturbed control programme[20].”

If only it were that easy. However, we can make strides towards this ideal, we just need the knowledge, the tools and the wherewithal.

This is the biophysical science behind how we live, survive, contract disease and are affected by external energies. We are energy and without it we would be dead.

Many of you reading this information may be thinking that Biophysics is having a dig at orthodox medicine or science. It is not. Biophysics is showing us exactly how we can better manage our health and health problems. Imagine you have a long sewerage pipe, and at the output end for example, a lot of toxic chemicals were found to be entering the sea. Medicine, for example, would attempt to treat the toxic chemicals at the site of the outlet pipe and try and stop it contaminating the sea, but in doing so, contribute it’s own toxic chemicals into the natural ecology of the sea. Biophysics, on the other hand, shows us that by walking back, along the length of the pipe to the inlet and determining the exact reason for the contamination, whether it be a crack, faulty pump, valve etc., and by solving the problem at source, we can stop the toxic chemicals being fed through the pipe and thus, entering into the sea. [The principles of medicine still allows the toxins to flow along the pipe.] Therefore, there would be no need to use more toxic chemicals to try and eradicate the problem. Simple. A pure clean delivery from inlet to outlet. No pollution. No disease. This allegory is, of course, a gross oversimplification of the disease process, except it illustrates the point I am trying to make quite clearly. If disease starts in the energy fields we need to treat these fields to correct the imbalance; not waste time trying to treat the end result. Biophysics shows us how we should be treating illness and disease. Medicine needs to follow suit.

We now know exactly how these electromagnetic fields are capable of affecting our health.

It is not only the strong fields which can affect us, but also the weak fields, because we know the information stored within these fields are capable of being stored within our cells own electromagnetic field in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. Introduced oscillations are capable of causing damage or alterations to our genetic coding, suppressing the immune system and affecting the body’s ability to repair any damage. We also know it is not just EMF’s we need to be concerned about. However, just for now, it is enough, an important start to a healthier life and a hopeful recovery from an unhealthy one. Organic food for thought!

“In one second around 10 million cells in the human body die and are promptly replaced. Biochemical reactions take place far too slowly to be able to accomplish this miracle. Only the speed of light of the biophotons offers a plausible explanation[2].”

The body electric - you better believe it!

For more up to date information on the dangers of EMF's, Microwave Radiation from mobile phones and their transmission towers (MASTS)and how they CAN adversely affect our health, see Articles Section. For information on monitoring and detecting these potentially harmful levels of radiation from Masts or in the home, plus what we can do to protect ourselves, see our Products Section.


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We have to live and work with this electromagnetic threat to our health.

So what can we do to protect ourselves?

Equilibra offers a service which incorporates a (local only) site check (your home or work place) to establish the areas of concern, and practical advice on how to protect your family, and yourselves along with environmental protection and individual appliance protection. We measure both the magnetic fields and the electrical fields and offer advice based on the current recommended safety exposures. (Alternatively you can purchase your own EMF and Microwave Detection Equipment - click here for details)

We pay particular attention to the bedroom areas, where it is essential to reduce exposure to within the recommended levels. It is better to know now if your health is at risk, rather than later when it may be too late. An ideal solution and 100% effective is Demand Switches which cuts off the electricity at the fuse box when there is no demand on the circuit. This means there is no alternating current flowing through the wiring of the house creating harmful fields. See Demand Switches for more details and Protection from Microwave & EMF Radiation for more details.

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In most cases moving a chair, or an appliance by as little as 6 to 12 inches can mean the difference between sitting and sleeping in a safe place, and a potentially dangerous place. Where this is not possible there are other solutions available. At the back of this section are details of what protection is available if required. Naturally, full and complete advice is given on your specific requirements.

For example if you are subjected to high magnetic fields then there is the Biophysical Enhancer for personal protection. For mobile phone protection, carry the Personal Enhancer about with you. Or if it is the electrical fields that are too high,, which is nearly always the case in bedroom areas, the enhancer range is essential, and then there are Demand Switches - highly recommended - these switches shut off the electricity at the fuse box when there is no demand, i.e. when there is no circuit actively demanding electricity. Ideal, especially for night-time when the last light is turned off creating an electrical radiation-free area. However, the light will come on when the switch is activated. Generally the Demand Switches are sufficient to protect the bedroom areas at night by totally isolating the electrical circuits which are not in use, but which automatically restore power the moment a switch is operated. All are designed to give you Peace of Mind.

All these products can have a natural side effect. They can help you to feel better. Because the products are designed to protect our energy fields from Electromagnetic Stress, this reduces the burden placed upon the immune system and therefore allows the body to heal and repair itself easier and faster than it otherwise would.

Other products, which help protect us from EMFs and other negative energies, and also have other health promoting properties, are for example, The Vortex Energiser and Equilibra's Personal Water Enhancer. They can be used to energise the water in our central heating system, thus radiating positive highly energised vibrations into the whole household or office. This has a naturally dampening affect on EMF’s and other harmful energies providing a healthier atmosphere in which to work or live in. Keeping the device attached to the main water inlet pipe can similarly charge the water system of the house. This has an effect of providing highly energised water to drink, cook with and bathe in. The energy of our tap water for, example was raised from 2/10 to 9/10 and to 9.5/10 from our filtration system by using the Water Enhancer.

Vortex Energiser

Ordinary London tapwater, showing a small amount of biophoton emissions

London tapwater which has been energised with the Vortex Energizer, showing vastly increased vibrant biophoton emissions from the molecular/colloidal water clusters

The Personal Water Enhancer


   With Water Enhancer

Look at the purple energy in the before photo. We see it is within the boundary of the paper upon which the water stands. This is normal tap water. Look at the purple energy in the photo after using Equilibra's Personal Water Enhancer.  This energy now extends beyond the boundaries of the table. The consciousness, the energy field of the water has been greatly increased and expanded. See Energy Products and our unique Universal Harmonisers for more information on how our energy fields can be further protected and some amazing photographs of the biophoton (light/energy) levels in water before and after being energised: Example of after:


Having spent many hours and many pounds on researching numerous products; discounting those that just don’t work or do not work effectively and are actually harmful to our biophysical system, has left me in the enviable position of being able to recommend products that have been tried and tested. And most importantly – WORK – and exceedingly well in some cases. However, because we are all different and unique, some products may work better for one person than another, and some will appeal to one individual and not to another.

Please see Products and Nutritional Products for further information on how we may be able to help our body to restore homeostasis and better health

In all health work I believe the foundation for any physical treatment has to be Oxygen Therapy and some form of natural Ionic Sub-Colloidal, positively charged Vitamin and Mineral Therapy. Due to lower oxygen levels in our air and a 72% reduction in nutrient levels in farmed land across Europe, we are desperately in need of supplementation of both. Both oxygen and minerals are essential to health and well being at cellular level. A reduction of either (and we have a reduction of both) WILL result in illness and disease. No question! No doubt! Basic physiology shows us that this is so! See Addendum - Synopsis of Research into Contributory Factors In Illness and Disease! See Marine Phytoplankton for an easy way we can achieve BOTH

As Complementary Medicine Practitioners in the North East, we have been researching contributory factors into the cause of illness and disease for some considerable time now. See Equilibra workshop for more on 'energy work' and also Shopping For Spirit - The Search For Truth articles for information on how some of our new age belief systems may contribute to an imbalance in our consciousness/soul and energy fields. We also offer a number of products that help protect us from emf’s, increase and expand our natural energy fields and help with homeostasis by increasing circulation at cellular level and thus helping with cellular metabolism. But first, we need to know if our children or we are playing, sitting, sleeping, or working in a potentially dangerous area of emf radiation! 

Some experts consider that our genetic potential is a life span in excess of 120 years, and we can work towards achieving that goal through improving our health and potential for recovery, and reducing prescribed drug dependency.


There is increasing evidence that our immune systems are overloaded with toxins, chemicals, free radicals, pollutants and various forms of electromagnetic radiation. These factors are widely accepted as being damaging to our health and emotional well being, ranging from general illness and disease, to serious illnesses such as M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), neurological problems, brain tumours, lymphomas, leukaemia, and other cancers.

Our soil is depleted of vital nutrients due to modern exhaustive farming methods toxic chemicals and pesticides. Only three nutrients are added to our farmed land out of the 90+ our bodies need. If minerals are not in our soil, they are not in our food. US Senate document #264 states ''sick soil means sick animals and sick people ''. We have sick soil.

Oxygen levels in our air are less than half of what they used to be, and CO2 levels are exceedingly high. Lack of cellular oxygenation leads to illness, disease and cancer - discovered by Dr Otto Warburg twice Nobel Prize winner for medicine.

Oxygen and minerals are the prerequisites for life itself. The fact that we are seriously depleted in both is reflected in the increasing number of people with cancers, and new serious illnesses affecting more - and progressively younger - people.


Provide the body with: -

1 a) - ALL the nutrients it requires daily, as they would occur naturally in Nature.

1 b) - Increasing Oxygen levels providing the cells with increased oxygen and therefore vitality and health.

1 c) - Powerful, natural antioxidants  which are free radical scavengers (destroyers). Free radicals are known to cause many illnesses, diseases and cancers. Plus important and crucial Amino Acids for dilating blood vessels, reducing arterial stiffness, allowing greater delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells for improved cellular repair and regeneration. 

2. We assess and evaluate electromagnetic radiation (EMF’s) in the home and workplace (locally)providing protection and advice in accordance with recognised safety limits and worldwide standards. We cannot feel, see, taste or touch this radiation, yet it's there!

3. Physical therapy where indicated, such as Clinical Aromatherapy, Sports Massage: Sports Injuries and Bowen Technique for Soft Tissue - Muscular - Back & Neck problems, Stress Relief, Lymphatic Drainage, Exercise, Rehabilitation, and much More.

4. Energy Therapy (see Equilibra Workshops) for removing negative energies, such as EMF radiation, balancing and aligning energy centres (The Chakras, The Assemblage Point etc.). Some of our energy centres are linked to the major organs and physiological systems of the body, so balancing and cleansing these important energy points may help to improve Immune function, and, therefore, our capacity to prevent & deal with disease, and additionally can help to provide release from emotional and mental blockages.

Science has long established the existence of energy fields surrounding the body, and how important these fields are to the condition of the Physical body. See Articles Section for more information. Hence the potential danger posed to our health from all electrical Cabling , appliances and Mobile Phone Masts.  




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