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Water Enhancer Biophysical Water Enhancer Universal Harmoniser

To see some amazing photographs of the crystalline structure (memory) of water taken by Masaru Emoto in Japan, please click here

For information on how our Energy Products work, see Heading below.

Would You Like To?

Help protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, microwave radiation, Geopathic stress, mobile phones, psychic attacks, people's negative dispositions and other negative energies?

Improve the health and well-being of your physical and spiritual body?

Help to eliminate the effects of and transform the chemical and toxic ingredients in your water, drinks and food today?

Energise your water, food, supplements, Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, Stabilized Oxygen, nutritional products by increasing their biophoton levels (life-force energy), which, when consumed enhances the ATP levels in your body leading to better health and longevity?

Help your body to align and improve its electrical communications?

Strengthen and balance your NATURAL energy fields?

Cleanse and balance your chakras?

Align and correct the flow of the Assemblage Point, front and back? See article on Assemblage point for more details

Space Clearing  Create a cleansing, balancing and purifying environment in your Home or Workplace or Healing Rooms or Therapeutic Practises? See Universal Harmonisers

Improve the well-being of your animals, plants, living and working environment?


Everything that exists in the Universe is made up of many energies and different vibrations of light. We Humans are no different either in the way we are composed. Just as we put together letters to form words to express ourselves, we can also put together various vibrations of energy to produce specific and synergistically balanced energies, which through resonance, can help us recover and maintain sound physical and spiritual health in an otherwise chaotic and materialistic driven world. Our Articles explain more.

In understanding how the products work, we first need to examine and comprehend some of the properties and abilities of water and how the quality of water can determine our health and physical well-being.

One of the important properties of water is its ability to store information, or energy, and in particular - electromagnetic waves - in the form of photons. Photons are waves/particles of light which are also found in the living cells of plants, animals or humans, and because they are found in what is referred to as biological systems, they are also known as biophotons

As our cells hold between 75% - 90% water, they naturally store and emit light or photons, which control vital process. Our DNA is composed of light and emits photons or electromagnetic waves which carry instructions - information - to our cells on how to replicate and behave. If this mechanism does not function correctly, the organism becomes diseased. The light from our DNA, the photons emitted into intracellular fluid, determines the health of reproduced cells.

An increase in the level of coherent light or biophoton activity in the cellular environment will also naturally strengthen the electromagnetic (EM) field of the cell and consequently the overall Biophysical or Auric Field of the body. See energy photographs under each individual product for confirmation of this process. This strengthening and expansion of energy fields enhances the Defence Mechanism (immunity) of the whole human organism.

Increasing the photon capacity of water also enhances the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) response in the body for healthier cells and longevity. ATP is the universal energy-carrying molecule manufactured in ALL living cells as a means for capturing and storing energy. ATP is indispensable to the life of a cell and provides energy for numerous cellular activities.

We can see from the photograph of ordinary London Tap Water (see Scientific Photographs...) that there is little photon activity or light present. There is hardly any life-force energy in the water, therefore, it is 'life-less'

Water is replete in all things: the air we breathe, the food we eat and in all that we drink. The physical body holds some three gallons of water and approximately 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. The 'memory' of water, or more correctly water's ability to store and share energy/information with all living things, means that the quality of water and the purity of its memory plays a significant role in our physical, mental and spiritual health. See Article section for more on the memory of water and Shopping For Spirit Articles Part Three onwards for the spiritual aspect of water as consciousness and its implications in spirituality and health.

Equilibra's products have been scientifically proven to increase the photon absorption capacity in water, through a process known as 'resonance'. Our energy products reproduce the natural frequency of coherent light-energy, which then resonates into food, drinks, the atmosphere and even directly into the energy fields of the body to be utilised by our biophysical and biochemical processes to enhance spiritual and physical well-being. See Universal Harmonisers for more information and photographs of energized water.

Each product is designed to work as Nature works - simply, but effectively and totally naturally. The science of biophysics has established that only when the Defence Mechanism of the body becomes weakened - our electromagnetic field - do we then become ill. Our EM Fields are where imbalances first start and if these imbalances are not corrected, they can manifest into a physical problem, resulting in illness and disease. We are, after all, as the science of biophysics has demonstrated, primarily composed of light - photons and energy! See article on dangers of mobile phone masts for more info on the science.

Using these products enables us to vastly improve the quality and memory of the water we use by returning the life-sustaining properties of photons to its structure which are generally lost due to Man's interference with Nature. By using this naturally revitalised water our everyday lives, we are not only likely to improve our own health, but we are also helping and improving the environment around us.

The scientific testing of our products was carried out by D. Schweitzer in his London Clinic. The photographs are taken through a contrast darkfield microscope using a special tilting technique, polarizing filter and with an 820 NM light source enabling the micro cluster structure of water to be observed.

Our Universal Harmonisers have been further tested by Masaru Emoto in Japan. See Report for details of technical equipment used in the testing the products.

For more information on how individual products can specifically help to improve health and wellbeing, click on the links below.

Water Enhancer Biophysical Water Enhancer Universal Harmoniser

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