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And how we can see through it By Steve Gamble MGCP

Could the Sun be a cold dark place? Could the Earth and every planet in our solar system be hollow? Is our food being negatively energised? Has Science found ‘alien’ DNA in our human make-up? Is it possible that there is not one book available on The Chakras and chakra healing and balancing that is anywhere near to the truth! You may think I’ve lost the plot, lost my marbles – but I assure you I am as sane as the next person is. I will fully explain each of these statements later in this article and you will hopefully realise we do live in an illusion and realise just how effective and dangerous this illusion really is. The explanations to these questions and statements will seriously challenge some peoples conventional belief systems. That said, Nature does not lie, only Man is capable of telling lies and believe me some large porkpies have been told for thousands of years and are still being told even now. When Jesus said there were many animals walking around in the skin of men was He warning us of the illusion even then, nearly two thousand years ago?  This article will hopefully help you to see how Jesus original warnings and Nature both tell a different story to that of Man. You only have to decide which story is the right one.

However, for those of us who are unaware of the life threatening implications the illusion and its workings pose to the very survival of Humankind and Mother Earth, then perhaps a brief and concise overview of where we are to date, will serve as a gentle introduction into this matter.

From time immemorial man has tried to emulate the ‘Gods’ and achieve immortality. Man has always assumed he is greater than nature, greater than what actually IS. Such arrogance, such fear and such ego. Such a waste of energy too. Man has throughout time continually changed and interfered with the most beautifully safe, simple and natural methods of healing and health that we have ever, or are likely to have ever known.

Damage to our planet by our unbalanced ‘EGO’, our belief that we know better than nature, has left us with little time to resolve and put matters right! Mother Earth, our home, is suffering and we are to blame. Gaia is alive and lives and breathes just as we do. Gaia has energy lines, or meridians (ley lines), energy centres and chakras, a Soul, Spirit, just as we have. She provides us with physical life and we repay Her by destroying Her energy systems, Her ecosystem, in our attempt to conquer nature and feed our egos. In order for the Earth to survive and evolve, SHE has to make changes, and fast.

We can see by the ever increasing severity and unpredictability of the weather patterns, the alleged frequent changing or ‘flipping’ of the geomagnetic poles, movement of the ice caps, volcanic and earthquake activity, that some form of  “Earth Changes” or activity is taking place.

We can see that in all walks of life we tend to work against nature, against what is natural and wonderful, even in the healing arts, which I will come to shortly. For thousands of years we have been conditioned, controlled and lied to with untruths, misinformation, suppression and gross deception. We have been forced to place our faith, our spirituality, our health and well being, in fact the very nature of who and what we are and where we originate from, in the hands of the Church, the medical profession, and other authorities, in short the Establishment, those that wish to control us and those who have made a convincing job of it so far.

In a world where deception, manipulation of the truth and control of the people are the norm, truth has been relegated to a seed waiting to grow, to flourish and mature. Finally the seed is being watered and will soon be above ground for all to see its great beauty, and for all to experience its pure fragrance of life and longevity and most of all to experience its wonderful message of knowledge and wisdom.

We have lost the whole truth. Those who have spoken the truth or practised it have been drowned, stoned, burnt, hanged, crucified, or persecuted throughout history. Until 1752 in England New Years Eve was celebrated on the 25th of March which coincided with the change in seasons from winter to spring: An end to the old and the beginning of the new; new growth, new life, a New Year, a new beginning. And who brought about this change? The Church did of course when it implemented the Gregorian Calendar, which is still in use today. We were the last of the Christian countries to make the change, Scotland having done so in 1599. Check out the names of the months. September is the ninth month yet sept = seven. October is the tenth month yet oct = eight, same for November with nov = nine and December the twelth month with dec = ten. Basically we have been deliberately removed from the natural cycles of nature.

We label our Ancestors as primitive, yet we marvel and are in awe of their archaeological wonders and are unable to produce similar structures even today, with our so called advanced knowledge and technology. We have constantly tried to answer, or defend this apparent enigma by reproducing so-called primitive methods of construction, and as a result, we have failed miserably in our scientific attempts to draw any conclusive evidence, because quite simply our true Ancestors were far more advanced than we are today! There is more than enough solid and indisputable evidence out there to show that this is the case – but like so much of our true heritage, our true history, the knowledge has been suppressed and it is just not readily available in the public domain. The Sumerians, for example, had extensive knowledge of the Solar System and had every planet in its correct place of orbit SOME 6000 YEARS AGO! Other cultures such as the Akkadian, and Mayan, also knew the Earth was slightly egg shaped, while our culture still insisted that the Earth was flat up until a few hundred years ago! Astronomers only rediscovered Pluto early this century, a Planet referred to by the Sumerians in their writings OVER 6000 years ago? So why, you may be asking are we not being told the truth? Because ‘they’ would have to rewrite history, admit ‘they’ have been wrong and in so doing provide us with the information and, therefore, the freedom we need to move forward and eventually discover our true heritage and our true reason for being here on planet Earth.

We have been fed untruths about our health and heritage over the years and it is continuing. Thalidomide, DDT, Asbestos, BSE, HIV = AIDS and Vaccinations are obvious examples where we have taken things for granted. We are told Homeopathy doesn’t work. Even after the Medical Profession were presented with scientific studies of over 12500 people that showed conclusively that Homeopathy does work and in some cases by as much as 10X over placebo, the evidence has been discarded. Remember the big to-do about FAT? Too much fat in the diet caused heart disease and we had this tremendous advertising campaign promoting vegetable oil spreads and cooking oils as being healthier than natural fat. Well, guess what? As the Americans reduced their fat intake and increased their intake of the hydrogenated equivalent, their incidence of heart disease actually increased. Hydrogenated fat and hydrogenated vegetable oils are now being linked as possible contributory factors in a number of cancers and heart disease.

We are reliably informed that toxic gases are responsible for causing the holes in the ozone layer above the Arctic and the Antarctic. Although emitted worldwide, these gases seem to have decided, en mass, to migrate to two specific places above the Earth, below which is an area where there is no population. The hole in the ozone layer however, is a naturally occurring phenomenon (although an imbalance) within the Earth's consciousness or energy fields and may literally be a reflection of what Man is doing to his own consciousness by buying constantly into the Illusion. See Shopping For Spirit - The Search For Truth Articles for more information.

Electromagnetic and Electrical Radiation, especially from mobile phones and their transmission towers, which use microwave energy (frequencies), is another deep concern. Mobile phones use similar frequencies to those used by the Russians in their Psychotronic Warfare against the US Embassy in the early 1970’s and we have been encouraged to hold them against our heads, our brains: a brilliant marketing plan by those who wish to implement microwave mind control. And then there is genetically modified food and so much more.

How do we know whether we are being deceived or not? How do we know if we are living in a possible illusion? Well I would now like to put forward some feasible explanations.

If we look at nature we understand and observe that in fact everything is in motion; it ebbs, it flows and it spirals and spins. I remember as a child playing on the roundabouts when we used to play a game where we spun the roundabout as fast as we could and the last one to remain on the roundabout, or the last one to be thrown off the roundabout was the winner – and I wondered why we were flung off? I also wondered why the nearer the edge of the roundabout we were, the more unbalanced we became and the easier we were flung off it, yet the nearer the centre we were, the less we were affected by the spin, and the more  control and balance we had. Take a look at all those wonderful photographs of spiralling Galaxies and look closely at what is in the centre. Space is in the centre, though generally depicted and photographed as light.

Remember all those Nature programmes about the destructive force of our weather, hurricanes in particular? What is at the centre of each and every hurricane, whirlwind, tornado, cyclone or storm? At the centre of each and every one of these wonderfully destructive natural forces is the EYE OF THE STORM. What is the eye of the storm?


It is space, a hole,   absolute and complete calm, a gap in  all this destructive turmoil. Look at the aerial view of a storm and compare it to the photographs of the Galaxies. They are very similar to look at, especially when we know what is at the centre of the storm, space. Everything that spins is covered by the basic laws of Nature and therefore can only have space as its centre. When something spins then everything is naturally flung away from the centre to the periphery; which is exactly what happened when we were children playing on the roundabout. Look at the way water flows down the plug hole. If the plughole is big enough we can even place our finger in the centre of the plughole while the water is draining away without our finger becoming wet. Why? Because everything that spins has space at its centre. Now what does the Earth and every other planet in our Solar System do? They all spin. Everything in nature that spins (in a physical sense) has a hollow centre if you like. Ridiculous I hear you say. If it is so ridiculous then why does the Earth resonate like a bell when seismic charges are set off? Only hollow objects resonate this clearly, solid objects do not resonate so readily! Does this notion really seem so ridiculous after all?

If you still find this concept of space hard to grasp then imagine a human body. The human body is perceived as a solid entity jam packed with body parts. Now imagine you have a powerful microscope that can magnify to an untold level. Switch it on and magnify through our organs, our compounds, through our molecules and finally into our atoms. What do you see? You see that an atom is comprised of 99.99% space; a scientific fact – and as we are totally made up from atoms then we are also comprised of 99.99% space. Only it doesn’t appear that way. That is how the illusion works, it hides away what is truly the truth; in other words just what makes up the physical body in the first place. The deeper you go inside anything the more space you will find.

What else does a storm tell us? Well, I liken the storm to a holographic image of the Whole. When a holographic image is broken, all the broken pieces contain the FULL image of the Whole, just as every cell in our body contains the FULL blueprint of the body. I believe the storm is a holographic part of the Whole and thus, is showing us the Whole, our Universe in its entirety. The centre of the storm, the peace and calm and tranquillity I believe represents the Source, the complete Oneness of our Universe. The very centre of the Great Outpouring from where everything originates, the Breath upon which everything rides. If this is so and there is no reason that it should not be so because it is in keeping with how Nature operates, then it clearly shows us just where we are within our present Universe. To say the least, we must be at the very periphery of our Universe, the very periphery of the storm, where we are amongst the turbulence, the destruction and the chaos. Isn’t this exactly what is happening to our society and our environment? We are certainly well away from the centre, the Truth and the peace of Oneness. Our society is disintegrating rapidly. We are turning into a non-caring, non-compassionate brood of racial, selfish, animalistic and loveless clones, whose premise is to take pleasure in destroying each other, and to take pleasure in destroying the very essence that provides us all with life itself – our environment and Mother Earth. If we are a loving, caring and compassionate society, why is this happening? It shows just how far from the Source of all that IS we have travelled. It shows how far we have separated from our true Spirit, from the Creator, the Oneness of all that IS, from the TRUE Godhead, from the true Centre of The Light, the light within.

Scientists have recently discovered that the Universe is continuing to expand and this means we are moving even further away from our Source. If the physical Universe is indeed a reflection of the non-physical Universe, the Source of all that IS - like a rubber glove turned inside out - and we are merely here to experience these physical aspects of our Universe so we may learn and grow spiritually, then why are we continuing to move away from the Centre and the Source of all that IS? Are we not then becoming more spiritually aware afterall? The solution can only mean we are continuing to face and point the wrong way, taking us further away from Source and further away from love, compassion and spirituality. We only need to look at the centre of a storm to realise where the calm is, the space, the light and the peace. We are literally being forced by some means or other to focus our spirituality, and point ourselves, away from Source, away from true spirituality and away from the truth and into chaos instead.

We mentioned earlier that the deeper you go inside anything the more space you will find. This deep inner space is where you find true spirituality, the true knowledge of our creation and that of the Universe. If we have come from something originally: if we have evolved out of something originally, then surely we can only connect with this source of our very beginning by going back and in towards where we originated from – the centre. This inner space is where you will find the truth. We are standing on Earth always looking up and outside of ourselves, continuing to look OUT into space instead of IN into space, our own INNER space. Just what are we doing to take us further from our Source, further from Spirit? WE are the reason our Universe is expanding because the illusion is continually forcing us to give our power away to other people or institutions by encouraging us to look outside of ourselves for the answers all the time. This blinds us from seeing and realising the very simple truth that Nature presents us with: we should be looking within. (See Healing Energy and Water and Shopping For Spirit Part 5 for more)

The more one studies occult philosophies and esoterica, as well as the art of propaganda, the more one sees the great power of direct inversion upon the psyche of Man. We see it in the Cabbala and Initiatic Science and it is equally obvious, if not more so when we compare Nature with the healing arts. Yes, even in the healing arts we are surrounded by the illusion. Nature yet again comes to our rescue and allows us to see through the illusion. I mentioned earlier that there may not be one book out there on chakra healing and chakra balancing that is in anyway near the truth. What we have been told over the years about our chakras, these spinning vortices of energy that come in all sizes and cover every inch of our bodies, is just another part of the illusion. What have we been spoon-fed about the seven main chakras in particular? We have been conditioned to believe that our base chakra for example is and should be red, the sacral orange, and the solar plexus yellow, and so on up to violet for the crown chakra. Would you agree? All our present day healing using and working with the chakras and most other forms of energy balancing is based on this premise of colour sequences. Why should we suspect this information is false? Because Nature shows us very clearly that this is so. We only need to look at a rainbow. A rainbow is formed when light is refracted through the water molecules in the atmosphere into its’ component parts.

We too are primarily composed of water molecules, therefore, is it unreasonable to assume we refract light in the same way? Do we have our own inner rainbow perhaps? If we look at a rainbow we see light refracted into seven colours. The top colour is red, then orange and so forth down to the bottom of the rainbow where we find the spiritual colours and vibrations. If we have been fortunate to observe a rainbow from an aeroplane we would see the rainbow forms a circle and the spiritual colours are in the centre. This complements how everything in nature works, from within to without, with the higher vibrations closer to source and the lower vibrations (red/orange etc) forming the further from source they are. The lower physical vibration red is on the outside, not on the bottom or the inside. The vibrational source of spirituality (and therefore truth) always lies in the centre. The eye of the storm shows us the same simple principle of how Nature works - balance, equilibrium, lies in the centre - chaos, destruction and imbalance lies on the outside.

Now, what in particular are we taught about our chakras and their colour sequence in the New Age movement, the healing arts and in many religious and spiritual teachings? We are taught that the spiritual colours lie at the top of the head, in our crown chakra (the very opposite of a rainbow and how nature works), and away from the centre of our being. It is exactly the same in the Qabala and it's so-called spiritual Tree Of Life where the ultimate spiritual attainment is to be found in Kether, the Crown Chakra. And what are we doing by placing our spiritual consciousness into the outer part of ourselves, in the top of our head? We are placing our spirituality into the control of our intellect and ego! We are pointing and focusing our spirituality away from it's source, away from it's Heart Centre, our true spiritual centre, and are merely excommunicating it to a life in the wilderness, a life in the ego-intellectually perceived consciousness of reality - the chaotic part, the 0.001% of who we really are - instead of a spiritually perceived consciousness of reality through our heart centre. This current belief promoted throughout the new age, the healing arts and spiritual teachings is another example of the inversion and reversal of truth we are constantly being subjected to.

In the Olden days when this inversion took place, we did not have the advantage of Air travel, therefore when Man saw the rainbow he only saw it from the ground, with the seven colours forming an arc. All that happened with the natural colour sequence of the rainbow, with red at the top and purple and violet at the bottom, was that this sequence was totally reversed by the lawmakers/priests of the time and this reversal of truth was offered to the people as a spiritual and/or Initiatic teaching. This reversal then became the 'accepted way' thereafter and is still used and promoted today in practically every teaching on chakras and energy fields. Thanks to air travel we now know the full significance of the colours of the rainbow and how we have been deceived yet again by the rulers and the lawmakers to keep us spiritually denied. Let us remind ourselves that nature does not lie, it just IS, only Man is capable of telling lies. Yet even with the obvious in front of our eyes, we still believe what we are told instead of what we are seeing with our own eyes. Blind faith is just that - blind!

The simple truth about our chakras is that when perfectly balanced they are all white. There is no colour sequence at all. For more on the chakras and water/consciousness see Shopping For Spirit The Search For Truth Part 3 onwards.

In addition we have many books that tell us the chakras spin clockwise at the base chakra for a male and the opposite for a female, on so on upwards to the crown chakra. Other books tell us they spin the same way i.e. all clockwise, or all anti-clockwise, while other books show we have them only at the front of the body but not at the back of the body. Again we only have to look at nature for the answer. Each of our chakras - and there are literally thousands covering the body – actually spin both ways at the same time and also flow in and out at the same time, both front and back! Perfect balance between implosion and explosion! It is like an energy dance, a dance of  vortices of energy in varying sizes but always perfectly balanced in their structure. If our chakras did only spin one way for example, then they would be unbalanced, just like the storm and we too would have chaos surrounding the centre of our chakras. What hope would the physical body have then? Nature is perfect and totally balanced when left alone. We are no different. Our early Theosophists called the double spin of a vortex, this source of all life, an Ahnu. See Shopping For Spirit Part 1 for picture of an Ahnu.

Nature is our ally, our best friend. She helps us to see through the illusion man has perpetrated over the years. Follow the direction of the colours of the rainbow and you will find the true path, the true direction towards truth and spirituality, and an honest more permanently effective way of healing yourself and others.

For a number of years I have been uncomfortable with the notion that our Sun is a huge fiery yellow ball with extremely high temperatures which radiate heat and light to our Solar System. Why? Well, I could not understand why, as you climbed further up a mountain the colder it became, yet you were nearer the Sun. I was also a big fan of the Space Program and used to follow its every course and action, and I gradually became more dissatisfied with our conventional conception of what the Sun was. We were being informed that Space was black, the deep blackness of Space – Space was cold, the icy cold of Space - and we were informed that Space was indeed a vacuum! Now, were we not told at school that heat could not pass through a vacuum by conduction, convection or radiation?  Isn’t this exactly how a thermos flask works? No I was not happy with this conception; the Sun could not radiate heat and light to the Earth even if it was a huge ball of fire. There had to be something else responsible for creating heat and light as we know it on earth and I wanted to know what that was.

I found my answer to this enigma while I was reading Living Energies by Callum Coats – Viktor Schauberger’s brilliant work with natural energy explained. Here, in this marvellous book was a full chapter just on the Sun, explaining the Sun’s energetic interaction with Earth, and most importantly just what does create heat and light on our planet. There is not the scope within this article to give a full scientific extrapolation here so I will condense the important parts, as I understand them. The Sun’s energy is kinetic not thermal and interacts with the Earth’s energies and in particular the Earth’s atmosphere where these energies are converted into heat and light. [This is the origin of the Cross - the union of the Sun (Father) and the Earth (Mother)]. To be more specific it is the water molecules in our atmosphere that contains the energy of heat and light. Light is a function of the atmosphere as is heat. This process is known as the Hydrological Cycle and involves our oceans and rainforests in a process similar to precipitation. This is where the water molecules from the oceans combine with the water molecules of the rainforests to provide a perfect balance in our atmosphere which can then utilise the energy from the Sun to provide heat and light. It is our atmosphere that contains and provides us with heat and light, the very spark of life; in fact our atmosphere is responsible for sustaining all life itself. Therefore, as we climb higher (up a mountain) our atmosphere becomes thinner, so there is less energy converted to heat and therefore the colder it becomes. Interstellar space has a thermal temperature of –273.15°C (0°Kelvin) so how can we possibly obtain heat directly from the Sun? 

Even some of our ancestors thought the same way. Within Living Energies, published by Gateway Books, there is a reference to a translation of the Naacal Tablets, page 81, from James Churchward’s book, the Lost Continent of Mu, I quote ‘…the light was contained in the atmosphere. And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of the light in the atmosphere and gave birth to light. Then there was light upon the face of the Earth; the heat was also contained in the atmosphere. And the shafts of the Sun met the shafts of the heat in the atmosphere and gave it life. Then there was heat to warm the face of the Earth.’

A second quotation from the same book, taken from The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding – which records his three-year visit to Tibet at the invitation of high lamas – states ‘ If we take the science of things, we know there is a legend told here that all the heat and light and many other natural forces are contained right within the Earth itself. The Sun, of itself, has no heat or light. It has potentialities that draw the heat and light from the Earth. After the Sun has drawn the heat and light rays from the Earth, the heat rays are reflected back to the Earth by the atmosphere that floats on the ether. The light rays are drawn from the Earth in about the same manner and are reflected back to Earth by the ether. As the air extends only a comparatively short distance, the effect of the heat rays varies as you leave the Earth’s surface and ascend towards the outer limits of the atmosphere. As the air becomes less dense, there is less reflection; consequently as you ascend into the higher altitudes the heat becomes less and the cold increases. When you have reached the limit of air, you have reached the limit of heat. It is the same with the light rays. They are drawn from the earth and reflected back by the ether. As this ether extends much farther than the air, the light rays extend much farther before they are all reflected. When you have reached the limit of ether, you have reached the limit of heat and light. When you have reached the limit of heat and light, you have reached the great cold’.

What do you believe? Vital though the Sun’s energy is to life on this planet, the Sun is probably a cold dark place.


As long as we continue to believe the Sun radiates thermal heat and light directly to us, we will just carry on being deceived by the illusion. This just cannot be wholly true, it can only be part of a deception that has been set up to stop us from truly seeing and realising what is actually going on. The Earth’s atmosphere contains all that is essential to life itself. Without our atmosphere all life would die. This in no way devalues the importance the Sun’s energies are to life also, but whilst the Sun may have many millions of years to go before it expires, how many years does our environment have? When we realise that this is indeed true, then we will start to pay more attention to what man is doing to our atmosphere. By destroying our rainforests and polluting the oceans we are damaging our atmosphere and thereby systematically destroying the very same thing, the only thing that sustains all life on this planet. In fact the very same thing that gave us life on this planet to start with. Which explains why the illusionary concept of the Sun was set up in the first place, to condition us and to stop us realising just what actually is providing us with life. Man’s actions are starting to create an atmosphere, which, instead of supporting and nurturing all life, will eventually only support death!

The Sun is also the Spiritual Centre of our planetary system and in a physical sense, plays an important role in conjunction with our atmosphere in providing us with a valuable source of energy too. We can only obtain so much of our energy requirements from our food; we obtain the rest of the energy we need from the Sun, just as our environment does. Ask yourself is it just a coincidence that the increase in the spate of skin cancers runs concurrent with the increased use of sun creams, which are supposed to minimise this risk? An active ingredient in sunscreens, 2-phenylbenzimidazole-5 (PBSA), which is used to absorb ultra violet B (UVB), has been found to damage DNA when exposed to sunlight in a test tube. The researchers from Queen’s University in Belfast (N.Ireland) fear that if it caused similar changes to skin cells, this could lead to skin cancer....[ Environment and Health News, Winter 1999 Edition 14 (4.2). Why are we advised to wear white or bright colours to reflect the Sun’s rays when nature again is showing us that the opposite is true? Ask yourself what colour are the skins of people originating from hot sunny climates and then ask why a polar bear is white yet lives in a very cold place? This, by the way, has nothing to do with camouflage. Why would an African or Jamaican want to be camouflaged, and from what? To explain I refer to the physicist G.B. Kirchhoff, who discovered that to maintain temperature equilibrium with a body temperature of 37ºC, ‘radiation in’ (heat) had to equal ‘radiation out’ (heat). In other words the ‘permeability to radiation must be equal in both directions, from inside to outside and vice-versa’ (heat exchange). ‘As Man constantly burns nutrients in his organism he would die through overheating if he could not maintain temperature equilibrium. It is completely inappropriate to dress in white, for example in Africa, if Africans wish to maintain temperature equilibrium. Africans have a black skin colour, which absorbs radiation but also emits internal heat equally as well,’ thus helping to maintain this vital temperature equilibrium of the body. ‘This is why polar bears have white fur, not for camouflage but to reflect heat when the temperatures rise so it does not overheat’. With the amount of fur a polar bear has, it is crucial that it does not absorb too much heat that it cannot then easily radiate back out, and therefore lead to overheating. Temperature equilibrium is vital to health as we only have a short temperature range between health and disease and finally death. We are being purposely conditioned to block out the valuable energy of the Sun through either bright clothing, which reflects this energy, or by the indiscriminate use of sun blocks. Why also are we encouraged to wear sun glasses which actually stop the brain from registering the light and the brightness and, therefore, from sending messages to the rest of the body which would implement pigment changes in our skin which could then reduce the effects of burning. I am not advocating we stand naked in the Sun for long periods, all I am saying is it is important that we do not totally block out the Suns energy because we convert it to light just as Mother Earth does. We only need to be sensible about how we go about it.

We are, after all just beings of light, or light beings. We are totally made up of light: biophysics discovered this in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Our DNA is composed of light and biophysics has even measured the light emitted from a body when it dies, which is similar to what some psychics can see at the time of death. We are light. We are composed totally of light, which expands outwards from the atom, through our DNA, through our watery environment and extends outside of the body courtesy of the water molecules in the air around us. This is how we animate and feed the physical body as we know it, and just as our atmosphere refracts light into a rainbow, our water molecules refract light too. This is why we also need the energy from the Sun, physically, so we can convert this energy into heat and most importantly light, which complements the Source of our life force energy - our inner light; it is what keeps us alive physically. In essence, as it is in our atmosphere, it is the quality of the water molecules in our body that determines the quality and quantity of light produced, which ultimately determines our present and future health and vitality. An extract taken from lectures given by the biophysicist Dr. F.A. Popp from the book Bioresonance and multiresonance therapy, published by Haug International, page 175, may be quite appropriate here: ‘Alongside the visible light there is also light from the UV range in our cells. Some of the functions, which it has to fulfil in biological systems, i.e. in Man, have already been deciphered. These include the decisive role, which it plays in 'the regulation of cell growth'. Science has confirmed the vital role the Sun’s energy plays in our physical health and well being.

Biophysics also discovered that we were not designed to become ill! Only when the defence mechanism of the body (the energy fields – aura) becomes weakened do we then become ill! Is it a coincidence that our tap water is practically devoid of life-force energy and polluted with chemical residues, and that our food, which contains plenty of water molecules also contains many chemicals too. Even the air we breathe, which is full of life enhancing water molecules is likewise highly polluted? Are these water molecules, therefore, able to refract light into the purest and healthiest form of energy, which the body can use? In conjunction with our conditioned reflex action of reflecting and blocking out the Sun’s energy, which water molecules convert to heat and light, and therefore into valuable life-force energy, is it any wonder our bodies are becoming seriously depleted of this life-force energy leading to more illness and disease?

(For more on the importance, and interaction, of energy and water see Healing Energy And Water, the Importance Of Water From A Spiritual Perspective and to see photographs of energised water see Universal Harmonisers.)

For all of you who are dowsers I have an experiment I would like you to participate in. Go into your food cupboard, or fridge or freezer and arm yourselves with about six items of food. The only proviso is the food must have the original BAR CODE on it.  Now take one item at a time and dowse over the bar code itself. Ask what energy is coming from the bar code, is it beneficial to our health or is it negative to our health? Also ask whatever other questions you feel may be appropriate. Be very specific with your questions. When you have finished all the items and are probably somewhat perplexed by what answers you have been given, take a pen and score a line perpendicular (90°) to the lines of the bar code, right through the centre of the bar code itself. Then repeat the process of dowsing. Ask the same questions about the energy, is it positive etc. Now go and do this before you read on. I do not want you to be influenced by anything I am about to write. I want you to find out the truth for yourself. You have just discovered another part of the illusion, which surrounds us all. Yet another way the hierarchy are making us all ill by weakening our defence mechanisms, our immune systems, by putting negative energies into our food and our environment. Yes, it is true these bar codes emit negative energies, which can go into our food and our environment. ‘EVERY BARCODE HAS THIS 666 MARK OF THE BEAST. PART OF THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA TOWARD THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS TO HAVE EVERYONE IN THE WESTERN WORLD MICROCHIPPED. EACH INJECTED MICROPCHIP WILL CONTAIN COMPLETE DETAILS OF THE INDIVIDUAL INCLUDING A PERSONALLY NUMBERED BARCODE.’  Taken from Project Freedom -


It has been shown that every barcode has the number 666, the Mark of the Beast in their design. This is the two longer lines at the front, centre and end of each barcode (see above). Or has it been shown? Is this just another apocalyptic doomsday scenario created from the fear we have in society today, or does this belief hold some semblance of truth? I cannot personally vouch for this either way. All I can say, is that from my own experiences, which have been confirmed by many other people, is that the energy (light) emitted from barcodes does appear to be incoherent, disharmonious, or what we could call today, negative.

For people who would like to discern this enigma of 666 and barcodes for themselves, please visit the following site -

Interestingly, if 666 in barcodes is relevant, then it is important to understand that the frequency 6.66Hz* has been identified as the specific brain frequency, which is responsible for depression and even suicidal tendencies in Humans. [ *Remote Viewing, Tim Rifat:  Published by Century 1999]. It would be interesting to know if there were a decimal point in the barcode too would it not? Irrespective of whether 666 is 'hidden' in the barcode, simply by scoring a line through the barcode you are effectively changing the energy (light) from harmful (incoherent) negative energy to a more positive healthy energy. Keep repeating this simple check until you are 100% convinced. You now know what you will, or should be doing after every shopping trip. Do not forget your cassettes, your c.d.’s, your books etc., etc., because they are more than likely to have bar codes on them too. Bar codes are everywhere, on our wine, our beer, newspapers, literally everywhere. Quite ingenious this illusion, isn’t it? Well, the people behind it certainly are.

UPDATE: I personally believe that the negative effects Barcodes can create are due to the fact they represent the Male energy only, without any of the corresponding, and balancing effects of the female energy. From Shopping For Spirit The Search For Truth - Part Two, we know that the female energy is circular ( O ) and the male is linear  ( I ). If we look at the Barcode we can clearly see that it is composed entirely of the male energy, and as such, due to resonance, this will naturally cause this imbalance in energy to affect anything around it. We find this same preponderant use of the Male energy in many of our religious, spiritual and new age beliefs too, with the Pillars, the Thrones, the Stable Ones, the Immutable/Immoveable Ones and so forth. The denigration of the Feminine by the Church is another example of the male-ego-energy's dominance in our society over the years, creating a similar imbalance in society, human belief's and human consciousness. I recognise that the Male (ego) energy is also represented by the three Pillars (columns) of the Qabalistic (and Freemasonic) Tree Of Life, placing spirituality in the Crown (Kether), the domain of the intellect and the ego,  away from the Heart our spiritual centre. As such these ideologies are, therefore, preaching and teaching a male-orientated, and thus, utterly false spiritual balance. This will be covered in detail in Shopping For Spirit Part Nine which I am currently working on.

With the plethora of New Age books now on the market, new methods of healing are being championed which involve using various techniques, symbols and invocations to bring in external energies. We are led to believe we can channel higher external energies by using symbols, invoking Angels, Star Systems, Divine beings, God Stars, different Gods and other beings, but in reality we are often drawing in lower vibrations and therefore LIMITING the energies we are channelling. There is also the very real possibility of drawing down untoward astral negative energies. This is one of the largest fundamental mistakes we have been making for some time. This is ego, getting in the way. We do not need to use symbols or invoke anybody or anything in healing. Neither do we need to open up our protective energy field. Our energy field is there to protect us and should not be opened up on any account. Just like our skin protects us from external sources of infection, so too does our energy field. When our skin becomes cut or damaged, this can allow pathogens to get in and cause an infection. The same happens when we open up our energy field to so-called higher supernatural beings, we allow pathogenic energies (thought forms/lost souls/entities etc) to enter our body's energy field where they can interfere with our beliefs and affect our soul/consciousness accordingly. What IS knows ALL there is to know. The truth is all about ALLOWING! Allowing removes the hurdle of the mind/ego even further from the equation and frees up the intuitive side which enables energies higher than the intellect to come through from within and get on with the work.  If only people could see just what they were bringing down and attracting to themselves, WILLINGLY,  in their externalisation they would literally be terrified out of their skin and would run a mile in any direction. People would be terrified of what they were doing, not only to themselves, but also to other people. These so-called supernatural beings are not what they appear to be and are disguised to fool us. See Shopping for Spirit 7 & 8 for more on this theme. These unsavoury energies as I, or as biophysics would politely reference them, chaotic energies, are also able to attach to peoples energy fields whose defence mechanism has been sufficiently weakened. The New Age enlightenment, in the main, is just another part of the ILLUSION we are living in, full of ‘healers and dealers’. It is yet another net cast to ensnare and capture those people with the heart, will and love of mankind and nature and their future development; a net cast to ensure they remain blinded by the darkness of the illusion that surrounds us all.

This is all part of the illusion; this is exactly what they want to happen. This is the way it has been orchestrated from the start. These unsavoury energies (see below) can then feed on this weakened energy system, sustaining their own weak unbalanced energy levels and feeding their own basic animalistic survival instincts. Similar, if you like, to the symbolic story of Count Dracula, when vampires sucked the blood from their prey to feed themselves and preserve their existence. These unbalanced, unsavoury energies can literally drain precious life-force energy from peoples' energy systems in order that they themselves can survive, while weakening the persons defence mechanism even further. These attachments can also feed us even more illusory concepts direct from the Archons astral reality, even creating a communications link with this reality which tricks us into believing it is some form of spiritual reality with spiritual beings, whom we then channel information from believing this information to be divine or spiritual in some way. See Shopping For Spirit 7 & 8 for more on the Archons.  This process leads to the soul becoming more infected with illusory concepts and removes us further away from our spiritual source, the inner light, making it even easier for these Archons and their thought forms and lost souls to deceive us. We can find a quasi-religious undertone in almost all 'channelled' information because it all comes from the one same source, yet too many of us are not actually aware of this because of the way the archons can appear to us in any form they choose. Especially if we have a belief system they will use that to fool us by appearing as Jesus, God, Metatron, Ra or any other titled or famous person.

If we have a population, which is constantly feeling ill, frightened and zapped with negative energies, we are only naturally, with our present day conditioning and mind-set going to seek more medical help. In doing so, we inadvertently increase the profits of the multi-billion pound pharmaceutical industry further still and place our independence and power in the control of the illusion, or more appropriately the creatures, the perpetrators behind the illusion. We will be totally under their control, the control of the illusion.  We could literally be left brain dead, in the sense of being able to determine what is the truth and what is not the truth that is, by being unable to think clearly for ourselves. We are not then going to present much of a problem to those who manipulate the illusion are we? We are not going to be able to put up much opposition are we? If we are drugged and unable to think for ourselves clearly we are not going to be able to fight back very effectively are we? So what are these unsavoury energies, these predators?

In the Nag Hammadi codex, Jesus referred to the many animals walking around in the skin of men and also as we were the sons of truth it was not with these temporary garments that we would clothe ourselves. Is this scenario is still happening today? The Reptoids, or Greys, Reds, Insectoids, Reptiles, or whatever people would like to call these alleged beings, are they still today walking the Earth in the skins of Men? Is it any coincidence that all these ‘false gods’ (see below) in all our supposed Myths and Legends disappeared en-masse at the same time in practically all of our cultures?  Did they disappear into the hollow Earth, or another planet or Moon for example? Or would it be more appropriate to say that they had discovered how they could exist in a Humanoid form, or as Jesus so aptly put it – to walk around in the skin of men? Or maybe that is what we are meant to believe. See Shopping For Spirit articles. We were duly warned 2000 years ago of this gross deception, this illusion, and the creatures, the perpetrators behind it. Jesus (whoever he may have been historically) referred to the perpetrators as the Archons, the Thievers Of Souls. Jesus also, on many occasions, imparted the knowledge to us that there were two gods and that we were effectively following the wrong one; and that it was all part of the blindness the false god and his angels had inflicted upon mankind. A blindness, which stopped us from connecting with our true Father, the true Creator of all there IS, the only true God of Oneness, the God of Light. A God which ruled from the Heart and through the Heart with the love of all living things - not a false god that ruled with fear, control, belligerence, anger, fire and brimstone, jealousy, war, death, sacrifice, hypocrisy and downright deceit. In short - the illusionary god. An illusionary god, that had no connection to Source, a false god created by the Priesthood to control the people and a thought form creature without a heart and without a SPIRIT. A creature without an Assemblage Point (see below) and who created in his likeness – henceforth, false gods and false angels. Which god would you prefer to listen to? - To connect with and to honour? - Our true Father and Creator, whom encompasses all Love and Light - or the illusionary god born out of chaos, hatred and darkness and without SPIRITl, which we have had thrust down our throats for thousands of years? It is your choice. We made the wrong choice two thousand years ago – are we going to repeat this same mistake again, in what is probably the last chance for Mankind and Mother Earth to save each other from Hell. Welcome to the illusion, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Brotherhood, or whatever you would like to call it.

There has been so much written by many notable writers and scholars to date, which establishes what would appear to be indisputable proof of some kind of military (under the guise of alien) intervention in the beginnings of Man to reiterate it here. All that can be left to say is interference in our DNA structure would appear to be continuing, supported by the increased reports of alleged alien (but now almost undoubtedly the work of the military) abductions and the increase in unexplained animal mutilation world-wide. Science has also recently discovered 37 strange mitochondrial DNA structures that are included in our cells. ‘ A new discovery about the origins of DNA replication offers a startling confirmation that mitochondrial DNA is in fact the result of alien interception…Unlike other DNA, mitochondrial DNA happens to have a distinctive circular structure. Thus, it is extremely plausible that the alien beings could have used this circular structure to conceal the thirty-seven genes of mitochondrial DNA. This concealment allows these genes to replicate under their own steam and thus maintain their independence from the human organism while at the same time existing within it.’ GM Food for thought perhaps. ‘…If our DNA hasn’t the means to get rid of alien-affected DNA because it is not natural to it, if that affected DNA is instead a device for perhaps an alien purpose and strange to our human blueprint, then our natural DNA would not have sufficient access to its codes. Thus the paradox would be solved. If the alien purpose was to substitute their own blueprint into ours, this phenomenon could be the evidence that indicates this.’ The alleged evidence goes on ‘ Duncan Shaw, Professor of Genetics at the University of Aberdeen, in his fascinating article ‘ When DNA Turns Traitor’ speaks of the malevolent form of DNA known as ‘unstable’ or ‘trinucleotide repeat’ DNA. ‘They are the genetic equivalent of the mischievous creatures in the film Gremlins: small, harmless-looking pieces of DNA that lurk within genes, whose destiny is to grow bigger and wreak havoc1’. Should we read military instead of alien, alien being merely alien to our natural body, i.e. not natural, like genetically modified organisms? For an honest appraisal of the UFO phenonema see Shopping For Sprit Part 4, (this is a PDF file and contains many images so may take a while to load on your computer. When it has loaded you can then save it to view/print anytime at your leisure) and for what could be a simple explanation for many Alien Abduction experiences see Shopping For Spirit Part 8.

It would appear that Jesus was warning us when he said there were many animals walking around in the skin of men. He may, conversely, have just been warning us of what we were turning into as a society; this would certainly apply now. However, whatever way you decide look at it, or interpret it, it is tantamount to the same thing anyway. Perhaps Jesus, by giving Apostle James specific instructions on how to protect himself from these beings (Archons), may just have given the game away. Fortunately for His people, James in particular, and fortunately dare I say for us also, Jesus imparted to James the knowledge of how he could protect himself from these demons or false gods. Jesus referred to the true God as the Pre-existent Father - i.e. the One before the false god (Yaltabaoth/Yahweh/Jehovah) - and Himself (and all of us for that matter) as the Son of the Pre-existent One. Jesus explained to James that when he became confronted by these Archons all he had to do was say he was from the Pre-existent Father and a Son of the Pre-existent One. And when asked where he is going, he was to reply he was returning to the place from whence he came. He would then escape their attacks. In other words, if we are aligned to the truth, the Source of all that IS, to the Light and to Spirit, we are naturally going to be aligned to our true Creator. We are, therefore, naturally going to return to the place from whence we came; our original Source, our original Spirit (my interpretation). If we keep stating this desire and belief often enough then we will be protected and left alone. Today it is a little more difficult to do this because the creatures behind the illusion have over the last few thousand years’ spread their tentacles much further and deeper into our society and our lives and we are finding it harder to actually maintain our true connection with Source. Many of us have, due to the illusion and its trappings lost, or have had our connection taken out of alignment. This essential connection to our True Source is in today’s terms called the Assemblage Point.

The Assemblage Point is our Spirit Line, our  connection with our true selves, our original Source Being. The Assemblage Point is an INTERNAL connection with source, not an external connection! When our Assemblage Point is aligned in its correct place we are balanced with Source. This energy Point is the connection we have with our true Source, the vibration of Unconditional Love, of Truth, the Great Spirit, our Creator, the Ultimate Consciousness; in fact the Oneness of All That Is. Or, as Jesus put it, the God above the heavens which we do not see! It is also the only connection we have when we are born that allows us to see through the illusion. When this point is out of its natural alignment we can become ill, and spiritually confused. We continue to search for something but we are unsure what we are searching for. When we are connected to Source we can then move on and connect with Spirit and all there IS enabling us to see further through this illusion. Interestingly, it is estimated that only a small percentage of the population of the planet have this connection properly aligned in its correct place and balanced. Any wonder we have been and continue to be easy prey to the illusion? For more on the importance of the Assemblage Point click here.

Our ability to see, to really SEE what is going on, has been and is being systematically taken away from us. Remember children’s drawings when they are very young? They are always quite good at getting most of the face right, the parts are in the right place etc., apart from the hair. The hair generally is straight up in the air like somebody suffering an electric shock – similar to Don King, the boxing promoter – and it is generally, and in almost all cases, drawn and depicted in bright colours!  Not the natural colour of the hair at all. Young children do see the energy fields around people with their beautiful and individually respective colours. Also, ask yourself: just how many children have imaginary friends? What are they seeing that we are not seeing? Or more appropriately, what we have been conditioned out of seeing? And just what, or who, are these imaginary friends? See Shopping For Spirit Part 7 & 8 for more.

Why are the vast majority of us not seeing the same things? We can learn so much from young children, but we are conditioned not to. We are the teachers after all, or are we? We are pure when we are born; we see WHAT IS TO BE SEEN – we see how things really are, the true reality of what is. We know why we are here. We know what job we have to do. However, because of this inherent and natural ability we are born with, the control system, the illusion, which is in place on all levels, is designed to separate us from this ability at a very early age. This process starts with us as parents, who have already been conditioned and programmed and just in case we fail to do a good job, they have in place a safeguard called the education system, a control and conditioning system that is designed to erode this knowledge and wisdom even further. The Education system is designed to provide too much work and too much dis-information for children to be able to switch into why they are actually here and is designed to stop them thinking for themselves, especially as free spirits. We are literally taught from a very early age to be intellectual rather than spiritual. Children these days are given no time for themselves and it is no coincidence that we have computers and various console game machines readily available designed specifically to further stop our children from thinking for themselves. Our children are our spiritual future and they come to us with great knowledge and wisdom. Because of the conditioning we have all been subjected to over many, many years, we as parents automatically, without thinking start to erode this beautiful truth and balance our children are trying to bring into this world.  Yes, our children can SEE energies in and around us and they have the ability to see other beings too. We parents tend to humour our children, and we patronise them. Eventually they will become as conditioned as we have become and in the process they lose this marvellous gift, this tremendous ability that we are all born with, which is a natural part of us. And probably the most important loss is the gift and ability to SEE energies and just what is going on around us. We are born with the ability to see through the illusion but this ability is removed at a very early age due to the constant conditioning we are subjected to.

Every new born baby is born with a brand new soul that is a perfect reflection of the Spiritual Light that animates ALL living things. This is how nature works. So where does this leave reincarnation and past life experiences? See SFS Part 7 & 8 for a full explanation with more to come in Part 9.

Practically everything ‘out there’ is designed to weaken our defence mechanism so we become ill, or designed to totally confuse us so we cannot see what is really going on, or designed to point us in totally the wrong direction when we begin our search for truth and spirituality. In fact all three apply at the same time. The air we breathe is polluted. Oxygen levels have fallen by over 50% over the last 100 years. The water we drink has literally no life force in it whatsoever and is full of chemical residues and their energetic imprints. The food we eat is full of chemicals and practically devoid of any nutritional value, with nutrient levels falling by some 72% since the early 1900’s in farmed land throughout Europe. Now we are genetically interfering with our food, as well as it being subjected to negative energies that appear to come directly from bar codes. Practically every drug prescribed in medicine has the inherent ability to weaken our defence mechanism even further. We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation, electrical radiation, radio waves and so forth which can also weaken our energy fields and the much more dangerous mind controlling and illness inducing microwave frequencies that have been discovered and implemented world-wide. See Microwave for more + link to extensive article on the subject.

The illusion has in place a safety net, which has systematically eroded and conditioned almost everyone’s opinion and feelings on these matters, by one means or another. In doing so, any mention or reference to the illusion itself, the New World Order, Aliens and so forth; what is actually going on, is naturally met with ridicule and utter disbelief. Peoples’ defences automatically go up (the conditioning) and the individual trying to bring this information to our attention is generally shot down in flames. Is this why we have so much of what IS going on written as fictional stories and films? Are the perpetrators of the illusion merely playing on the human element of emotion and turning what should be our human strength into a weakness? Are we being blinded by our emotive belief that what we have been told to date MUST be true and must be defended at all costs?  After all, is this not the way we have lived our lives to date? Have we become so conditioned that we are now finding it difficult to admit and accept, perhaps, that we may well have been mistaken, misguided and misinformed, especially with all the evidence now available that would indicate this is probably so?  Evidence, which should at the very least compel us to question the very foundation on which our history, our past and present day belief systems are based upon? And should we also be asking just what is truly going on around us at a time when it would appear we are systematically destroying social values, love compassion and even our beloved Mother Earth? Could it be, that it has purposely been made much easier for us to continue living within our conditioned beliefs systems, maintaining the status quo, than it would be to begin living with the consequences and responsibilities the answers to these questions could bring with them? Are we, therefore, as a society, this mass of individual beings consciously failing to recognise and accept what is in front of our very eyes and under our noses? Christ told us that the truth would set us free! Yet the majority of us do not want to know the truth, let alone face up to it.

It is up to all of us to decide for ourselves what we believe is the truth.

There we have the story as told by Nature with some words of advice from Jesus nearly two thousand years ago. Then we have the story as told by Man. Which story do you believe? Is there a solution, an answer to this illusion? Of course there is.

One solution is called EQUILIBRA. EQUILIBRA is designed to help us improve our connection with our true selves, our true Source Being and Spirit and helps us to see through this illusion we all live in, just as we were born to do so, and to SEE as we were meant to see.

To read even more about this illusory reality, how it manifests in religious, spiritual and new age beliefs and teachings, the difference between the spirit and the soul, karma, reincarnation, past lives, lost souls, who or what the Archons really are, the truth about alien abductions, plus much more See Shopping For Spirit - The Search For Truth Articles - Click here.

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