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Balance is a state of being, a state of calmness and extreme stillness amidst the chaos and turmoil that passes itself off as being the ‘true’ reality in which we live. Like a storm which weaves its chaotic magic creating destruction, devastation and imbalance with and within everything it touches, so too does Man.  Like a storm has its inner peace - the eye of the storm, so too has Man. The centre of every storm is absolute peace, pure stillness and utter calm - complete balance amongst all the surrounding chaos. The centre of Man is no different. We need to find this inner centre, this inner balance, our own area of absolute stillness to avoid living in our own and everybody else’s chaos. A storm is only one example of how Nature shows us where and how we can find this balance, this space and inner peace of pure tranquillity. Simply by looking within, instead of outside ourselves. We can then begin this inner journey and travel ever further and deeper within. There is no greater force than that of equilibrium. Everything, every energy, every vibration ultimately strives to reach its own perfect state of balance. We are no different. If we continue to look and focus our attention externally, all we will see and experience is the chaos of the storm and we will never find our inner self, our true being, who and what we really are. In attempting to reach this calm equalised state of being, it is only natural that everything including ourselves will tend to begin by swinging wildly from one extreme of chaos to another, just as a pendulum swings. We are constantly traversing the chaotic aspect of the storm if you like, passing fleetingly through that perfect balance somewhere along the way without consciously recognising or acknowledging it for what it truly is. Except just enough perhaps, for our inner self, our intuitive side to register there is more to this life than we presently understand. This may explain why many of us keep searching for this something, this ‘more to life’, yet remain unsure of just what it is we are actually searching for.

Just as the universe may eventually cease to expand and begin to flow back towards its source, we too are beginning to stop searching forever outwards to find the truth and balance. Through realisation, some may say awakening, we are beginning that opposite swing of the pendulum back towards our true inner selves and searching inwards, back towards balance, towards the centre away from the chaos and finally towards the peace and understanding of Oneness itself. Somewhere between that outer ‘reality’ of this chaotic physical world and the inner truth of everything that is, lies our own perfect balance. Our own perfect space, which will allow us to exist as a Spiritual Being enjoying a physical experience and not a Human Being striving and struggling to achieve a Spiritual experience.

How can we understand that we have space to explore within us? If, hypothetically, we were to take a large oak tree, cut it up and set it on fire, what do we see? We see copious amounts of fire (spirit), huge flames, which burn seemingly for ever; and finally we have the ashes, the physical remains, matter; the earth element. Is it possible to rebuild the tree in all its magnificence and size from its physical remains, its ashes? Of course it is not. The remains present literally an nth percent of the original size of the tree because the tree, like all life is formed from energy, spirit and consists predominantly of space, energy and light. If we take this one step further using the human body as an example and we magnify through the organs, through the compounds and molecules until we come to the atoms, the so-called building blocks of life, we can see that an atom consists of mostly space. In fact an atom is comprised of 99.999% space (scientific fact) and as we are literally made up of atoms, then it follows that we are also comprised of 99.999% space (spirit/energy), just like the tree and indeed, all living matter. Only it doesn’t appear that way. All this goes to show the physical aspect of reality as we perceive it today is merely an illusion of the true reality. We are predominately space, beings of condensed light or light beings. It is just that we have forgotten that’s all. All we need to do is remember the physical reality is merely an illusionary concept and only a partial truth of what truly IS.

However, the physical body is the vehicle of the Soul and the Spirit and is equally important during our life here on earth. They are interconnected and feed and sustain each other and neither can, nor should be neglected. This is the dilemma facing us all at all times: How to achieve our own balance, our own equilibrium by nourishing both our spirit and our physical body? How can we feed each aspect what it needs and ensure that neither is neglected? If we feed our physical too much we become materialistic, intellectual and egotistical, our head in the sands. If we over feed our spirit we have a tendency to live with our head in the clouds and lose touch with the reality of the physical world we are still part of. As we know, we cannot function on this earth without both aspects and we cannot function at our optimum potential without first attaining the balance between spirit - energy in its highest forms and matter- energy in its densest form the physical. Everything is a question of balance. Nature works through balance. A tree has its roots in the ground, in the earth, in the physical, in the dark, while its trunk and branches grow upwards towards the sky, the heavens, to be nourished by the Sun, light, energy - Spirit. Balance is represented between heaven and earth, light and dark, the spirit, soul and the physical elements.

Remember playing on seesaws as children? If we sat on one end we remained there, feet firmly on the ground unless we had somebody at the other end to help to us achieve a balance, in which case we could go up and down and have fun until our heart’s content. To attain balance on our own we would need to find the centre of the seesaw. Similarly, when playing on the roundabouts as kids we used to play a game spinning them as fast as we could to see who could stay on the roundabout the longest. The nearer to the edge of the roundabout we stood, the easier we were flung off. The nearer the centre, the less we were affected. If we sat in the very centre, our balance was not affected by the spin (chaos) at all - The Eye of the Storm. Likewise we can equate male and female, positive and negative, day and night as being opposites which together form balance. And then we have fire (spirit) and water (soul/consciousness).  Used incorrectly too much fire will destroy us and too much water will flood and drown us. Too much water on fire will put out the fire and too much fire will evaporate the water. With the right balance, however, the right amount of water can control the fire and the right amount of fire can warm and heat the water, which can be used in a beneficial way. A flower will prosper and grow in sunlight, but it will eventually dry up, wither and die if it is not watered regularly, because it too requires balance between spirit and the soul. Everything is all about balance. In every aspect of our lives we need balance and the knowledge and wisdom of how to apply it

The Equilibra Workshop will introduce us to a unique and gentle way of achieving this balance. Yet it is an extremely effective way of cleansing the energy body and its energy fields by stretching and lifting the major and minor chakras. This makes it so much easier to remove blockages and negative energies, which may preside there. We are shown how to clear the Central Channel, which feeds all the major chakras, and remove disharmonious energies from various other parts of our energy fields. Our Assemblage Point, which feeds all the energy fields of the body, will be aligned and balanced and we will be shown how to carry out this procedure. We will be shown how to increase the vibration of the whole being by working on the individual chakras, increasing their vibration in sequence enabling us to achieve more balance within. How to expand the Auric Field and increase its protective qualities. We will also be shown how equally important it is to care for the physical body, and will be given information on the problems we face in this current era, the effects these have upon our physical selves, and what steps we can take to help redress physical imbalances. The energy centre which acts as a link or gateway; the threshold between the physical and the spiritual will be activated, bringing the two aspects of soul and spirit closer together so they can interact and communicate with each other more easily.

The emphasis of the two-day Workshop is about balance and you. You developing your own individuality through inner balance and through ‘allowing’. What you can do to achieve and improve your own balance and how you can be of greater service to yourself and others by just ‘allowing’. Allowing removes any limitations that may be present during a treatment and encourages the development of the intuitive side. It is always the person receiving the treatment who does the healing. We are merely vehicles through which the healing energies travel. We do not use symbols, invocations or any other ‘props’ which supposedly enhance the healing process in Equilibra. Energy just is. We just are. Spirit does the work not the intellect. After all spirit is a higher vibration than the intellect. This gentle process allows us to begin the journey of recognising and then connecting with our true inner self and exploring that wonderful space within each and every one of us. For those of us who are already on this wonderful journey it will help to strengthen this connection and journey further still. It will help to discover how we can, with patience and practice, find our centre, our own balance and discover our true inner Being, the true individual of who and what we really are. The more we work on ourselves the more balanced our energy fields become and the easier it is for us to find our centre and our own truths. Ultimately our Soul and our Spirit. That little voice we tend to hear so rarely and so faintly at times, the intuitive voice speaking to us, becomes stronger and louder and so our intuitive side can develop further still, if of course we listen to what it is telling us. Intuition means ‘inner tuition’. This is what happens when we journey deeper within, we learn from ourselves because we all do have the answers within us, it is a question of first heading in the right direction, then making the right connections and then remembering what we all, already know. And lastly but most importantly, listening to what we are telling ourselves. We should all listen to our intuition more, but first we need to help it to develop and find its voice. We can then begin to learn to live our lives by our own truths and to gradually stop living our lives by somebody else’s. This does not mean we should stop reading or taking advice from others, it just means the truth will gradually resonate better with each of us and we will be able to recognise it better through feeling and knowing from within, rather than relying on intellect and logic. How can we expect the intellect to understand energies higher than itself?  The workshop is designed to help us to clear blockages in energy fields and energy bodies belonging to all living things as well as ourselves. This increases the flow of energy and enhances the communication between our various energy bodies and the individual aspects of our higher vibrational self, our inner self. It allows more of what we do not yet know about our higher being to come into our innermost consciousness and by going within, with inner tuition, we can develop our intuition, knowledge and wisdom even further.

We are all energy and healing is about being as open and pure a channel as possible for the highest will and good of all. As the vast majority of us cannot see these energies we remain ignorant of just what sort of energy we are channelling. We are, therefore, an open book and as such easily taken in by the gross deception so prevalent within the healing arts today. The New Age movement has allowed methods of so-called healing to surface which come purely from the ego/intellect consciousness and not from spirit. Some of these modalities are deliberate and are designed to ensnare people who are moving forwards to delay them and control them and ultimately stop them altogether by inducing them to feed their ego’s rather than their inner spirit, their inner child. So much of the healing arts now comes from ego it is frightening. This form of channelling is happening on a more and more regular basis, world-wide.

The science of biophysics has shown us so much over the last 20-30 years, which has helped to remove some of the mystery and myth from our present day Western perception of Eastern Philosophy, and esoteric material. In the western world biophysics has provided us with a better understanding of the intrinsic workings of the human body, and has confirmed much of what our eastern partners have been advocating for thousands of years. Biophysics has established that the physical body is not designed to become ill at all. We only become ill when the defence mechanism of the body is weakened!1 The defence mechanism of the body is the energy fields of the body, consisting of, but not limited to, the Vortex Energy Centres (chakras), the Auric Field and the Electro-Magnetic Fields around and within each individual cell of the body. Biophysics has done much to show how continual damage to our energy fields will result in illness and disease. Almost all illness and disease originates from an imbalance in our energy fields.1     This is science, not myth or eastern esoteric philosophy, but hard scientific evidence on how and why we exist and can and do become ill. By concentrating on areas where illness and disease originate, we can produce tremendous healing effects within the physical body. It is a two-way connection, a connection between our energy bodies and our physical body. If we abuse the physical body we affect our energy fields, and vice versa. It is important that we know how to address both areas. Equilibra addresses both areas, and is the rediscovery of how to use and implement nature’s most simple and safe methods of healing with natural energies.

Equilibra is primarily about self-development and self-awareness, based on balancing our energy fields and enhancing our defence mechanism. This enables us to balance our female and male energies, Yin and Yang, and release negative patterning we have built up over the years by clearing mental and emotional blockages. This allows more of our spiritual light to come through from within, thus raising our whole vibrational being and purifying the soul – further strengthening our defence mechanism. In this way we can evolve with the ever-changing energies of Spirit, Nature and Mother Earth. We are, in essence, helped to consciously improve our connection with our original blueprint, which is pure, clear and perfect – just as Nature is when left alone. Equilibra is the art of telepathic communication between Spirit and the Spirit of the person having the treatment. It is the individual being treated who allows wonderful healing energies to pass through the ‘healer’. As these energies are being channelled through us, they are amplified and used to balance and align the chakras, the Central Column (Rod of Light) and for opening up blocked energy channels within the human energy field in accordance with what is required. It is always the individual being treated who does the healing. We are merely vehicles through which the healing energies travel. We just need to allow. No invocations, symbols or any other weird and wonderful intellectually based dogma.

Most energy systems, such as Western Reiki, work on a closed chakra system; therefore, a closed energy system. Take as an example, a drainpipe blocked with straw top to bottom and imagine it is a blocked chakra. Most healing systems would work by channelling energy into the top or the bottom of the drainpipe (chakra). This would have the effect of clearing some of the blockage from the top and the bottom of the pipe, and hopefully, over time clear the whole blockage. With Equilibra we gently stretch the chakras away from the physical body and - if we refer back to our model of the drainpipe - we can literally open up the drainpipe from top to bottom and scoop out all the straw in one go! The entire negative emotional and mental energy removed in one fell swoop, safely and securely. We then close the drainpipe, the blockage having been totally removed. Thus, working with this special technique and sequence following how Nature works, we are able to remove blockages from the Central Channel (Rod of Light) and also remove negative energy from each of the major chakras it feeds, including all of the minor ones. The Reiki Masters and Practitioners, as well as those people using other modalities of healing that have attended our Workshops to date will readily testify to this: simple, but extremely effective. This way we avoid the days, weeks and sometimes months of emotional and mental release. Equilibra creates more space in our energy fields, which allows the flow of energy to increase and expand, improving circulation on all levels and increasing the flow of chi (energy) throughout the whole body. This process improves the electrical connection and electrical communication between all of the systems of the physical body, and has a deeply detoxifying affect spiritually and physically. 

We learn how to safely increase the vibrations of ourselves and those of others. We are provided with information on the contributory factors into illness and disease on a physical level and what measures we can take to protect ourselves and to redress this imbalance in our physical system. We learn how to safely increase the vibrations of each of our chakras in sequence, as well as learning how to expand the auric field and increase its peripheral protection.  This is particularly useful for very ill people, because it provides the physical body with more time to repair itself – providing of course that the physical body is being treated correctly to start with. Our Assemblage Point is aligned and balanced within the Heart centre, improving our connection with our Spiritual Source. There is not a lot of information written on the Assemblage Point and that which is written infers this connection to source is an outside connection.  The assemblage Point is an internal connection with source and feeds us from within. This follows the natural flow of creation, within to without. When our Assemblage Point is aligned we are balanced with Source. This is one of two vital energy connections we are born with, which allows us to connect more consciously with the vibration of unconditional love. When this point is out of its natural alignment we become ill, and spiritually confused. We continue to search for something but we are unsure what we are searching for. When we are balanced with Source we can move on with less impedance with spirit. We learn how to correct and balance the Assemblage Point, quickly, simply and safely. Interestingly, it is likely that only a small amount of the population have this connection properly aligned and balanced in its correct place.

Additionally, we learn how to comprehensively scan the whole aura for any blockages or negative energies, and how to scan the individual layers of energy within the auric field for tears or holes. We also learn how to repair these tears and holes and how we can create temporary chakras anywhere within these energy fields to facilitate the removal of negative energies and blockages. These temporary chakras are cleaned in exactly the same way as we clean the other chakras, closed and returned to their original form. This is an important procedure for cleansing difficult and stubborn blockages and predator, thought form type of attachments.

During the two-day workshop we are also introduced to Space Clearing:

Everything has a central column source of energy - ours is our Assemblage Point - buildings, objects etc., are no different to us in this respect, therefore buildings, houses, rooms etc., too need to be balanced and aligned.

Space Clearing rooms and buildings allows us to:

              Create a safe haven, a safe environment within our premises in which we can grow inwardly and develop our Spirituality

              Create a sanctuary within our premises, which helps to protect and clear us of all negative energies, man-made or otherwise, allowing us to grow so much faster.

Today’s world is full of negative, unbalanced and chaotic energies, some of which delay us from moving forward spiritually. As a result, it is becoming more and more important that we have a place, a sanctuary, and a safe haven where we can live, sleep, meditate and grow spiritually - a place without outside negative interference. A place where we know we can go to be safe and enjoy this wonderful inner peace we all deserve. Modern medicine treats the symptoms rather than the cause of an illness. Feng Shui and many Space Clearing techniques are helpful, but are similar in the way they too treat the symptoms of unbalanced energy rather than the cause of it.

Further development and advancement techniques help us to travel further on our inward journey, helping us to become even more centred and balanced. This is achieved by improving the connections we have with our higher (inner) vibrational energy bodies. Ultimately, we begin to react less to the negativity around us. If we are more centred and balanced our emotional and mental bodies remain centred too and we begin to react less to what is going on around us. We are still aware of, but are less affected by outside negative energies and we develop even further, personally. This process makes it more difficult for the Assemblage Point to move out of its’ natural alignment. This enables spiritual energy to flow naturally from within, thus feeding, sustaining and enhancing our energy field to a higher vibratory level.  Further protection, self-awareness and treatment techniques to help others as well as ourselves are also covered. Equilibra helps us to expand spiritual consciousness, which is a natural progression when we journey inwards and allows us to move so much further along our spiritual path. By concentrating on ‘feeling’, such as feeling the vibration of Unconditional Love we are better able to recognise our true inner self, our true inner child. We are then able to expand and improve our connection with spirit. We can then connect spiritually with everything that IS - everything in the Cosmos, the planets, trees, animals, plants etc. and receive even greater wisdom. This process assists us even further in moving forward on our individual paths of truth. This is achieved by connecting with, and feeling through Unconditional Love and Spirit, which is a state of being, and not through Ego. This is a knowing through feeling of just what IS, and a way of seeing through feeling. In short, we greatly improve our connection with infinite knowledge and wisdom from within, which we all possess but have some difficulty connecting with on a conscious level. We participate in visualisation techniques, which improves healing on the self, others and enhances distant healing tremendously. Further exercises and meditation techniques are included in the workshop manual to help us at our leisure.

It has taken me eleven years of research to discover my path towards truth. Equilibra Balanced Healing and Development allows us all to rediscover our own path towards truth and NOT follow somebody else’s path. Others will have spent much longer and some will just be setting out on this remarkable journey. Others too may well have spent many lifetimes on this journey and in all this time Nature hasn’t changed one jot, not one little bit - it still just IS. Only man’s ego has changed and this is reflected in some of these new-fangled healing modalities we are seeing popping up all over the place. If Nature has not changed then you can bet your bottom dollar that the way to use Nature and natural energies hasn’t changed either. Nature is so very simple and beautiful in the way it works and always will be. Only man’s ego has changed and it is so recognisable today in new methods of healing being bandied about, which attract people who are searching for the truth and lead them down the garden path.

Removing negative and disruptive energies from our own and other peoples auras, chakras and energy fields and clearing out all other forms of negative energies, along with increasing levels of protective energies around and within these energy fields, puts us all in a much stronger position to be able to discern and understand what is the truth and what IS NOT the truth. Increased awareness allows us to become more in tune with what is happening around us and within us and helps us to identify with environments and people whose energy fields are not compatible with our own. We can then move forward confidently and safely in the knowledge that we are truly helping other people and ourselves at the same time and most importantly through Unconditional Love and from Spirit, not from EGO. Nature does not contain, nor does it consist of weird ‘gadgets’ and ‘gizmo’s’ and new-fangled ‘techno-speak–up-to-date-computerised-space-age lingo’ terminology – it just IS. We do not need to be aligned to or attuned to anything because we are attuned to everything anyway; otherwise we would not be here. We would be dead. We are all part of the whole and like a hologram the whole image is contained in each of us. We’ve just forgotten that’s all. Do we really believe that Nature consists of all these different types of energy, keeping them segregated while they ply for our favour, wearing Reiki, Sekhem, Tera Mai or Old Mother Hen tee-shirts handing out leaflets urging us to vote and align with them?  Nature just IS. Everything just IS. We just ARE, because we are everything and everything is us. Again we have just forgotten, or would it be more appropriate to say we have not been allowed to remember? The New Age enlightenment, in the main, is just another part of the illusion we are living in. It is full of ‘healers and dealers’, who would like us to feel inferior and feel that just to begin our spiritual journey we need to be attuned or aligned to a myriad of energies labelled and invented by Man himself. Aligned through so-called ancient, mysterious and secret attunements or ceremonies, connecting us to energies, which only exist in the external and unbalanced consciousness of the physical reality, the dumping ground of Man’s fears and emotions, which surrounds us.  See Articles. Why should we be duped into paying vast amounts of money to be attuned and aligned to something we are already connected with? We are again being encouraged to give our power away. Nature is not complicated nor should any healing workshop be either. 

As we develop our spirituality and consciousness and grow and evolve naturally, changes will take place in our lives. Our physical bodies will evolve in harmony with our spiritual growth. Because we are all different physically and the physical body cannot assimilate changes as quickly as our spiritual body, we also realise we need not deny ourselves by imposing strange diets, fads, fasts or weird regimes which only serve to bring additional stress into our physical being. Our physical body will evolve naturally if we allow it to do so, and when our physical body is ready to make changes to our eating, drinking and lifestyle, then it will do so naturally and it will also feel right.

In short Equilibra is what is needed at this time. It is simple and works with the creative process and not against it. It is always about the individual and helping the individual to develop their intuition, their inner balance and help them to become more centred. It helps us to heal ourselves and others and raise our consciousness quickly and safely, enabling us to move forward and help Mother Earth with Her changes, creating a better environment and better future for all living things. If we are truly connected with spirit and therefore focused in the right direction, we can then truly make beneficial changes to the health of ourselves, others and the health of the environment, which feeds us physically too. Remember: the faster our energy bodies spin (vibrate) the less we attract and hold onto negative energies that can remain with us, with the potential to cause damage in our energy fields. The quicker we raise our vibration and protection the faster we spin and the sooner we can start to channel higher energies from within. Whilst it would appear to be an advantage to be able to see, feel or even to be able to sense these energy fields, within and around the human body, it is not a pre-requisite for training in Equilibra. Sometimes, it can be an advantage when we have had no previous experience, or conditioning in the healing arts. It is more to do with where we are at the moment as an individual, than where we perceive we are, with our preconceived ideas and conditioning.


¨       Hilary is 52, a housewife and was a student studying clinical reflexology when she first came to see me. Hilary came to see me to improve her energy levels. She was constantly tired, trying to balance being a housewife and a student at the same time, with her final exams almost upon her. She was also naturally anxious about setting up her forthcoming practice. During the first treatment, Hilary felt very strongly that she was releasing ‘a lot of baggage, unfinished business’, as she put it. She felt an overall cleansing with a feeling of being lighter and having more space. Towards the end of the treatment she was finally able to acknowledge the death of her parents and was able to willingly and lovingly let them go. Hilary was also aware of very bright colours, both around and within her. Hilary also commented that she suddenly felt a lot calmer and was starting to look forward to her coming holiday, which she had previously been dreading.

During the second treatment Hilary expressed her feeling and awareness of having more energy. She could feel the energy spinning in her chakras and was very aware of the energy flowing more freely within her. I knew at this point that Hilary was destined to become a healer. After the treatment, Hilary said she felt ‘a lot lighter’ and more content and happy with life and was even looking forward to setting up her business. During this period, Hilary’s husband became quite ill and Hilary found she had an inner strength to cope with his illness. So much so that Hilary went on to do her training in Equilibra, which she now uses to help her husband deal with his illness. Finally, Hilary says she has now found her true path in life – healing – something she had never considered before.

¨       Jane aged 49 is qualified in Clinical Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and is a Reiki Practitioner. Jane has been unable to practice her therapies due to long standing hip and back problems and is currently waiting for a hip replacement operation. Jane came for treatment to see if she could be helped with her physical and emotional problems as she had lost her daughter some 8 years previously and has been unable to come to terms with her death ever since – and the anniversary of her death was approaching. Surprisingly, Jane relaxed very quickly and became immediately aware of the areas we had been working on. Jane had quite a few blockages and during the treatment, the main blockage caused by the death of her daughter, came to the surface and she had a tremendous emotional release and emotional experience, and was finally able to release suppressed emotions regarding her daughter. She was finally able to accept and come to terms with her daughter’s death and she could finally say her goodbyes. This emotional experience was a beautiful moment, for both of us. Jane says she can now talk openly and freely about her daughters’ death without bursting into tears and her life has changed for the better ever since and is now much happier and feels more alive and is doing more mentally and physically in a more positive way – she feels life now has a purpose. Jane has even started doing treatments on her clients and whilst some of her hip and back problems remain, they are not presented in the same debilitating way as they used to be.

Jane has recently informed me, that for the first time in over 10 years she has been able to visit a dentist for treatment, where as before, she had a phobia about dentists and would not go anywhere near one through fear.

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