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  • Shielded Woven Material
  • Shielded Net Knit Material
  • Shielded Bed Canopy For All Bed Sizes
    • Earthing/ Grounding The Body - Best Ever EMR/Microwave Radiation/Mind Control Protection
    • GroundShield - An Unique Product that both Shields & Grounds


Please note that we recommend using Demand Switches when considering protecting a bedroom area in conjunction with Screening Material and 100% Natural Organic Latex Mattresses. Demand Switches stop Magnetic and Electrical Radiation - as well as 'Dirty Electricity' - from affecting you while you sleep and while, importantly, your body repairs itself. Natural Organic Latex Mattresses are Biolectrically Neutral and essential for Electro Sensitive people, and, being wrapped in organic Welsh wool and sealed in organic cotton, are totally chemical-free too. So these are essential for chemical-sensitive people as well

Why should we consider protecting ourself and our children from Microwave, Magnetic and Electrical Radiation exposure? What's the deal?

    Basically, when the body it at rest during the night, this is the time when it carries out all of its' repair (healing) work. However, when the body is exposed to magnetic, electrical, or especially, microwave radiation from all things wireless - DECT phones, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, Mobile Phones, Masts, Wireless Hubs/Routers and the like - the body, on a biophysical (energy) level, has to produce the 'counter oscillations' (mirror-image) of the frequencies it is being bombarded with. This, in simple terms, means that the body is constantly having to expend valuable energy neutralising these frequencies. When this happens, energy that could otherwise be used in the body's natural repair process - homeostasis - is completely wasted elsewhere. This means that essential repair and healing processes may not be carried out by the body, or carried out fully. Thus, leaving the natural and protective process of homeostasis compromised. Over time, this means that something has to eventually give! In this case, what 'gives', is the biophysical and biological health of the body, because the normal repair and healing processes of the body have become compromised. If this exposure is not reduced or stopped, then eventually this may lead to what we know as illness and disease.

    Read more about the real dangers of EMF/EMR/Microwave Radiation that the government and telecommunications companies are just not telling us! Why? Money of course?

    Article1: Adverse Health Effects of EMFs from Modern Technology

    Article2: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

    Watch the Video below for information on what we the public are not being told about the recent Interphone Study on the Dangers of Using a Mobile Phone


    Digital TV Switch Over - A Health Hazard Waiting To Happen?

    As well as all the Digital Signal communications (Wireless communications) we have to contend with at the moment, soon most countries in the world will be switching over to Full Digital TV. Digital TV - depending on the country - will be broadcast in the microwave range of radiation between 200MHz (400MHz in UK) and 1200MHz. Digital TV signals (like ALL wireless communications, MASTS etc) are pulse-modulated and are completely unnatural compared with the old analogue type of signal. This is why people are becoming Electro-Sensitive (ES) and many more will follow suit in due course:


    We can clearly see from the above examples how the digital signal is linear and 'boxed' compared with the natural undulation and flow of older analogue signals. It is this unnatural pulse-modulation (or 'energy/information') that the body responds to in a detrimental  way on a biophysical level - see explanation above. It is therefore prudent that we protect our self and our children from this form of 'radiation' if we truly value their and our own health. Some people in Germany and now in the US where full Digital Switch Over has taken place, have been showing, and are beginning to show, signs of ill health and neurological compromise.

    Here is a list of operating frequencies above older digital communications - existing and proposed.

    2412-2484 MHz Wlan b/g (Bluetooth)
    2450 MHz Microwave Ovens
    2700-2900 MHz Airport Radar
    2920-3100 MHz Nautical Radar
    3410-3494 MHz Wi-Max Low Band
    3510-3594 MHz Wi-Max High Band
    3600-4200 MHz Beam radio
    4200-4400 MHz Aviation Radar
    5030-5091 MHz MLS
    5150-5350 MHz Wlan a/h Bd I
    5470-5725 MHz Wlan a/h Bd II
    5725-5875 MHz ISM + Wlan + new DECT

    All of the above are digitally pulsed, and for this reason are considered of special biological relevance by concerned physicians and scientists.

    Fortunately, our Screening Materials shield out all of these frequencies from around 200MHz to 6.0+ GHz (6000MHz)



GroundShieldTM - A unique double protection solution! Shields out Microwave Radiation at an average of over 60db from 30MHz to 3GHz! See above graphs. Additionally, this material is superconductive, so used underneath a metal sprung mattress it can also 'ground' the metal in the mattress while we sleep to further protect us! At less that 0.3 Ohms per Square Resistance (< 0.03 x 10 Ohms), this material is 30,000 times more conductive than any of the Leading Screening Products (that also need to be grounded)! The perfect solution for protection from EMR.

100% Silver Plated Nylon - Approximately 90" x 24".



Please note that additional products are also available from these links for detection of EMF and Microwave Radiation:


 SPL-PRO - 'New Daylight', shielded net knit material

This is our most popular shielding solution. Used here in a bed canopy, our leading curtain material (with non-conductive surfaces) is "NEW DAYLITE" by Swiss Shield® - a 100% Tergal® polyester net-knit, with 5%-6% silver-plated copper fibre content which stops over 99% (20dB) of incoming microwave radiation energy (300 MHz - 6.0+ GHz) a range that encompasses all three mobile/cellular phone bands (including 3G/UMTS-FDD), TETRA/Airwave, along with WiFi, WiMax, and Bluetooth).
Sold by the running metre and is 2.5m (2.7 yards) wide.
Costs: £59.04 per running metre which equates to £23.61 per square metre. Please click here for more details and how to order. Click here to Purchase this Product. Or ring us on +44 (0)1642 872610


Pictured here in use as a bed canopy, this is our "Rolls Royce" shielding solution by Swiss Shield® - made of ’Ecological Cotton’ eco test certified for baby underwear but most popular as decor curtains. It stops over 99.9% (40dB) of incoming microwave radiation energy (300 MHz - 6.0+ GHz) a range that encompasses all three mobile/cellular phone bands (including GSM, 3G/UMTS-FDD), TETRA/Airwave, along with WiFi, WiMax, and Bluetooth).
Sold by the running metre and is 2.5m (2.7 yards) wide.
Costs £71.00 per running metre which equates to £28.40 per square metre.Click here to Purchase this Product. Or ring us on +44 (0)1642 872610

SPL - EVO.  EVOLUTION: Beautiful Woven Shielded Material

OUT OF STOCK! Shown here as bedroom curtains, these are made from Swiss Shield® "Evolution", fine woven white polyester, width 2.5 metres (2.7 yards), sold by the running metre - it also features a hidden lead band along one edge so that it hangs beautifully as a curtain. Most importantly, it stops over 99.9% (30dB) of incoming microwave radiation energy (300 MHz - 6.0+ GHz) a range that encompasses all three mobile/cellular phone bands (including GSM, 3G/UMTS-FDD), TETRA/Airwave, along with WiFi, WiMax, and Bluetooth). Looks and feels like normal cloth material.

Costs: £89.70 per running metre which equates to £35.88 per square metre. If, for example, you require 5 running metres, then select 5 in the Quantity Box. Click here to Purchase this Product.




High Quality Bed Canopy for large-scale screening of high-frequency electromagnetic (microwave) waves and all things wireless.

Maximum transparancy and air permeability and generous proportions result in a quiet, relaxing and peaceful sleep, without the feeling of any encroachment. Size approx: L: 2.4m, W: 2.4m, H: 2.0m. Ideal for anything up to, and slightly over, a Super King size bed. Will also cover two single beds even if they are 18" apart. Colour, sheer white.

100% textile quality. Comes complete with rods and all fixing materials.

Attenuation 32 - 13 dB 200MHz - 3.3GHz. This means that the likes of TETRA and WiFi are very well screened out, as are analogue and pulsed radio frequencies (RF). Easy to wash and iron - wash 30c, iron on Synthetic setting. It is colourfast and antistatic.

Important: This material reflects high frequency electromagnetic waves and is not externally conductive. Therefore it must not be, and cannot be, grounded(Earthed) like many other bed canopies need to be! As this canopy acts as a Faraday Cage, it is important that electronic devices are not used inside it. But then, why would they be used if we want to protect ourself and our children?

Price £999.00 - Click Here To Purchase Or ring us on +44 (0)1642 872610

    Grounding The Body

    A Simple Yet Profound & Totally Effective Solution For Living In Our Modern Day Electro-Pollution

    The best EMR Protection ever? Let's find out! How can EM Fields affect us adversely? The most significant method by which the body takes on increased voltage is from emitted electromagnetic radiation.  Not only does this include using a Cell phone, Digital Cordless (DECT) phone, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices close to the body, but also from more distant sources such as Cell Towers, Digital TV transmissions, Radar, etc. When exposed to this radiation the body, being a natural antenna (transmitter and receiver of ‘information/energy’), receives, and through its conductive tissues and fluids, converts electromagnetic waves into electric currents.  Radiation from an electromagnetic source induces an alternating current in the body and a corresponding voltage.

    When the body is insulated from the Earth (i.e. wearing rubber-soled shoes), the body becomes a ‘sink’ for electromagnetic radiation.  The body then absorbs this radiation, but cannot get rid of it.  This radiation gets converted to electric currents which cause vibration at the cellular level. The modulated portion (data transmission) of this EM radiation is in a frequency range that causes harmful vibration at the cellular level.  This then causes damage to the cell by displacing ions and destabilizing the membrane.  Ultimately, this leads to membrane leakage and can produce negative biological effects.

    However, if the body is in direct contact with the Earth (i.e. Grounded), then the Earth becomes the ‘sink’ for the electromagnetic radiation.  This means that the body functions as a conductor and allows the radiation to pass through it before current can be generated on a cellular level and cause damage.

    Therefore, Grounding the Body, is the single most important decision we should take for protecting our self from our this modern-day electrosmog health hazard. More information...         To See All our Grounding To Earth Product Solutions click here...


    An absolute must for the frequent and not so frequent traveller, athlete and those people with muscle and joint aches and pains, and for those people who are electro-sensitive. When zipped up this unique Grounding Cocoon can be used just like a sleeping bag. It measures 2.3m x 1.1m and when you climb inside your whole body is grounded top to toe, front and back, side to side; all of which is connected with the earth to benefit from the Earth's free electrons and natural biorhythms. Ideal for use at home for total body grounding, or for use when travelling. It feels like being back in the womb, the womb of Mother Earth! You feel so safe and secure, and in some way, totally nurtured.

    Unzipped the Grounding Cocoon  measures 2.3m x 2.2m and so the Cocoon can be used as a Grounding Bed Sheet, up to Super King Size, on your own bed or while travelling. MORE...

    Video Outlining the Benefits of an Earth Connection and WHY We May Need It Today

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There are, albeit just, a few web sites on the Internet circulating information and so-called science that would indicate to the reader that grounding the body may be dangerous!! This is simply not true. Their reasoning, science and method of testing is deeply flawed, on many levels. The 'science' and 'testing' assumes as fact that the body is a volume conductor when nothing could be further from the truth! "Connecting the body to the earth essentially insulates the body from the influences of ambient electrical fields...Under these conditions, the body is maintained at the same electrical potential or voltage as the earth. Ambient fields cannot affect the potential on the body...Similarly, a body connected to the earth's infinite supply of electrons will be at the same electrical potential..." Oschman, James L, 2008. In other words, the 'field strength' or 'ambient field' that the body is being subjected to would have to be able to change the entire field of the Earth before it could affect a change in the body. This is obviously impossible! To read more about the body not being a 'volume conductor' and the benefits of being grounded click here


For Companies, Businesses - or even individuals - with web sites, who, like we do, appreciate the real dangers posed to health from microwave radiation emissions,  then why not consider promoting these practical protection solutions on your web site. This will ensure the availablity of these screening products reaches a wider public audience, and you will also earn commission on each sale too. If you are interested, then please Click here to visit Sensory Perspective Ltd. to create an affiliate account.


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