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Part One by Steve Gamble

Since the last two publications of the Truth Campaign I have received a number of enquiries about Reiki and in particular the Reiki Symbols. All have been along the same lines of feeling something was not quite right – feeling uncomfortable using the symbols, etc. All of which indicates that further information is warranted, which may help people to understand more fully this emotive, delicate and often confusing issue. We will look into this issue later on.

Sometimes we are unable to express our experiences, as we would like. Sometimes words are not enough to describe something that is more of an understanding through feeling than through logic or intellect and we feel handicapped and restricted at times by their use. However, here I have tried to explain and express my experience in the best way I can and at times my writing is symbolic in the way it is written to reflect my understanding of certain things. I ask only that you take out of this article that which resonates with you and leave the rest where it is for now.

Physicists tell us that life comes from the space inside an atom and even from the ‘space’ within the space within an atom. Everything comes from within, not from without.  Life itself is created and sustained from that which resides within. We only need to look at how a seed sprouts and transforms itself into a beautiful plant with leaves, buds, flowers and fruit, or into a giant oak tree, to appreciate this. Creation works from in, to out, from its centre, expanding forever outwards. All higher vibrations come from our higher vibratory selves and ultimately from the source of all there is - the infinite seed within. The Ahnu, the source of all life (see later) feeds itself energy from within. Ahnu’s are everywhere and probably no more beautifully represented than they are in Nature and in Man. When we channel energy without using the intellect, the energies come from that purity, which lies within each and every one of us, from that eternal and infinite space inside. The more we look inside anything, the more space, the more ‘life’ we will find. Others have been telling us the same story for thousands of years that everything comes from this ‘internal source’. For those of you who have sat in this space and wondered and exalted at the immensity of it all, the peace, the beauty, the serenity and the overall magnitude of everything; you will all know that although one feels so small, yet safe and secure in this expanse of space, one also experiences the incredible feeling and emotion of being one with everything at the same time.

What comes from this experience is the understanding that the outside universe is merely a reflection of that which exists inside us, each and every one of us; reflected so we can experience it with our physical senses – with one major difference. The major difference is that the inner reality is reflected but distorted by the mind. We create in our own image and we create by thought; thought being energy. Therefore, the outside world is merely a distorted version of what lies within, distorted by the mind/intellect/ego energy, which in the time scale of the evolution of Mankind is relatively young and immature. Whatever we experience inwardly we project outwardly through the process of thought and it is manifested. There are only two emotions, fear and love. Anger, jealousy, embarrassment, hate, revenge etc., are all emotions of fear. Is it any wonder that in the world we live in the thoughts of 5 billion plus people on this planet are generally based on fear? Can we appreciate and understand how our mind and our emotional fears can alter this inner truth and purity, and reflect a distorted version of this purity into the outside world? Could these unbalanced energies and thought forms have formulated the world as we currently know it and continue to do so with the conditioning and controlling influences of Man’s ego/intellect, which is still so prevalent and prominent in the world today? This man-made world is full of chaotic energies, fears, thought-forms, false gods, false angels and so much more – otherwise this world would be a better place in which to live and I’m sure we would notice.

We are like goldfish swimming in a goldfish bowl; swimming around in ever continuing circles and at every turn believing we are seeing something new, something different, which attracts our fancy each and every time. But just like the goldfish, when we come across Man’s duplicity again we have forgotten that we have ever come across it in the first place. Or, would it be more appropriate to say we have not been allowed to remember? The illusion has cleverly recreated exactly the same scenario it has always created, with its conditioning and controlling factors in place ready to capture, ensnare and erode the spiritual search of Man. The only difference is they are using models that have had face-lifts, sport new hairstyles and new clothes. That’s all. So like the goldfish we fail to recognise we have ever experienced anything like it before.

Physicists will also tell us that matter (the human body for example) is inert. Matter can only ‘come alive’ or become animated when it is infused with the Ether – space/energy. For those of you who have read some of my other articles you may remember the mention of an atom being 99.999% space and as we and everything else are made up of atoms, then we consist of 99.999% space, only it doesn’t appear that way. Let us take this a step further. An atom is also, therefore, made up of 0.0001% matter; therefore we are made up of 0.0001% matter too. The human body consists of 0.0001% matter and 99.999% space (Ether/light/energy - Spirit). Yet taking this into account we focus 99. 999% of our attention on the 0.0001% of what our human existence consists of, the inert part, matter: and we further consider this to be the only reality that can possibly exist – the physical, materialistic world, which we live in. I repeat, we spend 99% of our time concentrating on the 1% of who and what we are. Is this not wholly disproportionate to the true reality of what is? Why do we continue to do this? Why do we continue to ignore the 99.999% of who and what we are? We all have this wonderful space inside us; a space consisting of light and truth and a great expansive realm of possibilities to explore and enjoy. Can we possibly imagine what we are missing out on? Yet we continue to allow ourselves to be attracted and deceived by the false light and labels of the mind/ego/intellect, which are designed to attract light seekers and encourage them to look outside themselves for the answers. We see the red light in the window, enter the door and begin to give our power and control away to lower vibrational energies. The outside illusionary world created by our thoughts is merely prostitution of our spirituality, put to an unworthy use.

We have, for so long now been deceived by the Hierarchy, (the ego consciousness) that we have forgotten what vibration the truth resonates at and how we can resonate with it. This is why, when we begin this wonderful inner journey, this exploration of our own space through meditation, we tend to become disillusioned too easily. What do we generally experience first? We experience the great darkness and the ceaseless chatter of everyday life and nothing seems to happen. This mind/ego/intellect combination has been so readied and primed by the conditioning and programming it has been subjected to over the years, that it will try at all costs to stop us from discovering our true reality. So much so that in our meditations nothing spectacular seems to happen at all and we become annoyed with the incessant chatter and become even more disillusioned and enter our spiritual search mode, once again recommencing that same old journey of looking externally for the answers.  Yet those who have persevered with this marvellous journey have been justly rewarded.

Eventually the chatter slows down and then disappears, the darkness lifts and is replaced with improving light and colour and the voice of the inner self; the intuitive voice which we rarely hear becomes stronger and begins to sing the song of truth and light. We can then truly begin to explore this wonderful reality that exists in each and every one of us. We can shop in our own Shopping Mall for whatever we need, to our hearts content. When we are adjusted to this vibration of truth and light, we can see that within us lie the most exquisite treasures and wonders one could possibly behold. Amongst this immense and enchanting beauty of the many different worlds, which we can experience, we are also able to teach ourselves through the process of inner tuition. This is where the word ‘intuition’ comes from, and we can teach ourselves in a personal and symbolic way, all the knowledge and wisdom we need to know from time to time. We then wonder why we ever allowed ourselves to be tempted by the red light into looking externally for the answers at all. Meditation (stillness) helps to slow and stop the chatter of the conscious mind, but to go further is more like an inner journey using the stillness as a door to enter this realm of inner possibilities, which exists in each of us.

However, the false light of the illusion remains much easier to see because of its lower vibrations and many people without the virtue of patience, dedication and perseverance to stay with their inner journey will naturally and innocently be attracted by this light, though not knowing what it is, or what feeds it. Christ warned us 2000 years ago that we were making a mistake by placing our faith in the wrong God. Christ warned us there were two Gods and that we were following the false god and his false angels and their false truths. The true God, the Creator; was a God from above the Heavens who we could not see, not a false god created by Man who we can meet in the mountains and who rules with fear, control, belligerence, anger, fire and brimstone, jealousy, war, death, sacrifice, hypocrisy and downright deceit. Is this an uncanny description of how the world is run today? The ‘intelligence’ initially responsible for the creation and development of the ego consciousness and the ‘people’ who are responsible for enforcing its bewitching powers today, keep our search for the truth external by working through the weakness and gullibility of our intellect/mind/ego consciousness.

Materialistic beliefs and desires easily drive these lower intellectual vibrations of consciousness and so over the years it has become easy to erode the memory of who we are, where we come from and where our true spirituality lies. Why should we choose to invoke these false gods and false angels with their false truths and false energies? There are wonderful and exquisite energies here all the time, more so when we do healing work. They come without the need to invoke Man’s tainted creation, so why should we make their task more difficult by bringing in man-made predatory equivalents through the use of invocations and unbalanced symbols?


It is now the time to put my own truth forward and explain my own experiences with Reiki and in particular the Reiki Symbols. Soon after completing Reiki II I began to feel uncomfortable about using the symbols in healing. I didn’t know why. I could not put my finger on the reason why intuitively I was giving myself a hard time. I persevered with the symbols but I gradually started to become more and more uncomfortable using them. Eventually I stopped using them altogether although I still could not put my finger on the reason why, only that it did not feel right.

As my research into how energies worked (from what I could see, sense and feel energy wise) and my understanding of symbology and its' projected energetic resonance developed, I suddenly began to realise why intuitively I had felt uncomfortable using the Reiki Symbols. Everything is energy and everything is made up of a variety of vibrations, either a single vibration for the very basic form of existence or as in the human body a multitude of vibrations. A symbol is no different in the way it is composed other than it is a fixed vibration. A symbol is a fixed energy. Now, irrespective of whether a symbol is balanced or unbalanced, positive or negative, good or bad, it always represents a fixed vibration. Therefore using symbols of any nature while channelling energy for the purpose of ‘healing’ is LIMITING the energies that can be channelled. By doing this we are limiting the energies to a fixed vibration. This is the intellect getting in the way again. It is always the person receiving the treatment who does the healing; we are merely vehicles through which the energy travels. The Spirit of the person who has come for the treatment and all that IS, the Oneness of everything knows exactly what that person requires – not us or our intellect/ego! We should be as open and as pure a channel as possible to allow inner energies higher than our intellect to get on with the work.

So, irrespective of whether a symbol is good or bad it will only serve to limit the energies. This is reason enough not to use symbols in our healing sessions. [In fact in the original Reiki as developed and taught by (Mikao) Usui-sensei there were no symbols at all, contrary to popular Western Reiki beliefs and teachings today. See Chapter Seven (page 34 of PDF Version) for the True Origins of Reiki.] Even though I now understood part of why I felt uncomfortable using the symbols, I knew there was more to it and I had to wait some time to find out what that ‘more to it’ was. One day while I was involved in a treatment I started to see what was going on in the chakras energy wise. At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing but eventually was fixated watching the energies moving in the chakra. It was literally like an energy dance of various sized vortices of energy, but all constructed the same way! Here at last, in front of my physical eyes I was seeing the Ahnu, described by early theosophists as the source of all life, something I had only been privileged to see before in meditations. I show below a symbolic two-dimensional representation of an Ahnu, but that is merely all that it is, a symbolic representation. It does not do justice to the true beauty of what an Ahnu is, which has to be appreciated in the magnificence of its multi-dimensional form.

Ahnu’s are comprised of vortices of energy, which spin both ways within themselves. These energies are connected at the outside (at the top, three dimensionally) and at the centre (at the bottom three dimensionally) where they form a perfect heart.

They are one of the most beautiful sights to behold. The source of all life, the energy, which feeds all life itself. As an example, each chakra has many of these Ahnu’s within it, various sizes with a larger one in the centre around which spin and dance the others.

I can understand where the word Chakra comes from, meaning wheel, because it is like wheels within wheels yet it is more. Having a larger centre Ahnu and smaller ones around it also gives the chakra the look of a sunflower, so I could also see and understand where the description lotus flower came from, but again it is so much more.

The important part to take from this is the complete and utter balance of vortices of energy (shown on the right), which make up the Ahnu, forming a heart shape in their very centre. Each and every one of our chakras spins both ways too, creating balance. Compare this with the Cho Ku Rei symbol (on the left) and you will see that the Reiki symbol only spins one way, therefore, it is unbalanced. The Ahnu is fed from its centre so its energy comes from within itself, not from an outside source. This Reiki Symbol has an outside source of energy connected to its centre and it is fed from a right-angled source.

On an energy level of creation, the level of the Ahnu (ether/spirit) Nature does not work in right angles, nor is Nature unbalanced. Only in the physical world where energies animate matter, the 0.0001% of who and what we are (see later), do we see geometric shapes formed: such as in crystals, snowflakes etc. Has Man’s fascination with geometric shapes been responsible in some way for keeping us ‘locked’ into this physical reality? We’ll look at this possibility in part two.

Each and every one of our chakras spins both ways and like the Ahnu is comprised of twin vortices of energy. Our base chakra, for example, does not spin one way i.e. clockwise for a male and the opposite for a female, with the sacral spinning anti-clockwise and so on up the body. All chakras spin both ways at the same time creating balance. Therefore imparting a one way spin into a chakra, which is exactly what the Reiki symbol does, will only create an imbalance in the chakra by encouraging it to spin more one way than the other. 

Because this is what I see, I realise that it is only my truth and I would not expect people to give their power away by believing my truth unless it resonates and feels right deep within them. However, science can now confirm this simple fact too.

Science has discovered that a proton and a neutron, for example, contain energies which spin both ways. They have twin vortices of energy. See picture above. Scientists have also demonstrated that by imparting a one way spin into a twin vortex of energy, (i.e. energies spinning both ways at the same time), this will cause an imbalance within these twin-spinning vortices of energy.

As our chakras spin both ways at the same time, thus creating balance, then drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol, which only spins one way, over any chakra, will impart a one way spin into a twin vortex. This encourages the chakra (vortex) to spin one way more than the other creating an imbalance. The angled lines of the symbol also dissect and restrict the natural flow of energy in the chakra. This is not good either. See Part Seven for the True Origins of Reiki

Now this simple example of how the Reiki symbol creates imbalance ceases to be my truth and becomes a scientific empirical fact and as such, we can all learn from it without giving our power away to somebody else's belief or truth. This is evidenced by the many Reiki Masters and practitioners who have ceased using the symbols in their treatments and attunements, who are now experiencing profound expansions of consciousness and improvements in their work. By not giving their power away to unbalanced symbols their spirituality has been allowed to grow exponentially.

There are many thousands and thousands of wonderful people out there, who are either religious or who use Reiki (maybe both) and those who use various other modalities of healing who work through their heart centre for the good of mankind.  Some of who are able to transcend and transmute the negative effects of the ego consciousness we all keep tapping into and who are able to truly help themselves and other people in spite of these lower energy forms, which exist in today’s healing arts. Just imagine how much more could be achieved - not only for ourselves - but for the whole of humanity and Mother Earth if we stopped feeding this illusionary concept and its multifaceted representations, which surround us all by constantly giving our power away to other people and by using unbalanced symbols?

The great slumber of Man is coming to an end and the great awakening beckons us all.

We all originate from the one same source and therefore we are all connected to, attuned with and aligned to everything that is. If we were not then we would not be here, we would be dead. We are all part of the whole and we all evolve from the one source. We have just forgotten that’s all. We are everything and everything is us. Do we really believe Nature has separate pockets of energies labelled Reiki, Tera Mai, Karuna, Seichem, Sekhem, or even Uncle Tom Cobley and All? Nature just is. Everything just is. We just are. We are a part of everything, yet we are also everything at the same time. We are merely a holographic image of the whole of existence. When a hologram is broken each piece contains a picture of the whole and just as each cell of our body contains the blueprint of the whole body, so too do we contain the blueprint of the whole universe, just like the hologram. So how can we not be attuned, aligned and connected with everything that is when we hold its entire blueprint within us? Why should we pay hundreds of pounds and in some cases thousands of pounds to be attuned to something we are all already attuned to? Is it not then, more likely that Man and his ego has created these labels to make us feel inadequate and to deceive us and to encourage us to look in the wrong place for spirituality and truth? Or could it not be to make others feel superior and then make money out of teaching or attuning others into the ‘correct’ form of healing? Or both?

As long as we keep looking outside ourselves, giving our power away and allowing ourselves to be connected to, attuned to and aligned to these man-made labels of chaotic energy we will continue with our goldfish existence, swimming in continuous circles. When we focus our attention outside of us we resonate with energies that exist outside of us, mostly the ego consciousness, feeding ourselves everybody else’s thoughts and energies and everybody else’s rubbish. Many of the symbols used in various healing modalities are also designed to attract lower astral vibrations into our energy fields. Why would we want to connect with, invoke and channel these man-made lower vibrational energies and the potential problems they bring with them? After all, this is the pea-soup creation of the ego, which contains the thought-form, predatory type energies, which serve only to weaken our energy fields. No matter what label they may be wearing. Why do we do this when we can channel pure energies from within? Simply because we continue to look outside of ourselves all of the time for the answers and we are encouraged to do this by the ‘healers and dealers’ that exist in many of the modalities prevalent in today’s healing arts.

We all need to work through our shadow side to successfully and wholly move on. We do not need any help or encouragement from the modalities and symbols flooding the healing arts today to tap into this astral pea soup of man-made consciousness, which is the very cause and source of the shadow self and all it stands for.

We cannot climb a mountain by camping at the base and hoping to be at the top when we wake up in the morning. As with ascending a mountain, spirituality too should be taken one step at a time. When we begin searching for our spiritual selves we have two places where we can shop. We can shop in our inner Shopping Mall, the Shopping Mall for Truth and Light or we can shop in the Illusionary Shopping Mall. The difference being, our inner Mall is at the top of the mountain and is difficult to see and reach, whereas the illusionary Mall is always in front of us and is lit up like Blackpool Illuminations so we cannot fail to see it, or reach it. Too many people want the spiritual path to be quick and easy because there are so many methods out there which offer the same easy fix. People become a ‘Master’ in a weekend and so others want it too. Others may offer a longer solution at more cost but with the same outcome. As long as we look for the easy fix there will always be modalities out there offering a fast solution. We are our own Master if we can just access that aspect of ourselves. When we start this incredible journey the illusionary light will always appear brighter to attract us and ensnare us, just as it has over thousands of years through religion.

The illusionary Shopping Mall is more modernised these days with its Reiki shops, Sekhem shops, Karuna shops and a whole range more, the list is endless. Only we don’t buy our goods from these places with credit cards, we pay with our spirituality and our health and the well being of not only ourselves, but of the whole of humanity and Mother Earth. If our jug is constantly empty because we keep giving our power away, we are not able to quench our own thirst let alone the thirst of other people.

We are all from the same source and we are all equal. Nobody is better than we are and likewise we are no better than anybody else is. We are, after all, all one and the same. Most people who call themselves a Master are a master of nothing, least of all themselves. A true Master will never call themselves a Master or tell you what they can do and what abilities they have. Only somebody living in his or her ego will do this. A true Master will become known as a Master by his followers or disciples over time because of the energy, warmth, light and truth they radiate and the sheer pleasure one gains from being in their presence.

There are so many self-styled Masters and Gurus out there today that tell us they have amazing abilities and talents. To the vast majority of us there is just no way of determining whether what they are saying is true or not. Their stories are impossible sometimes to corroborate because they are so fantastic. In fact, the stories are so fantastic and wonderful at times that we naturally want to believe them because we want the stories to be true and we want to be part of this ‘incredible’ adventure. And so we start to give our power away again. These type of people feed on our power. Our power feeds their over inflated ego’s. They may even tell us what star system we originate from, or what part of the Solar System we first incarnated on. They may even tell us about some of our past lives, although my experience has shown they say many of the same things to many different people. I know of a number of people who were told by the same ‘guru’ that they all had the same past life. Now that must have been one crowded body. These people love to emphasise their own self importance and may even tell us of some of their own alleged past lives; always important people though, such as Merlin, Nostradamus, Tesla, Einstein or even Christ.

I know of one person who actually said he had had all of the aforementioned past lives, even though Tesla and Einstein lived at the same time. Some may even change their own names calling themselves after so-called ‘Gods’ and ‘Angels’ to impress us, such is their ego. I know one guy who firmly believes his son is God reborn and named him after one of his so-called past lives. These so-called Gurus/Masters gain their information and knowledge from reading many many books, listening to stories related by other people and from other peoples meditations. Some of these people are very clever and their façade can be at times difficult to see through, although if we tread the central path and look hard and long enough we will start to see the face behind the mask. Most of these people have a very shallow energy field too and can also appear to be very cold, emotionless people. When questioned about their abilities and their stories, which at times just don’t’ add up, their energy fields turn very black as the emotional/ego body kicks in. In India where spirituality is a way of life, bad breath is classed as a dead give away for somebody who has something to hide.

However, because these people have bought into the lower vibration of ego they cannot exist in the light of truth and we have nothing to fear from them. When we realise this and realise who and what these people truly are, we stop feeding their ego and their power is weakened and ultimately taken away. We then see them for what they truly are, sad, lonely and insecure people, who need to create a fantasy world in which they can live to avoid dealing with the issues they have buried deep within themselves. Some of these people become pathological liars and begin to firmly believe that they do live in this illusionary world they have created around themselves and which they expect everybody else to live in too. If we can dispel the ego of an individual by refusing to give them our power to feed on, then we can do like-wise with the combined ego of this man-made illusion, which surrounds us all. If more of us were to do just this, then surely we would help to purify the consciousness of Mother Earth, which nurtures us all? If we stop feeding anything it will eventually die!

The simple answer to healing work in particular, is to ALLOW, no symbols, no invocations, in fact no mind input at all because all it does is distort or limit the energies being channelled and further blocks the intuitive side from coming through. [However, sometimes it is valid to ask for help from aspects of oneself when doing inner journeys and distant healing]. We keep giving our power away to other people, to invocations and to the use of symbols, believing they all play a more important part in the healing process and life itself. By giving our power away and focusing on unbalanced energies outside of us we are feeding the predatory consciousness and it becomes increasingly more difficult to remain balanced and centred, at one with ALL THAT IS within us. By doing this we are blocking our intuitive side and stopping ourselves from moving further along this wonderful path. The answer and truth of everything lies within each of us. It is only by going within that we will find our centre, our balance, connect more consciously with our spirit and connect with our true being, which in turn enables us to channel the most purest energies of all, because they come from the balanced source within. All we need to do is to say thank you when we have finished.

Balance is a state of being, a state of calmness and extreme stillness amidst the chaos and turmoil that passes itself off as being the ‘true’ reality in which we live. Like a tornado, which weaves its chaotic magic by creating destruction, devastation and imbalance with and within everything it touches, so too does man.  Like a tornado has its inner peace - the eye of the storm - so too has Man. The centre of every storm is absolute peace, pure stillness and utter calm - complete balance amongst all the surrounding chaos. The centre of Man is no different. We need to find this inner centre, this inner balance, our own area of absolute stillness to avoid living in our own and everybody else’s chaos. A storm is only one example of how Nature shows us where and how we can find this balance, this space and inner peace of pure tranquillity.

There is no greater force than that of equilibrium. Everything, every energy, every vibration ultimately strives to reach its own perfect state of balance. We are no different. If we continue to look and focus our attention outside of us, all we will see and experience is the chaos of the storm and we will never find our inner self, our true being, who and what we really are. In attempting to reach this calm equalised state of being, it is only natural that everything including ourselves will tend to begin by swinging wildly from one extreme of chaos to another, just as a pendulum swings. We are constantly traversing the chaotic aspect of the storm if you like, passing fleetingly through that perfect balance somewhere along the way without consciously recognising or acknowledging it for what it truly is, except just enough perhaps, for our inner self, our intuitive side to register there is more to this life than we presently understand. This may explain why many of us keep searching for this something, this ‘more to life’, yet remain unsure of just what it is we are actually searching for.

Just as the universe may eventually cease to expand and begin to flow back towards its source, we too are beginning to stop searching forever outwards to find truth and balance. Through realisation, some may say awakening, we are beginning that opposite swing of the pendulum back towards our true inner selves and searching inwards, back towards balance, towards the centre away from the chaos and finally towards the peace and understanding of Oneness itself. Somewhere between that outer ‘reality’ of this chaotic physical world and the inner truth of everything that is, lies our own perfect balance, our own perfect space, which will allow us to exist as a Spiritual Being enjoying a physical experience. Not a Human Being striving and struggling to achieve a Spiritual experience in this Land of Illusion.

Why do some of us search for excitement and danger? Why do some of us always feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Why do we never feel complete, as if something is missing? Simply because something is missing. It is US. WE are missing. We have left our home, our inner home and our inner self to search and journey the land of illusion for who we really are, little realising the very place we have stepped out from houses all the answers we are looking for. While we continue to search this land of twisted truths, this land of our own creation, we continue to feel as though something is missing even more - and so we intensify our search. Yet, the enigma of it all is we continue to search this land. There are many possibilities, which could attract and hold us to this mysterious land of no answers; for it has a resonance, which can bewitch the very best of us at times. And so we continue with our search. Off we go again, travelling out into the badlands and beyond with hope and maybe a touch of desperation in our minds, while we begin to feel more than ever this aching chasm within. An ever increasing and widening chasm, creating a space we feel so urged to fill – and so we continue with this journey until we reach the autumn of our life. We then wonder what life was all about and possibly regret we didn’t search further and harder. We then leave this land of confusion and we reach a place where there are no illusionary shops, and we remember what it was we came here to shop for in the first place. And so we come back?

We should all listen to our intuition more, but first we need to help it to develop and find its voice. We can then begin to learn to live our lives by our own truth and to gradually stop living our lives by somebody else’s truth. This does not mean we should stop reading or taking advice from others, it just means the truth will gradually resonate better with each of us and we will be able to recognise it better through feeling and knowing from within, rather than relying on intellect and logic. When we start to look within, our vibrations rise quickly and soon we begin to see through the illusion and the various shops it uses to ply its trade. We are then able to replenish our jug, quench our thirst and quench the thirst of thousands of people.

If we can light our inner flame, nurture it and encourage it to grow until we become a beacon of light, we can then light up the darkness for others to safely tread their path.

Part Two: the Reiki symbol doubled and why we have only ever been given one half of it, plus the Tera Mai Zonar symbol, divination and how it developed from the fears of man himself. Numerology explained quite simply, which shows how and why we keep repeating the same mistakes and allows us to see the very simple truth (realisation) which stares us in the face each and every day. The Merkaba, the Council of Nine, plus a lot more...

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