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Steve has met with and shared experiences with many wonderful people over the years through meditations, by holding workshops, working with Nature and studying Human Energy Fields on both a physical and spiritual level and is now sharing this information through Energy Workshops, articles and energy products.

Steve has been interested in energies and human energy fields in particular, for most of his life and has been researching contributory factors in illness and disease for over eight years. Over the last few years he has focused more upon the duplicity which exists in the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts. Just before Steve's father died of cancer, Steve made him a promise that he would bring as much truthful information as possible into the public domain about the duplicity which exists in all walks of life and the greed which feeds it. This has been the driving force and motivation behind the building and developing of Equilibra into what it represents today.

Every living thing has a vibration and, therefore, everything is energy. Just as we put together letters to form words we too can put together different vibrations of energy which, synergistically, produce a collective vibrational frequency (or resonance) that can help us on many levels. Hence our Energy Products were born. From information received through our meditations and from what we see in Nature and Human Energy Fields with our physical and intuitive eyes, we have been able to put together products, which are specifically designed to help us cope better and create physical and spiritual balance in today's polluted world.

All our products are hand made by our selves and derive from our own experiences of working with natural energies. Working intuitively, enjoying the wonderful inner journey through meditation and working with nature, we have experienced many wonderful things that we can share. One of the most profound experiences of this greater reality is the realisation that absolutely everybody has this inherent ability within them. We ALL have spiritual knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love within us but are never taught this simple truth. Rather, we are taught to identify with intellect and materialism instead.

Shamans used hallucinogenic plants and herbs to enhance their experience of this greater reality - today Equilibra experiences this same reality through meditation. By tapping into the infinite truth and balance which exists in each of us, we can naturally develop our intuitive side and strengthen the connection with our inner being - our higher vibratory being - allowing more balanced information to come through into our conscious mind. This method, we find, serves us well in a world controlled by a lower vibration, that of the ego/intellect. This inner journey is a continuing journey of adventure and constant learning, through which we can truly evolve. This is how we learn true knowledge and the wisdom of how to apply it through balance, helping our environment and Mother Earth through resonance.

Our writings and workshops are based on our experiences and therefore represent our own truths and not somebody else's. We are not merely repeating somebody else's old format, updating it through ego to make us sound good and appear well informed, like so much of the so-called spiritual information available today. Our information comes from healing work, workshops, meditations and what we can actually see, both physically and intuitively. How many people, for example, claim the base chakra is red when 99% of people cannot see the chakra itself, let alone what colour it is. They are surely taking somebody else's truth as being factual, when in fact, the information may well be very misleading indeed (see articles).

We should read books and articles and do seminars and workshops, but instead of deciding what may be good for us or not by how it sounds and appears to us through our intellect, we should feel whether the 'information' is right for us or not. We should use our intuition and feel through our inner knowing, through our heart, what is right for us and discard that which is not. We can then gradually start to live our life by our own truth and not by, and in, the energy, thoughts and beliefs of others.

We do not expect people to blindly take on board what we say, but to take on board only that which resonates with them at the time. Our information is given with an open heart, honestly and freely. It is for sharing. If we are told information is secret and not to be shared, it is our opinion that this information cannot come from the heart and cannot be balanced, for knowledge belongs to no one individual. Knowledge is inherent within us all, and as such, belongs to each and every one of us and should be shared openly and lovingly.

Science has shown that plants have consciousness and respond to emotions such as fear, hate, love etc. Science has also shown that the biochemical foundation of all life is DNA and DNA holds all the information of the Universe. It has also been shown that by accessing our DNA or the DNA in plants, for example, we can, not only learn more about ourselves, but about the make-up of all that exists. Biophysics has shown our DNA is made up of light - therefore, the very core of our being is light - energy - spirit. It is by accessing this greater part of ourselves - the light - for example, through meditation, whereby we gain more knowledge of who and what we are and of the greater reality in which we all live. This could explain how indigenous people (shamans), thousands of years ago, learned the biochemical properties of hundreds of plants when science today only holds the answers to a few; and how they also knew about the very beginnings and intimate workings of existence itself. Surviving indigenous tribes still practice these traditions and their 'knowledge' continues to baffle scientists today.

In love and light

from all at Equilibra


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