Barefoot Earthing Products


Earthing Fitted Bed Sheets

earthing-fitted-bed-sheetsExperience and luxuriate in complete Full Body Earthing while you rest and sleep, no matter what your arms, legs or body may be doing! Also no need to worry about bed bugs due to the naturally inherent antimicrobial nature of the silver yarn. Use just like any normal Bed Sheet, but gain and enjoy the benefits of being fully grounded at night. If you prefer something a little more expansive and luxurious than the Earthing Bed Pad, then this is the ideal alternative and high quality solution. Material is washable using gentle detergent with Wool Mark and can be ironed on synthetic setting.


Earthing Half Sheets/Bed Pads

earthing-half-sheetsEarthing Half Sheets/Bed Pads. Lay across mattress for two person earthing, or lengthways for single person in double bed. Ideally suited for use on a single bed. Cheapest sleeping option available and good starting point


Earthing Pillow Cases

pillow2The Earthing Pillow Case is made with 50% Silver Yarn and 50% Polyester.grounded+beauty+pillowcase2

The Earthing Pillow Case is around 20″ by 32″ and is conductive on both sides. You can buy them with Mains Earth Connections, or without if using them on top of a Fitted Earthing Sheet. However, for longevity, we strongly recommend using them with their own Earth Connection. This will extend the life and conductivity of the Pillow Case/s.

We offer a special Earth Bonding Plug (with all Pillow Cases ordered with Connection Kits) that will accept three (3) Earth Lead Connections, so you can Earth your Sheet and two Pillow Cases with just one (1) Earth Plug. So if you already have an Earthing Sheet or Cocoon, then you can still use one or two Earthing Pillows on your existing Earthing Sheet whilst still only using one Mains Earth Socket connection. You will not need any extra Outlets to Earth the pillow cases!

The Earthing Pillow Cases compliment all ‘sleep-earthed’ systems by directing Earthing to the upper back, neck, head and sides of the face, as well as contributing earthing levels to the whole body. This enhances your Earthing experience whilst sleeping or resting.


Earthing Mats – Yoga Mats & Flexible Mat Kits For Home & Office

earthing-matsEXCLUSIVE TO EQUILIBRA!Yoga Mat1

Flexible Earthing Mat & (Band) Kit for the Home and Office. Put you feet on the Mat, sit on it, rest your forearms on it while using the computer. 27″ x 10″ – The Earthing yoga mat is 100% PVC-free and Latex-free.  It has an anti-slip surface, and measures 61cm x 183cm (2ft x 6ft).

Ideal for yoga, meditation, stretches, exercise, etc.  It just requires some bare skin contact in order to ground the body.

Includes a specially developed Magnetic connection cord, which will detach if accidentally pulled.  The connection cord is 4.6m (15ft) in length.  Also includes your choice of Earth connection plug or grounding rod.

Can be cleaned by wiping down with soapy water, using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.


Earthing Starter Kits

earthing-starter-kitsExclusive to Equilibra. We offer the widest range and greatest variety of Earthing Starter Kits available anywhere to help you get started, whilst also helping you to save money.




Earthing Organic Throw

Earthing-Throw-Organic-Cotton-UK-Mains-75x75Introducing the Earthing® Throw! THE BEST EARTHING EXPERIENCE EVER!

Made of the same 100% Plush, sumptuous, thick, yet soft 100% Organic Cotton that is used on the New Earthing Bed to cover the Earthing Mattress, the throw measures approximately 66″ x 41″. Great for cuddling up with, the throw is plush, luxurious, thick and soft with a tan micro-fibre backing to compliment the smooth, SOFT YET THICK organic cotton side which is embedded with ¼ mile of silver fibres. Durable, washable and warm, the throw is the cosiest way to ground! The most luxurious Earthing Product you can buy


Earthing Garments

earthing-garmentsEXCLUSIVE TO EQUILIBRA – Superb products for not only Earthing the whole body, but for supporting rehabilitation, pain reduction and healing to the whole contact area. Work extremely well on their own and with all other Earthing Products, especially the Earthing sleep systems and Earthing Mat to ensure full targeted relief and healing to specific areas of the body while we sleep. Improves Earthing when used with any Earthing Product and takes Earthing to a new level



Car Earthing Products

car-earthing-productsTraveling whilst sitting in a Faraday Cage like a Car, Bus, Train or other road vehicle, puts a lot of strain on the body due to high levels of Static electricity being created by any movement on the seats, and also the high levels of electrical radiation being stored by the vehicle itself. This is why some people feel so tired and worn out, especially after long journeys.

UNTIL NOW! We offer complete grounding solutions for Vehicle Travelling with our Vehicle Seat Pads and Vehicle Grounding Straps. Total removal of Static and excess Electricity from the body leaving you feeling more refreshed after long and even short journeys. Ideal for dealing with travel sickness too, especially for young children.[/message_box]


Earthing Sheets

earthing-half-sheets100% Cotton Super King & Queen Size Fitted Earthing Sheet. 230 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, interwoven with over half a mile of antimicrobial Medical Grade Silver Yarn. Size excluding Mattress Pockets which are approx. 18″:

Super King Size Conductive Area 78″ Wide x 80″ Length so will cover a bed up to 6′ 8″ x 6′ 6″, Queen Size 60″ Wide x 80″ Conductive Surface so will cover a bed 6′ 8″ in length x 5′ wide. Each edge of the Sheet has an 18″ pocket that wraps around the mattress and tucks under to hold it in place securely – approximately 16″-18″ deep.




Body Voltage Checker

body-voltage-checkerTo easily check Body Voltage ground the Black Lead (to radiator or Earthing Product or Ground Plug) and hold the Red Lead between finger and thumb, or place on bare skin on the body. Take a reading while not earthed. You may need to adjust the AC Voltage Range by pressing the Range Button to obtain a reading.

Then test again while feet are on the Earthing Product to see how much Body Voltage has been reduced by. Using an Earthing Mat for example, you should see the AC Voltage reading drop into the low mV and to even 10ths of a mV. Can also be used to give an idea of the Resistance (therefore conductivity) of the Earthing Product. Full instructions provided. Will also measure the flow of Free Electrons into the Body.


Earthing Accessories/Replacements


All Accessories and/or Replacements necessary for your Earthing Products





Socket Checkers


This UK Socket Checker is the market leader with over 2 million sold. It is not a cheap Far Eastern import that may offer unreliable results. This is a professional model and comes with a Two Year Warranty inside. Rapidly indicates socket status on 32 levels and shows up to 28 faults. Easy to use and drop proof. 100% accurate and reliable.

Plus we now offer a Standard EU Socket Checker


All Earthing Products


Barefoot Connections / EarthFX Earthing Products For The Home, Office and Travelling. 100% Cotton Super King Size Half Sheets (Bed Pads), King & Queen Fitted Sheets, Flexible Earthing Mat Kit Exclusive To Equilibra, Auto Vehicle Earthing Seat Pads and Vehicle Grounding Straps, Grounding Garments, Plus Water and Water Filter Earthing/Grounding Mats/Pads.




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