These content within these articles is for people who are disillusioned with what is going on in the world and who want to escape the Matrix of Illusion we currently find ourselves trapped within. The intention is to create critical thinking about our current perceptions of reality by using science, facts, historical records, personal accounts and more to arrive at a more logical, common sense and reasoned understanding of Nature and Creation. An understanding and awareness that is in sharp contrast to the ‘official’ version we have had forced upon us for thousands of years.

List of Articles:

Please note that the first Five Shopping For Spirit Articles have been recently updated with additional information:

1. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part One
2. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Two
3. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Three
4. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Four
5. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Five
6. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Six 
7. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Seven
8. Shopping For Spirit – The Search For Truth, Part Eight
9. Shopping For Spirit The Search For Truth, Part Nine
10. Shopping for Spirit CHAPTER 10 – This is still a work in progress and needs to be finished, but well worth reading as it takes the previous nine articles to a more expansive and deeper level
10a Healing Energy And Water
11. The Dangers Of EMF Radiation
12. How EMF’s, mobile phones and their transmission towers DO affect our health
13. The Illusion Which Surrounds Us All
14. Graviola – Read about this amazing Amazonian rainforest plant that has cytotoxic properties
15. The Gentle Wind Project?
16. The Human Assemblage Point
17. The True Origins Of Reiki
18. How The ‘Memory’ of Water Has Helped to Create The Astral Reality+++.
19. Positively Negative, Examining the ‘AIDS test’ by Steven Ransom and Phillip Day
20. The Soul and the Spirit – Difference:  Their Role in Consciousness; How We Attract The Astral and Their Role in the Souls’ Journey in the Afterlife.
21. The Memory of Water – Astonishing Photos to show how water stores and shares information
22. The Adverse Health Effects of EMFs from Modern Technology
23. Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health
24. The Truth about Reincarnation – Warts and All
25. The NWO Now Controls the World – What we Need to Know & What We Need to Do
26. Christ is the Sun Part 1 – The True Origins of Christ, who and what Christ was and is.
27. Christ was and is the Sun – Part 2 – Written by a Pastor who is brave enough to share some truth about Christ
28. NEW: The Origins of the Importance of the Crown Chakra – What everybody needs to know about HOW the Crown Chakra is used by the Astral to control us and infect us with their entities.
29. How the World is and has been Controlled by the Same Secret Families – And What We Need to Do
30. The Secret Plan of the Old World Order
31. Why chemtrailing – The Shield Project – The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 2 Billion people will be wiped out due to Chemtrail (also know as Geoengineering) Programmes being carried out by Governments around the world since the late 1990s.
32. Chemtrails And Vaccines – The Slow Death – Just WHAT are they spraying and WHY? Why Vaccines and genetically modified Flu Viruses and Mycotoxins are being sprayed, and why further vaccinations will most likely cause death to those who are vaccinated.
33. William Thomas – Chemtrails Killing us Slowly – “Many autoimmune diseases have been seen in the wake of the chemtrail spraying – such as chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lupus, once very rare transverse myelitis and meningitis. My researchers and I are also finding that there appears to be a mental-emotional component to this spray that is a disorienting factor. It is a factor that makes people lethargic and mentally confused, with an inability to concentrate and short-term memory loss…”
34. German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails
35. Archons – How they control the world  And have done for thousands of years. One of the most important articles anybody can, and should read!
36: EXISTENCE Part 1. – This Creation and Existence as explained from the perspective of the Illuminists/Gnostics. This is a Thesis.
37: EXISTENCE – Antithesis Part 2 – This Creation described as an Antithesis to what the Illuminists believe.
38: EXISTENCE – PART3 – This is a Synthesis on Creation and Existence that pulls the best from both ideas and represents a far better and more accurate of Existence and how the world and humans are being controlled. If you want to know about Creation then it is ll here laid out bare.
39: The Inner Journey and meditation – For thousands of years the wise people of the word have been advocating the importance of looking within for the answers through the Inner Journey. This article will help people to appreciate what shenanigans to expect when taking part in this Inner Journey and just how the Astral will try and stop you at every corner.
40: Hyperreality – Mathematics and the Inner Journey – This should really be called Existence Part 4 as it expands on the information shared above and helps to put the Illuminists All is Number and Everything is Math into a greater more expansive perspective.
41: Indoctrination – What is it and how it works – How and Why our Belief Systems can be dangerous to our spiritual search
42: The Inner Journey and meditation
43: CFL Lightbulb Dangers – Dangers of Low Energy Light Bulbs
44: CFL Lightbulb Dangers Concise Dangers
45: Factsheet_Health_risks_associated_with_energy_saving_lamps[1]
46: SolarEMFHazard – Dangers of Solar Panels, what we all need to know
47: The Mythos Mafia and the Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits1A


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A Brief Description of some of the Articles

SHOPPING FOR SPIRIT – THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH – PART ONE A tremendous introduction and insight into what we are and what spirituality is all about. How and why we are focusing on the 0.0001% of who and what we are to the detriment of the 99.999% of who and what we truly are. How we limit our spiritual potential when we use symbols and invocations in healing (channelling energies). Why every chakra spins both ways at the same time. Reiki and its unbalanced symbols. False Masters and false Guru’s etc. The importance of finding balance and our own centre within. The importance of intuition. Our externalisation of spirituality and how this allows us to shop in an Illusionary Shopping Mall so connecting with the outside ego consciousness.

SHOPPING FOR SPIRIT – THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH – PART TWO More on the Illusionary Shopping Mall. Divination and the part it plays. Study of numerology and symbology, which shows how we have, over time, locked ourselves firmly into the physical reality and the ego consciousness which feeds the physical reality. Mans fixation with the physical aspect of creation and how this has seeded itself into the New Age Movement and the Healing Arts. The Cabalistic, Occult and Free Masonic influences and undercurrents running through New Age Philosophy and many healing modalities.We examine the Council of Nine, the Merkaba, the Reiki double Cho Ku Rei and Tera Mai Zonar symbols. Basics of Initiatic Science. Ascension and moving into the fourth dimension and why this popular belief is founded on inversions of truth and merely serves to restrict our spiritual growth.

SHOPPING FOR SPIRIT – THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH – PART THREE What is consciousness and what is this ‘outside consciousness’?  Where does it exist and how has it become imbalanced over time? How this consciousness feeds its imbalance into our energy fields. Water, emotion, consciousness – the connection and true implications on a cellular, human and planetary level. Karma – how the present day popular beliefs are merely a smoke screen to stop us from recognising the mistakes we are continually making. Past life issues – just who’s past life are we experiencing? More about Chakras.The Human Assemblage Point and its important role in maintaining purity of consciousness. Why this is an internal connection with Source (Spirit) and not an external connection. The Earth’s Assemblage Point, which shows that the Earth’s consciousness has become unbalanced. Higher dimensional realities and the inner journey. The Ancient Egyptian Gods of the Ennead and what their true heritage and message could be.


Please note that following feedback from some people who have been unable to open or download this article – for reasons which still remain unknown – this article is now only available as a PDF File. This article has been recently rewritten and includes additional information.The Cancer Fraud and is AIDS a myth? Tamoxifen: cure or cause of cancer? More on the inverted truths we are being constantly fed. The disease we have created in the consciousness of Mother Earth and how we are continually duped into feeding and perpetuating this disease. Predator energies, just what are they?Aliens, UFO’s – a reality or a clever con? Judge for yourself. Is a new religion being seeded into the psyche and consciousness of Man? Exposing E.T. Spiritual hierarchies for what they are. Angels, Archangels, the Ascended Masters – from where do these archetypes originate? Their origins may come as a shock to many people. Our externalisation of the inner journey which keeps our inner light locked in darkness.

More on the importance of Water and introducing ‘Thought Form Photography’ – developed by Professor David Schweitzer – which demonstrates how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions doinfluence and alter the structure of water – consciousness in this physical reality. See exciting photographs! More on Reiki and ‘Alien’ Reiki Masters +++++



This article pulls everything together. Our interaction through consciousness with ALL living things. Why are we here and our main purpose in this physical incarnation? The greatest illusion of all. The reason why so many well-intentioned people are still being steered into the illusion and all the illusion entails.DNA and the inner journey. The way of accessing knowledge and the understanding of ALL Living things, and importantly, who and what we really are. We look at The Greatest Ever Lie Of Man and the implications it has on our spirituality and physical health. How everything in Nature works in the same simple way to maintain balance – ourselves included. The Way Forward and DNA And The Extra Mile – Our True Heritage?”This article explains it just as it is. Phenomenal”, Gary from Hartlepool. “Your articles and information, especially Part Five, are deserving of the highest praise” Bill, Reiki Master and retired Freemason.



When you switch off the intellect and listen through your heart, you will hear all you need to hear!We have more on the inner journey and new information on how the illusion affects consciousness and creates what we perceive as being evil in the world today. More on the external unbalanced ego-conciousness and how and where ‘mind-control’ is evident in todays illusory reality. Aliens, reptiles, shape-shifting reptoids – just what is going on here? Information on how we can understand shape-shifting and an excercise you can carry out which puts this apparent enigma into its proper perspective and that allows us to see reality – both real and illusory – in a different way to our currently conditioned perspective of it.A postscript on the tragic event of 9/11 and, in keeping with the context of this series of articles, just why this may have happened.



The Assemblage Point (Sacred Heart), Discarnate Spirits, Lost Souls and how the Illusion manifests in the AfterlifeHow and why the Assemblage Point in humans has become blocked or locked at the rear of the heart centre.Lost Souls – what are they, and from where do they originate? What are discarnate spirits and ‘Spirit Guides’ psychics talk about, and how do these ‘spirits’ and lost souls affect our consciousness in this physical reality?

Does, what we read about ‘lost souls’ and the Spirit World in many books today, have any bearing on the truth, or is it all a part of the ‘illusion’ yet again, to prepare us and condition us into believing what to expect when we depart the physical body? What exactly happens to our ‘Soul’ in the afterlife, and what does this mean for us in this physical reality? Just how can we avoid the illusory afterlife?

How the human Soul HAS DEVOLVED over thousands of years contrary to popular belief, the true origins of the Baptism of the Soul and how we can resurrect our Soul whilst we are in the physical body. Plus the True Origins of Reiki, which explains why Western Reiki IS part of the illusory reality we have created, as we discussed in Parts 1 ‘&’ 2. This information may come as a shock to many Reiki Masters living in their ego, but will come as a welcome relief to those who are genuinely working through their heart centre for the love of all things.

Simple solutions on how we can once again become the Immortal Man our ancestors talked about, and how we can ALL, each and every one of us, recover our Christ Consciousness – the reflected purity of the Virginal Spirit, the Light – in this physical reality. Origins of the Reptilian Bloodline theory, Alien Thought Forms + A whole lot more.

Please note that as there are a lot of images in this article, they may take a while to load even when the text loads quickly. Before printing this article, please allow about 5 minutes for the more detailed images to load, the one on page 3 and the Reiki image at the end of the article. Thank you.

If you prefer, click on the VIEW icon to the right of the above title to download a PDF version of this article as this may be a lot quicker.


NEW ARTICLE SHOPPING FOR SPIRIT THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH – PART EIGHT A very important article explaining reincarnation, where it came from and what, or who, it applies to, and most importantly WHY. Plus, alien abduction experiences explained simply, and how ‘lost souls’ and ‘thought-forms’ from the Archons Astral Reality (illusory afterlife) that attach to our body, or ‘meld’ with our soul/consciousnessare, are responsible for many of our physical illnesses and how these attachments can and do affect and direct our consciousness/soul and belief systems. Just whose past life are we REALLY experiencing? Past life regressive hypnotherapy +++ Click on the above title for more information about this article

SHOPPING FOR SPIRIT THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH – PART NINE Probably the most important article in this series of writings. Explains exactly how, and why, we humans are being controlled by our own creation through our belief systems, entity possession passing itself off as Reincarnation, how all our belief systems have the one same Core Foundation, plus a whole lot more too.

THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT How the Soul and the Spirit differ, and how they work together to create our energy field, our energetic signature tune. How we humans attract the astral towards us through our signature tune without even knowing, darkening our soul/consciousness. The role the Spirit and the Soul play in the Souls’ journey in the Afterlife.


A stand alone article written for a leading publication in the UK. Today we have stopped listening to our intuition and instead we rely upon our mind and our intellect to guide us. Could this be a mistake? Is this why ‘society’ is becoming worse, violence is on the increase and why we keep polluting the Earth?Where do we humans fit in with creation and nature and what are the two main factors in this physical reality which govern our physical health and well being? Even our energy fields and our overall spirituality? Could these two important elements provide the simple answers to many of our questions today?Plus, how light-energy can improve your health and your emotional well being and how a unique energy product can be used by anybody to achieve these improvements.


THE DANGERS OF EMF RADIATION Does electromagnetic and electrical radiation pose a threat to our physical and spiritual well being? Read the true science and discover how certain findings have been manipulated before being delivered to the public. How we can minimise the effects of these man-made hazards.

HOW EMF’S, MOBILE PHONES AND THEIR TRANMISSION TOWERS/MASTS CAN AND DO AFFECT OUR HEALTH New information on just how dangerous these types of radiation really are. How they DO affect and damage our subtle energy fields and, therefore, create disturbances in our energy fields, which will manifest as a physical problem. The science of biophysics shows us how and why this is so.Are the new era of Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT) on the market safe? Or do they emit dangerous microwave radiation? And if they do, and they are dangerous, why are we not being told? We have the answers.

THE ILLUSION THAT SUROUNDS US ALL – THE ILLUSION THAT IS SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYING MOTHER EARTH Could the Sun be a cold dark place? Is our food being negatively energised? Has science found Alien DNA in our human make up? Is it possible that there is not one book on the chakras, chakra healing and balancing that is anywhere near to the truth? How effective and dangerous is this Illusion?For more on the Illusion and where and how it manifests, please read the Shopping For Spirit Articles.


GRAVIOLA – FROM THE AMAZONIAN RAINFOREST Read here about Graviola. “The claim to fame of Graviola is its cytotoxic properties, which means its ability to kill cells. Cytotoxic often refers to the ability to kill cells that are not functioning properly and which can put the whole body at risk. More than 34 cytotoxic compounds have been isolated from Graviola, some of them being up to 100 million times more potent than commonly used cytotoxic compounds.” Christian Drapeau, BSc., MSc.

THE GENTLE WIND PROJECT By Steve Gamble and Ivan Fraser. Here are two articles reproduced in one file taken from the Truth Campaign Magazine  No’s 25 & 26 (Winter 2002 & Spring 2003) published in the UK.* See statement below 

THE HUMAN ASSEMBLAGE POINT (SACRED HEART) A very important Energy Centre of the body. The Assemblage Point houses our inner spiritual energy and it is important that this energy point is kept cleansed from external attachments, and balanced with the flow from in to out. It is not an external connection with Source as many incorrectly believe today. It is an INTERNAL connection with our spiritual energy. Read why this is.

THE TRUE ORIGINS OF REIKI Taken from the Shopping For Spirit Articles 3 & 7. An important read for anybody involved in Western Healing Modalities, especially Reiki. The origins of Reiki as handed down by Usui-sensei have nothing to do with Western Reiki, or any of its derivations today, no matter what we may read or be told. Find out why this is.

NEW ARTICLE – HOW THE ‘MEMORY’ OF WATER HAS HELPED TO CREATE THE ASTRAL REALITY WHICH MANY PEOPLE TODAY BELIEVE IS A SPIRITUAL ONE The importance of water as consciousness, and the role water’s ‘memory’ has played in the creation of the Astral Reality and the Astral Lords. How today we are being virtually controlled by our own creation – all because of water’s ability to store and share information with all life-forms+++.

NEW ARTICLE – Positively Negative, Examining the ‘AIDS test’ by Steven Ransom and Phillip DayThe second in a series of articles on HIV/AIDS from the forthcoming Credence title ‘The Truth about HIV’. This installment details the fatally flawed reality of the AIDS test, the ‘myths’ created about HIV and AIDS by our peers, which then become ‘historical facts’ in the eyes of the public, often causing unnecessary pain, suffering, guilt and much more.

NEW ARTICLE – The Memory of Water – Proof that water stores and shares information (energy) with all living things. Astonishing photos

NEW ARTICLE How Safe is our modern telecommunications technology? Find out how and why this new form of EMF/EM radiation could be extremely bad for our health. This new ‘technology’ that we all seemingly cannot  possibly live without could well be the latest health time bomb to hit, as big a health risk as both Asbestos and Tobacco have been. Read here what we all should know about this new technology, what we are not being told, how this technology can affect us in a detrimental way, and why it is imperative that we should protect our selves and our family, and importantly, how.

NEW ARTICLE How Safe is Your mobile phone? Find out how and why Mobile Phones use may be a danger to Your Health.

NEW ARTICLE: The Truth about Reincarnation – Warts and All. Everything you need to know about the lie that is Reincarnation. What reincarnation really is, and why the world is in the mess it is with strange and crazy things happening all over the world. Why are we poisoning the Earth, the Seas, the Land, the Air? Why are we forced to take toxic medications, why are groups of wildlife becoming extinct? Why is there a Global Agenda for Depopulation? Why humans have been duped, lied to and conned for thousands of years. Nothing you believe is actually what it seems!

NEW ARTICLE: The New World Order now controls the world – fact. What we need to know and what we need to do to help humanity, the Earth, Nature and all living things. Important information.

NEW ARTICLE – The True Origins of Christ Part 1 – A must read

NEW ARTICLE – The True Origins if Christ Part6 2 – Written by a Pastor

NEW ARTICLE: The Origins of the Importance of the Crown Chakra – What everybody needs to know about HOW the Crown Chakra is used by the Astral to control us and infect us with their entities. The Crown chakra is NOT the most spiritual chakra at all, and we should never ever focus upon this area as if it were. Full information about how we yet again have been manipulated into believing an Archon-Astral Lie.

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