Nutrition Products

Nutritional Products


Earthing/Grounding The Human Body – Professional & Flexible Grounding Solutions

Grounding the human body today is probably one of the most simple, yet profound decisions we can make. We have evolved in direct contact with the earth, walking barefoot, sleeping on the earth and using natural footwear that kept us ‘earthed’ and ‘grounded’. Today we wear footwear with rubber-molded soles that insulate us from contact with the Earth. With the plethora of mobile phone masts and all things wireless, we are being bombarded with electrical radiation from all quarters which can lead to a build up of electrical stress. Is it any wonder that more and more people are becoming electro-sensitive (ES) – a known and recognised medical condition in Sweden – and that chronic conditions are on the rise? Therefore, it follows that in today’s electrically-polluted world it is prudent to allow our body the opportunity to be able to discharge as much of this unnatural and excessive electrical stress as it can, as often as it can. For our body to do this it needs to be connected with nature, with the earth. We also offer GroundShield, a double action solution to our electrosmog threat. 30,000x more conductive than other Grounding Sheets and Shielding at >60db from 30MHz to 3GHz. (To read more about why it is important to improve our connection with Nature and Mother Earth and the impact our environment has upon our health, please click here…   and for more information click here

 Bipolar Ionizers – The Best Ionisers in the World – As Important as Earthing is for the Body. For Restoring the Perfect Balance of Small Air Ions (SAI) Necessary for the Good Health and Balanced  Existence  of all Biological Life Forms. There is an abundance of scientific studies available  which  confirm that Bipolar Ionization destroys Airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Allergens and other particulates (like chemtrails), as well as naturally increasing the level of SAI and Oxygen Ions in the air. Thus leaving us with Fresh Healthy Living  Air. Air quality that  is  exactly  what  we find produced naturally in the wide open spaces of Nature. Also completely neutralises the negative effects of using so much electronic equipment. Important also for Electro- and chemically-sensitive people.


Original Quinton Marine Plasma – Mother Nature’s Most Efficient Natural Health Solution

Like Phytoplankton, this is another of Mother Nature’s nutritional gifts to all living things. A nutrient rich soup produced in Plankton Blooms that the largest mammals on earth swim thousands of miles to feed on. A must for supporting and restoring a balanced healthy system.

Oxygen – Stabilized Oxygen
Probably one of the best liquid stabilised oxygen products on the market with over 30  years of scientific study behind it.

Vitamin B17 (Laetrile)
Read about this amazing natural substance

GO-Nitrix – Now Healthy Flow for Cardiovascular Support

Until not so many years ago, no one knew that the body produced nitric oxide. A team of scientists in the 90’s discovered that not only does the body produce nitric oxide, but that its’ function within the body is critical to the maintenance of supple arteries: they discovered that nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator – this simply means that it keeps the large arteries open and maintains their smooth ‘Teflon like’ surface so that blood can flow normally. This research culminated in them winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine 1998. We know that when the arteries become stiff and deposited with plaque and other fatty substances, the body is much more likely to suffer thrombosis, heart attack or stroke. It is generally accepted that stiffening of the arteries is a fact of life – all part of the ageing process. We now have scientific evidence that when the body produces enough Nitric Oxide it can not only stop this process of stiffening but in many cases reverse it. This proces may help to keep arteries younger, prevent heart attacks and strokes, along with helping to increase circulation which would aid with nutrient delivery to cells, sexual performance, stamina and all round energy levels. A basic understanding of biology shows us that it is the amino acid L-Arginine (one of the basic building blocks of life) that the human body uses to produce Nitric Oxide, known scientifically as the N.O. Pathway. People may therefore choose to supplement their diet with L-Arginine: Go-Nitrix with L-arginine

Hungarian Salt Pipes

Natural Salt has been used as a folk remedy for many centuries. Roman Soldiers were paid in Salt. This is where the word ‘Salary’ comes from. Natural mineral-rich salt was known as White Gold many years ago because of the wide range of health problems that were reversed through taking it. This is why it was valued so much. Many people over the years and today visit the Salt Mines of Eastern Europe to breathe in the nutrient rich salt air that they contain, and there are many anecdotal stories of how people gained substantial benefits as a result. Now, the principle of this Salt Mine Therapy of Eastern Europe is brought to you in the form of Salt Pipes which contain this natural mineral-rich crystalline salt from 20-22 millions years ago. The Salt Pipes are placed in the mouth and the nutrient rich salt vapours are inhaled

Andrographis Paniculata – Organic
Andrographis is a small annual plant that is easy to grow and its use in no way threatens any natural wild populations. Known as ‘The King of Bitters’ it is a truly disgusting tasting herb that is packed into a taste-free vegetarian capsule. Herbal remedies have been used safely and effectively in all traditional societies for thousands of years. This herb is organic and traceable back to the field from where it was grown.

Dosage: Take 2 capsules 3 times a day. Use short term for infections. Don’t use: If you are pregnant

See Link Below for more information

Certified organic by the Soil Association – History of Andrographis

Allicin – The Active part of Garlic, Mother Nature’s Natural Antimicrobial

100% Stabilised (Allisure) Allicin (Click on above link to purchase) is a unique extract from fresh garlic and has a number of exciting properties. Only recently, decades after allicin was first identified in the laboratory, has it been possible to produce a stabilised form on a commercial scale. A team of chemists and chemical process engineers have pioneered and patented the unique process of water-based extraction and freeze drying that made this possible. This milestone achievement has finally made it possible for researchers to explore allicin’s potential more fully and more freely to confirm the most incredible spectrum of activity against a host of common ailments. Stabilised Allicin has also been proven to have a great deal of synergy with other natural extracts leading to an increased efficacy. Garlic cloves are odour-free until crushed or processed when garlic supplements are manufactured and cross-section studies have indicated that the substrate alliin and the enzyme allinase are located in different compartments. This unique organization suggests that it is designed as a potential defence mechanism against microbial pathogens in the soil. Invasion of the cloves by fungi and other soil pathogens causes the interaction between alliin and allinase that rapidly produces allicin and which in turn inactivates the invader. The reactive allicin molecules can now be stabilised thanks to a new process where the biologically active Allicin is quickly diluted with water under controlled temperature and pressure to produce a perfectly stable liquid Allicin. See Article 1, and Article 2, for more information. 100 Capsules @ 180mg per capsule

Good Health Naturally – Excellent Wide Range of Nutritional Products
Powerful Antioxidants, Probiotics, CoQ10, Curcumin, the amazing Serrapeptase and the NEW all-in-one Blockbuster Allclear formulated to provide a synergistic ‘all purpose’ formula that may support the body in in many ways. When you first visit this site click on the Register Button, type in your name and then a simple to remember password and complete the other details. Where asked for ID Code of Good Health Advisor please type in 1782. Once registered you can Login at any time in the future to browse the 100’s of important nutritional products that are available, great informational books, Electronic Acupressure Kits, and/or just to order your preferred products, check order status etc. More information on selected products to follow in due course.

Serrapeptase: 250,000 IU per capsule! A truly amazing enzyme discovered by Japanese scientists and produced by the Silk Worm. Read about the real value of taking Serrapeptase here.To Purchase the New High Potency Serrapeptase Products @ 250,000iu activity in Capsule form  Click Hereor 

Read here about Graviola
“The claim to fame of Graviola is its cytotoxic properties, which means its ability to kill cells. Cytotoxic often refers to the ability to kill cells that are not functioning properly and which can put the whole body at risk. More than 34 cytotoxic compounds have been isolated from Graviola, some of them being up to 100 million times more potent than commonly used cytotoxic compounds.” Christian Drapeau, BSc., MSc. Please note that we do not sell this product.



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