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CheckerUKThis UK Socket Checker is the market leader with over 2 million sold. Price: See Shop

This is a professional model and comes with a Two Year Warranty inside. Rapidly indicates socket status on 32 levels and shows up to 28 faults. Easy to use and drop proof. 100% accurate and reliable.

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This is not a cheap Far Eastern import!

If anybody is unsure about the condition of their electrical outlets and whether or not they have a valid and useful Earth connection (for older properties), then if you buy a UK Socket Checker first and then go on to purchase a Barefoot Connections Earthing Bed Pad/Cocoon or Earthing Mat Kit, we will refund your credit card with £10.00 against that purchase if you return the Socket Checker in it’s original  packaging undamaged.

For EU Customers, please visit this link to obtain a basic EU Socket Checker, or visit your local electrical wholesaler for advice:

TesterDigital Multimeter To Show Body Voltage Reduction From Your Earthing Product/s

Product Details

This digital multimeter is autoranging and features a large rotary knob for easy selection of the required test. For people who want to check that their Earthing Product is actually working.

There are two additional buttons, one to lock the range and the other to hold the result on the display. The multimeter functions include DC Volts, AC Volts, AC Amps, Ohms, Continuity with Audible Indication and Diode Test. Click on Image to order!

To check Body Voltage ground the Black Lead (to earthed radiator or Earthing Product or Ground Plug connected to mains outlet) and hold the Red Lead Pin between finger and thumb, or place it on bare skin on the body. Take a reading while not Earthed. You may need to adjust the AC Voltage Range by pressing the Range Button to obtain a reading depending on level of body voltage. Then test again while feet are on the Earthing Product to see how much your Body Voltage has been reduced. Using an Earthing Mat for example, hold the Red Lead Pin with one hand and place the Black Lead Pin on the Earthing Mat, and you should see the AC Voltage reading drop into the low mV and to even 10ths of a mV, depending on external AC and Wi-Fi influences. Can also be used to give an idea of the Resistance (therefore conductivity) of the Earthing Product and Ground Leads used. Full instructions provided.

Each digital multimeter is supplied with standard test leads, batteries, protective rubber holster and instruction manual. 2 year Warranty inside. BACK IN STOCK

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