Dr LaMars Stabilized Oxygen



  1. Do you suffer from frequent colds or gastrointestinal bugs?
  2. Do you suffer from chronic fungal infections?
  3. Do you suffer from autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or Crohn’s disease?
  4. Could your immune system benefit from a good “boost” that promotes optimal immune function?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dr. LaMar’s Liquid Stabilized Oxygen might be the product for you!

What is stabilized liquid oxygen exactly? No. Our bottles do not contain actual oxygen in a liquid form. What this product does is much, much more. Its main ingredient is sodium chlorite, or NaClO2 for short. When NaClO2 reacts with certain acids, it creates chlorine dioxide, or ClO2, which is known as one of the best and most versatile antimicrobial and parasite remedies to date. What makes this so great is as it combats against anaerobic microbes and parasites, it does not damage the beneficial lactobacteria found in the flora of our intestines. The by-product left behind by NaClO2 and ClO2 are trace amounts of NaCl, table salt, making Dr. LaMar’s Liquid Stabilized Oxygen an organic naturoceutical.

Because of its strong oxidizing effect, ClO2 seems to neutralize many poisons, may help with toothaches, and make stored heavy metals more water-soluble so that they can be easily expelled from our bodies. Another benefit of ClO2 is that it does not react with organic matter like our cells, food, and “good” intestinal bacteria.

“The Easiest Way to Better Health” By: Dr. LaMar Diltz N.D., M.T.

Have You Ever Wondered What the Essence of Life is? The answer is oxygen. Your body is composed of 59% oxygen. The average person consumes 6 to 8 lbs. of oxygen, 4 lbs. of food and 2 lbs. of water per day. “Twice as much oxygen is needed as food or water”. Oxygen is your most prevalent nutrient, yet it is the most overlooked and neglected.

The chemistry of your life is dominated by the chemistry of oxygen. Your body is a composition of chemicals, oxygen (59%) being the most important. “Your life begins with oxygen and ends with the last breath’. Your lungs feed oxygen to the blood as it passes through them. The iron and hemoglobin in the blood delivers the oxygen to each cell where it produces energy by combining with sugar molecules in caloric oxidation. You need plenty of oxygen for heat or combustion, which is necessary to release the nutrients in the food you eat and to deliver them to tissues. Oxygen is a natural antibiotic which dis¬solves plaque, stones and cholesterol in the arteries, joints, capillaries and works as an antibiotic against anaerobic bacteria, spurs cell immunity, helps against septicemia, carbon monoxide poisoning, peritonitis, and intestinal blockage. Many of our problems are in direct relationship to a lack of oxygen, which allows anaerobic bacteria in candida, cancers and diabetes. “ Ever wonder why you are so tired after a big meal?”

Let’s take a look at some of your oxygen robbers! Sugar robs tissue oxygen, shallow breathing, the destruction of our green forests, lack of exercise and stress. In some cities the oxygen level is as low as 7 to 10 percent, un-oxygenated tap water with contaminants and cooking depletes oxygen. Both smoking and overeating will cause severe oxygen deficiencies. Not only is more oxygen required by the oxygen reduction system to complete the digestive process, but because of the excess of toxic metabolic waste products the body has to deal with.

Research shows that oxygen deficiency can be the single greatest cause of disease. Ac¬cording to the National Institute of Health’s latest research, ‘80% of us spend 90% of our time in controlled environment’ , breathing the same air over and over. Oxygen deficiency is behind a lot of disorders and health problems. Immune system, energy production, detoxification and overall health depend on a high level of oxygen in your body. You can starve your body of oxygen. For example: virtually all heart attacks come down to a failure to deliver oxygen to the hard working heart muscle, just like you take vitamins to supplement what you are not getting in your food, you need to take liquid stabilized oxygen to supply your blood with extra oxygen
Remember, you need twice as mach oxygen as you need food. I tell my friends in the health food industry that every¬one who enters their stores needs oxygen. “Liquid Stabilized Oxygen improves the integrity of all inter-cellular fluids.” Everybody wins with Liquid Stabilized Oxygen; the elderly, those with chronic fatigue and weakened immune systems, active children, teenagers, athletes, parents and busy professionals. It is too simple sometimes, because medical science and treatments are so complicated, we think the answer has to bet. This is not true! Life begins with oxygen and ends with the last breath.

As I have lectured throughout the world, the most asked question has been; “If there was only one thing I could do for my health, what would you recommend Doc?” My answer has always been the same. Be¬fore there was food, there was oxygen. Without oxygen nothing lives. I consider Liquid Stabilized Oxygen one of the biggest breakthroughs in medical history. One of the most valuable benefits to be derived from adding liquid stabilized oxygen regularly to your health regime is the fact that it destroys the putrefying bacteria in a person’s digestive tract. A large percent of the food we eat literally rots before it is completely digested and absorbed. This is evidenced by the fact that most bathrooms have an air freshener of some kind.
Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is an aqueous solution of non-toxic sodium chlorite (NaCIO2) and pure de-ionized water. This unique formula stabilizes thou¬sands of oxygen molecules in a solution with electrons galore. With these negatively charged oxidizers, viruses, bacteria, and protozoa are kept from causing disease in the body. It is the only non-toxic, virtually taste¬less product I know of that will add extra oxygen to your blood¬stream.

Because of the importance of oxygen as a supplement, there are many products on the market today that claim to be oxygen supplements. However, most of them are designed to stimulate oxygen in the body, they do not add extra oxygen to the body. A lot of them are no more than salt water. Sodium Chloride is table salt. Most of these products, when tested in the lab, do not have enough oxygen to measure. The stabilized oxygen in Dr. LaMar’s Liquid Stabilized Oxygen has been used and proven to in¬crease the oxygen level of the blood since 1971 and is the one that other’s are trying to copy. “Why settle for less than the best?” For a few cents a day, Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is the best insurance I know for a healthy life full of energy and vitality.