Earthing Pillow Cases

EQUILIBRA UK (1)Grounded Beauty – Earthing Pillow Cases

This revolutionary new product is made from 99.9% pure silver! 

Super Conductive! 2000 x More Conductive than any other Genuine Earthing Product – Empower and Enhance Your Sleeping-Earthed Experience to the Ultimate Level Ever!


grounded+beauty+pillowcase2The Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Case:
This revolutionary new product is made from 99.9% pure silver which when combined with the effects of Grounding can provide healing and calming effects on or bodies, lower stress, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. This is a highly conductive Earthing/Grounding Product, providing far more Earthing benefits than any other product!

At LESS that 1 Ohm Resistance, this revolutionary Pillow Case is thousands of times more conductive, and thus effective, than any other Earthing Product.

Can also be used (with Pillow) under the knees, calves, ankles and feet, or laid over the tummy or chest – or however intuitively you see fit – to treat specific areas of the body to reduce inflammation, pain and support homoeostasis. A truly amazing Product!

Reconnect with the MORE of the Earth’s energy by sleeping on the Grounded Beauty Pillow and feel the stresses of life slip away as you drift off to sleep allowing the body to carry out Homoeostasis without having to waste valuable energy!

The Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Case is 20″ by 30″ and is conductive on both sides. You can buy them with Mains Earth Connections, or without if using them on top of a Fitted Earthing Sheet. However, for longevity, we strongly recommend using them with their own Earth Connection. This will extend the life and conductivity of the Pillow Case/s.

We offer a special Earth Bonding Plug (with all Pillow Cases ordered with UK Connection Kits ONLY) that will accept three (3) Earth Lead Connections, so you can Earth your Sheet and two Pillow Cases with just one (1) Earth Plug. So if you already have an Earthing Sheet or Cocoon, then you can still use one or two Earthing Pillows on your existing Earthing Sheet whilst still only using one Mains Earth Socket connection. You will not need any extra Outlets to Earth the pillow cases! Grounded+Beauty+Pillowcase1

The Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Cases compliment all ‘sleep-earthed’ systems by directing Earthing to the upper back, neck, head and sides of the face, as well as contributing earthing levels to the whole body. This enhances your Earthing experience whilst sleeping or resting. Can also be used as a Cushion and without Pillow for treating certain areas of the body.


Only available for UK & EU Mains Connections at the moment:

1 x Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Case Only – No Connections: £79.99pillow2

2 x Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Cases Only – No Connections: £154.99

1 x Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Case with UK Mains Connection Kit (see above): £89.99

2 x Grounded Beauty Earthing Pillow Cases with UK Mains Connection Kit (see above) £169.99

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