Bipolar Ionizers – Best Ionisers in the World?

Bipolar Ionizers – The Best Ionizers and Air Purifiers in the World

NOTE: New State of the Art Bipolar Ionizer with Ion Output Level Control now available – NEW: Russian Bipolar Air Ionizer Models now in Stock – Best Ionizers in the World!

Bipolar Air Ionization destroys ALL Airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi (Mycotoxins, Moulds, and Mould Spores), Allergens and many VOCs (Chemicals and Heavy Metals). Whilst also increasing Ingestible Oxygen Ions which support Cellular Oxygenation for supporting Health and the restoration and maintenance of Homeostasis.

Essential Chemtrail and Geoengineering Protection! With all the  Aerial Spraying taking place these days, we need to be able to purify these toxins and support our Immune System to protect us and our health and the health of our children and pets

bipolar-air-ionizer-5eFor Restoring the Perfect Balance of Small Air Ions (SAI) found in Wide Open Spaces of Nature that are Necessary for the Good Health and Bt-400alanced  Existence  of all Biological Life Forms. Power Usage is less than that of a Low Energy Bulb and no other type of Ionizer can recreate the balanced Air Ionization (balance between positive and negative ions) that are found naturally in Nature like Bipolar Ionizers can. Bipolar Ionization is the only way forward for creating a healthier breathing environment that supports optimum health within every biological system of the body and Cell. Watch your plants grow too!!!

There is an abundance of scientific studies available  which  confirm that Bipolar Ionization destroys Airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Allergens (View) and other VOC particulates (chemical compounds, including chemtrails – (VOC Charts ), as well as naturally increasing the level of SAI and Oxygen Ions in the air. Thus leaving us with Fresh Healthy Living  Air. Air quality that  is  exactly  what  we find produced naturally in the wide open spaces of Nature. Also completely neutralises the negative effects of using electronic equipment. As equally important as Earthing is. Especially when you consider how many times we breathe ‘air’ in each day.

Bipolar Air Ionization supports all the biological systems of the body, and is essential for their full efficacy, especially the Respiratory System. Ideal for supporting those people with Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Hay Fever as well as those with electro-sensitivity and chemical-sensitivity and protecting people living in areas that are subjected to high levels of aerial chemtrail spraying. Therefore, Bipolar Air Ionization is also considered to be the best form of air purification available. NO OTHER TYPE OF IONIZER CAN ACHIEVE WHAT A BIPOLAR IONIZER CAN! FACT.

Note: These Bipolar Ionisers replace and improve upon the Elanra Ionizers that we used to support!

Self Cleaning Needles Model (see picture below this section), with Variable Speed and Blowing Angle for Ionizing whole Houses and Small Offices, restoring correct levels of SAI. Will emit up to 120 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) air volume enabling a small flat/bungalow or large room/area to be cleansed in under 30 minutes. Air Ion testing of indoor air showed (in a controlled environment) that at a distance of four meters from the Unit and using the Fan on Medium setting, the SAI levels were up to 110,000 per cubic centimeter – 60,000 negative ions and 50,000 positive ions. No Needles to change – EVER!

Russian Bipolar Ionizers now available (see picture above to the left), with Remote Control for ease of use and compliance with Russian Guidelines on Air Ionization & Quality. Probably the most effective Bipolar Ionizers available and represent the best value for money.

Unfortunately today, in our Homes & Offices this level of life-sustaining SAI in our indoor air drops to around 25-30 per cubic centimeter. In some cases even lower than this. This simply means that the indoor air we breathe is unhealthy because it is devoid of enough SAI to support the health & longevity of biological life forms. This poor air quality leads to ‘chronic-aero-ionic-starvation’ which contributes to aging and various diseases.

Ionized Air (correct levels of SAI) is essential to all living things. Negative Ion Emitters do not restore the levels, and balance, of SAI needed to support and maintain good health. In fact their use is prohibited in workplaces in Russia. Only a Bipolar Ionizer can, and will, restore the natural levels and balance of SAI that we find in Nature! Every Home & Office should employ their use. Please enjoy the following articles about the benefits of Bipolar Ionizers:

Air Ionization and Life – Importance to our Health & Wellbeing pdficon_large– Read all about the importance of Air Ionization, the History and the Science and why Unipolar Ionizers (Negative Ion Emitters only) are not good for health long term. Importantly, why we all need to use Bipolar Air Ionizers in our Homes and Offices if we want to stay healthy and energised in today’s highly polluted world.

pdficon_large  Atmosair BPI on various pathogens – How Bipolar Air Ionization destroys bacteria, viruses, moulds (mycotoxins), allergens and most Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Bipolar Air Ionizers

Only Bipolar Ionizers help to attain fresh healthy air and total protection when you are confronted with any of the following:

• Hay fever Season: this allows you to open up windows on nice days knowing that all the allergens from outside that may blow into the room/house/office are destroyed by the Ionized Air
• Likewise when our skies are being bombarded with toxic particulates (known as Chemtrails): which they are on a regular basis, you can safely open up your windows in the knowledge that any toxic chemicals (or airborne Vaccines) that may blow in will be destroyed and not be able to affect you
• For people living in the country when Farmers are spraying their pesticides on crops
• After buying new furniture, bedding, carpets and electronic equipment which all give off toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

How Bipolar Air Ionization Works

System Benefits:
Particle Decay – Particles are taken out of the breathing range to the floor. Since bi-polar ionization will go the source of contamination, a larger percentage of particles are affected than with filter systems.
VOC Reduction – Chemical off-gasses and odors are eliminated by the interaction with ionized air.
Microbial Reduction – Airborne molds, bacteria and viruses are reduced by particle decay and also by ionized air disturbing their reproductive cycle.
Static Reduction – Static electricity is neutralized.

Health – Human lungs absorb oxygen mush more efficiently from clean highly-ionized air, enhancing general health and well-being. Alertness and concentration is improved as well as cellular oxygenation, energy and stamina levels.

pdficon_large     Residential Benefits

pdficon_large    Office Environment Benefits

SELF CLEANING NEEDLE MODEL to the left produces both Positive & Negative Ions to achieve the correct level & balance of Small Air Ions that are found naturally in the wide open spaces of Nature. Keeps our indoor air electrostatically balanced, neutralizing the negative effects of all electronic equipment, whilst also destroying airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and many Volatile Organic Compounds. Creates totally fresh air that is full of oxygen ions, supporting not just the respiratory system, but all biological systems of the body and other biological lifeforms. 12 Watt Power Consumption.

 Professional Self-Cleaning Needle Model – £354.99 

Click on Cart Image above or Text Link to Benefit from this amazing unit. Live and sleep in healthy air, free of pollution  & pathogens, whilst also breathing new life into your body.

Low maintenance bench top Bipolar Ionizer. With self-cleaning emitters (needles) and auto-ion balance. Detachable cover front and back. Automatically cleans needles when unit is turned on and after a certain time period. OZONE level <0.02pmm.  180x72x201mm.

Now Available – Russian Yantar Bipolar Ionizers with Remote Control. Best Value for Money & Most Effective!

Bipolar Ionizer 5A:

ionizer3aWill produce up to 100,000 Small Air Ions per cubic centimeter within 1M of the Unit and cover an area up to 300 square feet with an average ceiling height of 8 feet. The Fan will produce up to 50 cubic feet of highly ionized air per minute and output is easily controlled with the Remote Control. We have manage to source a special UK connection for the Unit to enable it to be used in the UK and placed up 6 feet off the floor for optimum performance and health.

Type of ionizer needle-shaped (corona discharge)
Ozone concentration generated by unit No more than 0.03 mg/m 3
Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 1 m from 500 to 100.000 air ions/cm3
Fan size 92 x 92 mm
Time of continuous running Without restrictions
Power consumption Less than 5 watt
Weight, not more than 1500 grams
Overall dimensions, no more than 125 x 100 x 175 mm

More info
Distinctive features, as compared to conventional devices:
1. Quieter mode of operation – Remote and Manual Control
2. Long-lasting needles, staying clean for a long period of time;
3. Environmental-friendly materials
4. Suitable both for office and home use;
5. Ultra-low chemical substances emission, far exceeding strict environmental requirements for home and office use
6. Uniform ions distribution within the whole room – thanks to the high quality fan.
7. Ionization does not have impairment on electronic devices, ionizer can be used in continuous mode of operation.
8. The unit produces no electrostatic field, thus no dust is depositing on the walls or ceiling with time.
9. Ionizer helps to neutralize the static charge of objects in the room.

10. Requires 2 x AA Batteries for Remote Control – NOT Supplied

Price From: £219.99 – Purchase This Unit – Please Check Shop Prices for latest Retail Price as this will vary depending on exchange rate at time of Import

Bipolar Ionizer 5E

bipolar-air-ionizer-5eA much more powerful Ionizer than the 5A. Will produce up to 100,000 Small Air Ions per cubic centimeter (within 1M of the Unit & 80,000 within 2M) and cover an area up to 600 square feet with an average ceiling height of 8 feet. The Fan will produce up to 95 cubic feet of highly ionized bipolar air per minute and output is easily controlled with the Remote Control. We have managed to source a special UK connection for the Unit to enable it to be used in the UK and placed up 6 feet off the floor for optimum performance and health.

Exceptional machine. We have been testing this Unit for the last week and it is one of the best we have ever tested!

Ozone concentration generated by unit No more than 0.01 mg/m3 (0.1 mg/m3 is average daily MAC* for atmospheric air)
Type of ionizer Needle-shaped (corona discharge)
Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 2 m from 500 to 80,000 ions/cm3
Fan size 120×120 mm
Time of continuous running Without restrictions
Applicable room size 2-8 workplaces
Power consumption No more than 7 W
Weight, not more than 2 kg
Overall dimensions, no more than 165 mm х 215 mm х 100 mm
Power requirements 220 VAC, 50 Hz
More info
1. Controllable airflow speed combined with the synchronous ion concentration. Manual and Remote Control
2. Long-lasting needles, staying clean for a long period of time;
3. Modern design
4. Environmental-friendly, non-electrifying materials
5. Uniform ions distribution within the whole room – thanks to the high quality performance (120 mm) fan.
6. No impairment on electronic devices, thus the ionizer can be used in continuous mode of operation.
7. State of the art circuitry helps to maintain steady output of light aerions in particular – it is essential that only the ions of high agility are healthful.
8. The unit produces no electrostatic field, thus no dust is depositing on the walls or ceiling with time.
9. The ionizer may be used to neutralize the electrostatics in the room.

10. Requires 2 x AA Batteries for Remote Control – NOT Supplied

Price From: £339.99 – Purchase this Unit – Please Check Shop Prices for latest Retail Price as this will vary depending on exchange rate at the time of Import

Bipolar Ionizer for Automobiles – Cars, Vans, Lorries, Buses…

Car-IonizerAir quality in automobiles is generally very poor due to all the electrics/electronics, Air Conditioning and Air Filters used. Therefore to reduce fatigue, headaches and maintain an healthy equilibrium it is advisable for people who drive long distances to purify and energise the air they breathe in their vehicle.

Type of ionizer needle-shaped (4 needles), with stabilizing rings (4 rings)
Applicable room size car salon up to 10 m3

Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 1 m 10000 – 50000 ions/m3
Flow rate of air within of 1m up to 0,3 m/s
Fan performance up to 30 m³ /hr
Fan size 60×60 mm
Ozone concentration generated by unit not more than 0.01 mg / m³, not fixed (standard MPC – 0.1 mg / m³)
Time of continuous running Without restrictions
Power consumption Not more than 3 W
Weight, not more than not more than 0.9 kg
Overall dimensions, no more than 185 x 100 x 78 мм
Power requirements DC12V

Price From: £174.99 – Purchase this Unit – Please Check Shop Prices for latest Retail Price as this will vary depending on exchange rate

  See All Available Bipolar Ionizers by viewing our Online Shop

 But why should we consider ionizing our Air? Especially with both positive & negative ions? Because de-ionized air (typically found in most homes and offices) is actually detrimental to the health of biological life forms – and this includes us humans. Further, science shows us that the use of unipolar ionizers (those that output only negative ions) is not actually good for us in the long-term. For a fuller explanation please Click On + Button to read the article below:

“Air Ions and Life – Why having Ionized Air is important to our health, how important Bipolar Ionizers are for our well being and why we should only use Bipolar and not Unipolar Ionizers”

Air Ions and Life

Why it is Crucial to Re-Ionize Air Inside Offices & Homes

In life we pay so much attention to what we eat and drink, yet at the same time, we show little interest in the quality of the air that we breathe. In olden times our medics used to say something along the lines of: “The air is a pasture of life…the state of the health of a person is dependent on the quality of air…” Good quality air is essential to good quality health.

Experiments carried out in the 1800s by I I Kiyanitsyn showed some very disturbing – but to scientists, puzzling – results. He carried out experiments on guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs. He placed two sets of the animals in bell-glasses and with one set he fed them filtered air. The second set was fed fresh air. The animals living in the filtered atmosphere soon felt sick and died after several days. Yet the animals kept in the same conditions fed fresh air stayed safe, healthy and sound.

These experiments puzzled scientists at the time, because chemically there was no difference in the air at all! There had to be something else involved, something that fresh air had which was critically essential for all biological life forms. Yet disturbingly was missing from the filtered air.

It was many years before scientists solved the ‘problem’. Through further experiments, it was established that even using something as basic as cotton as a filter in the air pipe led to the same results – the death of the animals. Careful research followed to try and solve this apparent enigma. Eventually scientists discovered that the reason the animals died from breathing in filtered air was quite simple! They discovered that filtered air did not transmit any electric charge – it was not ‘energised’ air! Or more correctly stated, filtered air was devoid of air ions – it was dead air.

It is now well established that unpolluted air found in wide open spaces of Nature contains many Light Ions of both polarities – positive and negative. These are referred to as Small Air Ions (SAI), produced naturally in nature in our lower atmosphere. This is due in part to the Ionosphere acting as an anode and the Earth as a cathode. This creates Vertical Potential Gradients (measured in V/m) which is essential for all life-forms because it creates an essential balance between, and abundance of, positive and negative SAI essential to all life. This is known as Air Ionization.

In fact all living organisms of planet Earth have naturally evolved and developed thanks to a healthy ionized environment. Air ionization is, and has been, one of the most important conditions for the normal development of highly organised life. Today we are working against nature by living and working in buildings that deprive us of normal SAI – energised ionized air. Air filtration systems, Air Conditioning, and the plethora of electronic equipment we have been brainwashed into believing we cannot do without, all add to the deprivation of natural ionized air essential to health and well being. This is often why people, who go out into nature, or to the seaside and walk along the sea’s edge, instinctively feel better and more invigorated.

In nature we typically find that there are around one thousand to many tens of thousands of SAI (Light Air ions) per cubic cm. However, in large Towns and Cities the light air ions (SAI) drops to 50-100 ions per cubic cm. In buildings, offices and houses, this reduces further to less than 25-30 SAI per cubic cm, and can sometimes drop down to zero.

Further, it was discovered that when the quantity of SAI was reduced in the air, there was a resulting proliferation of Heavy Ions. In a city where SAI is typically no more than 50-100 ions per cubic cm the Heavy ions count rises to tens of thousands per a cubic cm. What is worse for the air quality we breathe in enclosed spaces is that each human contributes around 500 thousand Heavy ions per cubic cm into the atmosphere of the ‘room’ through exhaled air. Therefore, in every room where people spend much of their time – work or home – the number of oxygen ions nears zero as the number of people increase. Additionally, man-made fabrics also seriously reduce the amount of SAI in our ‘rooms/buildings’ as well as furniture, bedding, carpets and electronic equipment treated with Fire Retardant and other toxic chemicals. Together, we can see just how we are creating an unhealthy ‘non-ionized’ and ‘de-energised air’ working and living environment.

As a person spends on average about 90% of his/her life indoors (work and home), this means that they experience what is known as ‘chronic-aero-ionic starvation’. This eventually leads to auto-poisoning of the person with products of partial oxidation, leading long term to dystrophy and atrophy of organs and tissues, contributing to aging and various diseases.

Heavy Ions are detrimental to our health and the health of all biological life forms. In the absence of an abundance of SAI, heavy ions proliferate, leaving the air we breathe detrimental to health. Heavy ions are responsible for the proliferation and spread of bacteria, microbes, pathogens, viruses, mould spores and more.

However, when there is an abundance of SAI present in the air then heavy ions cannot exist. Clean air full of SAI does not contain any heavy ions at all. In fact Bipolar Air Ionization destroys airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Allergens, as well as many Volatile Organic Compounds (various chemicals found in: paints and lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building material and furnishings, office equipment such as copiers and printers, glues and adhesives, permanent markers.).

So what is the solution?

Ionization of the Air

Russian guidelines for workplaces have set a maximum level of 50,000 NSAI/cm3 (Negative Small Air Ions) and 50,000 PSAI/cm3 (Positive Small Air Ions). Bipolar Ionizers reproduce the same SAI that are found in nature, thus eliminating all of the air quality problems and associated health issues resulting from polluted and dead non-energised air.

Lemstrem (1902) discovered that by ‘ionizing’ plants they would increase in weight and length. The same results were gained using carrots, peas and cabbages. Hesterman (1910) also ‘ionized’ plants and observed an increased weight of 25%. More recently Kruger proved that the growth of plants accelerated in an atmosphere with artificially increased concentrations of positive and negative ions. Their length increased by 60% fresh, and dry weight increased between 25-73%.

Unfortunately today 99.9% of ionizers bought and sold worldwide are unipolar ionizers! This simply means that they only produce one type of ion, a negative ion.

Whilst science has shown that the short term use of unipolar ionizers may be beneficial in some instances, long term exposures to such regimes are not recommended for health reasons, (Kimura S 1936; Kellog III E W and Yost MG 1986; Baron R A 1987)

The use of unipolar ionizers is actually prohibited in Russian workplaces (SanPiN 2003, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation/Russian Ministry of Health Protection, SanPiN guidelines 2.2.41294-03…)

Worden also reported the results of his experiments with plant seeds and stated that “…while negatively ionized plants died.” Further tests in the United States have shown that long-term unipolar exposure can result in exposed animals having significantly shorter life-spans than those under non-enhanced conditions (Kellog III E W and Yost MG 1986). Whilst the authors of Building Health – The Need for Electromagnetic Hygiene (Isaac A. Jamieson, Paul Holdstock, Helen M. ApSimon and J. Nigel B. Bell) say: “ For reasons such as this, SAI regimes more closely resembling those found in nature, such as those recommended in Russia, are recommended…for areas where people spend large periods of time.”

Indoors we can only reproduce the levels and balance of SAI found in nature by using a Bipolar Ionizer. Numerous tests using bipolar ionizers for Air Ionization have shown that they can offer great benefits to all biological life forms. Kruegar and Reed indicated that bipolar ionization may help reduce the mortality rates of animals infected with influenza. Reports of experiments on air ionization of animals, cattle, birds, pigs, rabbits all showed that these ‘animals’ recovered from disease quicker, put on weight and that the death rate decreased. Relief from, and improvement in, many ‘health conditions’ have been reported and recorded due to restoring correct levels of air ionization. Including, but not limited to: nasopharynx, respiratory tract problems, cardiovascular problems, hematopoietic organs, nervous system, endocrine system, pain relief, high blood pressure, quicker wound and burn healing…the systematic inhalation of SAI in high concentrations per cubic cm reduces fatigue, improves concentration, capacity for work, and reduces the time needed to recover…Air ionization of school classes reduces the number of diseases whilst also improving the growth and weight of children and teenagers…

In fact there have been a great number of experiments concerning the bioclimatic influence of atmospheric ionization and the resulting benefits, described in over 300 publications. Recreating the right levels of SAI in our environment not only prevents unhealthy Heavy Ions from developing, but naturally increases the amount of oxygen ions in the air. Which we all know from basic biology is very beneficial to all life forms.

In today’s world, where we live and work in poor ionized-air conditions continuously breathing in dead air, it is hoped the reader may now appreciate that this de-ionized air we are breathing is actually harmful to our well being, and that there is only one solution if we choose to continue to live and work in these conditions. That ‘solution’ is the reproduction of natural levels of balanced SAI that we find in nature. This can only be achieved indoors by using a Bipolar Ionizer. No other ‘type’ of ionizer will achieve this desired air quality.

What is of further interest is to understand that each of our cells operate in a healthy state at a charge of around -20mV (20mV-DC). When a cell is compromised and fighting off an attack from a pathogen then the cell will be required to utilise more energy at a charge of around -50mV (50mV-DC) to protect and heal itself. If we are constantly breathing in de-energized air then we are not replenishing the energy stores of the body, let alone supporting the energy requirements of each cell to remain healthy and fight off dis-ease.

Earthing (the body) goes some way to restoring our energy reserves on a cellular level through the flow of free electrons from the Earth into the body. We can easily measure this increase in the body’s electric charge in VDC when earthed compared to when not.

However, because we breathe in so often then it is far more critical to the health of the body that we are able to breathe in healthy charged and highly energized air. This will replenish the body’s energy stores and increase the cell’s electrical charge far quicker and more efficiently than ‘earthing’ alone.

Additionally, Bipolar Air Ionization supports and strengthens every biological system of the body, and most importantly supports and strengthens the whole body from a cellular level upwards on a biophysical (energy) level.

Copyright: Steve Gamble for Equilibra
Other Resources:
Air Ions & Life – A L Chizhevsky (Yunay Technik)
Air Ionization in Nature – Aydar Tuktagulov
The results of biological experiments – Aydar Tuktagulov
Building Health: The Need for Electromagnetic Hygiene – Jamieson, Isaac A, et al



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