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Improve your overall Earthing Experience and address & resolve problem areas even faster


These Grounding Garments – comprising Socks, Gloves, Elbow and Knee Sleeves are designed to help with pain relief, swelling reduction, increasing blood circulation, sports injuries, and of course, Grounding/Earthing the Whole Body. They can target specific areas of the body where you may have discomfort, whilst at the same time Earthing the whole Body too! They are made of 76% Nylon, 8% Spandex and 16% Silver Yarn. At less than 2.5Ohms Resistance they are superconductive, providing perfect targetted earthing and even distribution and application of Free Electrons from the Earth across the whole area of the material.

These Grounding Garments totally enhance your existing Earthing experience. For example, if you have elbow problems, then you can ‘treat’ that whole area at any time you choose during the day and evening using the Connection Kit. Additionally, if you sleep using any Earthing Sleep System, you can use the Elbow Sleeve without connections whilst you sleep to enhance body earthing and increase the earthing benefits to the whole area of the body covered by the earthing garment.

Any Garment can be used in this way to speed up treatment. They only have to have some small direct contact with the Earthing Sleep System to improve the benefits of earthing to those areas ten fold. As well as enhancing whole body earthing too!

The Grounding Glove can be worn on either hand and comes in three sizes, Small (18cm), Medium (21cm) and Large (24cm). Each Glove comes with an appropriate Ground Lead and Ground Plug for ease of use. The Glove not only Earths the whole of the fingers, hand and wrist and thus the whole body too, but also helps to stimulate and balance the Reflex Points and Meridians of the fingers, hands and wrists! Thus, not only of benefit to the whole of the body through being Earthed, but also through the two important health-related modalities known as Reflexology and Acupunture.

Additionally, the Glove/s can be used – symbolically speaking – as a form of ‘Hands on Healing’, delivering direct Earthing to any part of the body or living entity.

Price per Glove – £32.99

The Grounding Sock second best seller! – comes in one size and is 33cm x 9cm and can be used on either foot. Complete with all connections for ease of use. Additionally, a Pair of Grounding Socks without Leads can be purchased separately for use with any Sleep System or Earthing Mat to keep the feet warm, without affecting your Earthing experience in any way! In fact because they cover the whole of the foot, ankle and lower leg, they actually enhance the Earthing experience. Our second best seller behind the Bed Pad/Half Sheet. 

The Sock also helps to stimulate and balance the Reflex Points and Meridians of the toes, feet, ankle and lower leg! Thus, not only benefitting the whole of the body through being Earthed, but also through the two important health-related modalities known as Reflexology and Acupunture.

Price per Sock – £32.99

Price for two Grounding Socks without any connections for use with other Earthing products to keep feet warm whilst using Earthing Mat or while sleeping Earthed – £59.99

Grounding Elbow Sleeve comes in one size – 18cm x 11cm – and can be used on either elbow and/or arm. Complete with all connections.

Price per Elbow/Arm Sleeve – £31.49

Grounding Knee/Leg Sleeve comes in two sizes, Small (27cm x 10cm) and Medium (27cm x 14cm). Can be used on either knee and/or leg. Complete with all connections.

Price: Small – £32.49

Price: Medium – £39.99

These Garments are not EarthFXTM products. These are Professional Medical Garments used in Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Protocols, such as Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy etc.




Stretch Portion – 13% Latex Free Elastic 41% Nylon 46% Polyester  ….   Silver Portion  50% Silver-Plated Nylon, 50% Polyester ….  Black Facing – 100% Nylon

This Support Belt can be used with the large Silver Conductive side over the stomach area to help support all digestive tract issues, such as Acid Re-flux, indigestion, IBS and other inflammatory bowel and stomach conditions.

Conversely, the Belt can be used the other way around with the Silver Conductive side over the lower back, helping to support Lower Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral (Sacrum) Spinal Problems. This not only reduces pain and inflammation but improves nerve function, which some people will be able to ‘feel’ coming into their stomach, down the groin and into the upper thighs.

An excellent Sports Therapy Support Aid for Stomach and Spinal issues, pain and inflammation.

Estimated Price £99.99 UK & EU. Purchase from this link 

Always read Earthing Considerations before purchase

Earthing Silver Pillow Cases now available for Order!



The NEW Silver Pillow Case made from 99.9% pure Silver. Interwoven with 50% Polyester for added comfort and extra longevity

Please note that ALL Earthing Products are classed as Personal Use Products and once opened and used cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene!

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