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Why is ‘Earthing’ Taking the World by Storm? Well apart from protecting us from blood cell changes, it also supports cardiovascular health and a lot more. If you haven’t read the Book Earthing yet, now you can for £4.99 from our Shop Link above! Click on Book Image to purchase or scroll down for more information about the benefits of Earthing the body.

Watch the Video below and see what Computers and Wireless Phone use does to the blood:

Now Compare this Video which shows blood samples of people BEFORE and AFTER Earthing. This establishes WHY we need Earthing and also that Earthing CAN and DOES reverse damage caused by EMFs, especially from Microwave Radiation from all things wireless:

So there we have two great examples of WHY we need Earthing and HOW beneficial this can be for us. But why else should we reconnect?

Why Should we reconnect with the Earth? Why is this Important to our Health and Wellbeing? Find out here!


The Information that follows is all about the benefits that may be achieved through the human body being (re) connected with the Earth. A vital and important connection that we have had and have evolved with for many thousands of years. Today, due to our modern-day living, man-made fabrics and synthetic-soled footwear, high rise offices and buildings, and a lot more to boot, we seem to have lost this vitally important biological and biophysical connection essential for human well-being. With the increasing plethora of human-created electrical, microwave and wireless radiation we are being subjected to today, is it prudent these days to ask if this disconnection from our environment, especially our disconnection with the Earth, is actually doing us any good or not?  For more info click here

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What are the Benefits of Earthing / Grounding the Body?

The concept of re-connecting with the earth is not a new idea, but being Earthed on a night time is a relatively recent idea. Additional potential benefits of being grounded / earthed (other than just equalising potential) are based upon recent scientific evidence confirming the long-suspected necessity for barefoot contact with the earth. Modern science has determined that standing barefoot on the earth has a wide variety of effects on the human body. Free Electrons from the Earth flow into the body when Earthed/Grounded. Free Electrons are inherently anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant in nature. Observations and research indicate the following potential benefits from Earthing: with many more expected to emerge with ongoing studies. See Earthing Institute for more information. Earthing may, for many people:

  • Defuse the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance recovery
  • Improve sleep in most cases
  • Relieve or reduce chronic pain
  • Reduce stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
  • Normalise the body’s biological rhythms
  • Improve well being
  • Thin blood and improves blood pressure and flow
  • Support a balanced Immune Function
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches
  • Lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Help protect the body from EMR/EMF over contamination/build up
  • Reduce AC Body Voltage  aiding Homeostasis which assists well being, cellular repair and healthy reproduction
  • Dramatically speed healing and prevent bedsores
  • Support a healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce or eliminates jet lag
  • Earthing Considerations


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Grounded – The Video



Please Note: Earthing / Grounding Products – apart from discharging excess static electricity & A/C body voltage  – do nothing other than connect, or reconnect, the Body with the Earth. But that is a good thing, a very good thing for many reasons!

However, what happens between the Body and the Earth when they are (re)connected in this way is another matter. Not only does the body benefit hugely from the almost total reduction of AC Body Voltage (the human body, like the Earth, is a DC System), but the body benefits from the Earth’s flow of Free Electrons and the Earth’s natural biorhythms too. A matter that science is currently investigating with excitement and with an increasing degree of interest. However, Earthing is not a panacea. 

What happens? Your body becomes defused with negative-charged free electrons and your body immediately equalises to the same electrical energy level, or potential, as the Earth.

What do you feel? Sometimes a warm tingling sensation and often feelings of ease and well-being.

Will you feel better? Usually, yes, and often rapidly for some people, but not all. 

See Earthing Institute for more information and all the scientific studies outlining the benefits.

Please note that ALL Earthing Products are classed as Personal Use Products and once opened and used cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene!


We at Equilibra offer a wider range of High Quality Earthing Products & Earthing Starter Kits than anybody else – Superconductive Carbon Ultra Sleep Mats and King Size Pillowcases. We have been offering Earthing Products longer than anybody else in the UK or EU. Our range of products ensures that you can choose the right product/s to suit your personal needs and budget with ALL connections included in the price. We can also tailor-make any combination of products at discount to suit your specific requirements.

We are also the only UK & EU supplier to offer as standard the Highest Quality Premium Grade – and most importantly, the SAFEST (Industry Standard & Health & Safety Approved) – Mains Earth Connection Kits for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Allowing you to enjoy your Earthing experience as naturally, and most importantly, as safely as possible. Oh, and our prices are pretty darn good too! Please check out our extensive range & prices from the Links above or below.

Bipolar Ionizers – As Important as Earthing!

As equally important as Earthing is to our well being, so to is the need for us all to use a Bipolar Ionizer indoors. Just as we need to be re-connected with the earth today, we also need to be able to breathe in the Fresh Air that is naturally produced in the wide open spaces of Nature. This ‘fresh air’ contains an abundance of Small Air Ions (SAI), both negative and positive polarities, which all biological systems have evolved with over time – just as we have evolved with direct contact with the earth. However, in houses and offices today, the levels of SAI are woefully low and as a result we are actually breathing in unhealthy air that is detrimental to our health. Air Filtration Systems only make this worse, as do negative ioniser emitters. The only solution is to use a Bipolar Ionizer that reproduces the SAI in the right balance between positive and negative ions and to the correct levels as found naturally in Nature. Read more… Perfect partner to all Earthing Products. These two products are the most important & natural way of returning to our body the multitude of benefits associated with being earthed and breathing in natural healthy fresh air. Read more…

Demonstration of the benefits of Earthing/Grounding by David Wolfe



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