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Marine Therapeutics and Cellular Nutrition – QuintEssential Optimum Mineralization – UK Only: Now Rebranded as Cellnutrition Quinton

René Quinton (1866-1925) pictured on the left was not the first person to recognise the healing properties inherent within the Sea.  However it was his quest to find answers  about the origins of life on earth that led him to make one of the most important discoveries in medicine.

He found that deep within the centre of seasonal vortex plankton blooms off the coast of France the seawater (later described as Quinton Plasma) was unlike normal seawater but had a “live” bioactive mineral content due to secretions by the plankton.  During his study of this Quinton Plasma, Quinton as a renowned Doctor, Biologist, Biochemist and Physiologist René observed that it had remarkable similarities to blood plasma.

He carried out a string of experiments on dogs in which he drained their blood and replaced it with the Quinton Plasma.  Not only did the dogs survive but they recovered to a higher state of health than before the experiments.  In 1912 René Quinton wrote his definitive book on the subject entitled “L’eau de mer milieu organique”  which was later re-printed in 1995.

When René Quinton died in 1925 as a result of the aftermath of wounds received during WW1 he was a French national hero.  People flocked to his funeral from all over the world in recognition of his work and the gift he left behind in Quinton Marine Plasma.

The volume of information on the science and clinical application of Quinton Marine Plasma (QMP) is formidable. So why have we not heard about it before now?  Unfortunately most of it remains written in the French and Spanish languages although it is currently being translated into English.

During the 1970’s QMP, already in continuous use since 1904, was perceived as a menace to the rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry. After all, QMP was considered so effective for a wide range of common afflictions that its cost was reclaimable under two French government health programs. But, through legislative influence, a law was passed that halted the widespread use of QMP throughout Europe. This law required that all injectable medicines be heat sterilized. The pharmaceutical industry knew well that one of the foundations of the efficacy of QMP was the very fact that the delicate composition of this fluid was never subjected to heat – a scientific truth well documented by Rene’ Quinton over 70 years before.

The remnants of this purge of René Quinton’s medical science and method can still be witnessed today in France. One would think that such a scientific legacy would be preserved at all cost for future generations. Not true! It is a frightening fact, as one documentary filmmaker put it, to realize that books and resource materials on René Quinton and his scientific contributions are virtually non-existent in the libraries and institutions of learning in France (or anywhere else!). It is commonly believed they were systematically eliminated as part of the plan to replace his marvelously safe and effective treatment with pharmaceutical drugs.

This website is dedicated to spreading the word about Quinton products in the UK and supplying UK Health practitioners only.  Although there is information common to other websites of distributors in different countries they are separate entities and I take no responsibility for any information contained on those sites. Likewise, they are not responsible for any information on this website. If you are visiting this site from outside the UK you are of course very welcome to browse the information but anything to do with the business side of the products must be taken up with the distributor for your own country.

Beware imitation products claiming to be Quinton.  Accept only the genuine products produced according to the instructions left by René Quinton as only by following his protocol in the collection and processing of the products will the all-important living aspect of Original Quinton be preserved.

Quinton in the Premiership

In September 2006, Liverpool FC signed an agreement with Quinton Laboratories (Spain) to incorporate Quinton™ Marine Plasma into their training program.  Liverpool are renowned for their ability as a team to keep playing hard throughout 90 minutes. Is this their secret?!


 Quinton Testimonials

Dog with Kidney failure

A 14½ year old terrier presented with a recent and sudden drop in weight accompanied by increased drinking and urination with a reduction in ability to concentrate the urine. His character had drastically altered and he was showing far less interest in life and his surroundings. On top of his nose there was a brown crust that signified chronic cellular dehydration.  He was put on 10ml Quinton per day.  Three weeks later the brown crust on the nose has disappeared and has been replaced with his old black shiny one! He has put on weight and regained his character.  The water intake is more controlled.


Quinton for Healthy People

Of course Quinton products can be used to maintain normal health too.  Healthy users commonly describe changes such as increased energy levels, better focus and a reduction in the requirement for sleep.

Top level athletes are now using Quinton products to maximise performance and recovery due to the ideal living electrolyte balance that helps maintain optimum hydration of the body too.

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The Importance of the Biological Interior

Holistic practitioners have long since recognised that Hippocrates was correct in advising Physicians to treat the individual rather than the disease.

In 1800 Louis Pasteur, the father of modern microbiology, postulated that infections were caused by bacteria and viruses. Antoine Beauchamp publicly disagreed and argued that it was a failure of the internal environment within the body that enabled bacteria and viruses to cause disease. The Medical profession chose to side with Pasteur. However he eventually recognised that Beauchamp had been correct when on his death-bed he conceded “He was right. The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

Modern medicine has stayed with the original decision. Thankfully a number of René Quinton’s contempories carried on the original research and there is now much documented evidence about the beneficial effects of Quinton Isotonic and Quinton Hypertonic for a wide range of conditions. There are very few contra-indications and no reported side-effects in over 110 years of use. There have been positive reports indicating use for paediatrics, respiratory disorders, neurology, allergies, gastro-enterology, dermatology, hormone balance, urology etc. Given the correct internal environment within the body the correct genes will be expressed to bring about the restoration of health.


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What makes Original Quinton unique?

Original Quinton products are very different from regular seawater due to plankton secretions where it is collected from within the vortex plankton blooms.  Quinton products contain not only minerals in almost the exact proportions as found in blood plasma but also anti-oxidants, RNA, and amino acids. Quinton described this marine plasma as “the origin of life”.  Experiments to dehydrate the Quinton plasma and reconstitute it with distilled water have not been able to reproduce the results obtained using the original product. This demonstrates the uniqueness of Quinton Plasma that separates it from copycat products based on seawater alone. Once collected, Quinton plasma is cold micro-filtered to preserve the living aspect of the minerals etc.  It is stored in 10ml glass ampoules for the same reason.

Quinton Marine Plasma is only available for order and delivery to residents living in Mainland UK only. For all other enquiries please e-mail equilibra1010@gmail.com

Probably one of the very best Food Supplements available anywhere for supporting healthy body systems.



Further Information

The important relationship between good health and the restoration of our internal electrolyte balance: restoring the balance of our internal watery environment improves our Bio-Terrain, and thus, promotes healthy communication between our extracellular fluid, our cells and intracellular fluid, and also our DNA, thereby improving overall health.

Article 1 – Bio-Terrain – Evolutionary Biology
Article 2 – Restoring Bio-Terrain with Quinton Marine Plasma
Article 3 – Maintaining the Internal/External Terrain
Article 4 – Consequence of Living in a Sterile World – Hygiene Modern Medicine’s Blindspot

Following we have an article on the Historical use of Quinton over 100 years by physicians all over the world, and one on Quinton Applications.

Historical Medical Use
Quinton Applications For Use

Very important information for the end user of Quinton Marine Plasma – the Client/Patient. Protocols on how to use and apply Quinton Marine Plasma:

Quinton Protocols


In 1800 Louis Pasteur, the father of modern microbiology, postulated that infections were caused by bacteria and viruses. Antoine Beauchamp publicly disagreed and argued that it was a failure of the internal environment within the body that enabled bacteria and viruses to cause disease. The Medical profession chose to side with Pasteur. However, Pasteur eventually recognised that Beauchamp had been correct when on his death-bed he conceded “He was right. The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.” When integrity of our Bio-Terrain – internal environment – is restored, no bacteria or virus can cause disease.

Original Quinton Marine Plasma – a totally natural product produced by mother nature – helps the body to restore balance to, and maintain the integrity of, our internal Bio-Terrain; our intra-and extra-cellular fluid, improving cellular communication, health and regeneration. This simple process, achieved through using Quinton Marine Plasma , and the resultant cellular balance can lead to improved health, energy levels and feelings of well being in all areas of the body. Probably the best natural nutritional product available today, providing cells and extracellular fluid with all the nutrients of the Periodic Table that they, and the body as a whole, require for optimum health.

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Quinton Isotonic is primarily used to help support the body through symptoms of inflammation, swelling, allergies and to increase elimination from the body and promote rest. Quinton products can also be used as a maintenance treatment to optimise everyday health and activities. There are no known contraindications, incompatibilities or side-effects … for over 100 years.
Quinton Protocols




Quinton Hypertonic is primarily used to support the body to counter symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, anorexia, hypertension, osteoporosis and fractures and to give more energy. Quinton products can also be used as a maintenance treatment to optimise everyday health and activities.
Quinton Protocols






The hydrating capacity of Quinton Nasal Isotonic Spray (0.9%) and its role in providing elemental minerals and ions of seawater makes this the only nasal applicator that keeps the specific nature of the vital properties of natural seawater. Correct nasal hygiene and hydration is  essential for the correct function of the nasal mucosa both in its respiratory function and also to prevent infection.

Quinton Nasal stimulates the natural, localised defences as much by its mechanical action of cleaning the nasal cavities (eliminating the stagnation and proliferation of infectious bacteria) as by the absorption of the seawater micronutrients across the nasal mucosa. The correct use of Quinton Nasal Isotonic Spray permits a therapeutic action to help the symptoms associated with rhinopharyngitis, obstructive, non-productive rhinitis and sinusitis, ozaena, nasal dryness (including snoring produced by this), aiding ENT treatments and paediatrics.

Dosage: Sprays and washes several timse a day depending on the intensity of symptoms. Can be used daily to maintain nasal health. Quinton Duplase 2.1% is a nose and throat stimulator. The gas propellent is not in contact with the contents of the spray and is a natural odourless product. Both sprays come as 150ml containers.
Quinton Protocols


The skin, ultra-sensative barrier between the Internal and External environments is the part of the body most exposed to direct external aggressions. All alterations to its quality entails a loss in relation to regulative capacity, which can provoke serious metabolic disorders.

Modern electro-magnetic radiations have added to the problem of chemical contamination creating invisible changes that alter the interpretative capability of the skin. The flexibility of the stratum corneum, external sensory receptor and regulation of water loss from the skin is linked to the hydrometric level that maintains the quality of the hydrolipic film at its surface. The hydration state of the skin is determined by the equilibrium between diffusion and evaporation, quality of flow and binding capacity of the stratum corneum. Any abnormal loss of trans-epidermal water provokes the appearance of dermatosis and flaking skin.

Everybody knows how great your skin looks and feels after a holiday by the sea. People who usually suffer with skin problems often report how much better their skin feels when they are by the sea due to swimming and the sea air. Due to its natural ionic and electrical state, QUINTON DERMO allows a great, natural, electromineral exchange with the skin in the comfort of your own home.

Quinton Dermo is an isotonic spray product for skin. It is designed for external use only in cases of erythematous burns, infant erythema, premature skin ageing, escelerosis and senile tissue rigidity, psoriasis, acne, seborrhoea, and any skin pathology that benefits from a natural and balanced skin hydration.
Quinton Protocols


Totally helps to revitalise the eyes and restore mineral and electrolyte balance. Ideal for dry or puffed eyes, inflamed, infected and even tired eyes. Or just use to help your eyes feel really good, healthy, clean and bright!


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