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Barefoot Connections Flexible Earthing Exercise Mat (NEW) & Earthing Wrist Band Kit – Yoga Mats

Package Exclusive to Equilibra! This Earthing / Grounding Mat is more conductive than previous Barefoot Mats of the same size still being sold by others. The Mat is  39″ x 12.5″ and is more conductive and of a much higher quality than the ‘older’ larger Mat which is advertised and sold elsewhere – no unpleasant smell either. We pay particular attention to the conductivity (resistance) of ALL products because this impacts on the quality of Earthing we are able to offer our customers. The better the conductivity of the product, the better the Earthing is.


The Earthing Mat comes with two connection points (exclusive to Equilibra) which offers greater flexibility over the standard one connection option offered by others. This allows for the feet to be placed on the Grounding Mat while using the computer, watching TV, reading, knitting, listening to the radio, relaxing and so forth. Being a much larger Mat this allows for two people sitting together to Earth through their feet. Or one person to exercise while being Earthed, such as Yoga, or just lay upon it and relax. Ideal length and width for ALL back issues. Can be used in bed at night to benefit from Earthing as one sleeps for those who cannot afford a full sleep system! 

This option also allows for an Earthing Wrist Band to be connected to the Earthing Mat at the same time. This means that the ‘mouse hand’ can be protected and earthed at the same time as the feet are being grounded. Having the wrist earthed/grounded while using a computer can help with preventing Ulnar Neuritis, which can affect the wrist due to constant wear and tear from inflammation of the wrist bones rubbing on the desk/mouse mat whilst moving the mouse.

You can also place your laptop on the Earthing Mat to ground the EMR from that while at the same time Earthing your self by wearing the Earthing Wrist Band connected to the Earthing Mat! You can also use the Earthing Mat as a Mouse Mat, resting your forearms on it while you work at the computer.Additionally, the Flexible Earthing Mat Kit comes with an additional Ground Plug so the Ground Lead and Earthing Wrist Band can be used totally independently of the Earthing Mat! This means that you can pop the Lead, Wrist Band and Plug into a purse, hand bag or jacket pocket, and whenever an opportunity arises, you can choose to ground/earth your self quite easily, and as often as time allows, wherever you may be. Ideal for office workers, especially those who work in high rise buildings, and for all other people who wish to get in some valuable Earthing during working time, while at friends or while on the go..

Price: From £64.99 – Incl. of Premium Grade Connection Kits

Earthing Mat Only with Premium Grade UK or EU Mains Connection – Price: From £39.99




The Earthing Sleep Mat should be used underneath any fitted sheet for sleeping. It measures 27 x 72 inches

Sleep Mat made with Hole Punch Black PU Lookalike Leather (Not real leather). VEGAN-FRIENDLY!

  1. Place the mat on your mattress under a fitted sheet with the snap nub facing down and Earthing Label up, the straps will fit around the mattress to hold the mat in place .
  2. Attach snap end of Earthing cord to snap nub on mat.
  3. Attach other end of Cord to Ground Plug and insert into nearest grounded electrical outlet on wall, or into Earthing ground rod cord if you use a ground rod connection. The mat is conductive on the snap side only. High quality Earthing due to incredible conductivity of the Mat and will last 5 times longer than any Earthing Sheet.

Versatile uses: Sitting or laying in a chair or sofa, sleeping upon, wrapping around areas of discomfort from the neck, chest and upper back, to tummy and lower back area, to thighs and lower legs. Use intuitively.

Complete with UK Connections. Always read Earthing Considerations before purchase



Earthing Yoga Mats

The Earthing yoga mat is 100% PVC-free and Latex-free.  It has an anti-slip surface, and measures 61cm x 183cm (2ft x 6ft).

Ideal for yoga, meditation, stretches, exercise, etc.  It just requires some bare skin contact in order to ground the body. Or just for full body Earthing and/or to treat specific areas of the body.

Includes a specially developed Magnetic connection cord, which will detach if accidentally pulled.  The connection cord is 4.6m (15ft) in length.  Includes Health and Safety approved UK Ground Plug [the one shown in the picture is that of a US Connection Plug – not included]. Can be cleaned by wiping down with soapy water, using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. £83.99 with UK Connection Kit.  



Do you live in colder climates, or have poor circulation, leaving your feet cold in bed at night or while using the Earthing or Yoga Mat? Then why not consider wearing a pair of Grounding Socks to keep your feet warm? Our second best seller behind the Bed Pad/Half Sheet.  Completely enhances and improves the Earthing experience! At <2.5Ohms Resistance these Socks are superconductive and keep your feet warm whilst still obtaining FULL earthing to the whole of the feet, ankles and lower leg, thus earthing the rest of the body too. At £39.99 per pair, they are a great adjunct to any Earthing Sleep System or Earthing Mat. Click image for more details


Useful if you do a lot of computer work

Price: £24.99


Barefoot Connections Car Seat Pads – Essential Protection for Car Journeys

Traveling whilst sitting in a Faraday Cage like a Car, Bus, Train or other road vehicle, puts a lot of strain on the body due to high levels of Static electricity being created by any movement of the body on the seats, and also by the high levels of EMF radiation being produced and stored by the metal of the vehicle itself. This is why some people feel so tired and worn out, especially after long journeys.

When we measured the EMR (EMF) fields in these new Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, we were astonished and totally disturbed at just how high these levels were. When some customers contacted us for advice after fitting a Metal Vehicle Grounding Strap to their Hybrid or Electric car and started the engine, they noticed that the Metal Grounding Strap curled up into a ball. As a result of this, it became totally useless because it no longer had any contact with the ground, and could not discharge any EMR from the car at all. Until the engine was switched off, when it eventually uncurled itself and re-connected with the ground. We eventually replaced our stock with the original non-metal Vehicle Grounding Strap used on cars since the 1970s (see below).

The Barefoot Auto/Car Seat Pad is a small conductive carbonized rubber mat that sits on your car seat underneath your buttocks. It connects to the car chasse with a Crocodile/Alligator Clip and then the Ground Lead snaps onto the Car Seat Pad. Therefore offering removal of Static Electricity from the body/clothing back to the car, leaving you feeling more refreshed after long and even short journeys. Ideal for dealing with travel sickness too, especially for young children. These ‘Vehicle Grounding Seat Pads’ can also be used in many other forms of transport as well to offer a good form of static discharge back to the vehicle whilst sitting, or standing, in a Faraday Cage.

What we found even more disturbing is that in most new vehicles today, Bluetooth Wireless Communication is automatically built into the structure/framework of the car. This allows for a person’s mobile ‘phone to communicate with the car wirelessly, allowing for simple ‘hands free’ communication while driving by utilising the car’s audio system. This may appear to be a godsend to most people. Especially busy business people constantly on the go.

However, when we measured the levels of Microwave radiation being constantly emitted and contained within the vehicle during this ‘communication’, we were astonished and deeply disturbed by – in our opinion – how dangerously high they were. Some Telecommunication workers use the Environmental COM Microwave Monitor (the same one we used in our testing – see picture to the right) as their first line of defense. In other words, if they are working in an area that has this same level of radiation, then due to Health and Safety Rules, they literally have to get their butts out of there until the levels are made safe! Yet we are stuck with these levels in our cars!

Add to this the high levels of wireless (microwave) radiation from phone masts, mobile phones and so forth, and we begin to realise that the body is literally being drenched in EMFs that it simply cannot discharge and thus deal with. This is not good for the body because the body has to produce the counter-oscillations (or mirror image if you like) of the radiation/frequencies it is being subjected to in order to neutralise their effects upon the body. In simple terms this means that the body is having to produce and waste a lot of it’s energy reserves unnecessarily to deal with this situation. Energy it would be far better utilising elsewhere! Hence driving can really make us feel drained of energy – simply because we have been drained of energy.

Therefore, in view of our findings above, using just a Car Seat Grounding/Earthing Pad may just be a short term and  makeshift solution and, whilst useful and far more beneficial than not using one at all, on its own it may not represent a totally ideal solution at all today for these new type of vehicles. In our opinion, for discharge from the body/clothing to be as effective as it possibly can be, then you will also need a Vehicle Grounding Strap! Otherwise all this radiation is going to be constantly radiated back into the body as it is unable to discharge from the vehicle itself.

Please note that you can buy the Auto Seat Pads individually, in pairs and also with a Vehicle Grounding Strap below.



These Vehicle Grounding Straps are available to help discharge to ground any excess build up of Microwave (Wireless) Radiation, static and electrical voltage that builds up in the Vehicle/Faraday Cage of the car itself. So, in essence, what we then have is this: the body/clothing ‘discharges’ to the chasse of the vehicle using the Car Seat Pad, and then the Grounding Strip ‘discharges’ the ‘charge’ in the vehicle to ground.

Grounding or Earthing the Body using the Barefoot Connections Auto/Car Seat Pad is important, but in view of our findings we firmly believe that also Grounding the Car/Vehicle itself is now highly recommended, and an absolute must today for people driving Electric or Hybrid cars, and any vehicle equipped with Wireless Communication, due to the very high EM & Microwave fields being produced!

Please note that these Vehicle Grounding Straps are not a Barefoot product. However, they are not cheap Far Eastern imports either that will disintegrate after a few short weeks. We know, we bought some! They are a professional product made of high quality conductive carbonized rubber. They are hard wearing and hold their shape while remaining flexible and are not affected by temperature variations. Car Grounding Straps on their own can help prevent motion sickness, electric shock, drowsiness and fatigue. They work synergistically with the Auto Seat Pads and the two are essential in our opinion. These Car Straps are the original and the best make you can find, and have been used on vehicles since the 1970s. Coupled with the Barefoot Auto Seat Earthing Pads, we feel this is the ultimate combination and solution for safer and healthier driving today.

Price: £29.99



Stretch Portion – 13% Latex Free Elastic 41% Nylon 46% Polyester  ….   Silver Portion  50% Silver Plated Nylon, 50% Polyester ….  Black Facing – 100% Nylon

This Support Belt can be used with the large Silver Conductive side over the stomach area to help support all digestive tract issues, such as Acid Re-flux, indigestion, IBS and other inflammatory bowel and stomach conditions.

Conversely, the Belt can be used the other way around with the Silver Conductive side over the lower back, helping to support Lower Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral (Sacrum) Spinal Problems. This not only reduces pain and inflammation but improves nerve function, which some people will be able to ‘feel’ coming into their stomach, down the groin and into the upper thighs.

An excellent Sports Therapy Support Aid for Stomach and Spinal issues, pain and inflammation.

Estimated Price £99.99 UK & EU. Purchase from this link


By Grounding Water we are returning water to the nearest condition it can be to the ‘pure water’ that lies underground and comes to the surface as Spring Water. Spring Water has naturally been ‘grounded’ by the Earth and it’s biorhythms and frequencies for many thousands of years whilst it ‘matures’ through gradual oxygenation and mineralisation. Therefore is it only natural to restore that ‘grounding’ effect the Earth’s frequencies and biorhythms have upon the water. Grounding Filtered Water is, therefore, a sensible and valuable means of restoring water to as near perfect as possible. However, some water filters remove too many nutrients so it is advisable to always add a few drops of a good liquid ionic mineral and oxygen supplement to the filtered water.

However, Water Filters generally decant the filtered water into plastic containers. This practice is allegedly not good for the quality of the water due to the chemicals contained in many plastics. Water stores and shares information – basic biophysics, and that is how we have life as we know it today – and so the plastic can leach its’ chemicals into the water. It is vital for all-round health and healthy cellular hydration that we drink as pure water we can and as often as we can.

The Water Grounding Pad  is a Barefoot Connections Auto Seat Mat with special Ground Lead and Ground Plug and allows water to be grounded in either a Stainless Steel or Terracotta Water Filter by sitting the Water Filter on top of the Mat. Or by placing any other conductive receptacle of water upon it. Likewise tinned food, fruit and vegetables – all being replete with water molecules and being held in conductive containers – can be placed on the Grounding Pad/Mat too. Supplied with Ground Lead and either a UK or EU Ground Plug.

Price: £34.99

For people who do not have a conductive water filter, or know where to get one, we can help. Visit FreshWaterFilter and you can buy a counter top stainless steel water filter like the one above. AND IF YOU INPUT THE FOLLOWING CODE EXACTLY AT CHECKOUT YOU WILL RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT COURTESY OF EQUILIBRA: GAMB10006644

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