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100% Cotton Barefoot (Clint Ober) Genuine Earthing Sheets (NOW REPLACED WITH ADVANCED EARTHING DEEP SLEEP MATS – Fitted King & Queen Size Earthing Sheets UK & EU  

100% Cotton Barefoot Connections Super King Size Earthing Bed Pads (NOW REPLACED WITH ADVANCED EARTHING DEEP SLEEP MATS – Earthing Half Sheets UK & EU Interwoven With Medical Grade Silver Yarn – Size 36″ x 122″

Earthing Pillow Cases – Empower and Enhance your Sleep-Earthed Experience –  50% Pure Silver/50% Polyester

Earthing Organic Throw – 100% Organic Cotton: Plush luxury limited edition. Sumptuous, soft and very warm

Flexible Home/Office Earthing YOGA Mat, Earthing Mats & Flexible Earthing Kit – Exclusive to Equilibra

Earthing Starter Kits – Variety of selections available to suit personal requirements

Grounding / Earthing Garments – Earthing Gloves, Socks and more to target specific areas of the body where pain, swelling, inflammation or injury may be present. Also improves your Earthing Experience immeasurably!

Auto/Car Earthing Seat Pads and More for protection while traveling.

Professional UK Socket Checkers with 2 Year Warranty

Body Voltage Tester for measuring decrease in AC Body Voltage and demonstrating increase in DC Body Voltage showing increased flow of Electrons from the Earth into the Body.

All Barefoot Connections / EarthFX Earthing Products are <10x3 Ohms Per Square Resistance, which makes them very conductive.

Read more about the potential dangers posed by EMF/EMR/Microwave Radiation that the government and telecommunications companies are just not telling us about!  

Article1: Adverse Health Effects of EMFs from Modern Technology

Article2: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health


Reasons why we should perhaps consider re-connecting with Mother Earth


IMPORTANT NOTE: There are, albeit just a few, web sites on the Internet circulating information and so-called science that would indicate to the reader that grounding the body may be dangerous!! This is simply not true. Their reasoning, science and method of testing is deeply flawed, on many levels. The ‘science’ and ‘testing’ assumes as fact that the body is a volume conductor when nothing could be further from the truth! “Connecting the body to the earth essentially insulates the body from the influences of ambient electrical fields…Under these conditions, the body is maintained at the same electrical potential or voltage as the earth. Ambient fields cannot affect the potential on the body…Similarly, a body connected to the earth’s infinite supply of electrons will be at the same electrical potential…” Oschman, James L, 2008. In other words, the ‘field strength’ or ‘ambient field’ that the body is being subjected to would have to be able to change the entire field of the Earth before it could affect a change in the body. This is obviously impossible! To read more about why the body is not a simple ‘volume conductor’ and the benefits of being grounded click here

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