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The Cocoon is ideal for total & full body grounding when used like a sleeping bag. It is 2.3m x 1.1m when zipped. It is an ideal travel companion to enable full body grounding wherever you may be. Ideal also for athletes and people with sore aching muscles and joints. Just slide inside and experience Total and full body connection with the earth, enabling the whole body to benefit from the Earth’s Free Electrons and natural biorhythms.

The Cocoon can also be used as a Grounding Bed Sheet when unzipped on your own bed or while travelling to accomodate two people’s needs for grounding. Unzipped it will cover up to a Super King sized bed measuring 2.3m x 2.2m.

Material is washable and can be ironed. ALL CONNECTIONS INCLUDED. NOTHING ELSE TO BUY.

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