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Fitting a few “Electropulse Filters” (the new DE2 Dirty Electricity Filters) in your house helps reduce the Dirty Electricity, by lowering high-frequency noise on your house wiring. They plug in (and occupy) a standard 13A mains power socket.

Recommendations: We suggest a maximum of one-per-room and, in the first instance, probably just starting with two or three for the whole house. Typically a small Flat with one Socket Circuit would only require two DE Filters. A typical house with an upstairs and two Socket Circuits would require three DE Filters: two for the downstairs circuit, one in Lounge because this is generally where most of the electrical equipment is, and one in Kitchen. The third one is for the upstairs socket circuit. A larger house, one with more than two socket circuits, would require one more DE Filter for each extra socket circuit.

Please note that contrary to what some other sites say, you do not need 10-20 DE Filters in a house! In fact this many would be counterproductive and may make the situation worse. Our Electropulse Filters (DE Filters) are manufactured in the UK and are designed to cope with our higher voltage system of 230-250v. Rather than being based on the US 110v system that other DE Filters are based upon.

Houses that are badly affected by DE would generally have GS Levels in the 100s/200s and even higher in some cases. The use of the DE Filters is designed to reduce these GS Levels (spikes of bad energy/information if you like) down to a more natural GS of 40-60. Which is what you would expect from a 50-60Hz 230-250v system like the one we have in the UK. That is exactly what the DE Filters manage to achieve, with only 2-4 Filters. You DO NOT need to use more Filters than this.

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