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Most advanced Dirty Electricity Meter available. Widest range of measurement and displays percentage reduction in DE Levels when DE Filters are fitted

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Power Pollution Meter– Built with your Health & Safety in mind!

The most sophisticated Dirty Electricity (DE) Meter available – Key Features

Measures broadest range of Dirty Electricity (EMI) signals available

Measures Dirty Electricity (EMI) signals from 2 Kilohertz up to 10 Megahertz, a range that extends approximately 10 times lower and 20 times higher than the range covered by other dirty electricity meters on the market. Therefore you can be reassured that this Meter will detect levels of DE thoroughly and accurately.

First plug-in DE Meter to measure dirty electricity in millivolts

Shows measurements in internationally accepted, standardized electrical units (mV) NOTE: Only suitable for 240V Systems

Easy to use

Simply plug the meter into any outlet to see how much DE/EMI is on the circuit near the outlet. After a few seconds the top reading will stop flashing and show an average reading on the circuit. Plug a dirty electricity filter (or more) into other outlets nearby and the meter will show the new level of DE/EMI underneath and the percent of total DE/EMI reduction with use of the filter/s.

Makes ‘BEFORE filter’ and ‘AFTER filter’ comparisons easy

DE/EMI readings before and after dirty electricity filter/s installed in an outlet are shown simultaneously on the same display screen (in mV). ‘After filter’ display screen also shows the percentage (%-age) reduction in total DE/EMI between 2 Kilohertz and 10 Megahertz. The widest DE measurement range on the market.

Includes special audio function – HEAR the difference!

You can listen to the amount of dirty electricity on a circuit when the DE Meter is plugged in. (Similar to listening to microwave radiation levels when using the Acousticom 2 or the Acoustimeter Microwave Monitors. ) Hear the ‘noise’ decrease when you install the DE Filter/s. Makes the correct placing and siting of the DE Filters very easy when trying to discern the best position (sockets) to obtain the maximum results possible in reduction of dirty electricity.

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