Go-Nitrix with L-arginine


Healthy Flow with L-arginine for supporting cardiovascular health.

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Go-Nitrix has been replaced with Healthy Flow, a superior product with 67% more L-Arginine per serving for increased support of cardiovascular health. Can help to keep arteries younger, prevent heart attacks and strokes. Scientific studies show this can help to increase circulation providing more nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and can, therefore, help with sexual performance and overall energy and stamina levels.

Now with Stevia Extract 200:1 and Citric Acid for a sweeter taste, yet more healthy:

Per Serving:
L-Arginine: 5000mg
L-Lysine: 1500mg
L-Citrulline: 200mg
Grape Seed Extract 95%: 150mg
AstraGin: 50mg
Grape Skin Extract (4-1 Polyphenols) 25mg

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