Ultimate Screening Bed Canopy – Tulle YS-BTD


Ultimate Microwave Radiation Screened Bed Canopy


SILVER TULLE is a semi-transparent silvered fabric for the maximum protection against high and low-frequency radiation (HF & LF). It is perfectly wash proof and crease resistant! Regarding the spatial perception in combination with this material, the box-shaped canopy is of significant advantage!

  • Attenuation 50 dB (99.999 % shielding effectiveness) at 1 GHz.
  • Width: 220 cm, length: 220 cm, height: 220 cm.
  • Box-shaped for double beds, colour: grey/silver.
  • Entry: Easy entry through two openings overlapping by 50 cm.
  • Mounting: By 4 points on the ceiling. The canopy installation can be stabilized by inserting bars of any kind (not included in delivery) into the sewed hangers.
  • Material: Semi-transparent silver/nylon fabric.
  • Can be Grounded (only necessary for low-frequency E-fields): Easily groundable – we recommend the use of our grounding components. All canopies come with grounding connections.
  • For a full Faraday Cage, it is important to also shield your bed from below.

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Weight 1.8 kg

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