AtmosAir Wall Mounted T400 Bipolar Air Purification Ionizer


Wall Mounted T400 – AtmosAir Bipolar Ionizer Air Purification System

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Wall Mounted Version of State of the Art Variable Fan Model – T400 – with Ion Output Control is a stylish, solidly built aesthetic and modern design unit that will not look out of place in any home or office. This Space Age-looking Unit is ideal for ionizing individual rooms up to 500 sq feet. It can be situated anywhere, is portable so can be transferred from room to room. Ideal for bedrooms too with it’s much quieter fan. It also has the advantage of being able to alter the Ion output (amount of Small Air Ions emitted) of both polarities. This makes it an ideal solution for those days when pollution is at its’ highest due to Chemtrails (spraying of toxic chemicals in our skies), Smog or Farmers spraying their crops!
This is the best Unit we have ever had. Solidly built – no plastic – robust and very effective. Will output 100,000 SAI per cubic cm on maximum settings. Can be run 24/7 for maintaining idea optimum air quality. At 10 watts it costs less than a low energy light bulb to run.
The T400 creates perfectly healthy ionized air that supports every biological and biophysical system of the body. Great for pets and plants too. Additionally, the Unit offers, unlike others we sell or have sold, an Ion Output Level Control. Why is this important? Well, it allows you to increase the level of positive and negative ion output to attain fresh healthy air and total protection when you are confronted with any of the following:
• Hay fever Season: this allows you to open up windows on nice days knowing that all the allergens from outside that may blow into the room/house/office are destroyed by the Ionized Air
• Likewise when our skies are being bombarded with toxic particulates (known as Chemtrails): which they are on a regular basis, you can safely open up your windows in the knowledge that any toxic chemicals (or airborne Vaccines) that may blow in will be destroyed and not be able to affect you
• For people living in the country when Farmers are spraying their pesticides on crops
• After buying new furniture, bedding, carpets and electronic equipment which all give off toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

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