Bipolar Ionizer – Russian Model 5A


Complies with Russian Air Ionization Regulations. Remote Control with 10 Fan Speed Settings.

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Complies with Russian Air Ionization Regulations. YANTAR: Remote Control with 10 Fan Speed Settings. Maximum output up to 100,000 Small Air Ions (SAI) per cubic centimetre. Will cover up to 300 sq feet in area in a room with an average ceiling height of eight feet. Recreates perfectly the balance and number of SAI found in wide open spaces of Nature for supporting every biological system of the body.

The Fan will produce up to 50 cubic feet of highly ionized air per minute and output is easily controlled with the Remote Control. We have manage to source a special UK connection for the Unit to enable it to be used in the UK and placed up 6 feet off the floor for optimum performance and health.

Type of ionizer needle-shaped (corona discharge)
Ozone concentration generated by unit No more than 0.03 mg/m 3
Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 1 m from 500 to 100.000 air ions/cm3
Fan size 92 x 92 mm
Time of continuous running Without restrictions
Power consumption Less than 5 watt
Weight, not more than 1500 grams
Overall dimensions, no more than 125x100x175 mm

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Distinctive features, as compared to conventional devices:
1. Noiseless mode of operation
2. Long-lasting needles, staying clean for a long period of time;
3. Environmental-friendly materials
4. Suitable both for office and home use;
5. Ultra-low chemical substances emission, far exceeding strict environmental requirements for home and office use
6. Uniform ions distribution within the whole room – thanks to the high quality fan.
7. Ionization does not have impairment on electronic devices, ionizer can be used in continuous mode of operation.
8. The unit produces no electrostatic field, thus no dust is depositing on the walls or ceiling with time.
9. Ionizer helps to neutralize the static charge of objects in the room.

10. Requires 2 x AA Batteries for Remote Control – NOT Supplied

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