Bipolar Ionizer – Russian Model for Automobiles


Bipolar Ionizer for Automobiles, Cars, Vans, Lorries and Buses

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Bipolar Ionizer for Automobiles – Cars, Vans, Lorries, Buses…

Car-IonizerAir quality in automobiles is generally very poor due to all the electrics/electronics, Air Conditioning and Air Filters used. Therefore to reduce fatigue, headaches and maintain an healthy equilibrium it is advisable for people who drive long distances to purify and energise the air they breathe in their vehicle.

Type of ionizer needle-shaped (4 needles), with stabilizing rings (4 rings)
Applicable room size car salon up to 10 m3

Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 1 m 10000 – 50000 ions/m3
Flow rate of air within of 1m up to 0,3 m/s
Fan performance up to 30 m³ /hr
Fan size 60×60 mm
Ozone concentration generated by unit not more than 0.01 mg / m³, not fixed (standard MPC – 0.1 mg / m³)
Time of continuous running Without restrictions
Power consumption Not more than 3 W
Weight, not more than not more than 0.9 kg
Overall dimensions, no more than 185 x 100 x 78 мм
Power requirements DC12V

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