Demand Switch – ELF – NA7, 16A


For lighting circuits and other circuits with maximum 16 Amp protection.



Electricity has become indispensable for every day life. The use of electricity inevitably causes alternating electrical and magnetic fields. The effect of these electrical and magnetic fields on the human organism has been the subject-matter of many international studies with all in all alarming results. Best to be on the safe side with a precautionary reduction of at least the “home-made” exposure to alternating electrical and magnetic fields.

A reliable Demand Switch optimised according to building biology criteria can substantially contribute to a reduction of your daily exposure without you having to forfeit any comfort. It is for this reason that experts recommend the decoupling from the mains (also often called “isolation”) as the first and most important technical step to be implemented when restoring with respect to alternating electrical and magnetic fields.

Our Demand Switch is installed in modern DIN distribution boards or next to older fuse boxes, and it is wired inline to the circuit to be protected. When there is no load on the circuit, that is, when everything is switched off, the Demand Switch automatically disconnects the line at the fuse box. When any switch or appliance in the circuit is turned on, it instantly restores power.

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