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Quinton Nasal Isotonic Spray – UK RESIDENTS ONLY!



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Quinton Nasal Isotonic Spray – UK RESIDENTS ONLY!

The hydrating capacity of Quinton Nasal Isotonic Spray (0.9%) and its role in providing elemental minerals and ions of seawater makes this the only nasal applicator that keeps the specific nature of the vital properties of natural seawater. Correct nasal hygiene and hydration is essential for the correct function of the nasal mucosa both in its respiratory function and also to prevent infection.

Quinton Nasal stimulates the natural, localised defences as much by its mechanical action of cleaning the nasal cavities (eliminating the stagnation and proliferation of infectious bacteria) as by the absorption of the seawater micronutrients across the nasal mucosa.

The correct use of Quinton Nasal Isotonic Spray permits a therapeutic action to help the symptoms associated with rhinopharyngitis, obstructive, non-productive rhinitis and sinusitis, ozaena, nasal dryness (including snoring produced by this), aiding ENT treatments and paediatrics.

Dosage: Sprays and washes several timse a day depending on the intensity of symptoms. Can be used daily to maintain nasal health.

Quinton Duplase 2.1% is a nose and throat stimulator

The gas propellent is not in contact with the contents of the spray and is a natural odourless product. Both sprays come as 150ml containers.

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